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    用java写一个xml文档到csv文档的转换软件。 需要源代码,文档,软件使用文档。 需要文档描述为什么采用这个方法来实现这个功能,并且说明还有什么其他方法。有什么可以提高的地方。

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    对多个网站的 HTML,JSON,XML的数据进行定时抓取数据,保存数据日志保存数据库。

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    概述: 需要一个web页面,名称为邮件内容页, 能够读取指定邮箱的最后一封信的内容. 界面: 1.输入邮箱地址 2.输入邮箱密码 3.读取内容按钮 4.读取并最后一封信的内容 5.如果返回错误代码,需要翻译成人工能够读懂. 配置: 为节省成本,不需要录入界面,直接读取xml格式文件获取邮箱端口号等配置信息. 界面输入: 1.在界面上输入邮箱地址和密码. 2.通过post方式提交邮箱地址和邮箱密码到邮件内容页. 3.保证界面美观大方,手机要求适配. 范围: 1.必须支持pop3信箱收取. 2.必须支持 outlook/hotmail , 3.我会在需求中提出需要适配的其他pop3邮箱. 4.如果能收取以上邮箱邮件, IMAP协议不是必须支持的. 选稿: 难度应该不大,请首先制作 163读取页面并提供demo. 被选中后完善外围. 项目成果: 源文件 2.配置说明书

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    系统维护,.net 网站维护, 网站使用的技术有.net, web service,xml

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    我的網頁是用MAGENTO編寫的, 接近完成的階段, 但有以下事項需要完成 (詳情請參考附件PDF.): 1) 改PAGE LINK 2) 小量版面修改 3) 我網頁有一個FLASH的試衣程式, 需要導入網頁和輸出XML數據同步.(我的試衣程式設計員會給你指引怎樣去完成工作.) 如有任何問題請與我聯繫.

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    PrestaShop 1.6 网站 已经结束 left

    定制PrestaShop, 基于1.6版本,UK的英文网站, 大多数功能1.6版本已可实现, 不需要在线付费, 后台基本不用改, 所需四点定制如下 1. 实时更新价格 -已有live xml feed,需要根据feed每过几分钟更新一下产品价格即可 2. 根据公司现有的主网站定制shop的模板, - 只需重用现有的css,layout和图片 3. 产品价格的基础上增加percentage based commission - 类似折扣但是增加一个百分比,比如产品价格是100圆,commission是2%,那么价格应为 100 + 2 = 102 4. 扩展用户注册 - 第一步和现有的prestshop一样 - 第二步要根据公司的用户登记pdf表格增加一些信息 价格可议, 有意者请留skype,QQ 或email

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    web 拍卖活动网站 已经结束 left

     整个产品拍卖系统采用B/S结构、J2EE技术框架,采用基于J2EE技术是为了充分利用众所周知的Java所具有独特的跨平台的优势。  技术框架流程  技术标准 1.基于J2EE的技术标准 2.基于SOA的标准 3.基于XML的技术标准 4.缓存技术 5.Comet技术  逻辑层采用Spring 3.0技术,主要实现对数据层的操作、事务管理及系统调度等。  持久层采用OR-MAPPING工具Ibatis 来完成与数据库、缓存池的交互。  控制层采用Struts2.3.4 来完成与数据库、页面的交互。  系统安全控制采用目前业界优秀的安全组件Acegi Security来保护网络资源及领域对象。  数据访问接口采用符合SOA(SCA )标准的JAVA +Webservices(Xfire) + XML技术 。  客户端与服务器的数据交换采用缓存技术(Ehcache)减少数据库服务器的压力,并提高客户端和服务器端交互效率。

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    ...categorie Auto - Moto - immobili , la sezione Immobilire non mi interessa e mettiamo , furgoni , quindi rimangano 3 categorie. Questo website ci sono 13 milioni di annunci , caricati in totale autonomia in base hai altri siti, fare una ricerca e vedrete ogni auto è collegata ad altri siti. Voglio farlo uguale , penso se c’è un automatismo oppure dovrete contattare ogni website e richiedere un file xml per fare l’automatizzazione, o ci sono altri metodi. Inoltre volevo aggiungere oltre la possibilità di creare un account , per l’inserimento dell’annuncio il cliente dovrà pagare il website , o per annuncio singolo oppure per abbonamento . Se è possibile fare un’automatismo che prendete gli annunci e le foto di ...

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    I need you to annotate some data I have based on guideline attached. Data is in XML format you need to duplicate on line and add appropriate category and sentiment to it.

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    I want source code of Android earning app. XML and Java .No suspend content

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    Descricao do Projeto: Temos uma plataforma própria (e-commerce) e estamos precisando criar a integração com o Novo Gateway de Pagamento da Cielo e colocar o aviso de uso de cookies para adequação a LGPD. Documentacao da Cielo: O e-commerce hoje esta com a integração antiga da CIELO (feita via XML) e precisamos fazer a integração com a nova plataforma da CIELO que utiliza a tecnologia API REST Full. O e-commerce foi feito em 2012 com a linguagem C# e esta em AspNet Web Forms e utiliza banco de dados MySQL.

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    immobilier 6 天 left

    duplicate simple remote sms android app using java and xml

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    We have an online file upload system with search and retrieval capabilities. We can upload single .pdf files manually or single, self populating, .xml files with basic searching capabilities. We would like to expand the .xml uploads to populate more fields for expanded search capabilities with multiple uploads at a time. See the attached screen shots of current search, results, and upload pages.

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    Who we are We are one of the largest communities worldwide currently available in 17 languages, dedicated to guiding...keep you up-to-date, our forums to cater to your curiosity, and our advice to disperse any doubts you might have." What we need We are looking for a native speaker to help us with the translations of our English website. The work will consist of several phases Phase 1 Translation and adaptation of categories. Approximately 3500 categories Phase 2 Translation and adaptation of all web literals. XML or JSON knowledge will be a plus. Kw research Phase 4 Adaptation of Title Rules and SEO descriptions. previous knowledge will be an asset. Phase 4 The final revision of the website before being put into production. We are considering hiring two people to carry...

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    Hi Mohamed Khelifa B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello I need to fix the sitemap on my website because it gives me this problem as you see on the screenshot

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    ...App Store using industry-standard environments on Dart, Java, Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse, LAMP, Swift, or Objective-C and acquaintance with Jquery, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, OOPs, and design patterns. Experience with database design concepts, RDBMS, SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure elements, and GIT version control Experienced in integrating mobile apps with web services and external APIs, XML/ JSON RESTful interfaces. Knowledge of data management, database concepts, database-driven Web applications, Ability to adapt to the startup culture, handle multiple competing priorities, meet deadlines and troubleshoot problems. Knowledge of DevOps and Continuous Delivery/Deployment methodologies, implemented using tools such as Jenkins and Azure DevOps. Familiar with Docker containe...

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    Mobile App 4 天 left

    ...Expertise in building large-scale web applications using Domain Driven Design, Microservices, API First, and Event Driven architecture patterns BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. Experience with database design concepts, RDBMS, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Azure elements, and GIT version control Experienced in integrating mobile apps with web services and external APIs, XML/ JSON RESTful interfaces, and Kafka. Knowledge of data management, database concepts, database-driven Web applications, Ability to adapt to the startup culture, handle multiple competing priorities, meet deadlines and troubleshoot problems. Knowledge of application security, authentication & authorization using patterns such as OAuth and OpenID Connect Knowledge of DevOps and...

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    Android development project 4 天 left

    Hello, I have an Android project ready to develop. The technologies used include: Kotlin, MVVM, Hilt, Retrofit, Room, Paging, Socket.IO...etc. The development time is about 3 months. I want to find a skilled full-time developer to help me with my development. Thank you.

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    We are building an analyzing software which to be used for lottery. We will be using probabilities scale to compare customer chances to win a lottery. We are sure that a file in JSON or XML format is gonna be easier to ingest by our software, we can also provide MYSQL dumps with instructions to create a database structure and insert data. The software the worker creates will use the probabilty scale we have started. We will also need a website and experience in lotteries is a major plus.

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    Comprobante XML a PDF Ticket para peru

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    I need android xml pages designer ,i will give screens for that first I need mockup , if any freelancer ready to work plz let meknow

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    I need android xml pages designer ,i will give screens for that first I need mockup , if any freelancer ready to work plz let meknow thanks

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    ... Here's a tool that promised to do the same but it's offline: You're supposed to developed an article extraction that generates a JSON or XML file from any newspaper or magazine PDF file. In the image "" you can see how it should be extracted from. Technologies accepted: Java, Linux, Kotlin - open source, it can't depend on cloud or any other paid services. Step1 - Development - You generate a json/xml from a pdf that follows these rules and you win the project. Step2 - Tests - You send us the JAR (executable) file so we can test with other pdf files Step3 - Payment - If works, we release you 50% of the payment and you send the sources. If it's everything

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    dropping odds 2 天 left

    hello guys I am looking for one person to make project for dropping odds of bet365 In this case the person will be chosen only has in her possession on bet365 xml

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    ... (No need to deal with any other form type. Just these 10 ones) User may inform the type of forms each folder contains or, preferably, App realize witch form type is being currently processed. Cronometration Marks may be included to ease this task, if developer finds it necessary. Configuration file, if exists, must be internaly stored or plain text (XML). JSON must be avoided. App should require a minimum instalation pack (if required att all) and must run on a web server or local PC. Typical use: option 1: [app name] [folder to process] [FormType] Call Example (suggested) AppReader /PDFfiles /form20qst option 2: Point and click GUI File: line examples 0

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    read an xml file and display in php form and update it based on user.

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    ...manera automática el envío del xml a la administración de impuestos de Colombia (dian), y también enviar el correo electrónico al emisor de la factura; puntualmente lo que requiero es un desarrollo similar al que ya se tiene para la factura electrónica pero para el documento soporte, es decir que mediante el desarrollo de alguna herramienta en java se pueda capturar la información del excel, trasladar la información a una base de datos mysql y desde ahí se envíe el documento electrónico a la dian, y que en algún formulario yo pueda mirar el estado del documento, es decir, mirar que el documento aparece efectivamente aceptado o rechazado por la dian. La persona interesada en el proyecto debe saber...

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    We are looking for an engineer to produce PHP code to retrieve XML search data from Yahoo! and display it on our website (essentially in the same display format as ). The search results pages need to be designed to display sponsored searches alongside algorithmic results and be paginated accordingly.

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    I have a real estate website with 500+ data feeds coming in from various agencies. These feeds are in a few different formats, some of them XML, some TEXT and other formats. I am looking for someone who can build an application to consume those feeds, convert them into a single feed that can be injected into the WordPress database.

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    Controller classes need to change to the REST Web service style ( Jersey framework ) with JSON. DTO classes exist but they should be mapped to JSON. All JSP should be converted to RESR Controller also. All application controllers and DAO classes (business layer) must be JUnit tested with hsqldb or h2...Not JPA AS a result Maven Script must run the JUnit test version 5 and test All http request and HTTP responses New project complete on 50% . It needs to be complete. I added Swagger API doc. I need to cover by JUnit test and Bussines flow cases with Fixing errors and issues on the road map to complete the project. Good to know JSP and Servlert to read old cms code. Very important existing xml must match with JSon structure.

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    Flutter Developer 21 小时 left

    ...Hands-on experience in building mobile applications and mobility solutions - native applications, flutter applications Expert in UI components & controls; Action Bars, Widgets, Fragments, Constraint layouts, etc. Expert in basic components of Android: Activity, Services, Intent, Broadcast Receiver, Content Provider, Handlers, Threads Good working experience on Web Service Integration (REST, JSON, XML) using Retrofit + OkHttp, DIO (edited)...

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    dezvoltare aplicatie/serviciu ASP.NET de preluare fisiere XML din URL stabilit se vor furniza informatii de conectare pe baza unui API dorim la final aplicatia si sursele

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    Hi everyone. I need a front-end mobile application that has been coded in Java and XMl. Since it is quite urgent, I will just select an existing examples that freelancers will show me and select one of them and edit it slightly. I need only 5 screens.

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    Lightroom special preset or plugin 8 小时 left

    I'm a photographer and I'm trying to learn how to create a different kind of preset. It's not a conventional ...I'm trying to learn how to create a different kind of preset. It's not a conventional preset created in Adobe Lightroom, it's different! It seems that this preset imports masks created in Photoshop into Lightroom, but this function of importing masks does not exist by default in Lightroom. I acquired some presets that do this and when I opened the file with the text editor I verified it uses RDF. XML. Plugins for Lightroom are made using Lua. I would like to learn how to create the presets this way. I don't want someone to create the presets for me. I want to learn how to create or develop a plugin for Lightroom that allows importing m...

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    Query correction 8 小时 left

    I have a shell script which copy data from mysql table and save in text file. I have issue of interpretation of special characters in the data (XML) and the output is not good formated. see file attached. I want someone to correct the query.

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    I have an existing app built on native android. It contains few pages. I can provide the existing UI images and Im looking for an android developer who can improve the UI/UX and design and provide me the android XML, resources files, so i can use them on my source code. Note: This project is for only developing the UI/UX

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    I've an existing PHP/Wordpress website: www.timestored...code will be reviewed. 1. The PHP version that it runs on upgraded from 5 to means the 1A. - That creates the site structure. 1B. The Database fetching functions will need updated. See module-db/db.php. 1C. The user login/logout functionality may need updated. 2. The wordpress version and integrated forum upgraded to Wordpress 6. (WP export in timestored.wordpress.2022-08-02.xml) 3. Apache configuration may need updated to allow rewriterules to work. Success: 1. You can provide instructions to get website running on Apache/PHP7. 2. The main pages /-index /qstudio work. 3. The wordpress blog at /b works. 4. The forum as part of wordpress works. 5. The login/ works and users can browser online training.

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    Develop a notification service for a application whose backend is in Node.js and Database is Firebase. The application is in Android Native with Java and XML

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    Develop a notification service for a application whose backend is in Node.js and Database is Firebase. The application is in Android Native with Java and XML

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    Hi I need an application to have the integration with ZATCA. Below are the my requirements : 1) Generate an XML file that complies with Zakat requirements 2) Encrypt this file using the hash256 and verify the encryption output using the Zakat tool () 3) Develop an API to upload this XML to Zakat, and this is the server link to try it. 4) Storing the XML file in the database after it is approved. 5) Generate a PDF/A3 file, including the approved XML file (Line No 5), and store it in the database. All documentation you need to write the API is available on this link Please do bid only those people who has sufficient expertise to complete this project in timeline

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    加急 保密协议
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    Senior Java Developer 已经结束 left

    Hi, I am looking for a Senior Java Developer who has good experience and skills below. Duration : 6+ Months Location: REMOTE Present ( US based company) Years of experience: 8+ Years Skills required: Java / JavaScript / HTML / Python. MS SQL / SQL Server Management Studio. Hibernate, XML. Good knowledge of Oracle SQL, Oracle APEX. Familiarity with Spring, Docker, Eclipse. Skills, good to have: Knowledge of Linux, Windows Servers

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    need ios shift developer 已经结束 left

    Need a 3-4 years of experience developer for remote job interested candidate send the resume and also know about this skills - iOS Development - Java Programming - Swift Programming - Designing Layout - Parsing(HTML, XML, JSON, SOAP, Feed) - Payment Gateway Integration - Google Map, Apple Map, GPS - QR Code Scanner - Push Notifications - SDK Integration - APIs like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,....etc - Submitting app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store - Ad Integration - In-App Purchase - Architecture (MVVM, MVC) - Code Management (Github, Gitlab)

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    Looking for an individal who can set up cargoWise one eAdapter and configure XML file to update data automatically to forwarding shipment/consolidation module. #eAdapter #CargoWise #XML

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    I want Amit Coaching Center Website , In Xml Language For a Blogger . Have a SIGHUP ,Donate button

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    Individual will be given an excel file to map it into an XML to perform following task, -To successfully update operational data into cargoWise shipment/consolidation via XML(excel converted) using Eadapter. Before you bid, please make sure you have done similar projects including inbound data update (forwarding shipment/consolidation) through an XML (excel converted) using cargoWise edapter. #xml #eadapter #cargowise #integration #vba

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    AWS Infra Architect 已经结束 left

    I am looking for an experienced AWS Infra Architect . Looking for a highly experienced person with Large Scale AWS infrastructure . Experience designing and building web environments on AWS, which includes working with services l...installing and configuring different application servers such as JBoss, Tomcat, and WebLogic Experience using monitoring solutions like CloudWatch, ELK Stack, and Prometheus An understanding of writing Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), using tools like CloudFormation or Terraform Knowledge of one or more of the most-used programming languages available for today’s cloud computing (i.e., SQL data, XML data, R math, Clojure math, Haskell functional, Erlang functional, Python procedural, and Go procedural languages) Experience in troubleshooting distr...

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    We are looking for someone(several) who can modify a lightweight GUI library. It is written in C and you can use XML together with CSS to describe interface, structure and style. It originated from Linux but we wish to use this library together with FreeBSD. We have modified the code so that mouse, keyboard and multi-threading works under the BSD platform. But we wish to get help to successfully integrate the X11 part of the code to support FreeBSD. The code base has several other flaws but the short therm goal is to make the GUI library functional on BSD.

    $18 - $37 / hr
    加精 加封
    $18 - $37 / hr
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    Crear Funciones que hagan lo siguiente 1) Functon ProcessXML input parameter folder where there are xml files 2) Functon ProcessXML input parameter file(s) xml. 3) Function ProcessXML input parameter mailbox (smtp,. User, pw) In 3 options, if there are any zip files , decompress and find xml files. Output of 3 Functions are : { Xml Full (full content xml), Date, (extract from xml) DocumentNumber (extract from xml) , Proveedor (extract from xml) , CUFE (extract from xml) } Create Function that receives output of ProcessXML and save to database. Crear Function that sends to an API and returns status. Crear Function that query status of process. Create table with entity framework .net 4.72. c#

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