An algorithm is a term involved in mathematics, computer science and related subjects. It is a step-by-step method given for solving a problem using a finite sequence of instructions. If your business is into the development of software for computers to solve a problem, then you will also need the help of algorithmic experts to help you. You can find algorithmic experts right here. Just post your job or task! 从86,567个评价中,客户给我们的 Algorithm Experts 打了4.83,共5星。
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    Please refer this file and work on making an word document.

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    A chess problem 6 天 left

    Given a matrix M and sub matrices N1,N2,.. Ni Retrieve the whole matrix by selecting T elements , Which satisfy (in priority) 1, No two elements in T will be a neighbor in all matrix N1,..Ni 2, The total distances among elements (or an area size) in T is as large as possible.

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    A simple model keras for classification

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    Some ODE and planar system to solve + PDE.

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    I need aditional hours for calculation and resolving algorithms.

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    build a MT4 EA 6 天 left

    i want you to develop an EA that can open continuous orders of a set amount of pips (BUY OR SELL) using SMA LINE. i have attach a sample EA to explain what i mean about continuous orders based on set PIP movement. you just need to add SMA signal line to decide whether its BUY or SELL orders. INPUTS: SET PIP MOVEMENT AMOUNT: 200 (default, but can be changed to any amount) SET SMA: 20 (default but can be edited) TAKE PROFIT (TP): 200 (default but can be edited) LOT SIZE: 0.01 (default but can be edited) STOP LOSS(SL): NILL (default but can be edited) Currency: all currency, metals, crypto-usd markets (EURUSD as default but can use any currency) Timeframe: all TF (1 hr default but can be edited) Number of orders per trade: 1 (default) EA name: DANNYSOFTFX MACHINE VERSION 1.0 Email: EX...

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    3 advanced data structures. I need to show its algorithm animation and comparison with each other. Python coding Computer science

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    Hi, My client have an assignment on statistics/mathematics. Looking for someone who can do the assignment.

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    AI machine learning for football tournament prediction. Details will be given.

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    i need a EA READY how pass prop firms challenge, A EA READY, I DONT HAVE STRATEGY, i need the EA.

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    Wazirx API 5 天 left

    I want the syntax to post orders and other integration things on Wazirx in python language.

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    Hey, I need answers to homework assignment (school level) around 5 questions, for example: Write a function that accept a vector of numbers and returns (vector) True if a number is divisible by 4. False otherwise. Hint: use %% - Use a for loop inside the function - Use any apply function inside the function - Use ifelse inside the function

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    The topic "Pricing in car liability insurance using generalized linear models" deals with how to perform pricing in car liability insurance using generalized linear models. A focus will be on creating confidence intervals and calculating Fisher Information. - Overview of the car liability insurance market and the need for pricing models - Explanation of generalized linear models and how they can be applied to car liability insurance pricing Analysis of the data used to build the pricing model, including factors such as vehicle type, driver demographics, and claims history - Comparison of different generalized linear models and selection of the best-performing model Implementation of the chosen model for pricing car liability insurance policies -Evaluation of the model's pe...

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    Build an AI engine 5 天 left

    Need someone to build me an AI engine that can scrape polls and questions from all over the web and platforms like Twitter Reddit Instagram Facebook and tick tok. I need to be able to enter any topic. For example if I want all polls and questions that are fantasy football related it will scrap every question and post on a ghost social media profile posting the content daily. Or questions or polls on relationships and it will do the same. Or food, politics, sports, movies and so on

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    Voice Recognition App 5 天 left

    I need someone to design a voice recognition app to do some reading for both numbers and English words.

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    I need someone to help me creating customisable deep learning models for object detection and tracking. The person should be highly skilled in deep learning and computer vision and tracking

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    It have to performed on Matlab

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    Solve Algorithmic Problems 4 天 left

    The task is to investigate and find a solution for a variation of the number partitioning problem. Given a set of numbers U and a number k, determine if it is possible to divide U into k separate subsets with the same sum for each subgroup. This issue is related to the multi-way partitioning problem. For Instance, if we have U = {2,4,6,8,10} and k = 3, it is possible to form the subsets {2,8}, {4,6}, and {10}, which all have the same sum. Instance U = {6,20,27,30,42,43,52,56,58,63,64,68,78,80,83,89,93,94,95,99}, k = 4 1. Produce a Mixed Integer Programming formulation of the problem and use it to solve a small instance with Excel Solver. Use the Instance above. 2. Develop a heuristic approach for finding approximate solutions to more prominent problem instances. This should include an ...

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    Implement a python algorithm 4 天 left

    Implementation of a proposed task scheduling algorithm in cloud computing simulation environment (CloudSim plus), or any other simulator eg: Matlab, where there is the provisioning of time slicing /time quantum for the tasks , where tasks with different arrival time and bus time are assigned to the scheduler according to the proposed algorithm, and the calculation of average TAT and WAT would be the resulting output. The scenario should have the following parameters Data Center Characteristics Data Center : OS Linux Data Center VMM : Xen Data Center Architecture : X86 VM Parameters Image Size 10,000 VM_MIPS 1000 Bandwidth 50,000 VM Number of CPUs 10 Ram 512 Cloudlet Parameters Cloudlet File Size 300 Cloudlet Output Size 300 Cloudlet Utilization (CPU, BW, Ram) Full Proposed algorithm fl...

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    Fast clustering in python 4 天 left

    Hi I need someone who can do fast clustering for more than a million points. I need to save the final output by removing the noises. I will provide you with the input file and code. Load properly the input file. You should have knowledge of famous clustering methods. I will not pay for trying. Let's talk.

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    Machine Learning & AI 3 天 left

    This project deals with building/training regression models (KNN, OLS, Ridge, LASSO), identifying overfitting and underfitting, and providing a written report. PDF file explains in more detail and a training and test dataset will be provided. Serious inquiries only. Need in 36 hours.

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    Please only someone who knows what they are doing! Very profitable strategy like you never seen before.

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    Please build my ea. 3 天 left

    I want to discuss my project and tell you about the conditiins in detail to avoid doubts

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    I need help with simulating a V2V communication using SUMO. Being able to simulate an accident scenario which include exchanging emergency safety messages.... Best regards Thanks.

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    The project would be a full-fledged website which extracts information and emotion from the social media to detect depression using various machine learning algorithms

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    Желательно реализовать все за неделю

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    A forex Expert advisor that is able to trade on my behalf and give accurate signals.... Put stop loss, put take profit

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    Hello I have a technical question. Based on data. What is the minimum daily and weekly breakout in dollars for xauusd in a 10 year period.... How do I find out... ? My theory is simple and i need a ea based on this data...

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    Hello I have a technical question. Based on data. What is the minimum daily and weekly breakout in dollars for xauusd in a 10 year period.... How do I find out... ? My theory is simple and i need a ea based on this data...

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    AI , ecomm and weather 22 小时 left

    I own a mature retail business that has ecomm, brick mortar and events. I want to see how AI and your company can help forecast and push products online. My url is I want " pop up ads" or similar in cities where inclement weather, from rain, to sleet to snow to hurricanes and N'or easters to populate as the storms are predicted and happening, then push the appropriate jackets for the occasions.

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    logic expert need 21 小时 left

    I need a person who have good knowledge in mathematical logic. Please bid if you are good in mathematical logic

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    I need an algorithm developed 17 小时 left

    Request details Hello, I’m looking to get an algorithm developed, Essentially I have 2,704 permutations which are for playing cards, so it’s every card named at a position between 1 and 52, 52*52 is 2,704. So for example: Four of clubs - 1, Four of clubs - 2 and so forth, for every card in the deck, I have an array of 104 cards, 2 full decks intertwined so 1st card from stack A, 1st card from stack B, 2nd card from stack A and so forth. For each permutation the algorithm would need to work out where the 2 positions of the card are in the array deck, then the closest position to the top it will need to work out how many cards needs to be dealt from the top to get to that position, and then it’ll need to work out how many cards to get to the bottom position if dealt fr...

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    Szukam entuzjastów matematyki i osoby która potrafi napisać algorytm i postawić na jego bazie software.

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    swarm robotics 16 小时 left

    Distribute robots in a specific areas

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    Build me two pages in php or any other suitable backend language for plagiarism checking.

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    Data science: Based on crypto historical data we would like to predict where is the Best moment to buy crypto or sell. We could test algoritm on for example Etherium crypto then apply it to rest of crypto curriencies. Following task can be split for steps: 1. Find where data can be retrieved(free api or other method like scrapping) We can Focus on value in each day and/or hour. 2. Create algoritm based on known data science Methods, some existing library can be used. (Like neural Networks, linear Regression etc) 3. As output we do prediction for future And Stored in database. 4. Output is later validated, calculating accuracy. 5. Accuracy should be higher than 60%, close to 100% would be perfect. I recommend to use Java for that, but if you feel better in for example Python or other lan...

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    Explicit Filtering Phase -- 2 已经结束 left

    Explicit Filtering Phase project as discussed in chat for phrase detection and resultant redirect.

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