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    我们要建造类似斗鱼的直播平台 有这方面经验的可以申请和附上你们之前的portfolio

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    Need wechat verification 6 天 left

    Wechat verification needed. Anyone can help pls

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    i need nft game developer for my project

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    Buscamos desarrolladores que se puedan sumar a nuestro equipo para un proyecto de desarrollo de una aplicación mobile de gestión. Si tienes alguno/s de estos conocimientos puedes sumarte: Amazon Web Service PostgreSQL React Native Expo Magnus UI Android (Java) iOS (Swift) NodeJS Nuestra idea es contratar a alguien por temas puntuales pero garantizamos un backlog con continuidad en...

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    Android App + Android TV Box 6 天 left

    I want to build an app to run it on android tv boxes. More details over chat.

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    iOS and Android Quran App 6 天 left

    I am looking for the design, development and deployment (on Play Store and App Store) of an app that I would like to get made. The App will be owned by my Australian company, but need a company or team to design the app according to my requirements and needs, develop it according to the functionality I suggest and deliver it so I am able to deploy it onto the Play Store. The developer or company ...

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    Android App 6 天 left

    Need to build a basic android app. Discuss details over chat.

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    React native Developer 6 天 left

    Need an React native professional to export/ modify basic build features , change graphics and export builds for iOS and Android. App Already built, just export and graphic updates by following the instructions.

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    加封 保密协议
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    Avem o aplicatie de mobil creata pentru iOS si Android. Avem nevoie de mai multe resurse ca sa sustinem dezvoltarea.

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    Se tiene codigo fuente para app de transporte esta en java, swift, php laravel, MySQL. se necesita por logo y nombre del proyecto

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    Aplicación que pueda generar notificaciones, crear perfiles, interactuar con inputs de usuarios.

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    I need to create an app that simply shows certain URL, with ZeroTier's library libzt ([登录来查看链接]) integrated. This would connect to a network automatically, and use that to access the site. It's all there to be integrated, it's got clear instructions for Java, Python, Gradle, it goes above my head tho. So I'd like to receive a project folder for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. A...

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    Programar tareas para los empleados, realice un seguimiento de su rendimiento y obtenga comentarios en tiempo real de sus clientes. Todo a través de un código QR. Similiar [登录来查看链接]

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    i want create android app 6 天 left

    i want create android app exmple app [登录来查看链接] i want payment google play and paypal and change category services

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    App developer 6 天 left

    I need an android and ios app developer. Require Nda signature for discussing details.

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    Application same like food, taxi or similar application, but totally new idea with respect to service and the app can be big universal app.

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    Hello, Me and my friend we have created a SIP video intercom, we would like to start the production and sale of devices, but to get customers we need free applications and a server that will allow easy configuration. We are currently using the Russian application, but it is difficult to configure due to the need for port forwarding in the router. Not every client has the option of port forwarding,...

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    I need a professional app builder

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    Base de datos SQLITE en ionic 6 天 left

    Necesito implementar una tabla simple solo se maneja un id y un nombre pero esta debe ser guardada en el celular donde se instale la aplicacion, esta siendo implementada en Ionic.

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    Create an application tool 6 天 left

    Create an application tool for a user to handle IEEE 754 floating point numbers (Refer to the specification from 1985). A. The app should convert a decimal (single precision 32bit floating point) number so it can display all of the following: 1. Decimal, 2. Sign Exponent Mantissa display of (binary) bits, 3. Hexadecimal display B. The app should be a simple calculator that allows it to operate ...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a Freelancers that can modify my mobile video game and right now my mobile game is in 3D and I would like to turn all the assets into 2D including levels, characters, effeftts and objects. This will also include animations. Optimization must also be done. There is a total of 31 characters, 3 levels and various 2D effects. - Project must be finished in 14 days - It...

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    Please review the file below, the file is a Product requirement document that I drafted without any development knowledge or jargons. I hope you can understand what I want. I need this to work on iPhone (iOS) and Android system please.

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    I want to activate multiples IMEI (from CSV) in different countrys I can explain you more details in private

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    Trophy icon App design for a social game 4 天 left

    I need some help with a design for a social game app. The app needs the following: - Player registration page - Ability to register up to 10 players with name. One player is marked as "gameleader" - Page for choosing category (up to six categories) - Main page with two short options - Scoreboard page (ie. an app called scorekeeper). Both for gameleader to give points and to keep track o...

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    I want to hire an Android developer to modify an Android application bought from Code Canyon: [登录来查看链接] Customizations required: 1- Look and feel to follow product logo and colors 2- Add Login module by mobile number and OTP After Splash , If skipped get trial version 3- Develop Users API to update user status by mobile number in DB (Active / InActive / Expiry date) & After user login check s...

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    I need someone who can build a better app and site for my company

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    Hi, I need an app for iphone and android. It should scan via camera feed and on recognizing a pattern should download an object and sound. Then it should save the object and sound to the app. The design exists and is very minimalistic. Plese message me with ideas of the budget or lets discuss, as I find it hard to estimate. Thanks!

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    Programador de app moviles para pedidos de comidas en linea como hugo y pedidos Ya

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    Hello there Buenas tardes We currently have an executable bingo app where the balls, images and texts that we want come out…. Also, we have a mobile app for android and ios for mobile cards, that is what we are currently using ... What we want is a web app similar to the executable app in windows. Once the web app is open in windows, first let us choose the Bingo 75 or Bingo 90 balls Once ...

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    Right now the web view app is ready. But the app is unable to display google forms in the app this is first thing that needs to fixed may be javascript enabling will solve. Also clicking some of the links in the menus in the web view page is opening the page in chrome out of the app. I need all the links to be opened within the app and not to go outside the app. To get the code and know the deta...

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    work on android launcher 6 天 left

    We're looking for help converting an android launcher. We currently have an android launcher that works on Android 8 & Android 10 but we're having issues running it on android Go. We think the problem is related to Android Go but we're not sure. We're looking for someone with previous experience with Android Launchers and capable of quickly debugging the issue and modifying...

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    [登录来查看链接] Using this plugin and the newest react native write an image to a printer, probably as a byte arr[]. IOS and android

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    In today's age of fast lifestyle and technology,people wish to have everything at their fingertips to save time and [登录来查看链接] this app we maintain a stable record of houses up for rent thus allowing users of two kinds:users who want to search for a rented place and users who want to let people know that their place is for rent.

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    We are a very very small marketing agency based in New York City. We are currently in need of someone who has a good mobile/web developing skill that can help create and maintain our small and growing brands of sites and sometimes help work on client projects. More importantly, you must have a good working knowledge of WordPress, IOS/ANDROID, PHP, HTML, JAVA, JQ, etc. You will be working on every...

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    We have a website where users can create their online stores under our website, the website is built on laravel/bootstrap we would like to be able to create an app and give it to each store owner to be their own app

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    Services Portal Development, Full Strack And Hybrid Developer Req

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    Looking for a developer to make us a web base call center application which can feed details and call center agent can have them individually. Limited access to agent

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    Xamarin Developer -- 6 6 天 left

    I need to implement IAP in one of my app .

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    I’m using Odoo v14 POS and I have SUNMI T2 mini and SUNMI V2 PRO devices . I want to: 1) Enable SUNMI V2 PRO to print receipt using the inner printer of the device via odoo v14 Web POS application. 2) Enable SUNMI T2 mini to print receipt using the inner printer of the device via Odoo v14 Web POS application.

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    Hi I have an app which is 90% done on Android & is ready to be copied to iOS. It’s a health app which has been in development for a while and I need it finishing so we can get it to market ASAP.

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    after update android studio, also gradle, using only maven instead of jcenter, i get this errors: Could not find [登录来查看链接]:rxandroid:2.1.1. Required by: project :app Search in [登录来查看链接] files Maybe more erros like this will appear. Better timebased...

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    We need native an Android Developer who can create dynmaic 'User registration' flow app consisting of 20 to 25 screen (including on screen transition based json from server). App will interact with server using 'REST' API call . Developer must have great proficiency in native android development. Please Note : We ar not looking for scope of work using 'react native'...

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    Flutter App 6 天 left

    I need layout of the app screens in flutter using android studio.

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    We would like to build mobile app like this stock simulator (but this app is single player version): [登录来查看链接] I am looking for Unity game developer who can build stock simulator multiplayer game. this multiplayer game will be join max 10 players on one room. users can sell and buy stocks according to trading view and top user will be receive credit every 30 seconds and one round is 2 minutes. I...

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
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    I need someone to build an ios app Photo edit app BUDGET $150 CAD

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    Game for bgmi 6 天 left

    It feels great to play the game. I play games and I want to do business

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    I am looking for a flutter developer for my cryptocurrency app. Design is ready.

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    Need to build a sports Tournament and scorer app

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    App payments 6 天 left

    I am a the owner of a marketing company in Atlanta. I am trying to develop an app like cash app or zelle.

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    Making an application that contains two languages, English and Arabic (right and left)

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