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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on how machines can think and act like humans. AI utilizes computer algorithms to establish patterns in data and process information in order to even make decisions. When used correctly, AI can predict trends, automate mundane tasks, and improve overall productivity. An expert with diverse skills in both software engineering and mathematics is just what you need when implementing an AI project.

At Freelancer.com, Artificial Intelligence experts are poised to provide esteemed clients with the best possible outcomes. Our professionals are dedicated to staying abreast with emerging technology, keeping up with the latest industry trends, and doing whatever it takes to provide premium outcomes for industrial projects.

Here's some projects that our Artificial Intelligence Experts made real:

  • Utilizing modern web technologies for speech detection
  • Leveraging pre-trained models for specialized use
  • Automatically generating keywords from given input
  • Integrating third-party AI API into existing frameworks
  • Developing application for curve detection through ANN or ML
  • Implementing code for sudoku puzzles featuring AI elements
  • Creating Django web applications for OpenAI
  • Designing a machine learning recommendation system
  • Processing natural language using Python
  • Investigating creative IoT or AI concepts with analytical reports

At Freelancer.com, our Artificial Intelligence experts understand how to implement the most advanced algorithms and features into your project while providing you with the highest quality of service. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers who have experienced the exceptional power that AI brings to their projects. Make your projects reach beyond its expectations by letting us help bring it to life - post your project now and hire an Artificial Intelligence Expert on Freelancer.com!

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    I want someone to help me to set up and run an existing code to train a classifier model on 2 classes from PACO/imagenet datasets.

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    I need someone who is efficient to work on any deep learning and hybrid algorithms to analyse and optimise the electric vehicle schedule. Also to facilitate the vehicle-to-grid scheduling.

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    Looking for an animated sales advertisement for my online insurance agency I meed the advertisement to explain what we do and how easy it is to quote and buy online sites that simply sell you information and never give you a quote. The video will be used to advertise on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. The video should be appealing to the eye, fun, and attention grabbing.

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    Real time Speech Recognition 5 天 left

    Need an expert who is familiar with real-time speech Recognition and who also knows how to make chatbot using NLTK Tools

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me develop an IA content marketing website platform that meets my needs. I don't have an existing design but I have a rough idea of what I'm looking for. I don't have any existing content or images for the website, so I need help having them developed. I'm looking for someone with experience creating unique and modern websites, and who is capable of creating content as well. If you have the skills and expertise to create a website from scratch, I'd love to hear from you. Similar platforms and competitors: I need with all these features

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    Looking for a Web AI based program developer. This tool will be about Generate paraphrased text.

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    AI / ML Developer needed 6 天 left

    We need an AI / ML Developer / Consultant to discuss a project

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    Wordpress plugin rss aggregator with chat gpt integration - Need an rss media aggregator to get news from other website and pass trought chatgpt to generate photo and text change and translating, than post on the newspaper. Wordpress plugin

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    Develop a system for fine-tuning LLM models using LangChain for Alpaca and OpenAI. The process of Fine-tuning is to be made simple for the customers Have experience in machine learning and natural language processing and a strong understanding of software development principles. Design and implement a system for fine-tuning LLM models using LangChain for Alpaca and OpenAI.

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    Hello, We need to build a Python + Tensorflow solution with a Simple UI to provide output. Steps: 1. Build crawler to extract the dataset. 2. Build tensorflow to parse the dataset. 3. Build a simple UI to make data easier to read. Max budget: $150 USD Awaiting offers. p.s: To have your offer accepted send the text: "I AM NOT A BOT CH" p.s[2]: Are you Muslim? Your religion does not allow do this job.

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    We are looking for a talented and experienced freelancer to develop a Personal Assistant project using SpeechRecognition, pyttsx3, and ChatGPT libraries. The project aims to create a conversational agent capable of answering various user questions using natural language processing techniques. The successful candidate will be responsible for implementing the functionalities outlined in the project scope, including speech recognition, speech synthesis, voice command recognition, and integration with the ChatGPT API. Requirements: Strong experience in Python programming language Proficiency in the SpeechRecognition and pyttsx3 libraries Familiarity with natural language processing techniques Experience with ChatGPT API integration Strong communication and problem-solving skills Responsibil...

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    we need a developer who provides report included

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    ai based dental disease diagnsotic application upload intra oral image and get results of all possible diseases

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    Project Description: The project aims to develop a facial recognition-based payment system that will enable customers to make payments for their purchases using their facial features. The system will use biometric data, including the customer's facial features, to identify the customer and authorize the payment.

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    Ai model on sales data for increase sales and

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    Consulting: generative AI 4 天 left

    I am looking for a consultant with deep experience in using generative AI for small molecule design. I would like to know the landscape of the field, what has been done and what hasn't, what's unique about certain company's technology. You will write a report and define the opportunities. You can also lay out details plan for data integration and expected outcomes. When apply, please describe your background and why you qualify for this project. Please provide your hourly rate and expected hours to deliver the first draft. I don't accept fixed rate for this project.

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    ML - Tensorflow + Python 4 天 left

    Hello, We need to build a Python + Tensorflow solution with a Simple UI to provide output. Steps: 1. Build crawler to extract the dataset. 2. Build tensorflow to parse the dataset. 3. Build a simple UI to make data easier to read. Max budget: $100 USD Awaiting offers. p.s: To have your offer accepted send the text: "I AM NOT A BOT"

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    We are trying to create an app similar to , where the user can provide an input video, maybe they are saying something like: "Hi David, I wanted to say hello and welcome to the company!" or something like that, the video can be any length. Then, the user should be able to provide the section they want to customize, something like "Hi @firstname, I wanted to say hello and welcome to the company!" Then, for a list of, say, 5 names, e.g. Alice, Bob, Candice, David, Earl, we want to "generate" another version of the input video using AI (deepfake audio and video) of the person in the video believably saying "Alice", then, we want to remove "David" from the original source video, and replace it with our deepfaked clip of the user saying "...

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    AiSolution -- 2 4 天 left

    My name is Michael Mader, f I have a project in mind and I would like to know if you can help me with your knowledge, to see what would be the value for this project that you would need. I tell you: I would like to know how you can help me with an application and its respective AI technology. for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR LAW FIRMS For example: -AI consulting -Data That the intelligence responds to the stored data and solves the queries that the client has, also begins to see if there is a way to implement notarized contracts validation All this that the AI solves with a database If you can enter this page I would like something almost equal to them i need ChatGPT like system but for litigation process 1- We need to scrape datasets to train our ML Model. 2- Then we need to devise an...

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    Python chatbot for whatsapp 4 天 left

    Need someone experienced with building chatbots for whatsapp in python. I want to send messages to hundreds of contacts, have a workflow in place in case they answer and record some details about the conversations. I want someone who can guide me through all the steps and code whats needed. We will be using a whatsapp business phone. Please write DESCRIPTION READ in your bid.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a vector database connected to OpenAI LLM and Pinecone, as well as Langchain. The vector database should use MySQL, Azure, or Oracle. The data should be stored in the cloud storage and integrations with OpenAI LLM and Pinecone should be included, with the possibility of extending integration to Langchain if needed. The deliverable should include a fully functioning vector database connected to OpenAI LLM and Pinecone, as well as possibly Langchain, depending on the requirements. Custom vector database and host it on Pinecone to allow connectivity to OpenAI GPT 3.5. The primary goal of this project is to fine-tune the data and enable users to interact with it conversationally. The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of Python, Pinec...

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    I need someone have excellent skills in working with decision trees using python they have to run the code and write description as well Budget $15 non negotiable

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    This is phase one of a project to determine the expected payment date for a very large pool of delinquent receivables which are being acquired. The estimated payment period is based on the debtors’ historical payment pattern and will be determined for each individual debtor. Each debtor must pay the receivable during a 24-month period and we have a 10-year payment history. The payment history indicates for each year of origination for the number of months the receivable, whether the receivable became delinquent and was sold, and if the receivable remains unpaid. An example of the available data is below. Year Example #1 Example #2 Example #3 Example #4 Example #5 Example #6 2022 12 U 6 5 12 U 2021 24 12 18 4 12 23 2020 24 12 18 5 15 20 2019 24 10 24 5 15 23 2018 24 5 N 4 16 21...

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    Job Description: We are looking for a highly qualified and experienced AI expert to serve as a personal assistant. This is a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and contribute to various AI projects. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in AI and ML, be well-versed in programming languages, and possess expertise in various AI systems, processes, and technologies. Responsibilities: Apply your AI and ML knowledge to tackle challenging tasks and develop innovative solutions Work with various programming languages, frameworks, and libraries Preprocess, clean, and engineer data for optimal model performance Train, evaluate, and fine-tune models using advanced techniques Leverage transfer learning and pre-trained models for efficient development Handle multimod...

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    Hey all, we are looking for one project, details are below. Suppose any one upload model photo ( clothing ), suppose that photo is in black color, if we want to change color of that model photo it should convert with one click. if we want to change print of that model, it should change with one upload of new print and change the variation of that model. It use AI / ML and language should be python / node js etc.

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    Selected candidate will have to develop a flutter Android/iOS App where people could get free of cost parking, snacks, food etc as freebies against the shopping amount they pay on shops and malls. Payment will be made in milestones 25 after finishing home page +25 after finishing functionalities +50 after app is live. Daily reporting is mandatory. Your working timings will be 10-6 Monday to Saturday. Source code of the project should be handed over to us whenever we ask. You can't deny for source code/ APIs in any condition. After downloading app, there should be a beautiful signup page, app should fetch user's current location and address and show it on their home screen like it shows on cab booking app. Source code and playstore or app store signing key should be handed ov...

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    I want to develop a video creation website using AI. It should be like any other popular video creation site where the user will come and can register. Once registered, the user can use his workspace to create the video using the available avatars and other related tools. The user will be able to upload his/her own video and make his/her own avatar. The user should also be able to add his/her voice and script. Also, the AI tool should be able to enhance the video using stock footage and video. The plan will be to come out with the main AI tool first. Creating the avatar using the user's video can be done in the 2nd stage. Please quote only if you can show something similar you did before. I do not have any time or money for research and development. So please if you are sure about wha...

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    I am looking for a skilled artificial intelligence developer with experience in Python programming language to help me deploy AI on a web and mobile platform. Familiarity with the latest techniques and technologies is necessary. The project should be written in Python and be delivered as an RESTful API. The ideal candidate for this project should have in-depth understanding of AI principles, a background in developing applications with Python and have an understanding of RESTful API development. The candidate should demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems, accelerated learning capability and creative thinking. The specific tasks of the project will include: creating algorithms, training and deploying AI models, code debugging, data engineering, integration of existing solutions...

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    i need bulid system to behivor detection of malware analysis using deeplearnig Designing a dynamic analysis system for malware detection: Create a system that uses AI to analyze malware behavior

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    We are looking for a team player developer who can assist us in applying Deep Fake Technology and SDF Technology in the fashion space to create an easy-to-use API and front end. We already have the sample code, we simply need someone who can fix and improve the model. To make AI and fashion more accessible around the world!

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    I need a website through which AI can take the Interview

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    I am looking for a freelancer with experience in web application development utilizing AI/ML technology. The application needs to process numerical data and should be built using Python. Additionally, the freelancer should have the flexibility to consider utilizing an existing AI/ML framework, if necessary. I need a freelancer that is creative in their approach and confident in their abilities to provide the optimal level of functionality for my web application. The ideal candidate should be able to produce high quality results and provide feedback in a timely manner. Any experience with integrating AI/ML technology into web applications would be beneficial. I'm looking for someone that can help me develop an advanced web application with a focus on utilizing AI/ML technology to p...

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    AI based multilingual transcription program to be developed and deployed , api to be used on a mobile app. Majorly used language- English and Hindi Accuracy is most important Does not have to be real time , little delay is ok. Use case is to record medical related appointments. Functions for the program- Audio files will be approx 45-60 minutes but parts of audio file that contain speech is to be identified and trimmed using VAD Language detection and transcription in English Speaker diarization Analysis of voice for detection of tone, fear, empathy and other emotions. Identify the problem explained by the patient and identify the treatment suggested by the doctor as well - to be used to train model on diseases/treatment prediction based on the conversation. Goal is to have a qc ...

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    I need someone to develop an artificial intelligence system that can analyze banking transactions and organize them into a spreadsheet.

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    Using ai to create a short video This project is mainly to create a videos using ai The winner has to make the background and the tree as natural as possible. 1) Use our special design tree. The root of the tree goes deep and finally it tap a VAST underground water source deep below with its root and the tree begin to grow bigger and bigger and it produce a lot of fruits. 2. Use REAL photos of two persons in the video. One person is the King of the Forest. The other person is his disciple. The video starts with flying near to the ground over a long real river in a dense forest. The view is like inside a spaceship coming from the sky but do not need to show the spaceship at all in movie. In the beginning, When passing through the river the video can see different Kings and Queens...

    $38 (Avg Bid)
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    Senior ML engineer 1 天 left

    I'm looking for a Senior ML engineer who can work with me on a project. The ideal candidate will have an advanced understanding of machine learning, including applied ML, analytical ML and neural network engineering. It is a small task, but I can provide you with long-term work after this work is don. The engineer should also have the skills to create new algorithms and have experience working as a Senior Level ML Engineer. If you think you have the right qualifications and experience, please apply now!

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    AI Startup team members - 2 1 天 left

    My startup is looking for team members with experience in Artificial Intelligence. We are looking for Programmers, Business Development professionals and Data Analysts with experience in AI. The ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of AI methods and tools. We have some members with existing experience and knowledge within the space, however, some of the team members are still just beginning to learn the fundamentals of AI. We are also in need of assistance with additional tasks. If you're an experienced AI professional looking to make a positive impact then this may be the team for you!

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    AI Startup team members. 1 天 left

    My team is looking to hire a software engineer with 1-3 years of experience for an AI startup. We need someone who is proficient in Python and Flutter, and who can work well as part of our team and deliver quality results on a wide range of tasks. As a software engineer, you will be responsible for writing clear, maintainable code and ensuring that our projects adhere to industry best practices. You will also be expected to be involved in the full software development lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment. Our ideal candidate will have a background in computer science and software engineering, have an eye for detail and have previous experience in a start-up environment. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!

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    The recognition task will be implemented through convolution neural network and prediction task will be implemented through and symbol n- gram models. There is a given dataset for prediction task. Find the probability of letter using bigrams and trigrams.

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    Need an engineer who is well versed using OpenAI And hugging face API to build fine tuned models with proprietary data.

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    I'm looking for a software developer to create a desktop projection mapping application for Windows and Mac. Projection mapping is the process of using software to manipulate the output of a projector or other extended display. The closest precedent for the software concept is MapMap (), which allows users to pull around corner handles in order to warp and manipulate a projector's output. MadMapper () is another good point of reference. Upon opening the software, the user would be met with a prompt to confirm that their projector is correctly set up as an external extended display, with some links to instructional videos on how to do this. Then, the user would be presented with a canvas automatically sized to the resolution of the connected external display, with a heads-up d...

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    I am looking for an experienced AI expert to assist in the development of trained models for an IOS photo editor application, or a script for training. In summary: A script for training Style Transfer models. A script to convert the models to CoreML. The goal is eventually to be able to train my own models and convert them to CoreML for usage in my iOS app. I have access to a Google Colab environment with GPUs which I can use for training. But for testing it would be great if you use your own environment. Usage of existing solutions is allowed provided that the license allows it. Alternatively, would be open to receive ready made Core ML models ready for use if you have already made some. Looking forward

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    Image generation 23 小时 left

    Need help in developing Google colab model for image generation. (Feel free to suggest you have another engine) Photo realistic images of animals in different places. Able to fit in clothes and decoration on animals.

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    I try to implement this project using computer vision morphological operation and done image segmentation using watershed algorithm this is a one of the initiative from my side in the field of computer vision where we give any image in which rice grain is present so my model output is count the total tice grain present in that image There some steps involved to implement this amazing concept. 1. Importing all the Necessary Libraries 2. Creating Function for visualization Defining custom "show" function for Image Visualization 3. Image Pre-Processing convert RGB Image to Grayscale Image Image Thresholding for converting the RGB pixel value to Grayscale pixel (0 to 256) Morphological Transformations Like open and close (Noise Removal) 4. Counting rice grains ...

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    AI based VOIP development 19 小时 left

    I'm looking for a developer to create an AI based VOIP system. The main focus of this project is to implement natural language processing as a feature of the VOIP system. I'm looking for a full feature set, with all the bells and whistles that come with the AI feature. Additionally, there will be some existing systems that need to be integrated into the new VOIP system, we want to offer this service as an API, so experience in integrating existing systems is highly desired. The idea behind is people can automate their inbound call centers and our AI bot will take all calls Example system is

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    ChatBot Development 19 小时 left

    Want to get a chatbot built and trained on publicly available information online, to be able to answer user queries on that particular subject/industry. Please tell me a comprehensive cost to develop, train, designing & maintenance of this platform. Also, which AI platform do you offer?

    $250 - $750
    加封 保密协议
    $250 - $750
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    ChatBot Development 18 小时 left

    Want to get a chatbot built and trained on publicly available information online, to be able to answer user queries on that particular subject/industry. Please tell me a comprehensive cost to develop, train, designing & maintenance of this platform. Also, which AI platform do you offer?

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    Digital Cook 6 小时 left

    I want a combination of hardware and software as cook for indian cuisines.

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