Coding is used to describe the process of programming using a specific programming language, or ‘code’. There are different coding languages available for use on different platforms and different services, for example developing web content, mobile apps or desktop software. Coding languages are formalized languages with the expected outcome of a translatable output. Coding is used to create programs that can read algorithms (data inputs). There is an abundance of programming languages, often built from scratch for a specific purpose, however there are a few codes that are most popular, such as HTML, Java and JavaScript.

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    I currently have a fairly simple Python script, but the for loops are causing the run times to last >7mins. I need the script to be optimized so I can run over multiple cores (i.e. multiprocessing or multi-threading). Any other fixes to my loop logic will also be great. Looking for a developer who I can have repeat business with. Happy to share code, once there is interest prese

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    I have some info that is generated on a teamcity build(build time, build number, artifact name, time stamp etc.,). Need to present this info in a tabular form on some web page or confluence.

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    We are a telehealth/telemedicine company/platform which enables physicians, patients and ancillary's to get the work done that they need done, remotely using our proprietary software. We are integrated with our sister company which does all the billing for the physicians and ancillary's. We are looking to hire an experienced candidate who will be a great addition to our team. What ne...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store.

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    Разработать автомат для грамматики.

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    raki website 6 天 left

    cari kan saya freelance yg bisa buat / rakit website judi online dari awal tanpa pakai wordpress dan sebagai nya contoh website seperti [登录来查看链接]

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    Hi, We need someone who can create and review Technical content for us at Doselect. The content will be consisting of technical assessment questions. These questions are used by recruiters for assessing candidates for various jobs. If you are interested please reply and be a part of our vast community and help us bring the change. We want to engage you with work regularly on freelance basis.

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    My name is Benjamin and I am the co-founder of a startup company that is working towards delivering programming skills to schools in Berlin and then Germany and beyond. We focus on the demographic between 8-17. The Opportunity is for a Teacher in Programming to write 1x36hour program (12x90min live taught classes) for children aged 8-17. Bonus for translated German version. This 3 month intensi...

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    spyder(anaconda) 5 天 left

    I need a professional in spyder(anaconda)

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    payment intergration software development needed. Javascript. i would preffer if you have experience with payments and intergration i want someone reliable and trustworthy please. website is ready i just need the payments intergration developed to beable to run on my site which is woocommerce. i need software/ plugin / integration im not exactly sure how it works myself so looking for someone w...

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    hello good day PLEASE READ OVER THE FULL thing detailing how you would handle it. DO NOT SEND PREMADE messages but message made for this job only or you will be deleted and ignored. SMS and Email follow up system to get feedback for after work/job is done this system would send them question if they had happy or unhappy feedback if they have negative feedback they are sent link to submit feedba...

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    I need a AHK scrip that will spam the "R" for around 2 seconds whenever an area on my screen turns from red to gray. (When the HP bar turns from red to gray) I guess it would be fairly easy but I lack the knowledge to do so. So I am asking for your help freelancers. Please message me for more information if interested.

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    I have a shopify website and I need help running it. IE: uploading photos, uploading products and descriptions, setting up social media stores, adding popups, etc... Someone who knows how to do coding to alter the theme and format the photos.

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    Basic video course of COBOL 4 天 left

    I would like a multi-class Mainframe COBOL course, at first with the most basic concepts and increasing the level with each class, begining with a basic level and finishing with more advanced concepts, to learn and understand completely how coding and programming in COBOL. The minimum total duration of the videocourse with all of classes is 30 minutes.

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    Kelly Criterion Portfolio 4 天 left

    Based on the attached paper build a spreadsheet/app that will allow determining position sizing for multi asset levered portfolio.

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    help with live streaming for my site can some one please help

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    Crypto Developer Required 4 天 left

    Hi, I am looking for an Expert crypto developer who must have Strong experience with crypto, centralized, decentralized, blockchain, dynamic block, Fork, Monero currency etc. More details through chat.

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    $30 - $250
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    Pinescript help 4 天 left

    I have some decent Pinescript skills but do need help with some small pieces of functionality. At the moment I need a timeframe filter to only display certain indicators if the current timeframe being viewed is greater than x resolution.

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    Realizzazione di articoli inerenti all'informatica, in particolare alla programmazione e al Machine Learning, per blog su internet.

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    I need you to develop a software which helps to place a orders in zerodha at market price.. Also if supertrend changes algo should place some additional orders of same strike price. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python for Zerodha accounts...

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    I have an online WIX store in which I dropship my items. My items come from different suppliers in which I communicate with them via WhatsApp. I have to place each order individually with the customer information which is taking up a lot of my time. I am also in need for integrating a smooth 3rd payment system. I do not like the ones WIX has provided. I would like one that does not hold my pay...

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    Need a bot that trades cryptocurrency using flash loans for arbitrage and algorithm trading. Will need to have the codes and the source so i can change later the parameters of any future trading in the bot. Must be fully automated the bot.

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    PDF to Image using PDFSharp 4 天 left

    C# Project Only. .Net Framework 3.5 Visual Studio 2010 Update my code to convert PDF pages to images. I have created and compiled the code based on PDFSharp's website but does not work. Need to have fixed. Full Source will be provided. Will require executable for testing that it works. Will require full source with fixes back upon completion.

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    I would like to build an APP to help health professionals to standardize test scores and display them in a comprehensive graph. For the user, there would be a first screen in which they select a test or a battery of tests, and a second in which they introduce demographic information and raw scores for several scales. After that, the app calculates the z-score for each scale and rate their severity...

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    A web developer is urgently needed to code and deploy a website for an interior design company. The pages have already been designed. There are 5 pages total that need to be coded. The web developer has to have great communication skills and deliver milestones in a timely fashion.

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    bir a3 kağıdına bir adet a4 ün boyutlarını düz çizgi değil de kopuk (----------) şekilde çizeceğim . yanına 2x2 bir kare çizeceğim ancak bu karenin çizgileri düz olacak. programa misal bu karenin bir kenar boyutu 2 cm diye söyleyeceğim. program bana a4 kağıdının kenar uzunluklarını verecek. Elimde kod var bu prosedürlere düzenlenmesi gere...

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    Backup & Update CMS 2 天 left

    I need my website re-configured. Who can backup, update my project part [登录来查看链接] and make sure that all modifications, changes, add-ons, languages etc. are there again and that everything works fine as before. All filters, functionalities in all languages issue free and reliable. Timeline 3 days // $20 budget

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    Write some basic firmware for a LORA tranceiver module to function as a basic repeater. Basic code needed for testing the concept (hollow world).

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    We have developed a B2B eCommerce Website, Need a technical expert to help us to improve the functions, fix some of the errors or bugs, and create payment solutions for the Site, also logistics track options. Please check out the site First: [登录来查看链接], and let me know, how you will be improve site in more professional way.

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    Fix issues with software 2 天 left

    We are a small business that has started to expand rapidly and in need for a POS system. We have reached out to a former freelancer to build the software however, a couple of issues arose after delivery. One of our main issues is setting up the connection between the POS system and the printer hardware. The System is web based and so, it would use the web printer as it cannot identify a printe...

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    I am a server owner of 6 maps. I run my own nitrado coding and everything and im wanting to find people to work for to help them with there coding

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    Discord Emojis 2 天 left

    Would like custom discord emojis made for my group, please dm me!

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    I need a robot to automate my WhatsApp, which saves the contacts that sent me a message, automatically and sequentially in my Google account. It can be a generic name + sequential number, or the account profile name + sequential number

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    Build paython anaconda project for geovisualization work

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    i want to make 4 scanner to find out perfect stock for trading as per my pre defined condition.

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    Laravel/PHP Wizard wanted! 1 天 left

    Who can update my 4 CMS: [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] to latest version with codecanyon. Important: All the filters, functionalities, modifications, changes, search boxes, social logins must be added to latest versions in ALL languages we are supporting (15) It’s not easy and please bid only around my budget if you are really a great coder and database expert! Budget max $6...

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    Only serious and 24*7 committed developers contact please. Want to develop a social media website and mobile application (android and iOS both). Take an example of Instagram / Facebook. Looking for a long term association.

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    I'm in need of a coder to create a trading algorithm to place trades automatically once certain conditions are met. The algorithm is relatively simple with one trigger to long on trigger to short and one to close existing positions. No placing multiple trades at once or anything but market orders. A user interface would be needed. If your are interested and able to work on a project of this ...

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    Parse tree for my lexer in C 17 小时 left

    Parse tree for my lexer in C. Details will be shared via chat.

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