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Content Writing is the art of creating engaging, informative, and compelling written materials for websites, blogs, social media, and various other platforms. A skilled Content Writer can help elevate your brand and business by capturing your unique voice and communicating your message to your target audience effectively. At Freelancer.com, you can hire talented Content Writers who have experience in various niches and writing styles to craft the perfect content for your needs.

Here's some projects that our expert Content Writers made real:

  • Producing high-quality website content that drives traffic and conversions
  • Writing engaging blog posts that boost search engine rankings
  • Crafting persuasive product descriptions for e-commerce websites
  • Creating captivating travel content for tourism-related platforms
  • Developing informative articles and guides in diverse industries
  • Composing professional e-mail correspondence in any language
  • Ghostwriting books that capture an author's ideas masterfully
  • Designing impressive investor presentations for start-ups and established companies

The success stories above are just a few examples of the wide range of content writing projects available at Freelancer.com. Our community of skilled writers can help you bring your ideas to life, whether you need fresh content for a new venture or updates to existing materials.

If you're looking to hire Content Writers who can deliver exceptional results, look no further than Freelancer.com. Post your project today and access a world of top-notch talent that's ready to tackle any challenge. Get started now and see the difference expert Content Writers can make for your business.

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    I'm looking for an experienced content writer to help create blog posts for my website. I have a specific topic and direction in mind, as well as an idea for how many pieces of content I am looking for (1-3). The content should be engaging and informative, helping to drive readers to my website. The writer should have a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation, as well as the ability to write in an SEO-friendly manner. The writer should also be able to research other websites in my industry and write about them in a way that distinguishes my website. I'm looking for someone who can give my site a competitive edge. This is a great opportunity to showcase your content writing skills and help me attract more visitors to my website.

    $16 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello! I'm looking for a talented writer to help me with a content writing project. This project involves creating written content for a variety of topics. The total length of content should be no more than 500 words, and the style should be informational. A written format is expected for this project. If necessary, I'm open to discussing the project in greater detail. Thanks for taking the time to consider my project. I'm excited to find an experienced writer who can create high quality and informative content. I'm confident that the project will provide a great experience for everyone involved.

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    content writing 6 天 left

    I am looking to hire a content writer to create high-quality content with SEO optimization for my project. The expected length of the content is 500-800 words and I need the content to be in a specific format. Furthermore, I need it to include SEO optimization so that it can help improve my ranking on search engine result pages. The person I hire should have a good understanding of the topic and the target customer to create engaging, informative, and impactful content. If you think you are up to the task, then please send me a proposal.

    $443 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking to create some professional, engaging content in the form of marketing copy, will need to present to investor. I need help when it comes to creating guidelines to ensure the quality of the content is to the highest standard. The content needs to be exemplary and capture the right tone and feel for my company's brand. By working together, I'm confident that we'll be able to provide engaging and memorable content that will help get our message across to customers.

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    Content Writer 6 天 left

    Selected responsibilities include: 1. Conducting research on various topics and industries to create informative, engaging, and original content 2. Writing blog posts, articles, social media posts, and other types of content based on the clients' needs and requirements 3. Collaborating with our team of content writers and editors to ensure that all content is accurate, well-written, and meets the clients' expectations. We're looking for interns who are passionate about writing, curious, and have an eye for detail. You'll have the opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience in the field of content writing. We encourage you to use any tools or resources at your disposal, including ChatGPT, to help you cre...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均报价
    28 个竞标

    I am looking for a talented GPT4 writer to produce copywriting for my project. I need you to use GPT4 - not 3. Must be 4. And, I need you to use the prompt that I will provide. I need a number of 1500+ word articles done. Please, let me know about your price per article and I will look at your reviews. This position does not require completion within a certain timeframe and I am flexible with the turnaround time. The tone of voice needed for this project is formal. Therefore, I am looking for someone with the refined writing skills to craft copy that is professional and accurate. Experience in copywriting and proficiency with GPT4 is preferred, as is the capacity to write content that is both engaging and interesting while still maintaining formal protocol. I am seeking a reliable, detail...

    $481 (Avg Bid)
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    Corporate Profile 6 天 left

    I'm looking to create some professional, engaging content in the form of marketing copy, will need to present to investor. I need help when it comes to creating guidelines to ensure the quality of the content is to the highest standard. The content needs to be exemplary and capture the right tone and feel for my company's brand. By working together, I'm confident that we'll be able to provide engaging and memorable content that will help get our message across to customers.

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    Busco una persona que cree todo tipo de conteniedo para un emprendimiento en el que se ofrece un servicio de mantenimiento de pisicinas de forma online, en la que por medio de una subscripción anual, se accede a una calculadora en la que se explica completamente como mantener el agua de una piscina de forma optima. El suledo del creador de contenido dependera completamente de el, ya que obtendra entre 20-50 usd por persona registrada con su propio codigo. A modo de ejemplo si vende 1 sola subscripción diaria por dia, en 30 dias podria generar entre 600-1500 usd al mes, pero si vende mas sera mas, no tendra limite, el cual podra obtener asi sean 5000usd mensuales. Este trabajo esta bueno para gente que tenga mucha experiencia en creacion de contenido en tiktok o instagram o te...

    $3860 (Avg Bid)
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    HOTELA Website Copywriting Genius 22 小时 left

    Genius Copywriter We are seeking an expert marketing genius / copywriter that can help us create the perfect flow for our product. This is the current XD design we have. Please let me know if you can help - we need speed and accuracy. 
Kindly advise. I'm looking for a website copywriting genius to revamp my existing website and make it more persuasive and SEO-friendly. I require coGenius Copywriter We are seeking an expert marketing genius / copywriter that can help us create the perfect flow for our product. This is the current XD design we have. Please let me know if you can help - we need speed and accuracy. 
Kindly advise.

    $3716 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加急
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    11 个竞标

    - Lớp học tiếng anh cần quay các video tiktok về việc học tập. Có sẵn kịch bản, và lớp học đang hoạt động làm tư liệu. - số lượng: 30 video - địa chỉ: Đống Đa, Hà Nội

    $375 (Avg Bid)
    $375 平均报价
    2 个竞标

    I am looking for a content writer to create engaging and targeted content for my project. The goal is to increase sales among youths, the target audience for this content. The content will need to be properly formatted for both print and web platforms. The content should be creative and include visuals to maximize reader engagement and create brand recognition. Attention to detail must be given in order to ensure correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and overall coherence of each piece of content. Experience in content writing is preferred, with a demonstrated expertise in effectively conveying messages to a target audience. If you can create compelling and error-free content to reach a wider audience and engage them in our product, we would be very pleased to work with you. ...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr 平均报价
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    Needed a script writer for a feature film in South industry .. length 3 hrs

    $307 (Avg Bid)
    $307 平均报价
    9 个竞标

    I'm looking for a creative writer to help create content for a project. I'm looking for someone who can craft well-written, engaging, and informative content . The content should be written in a professional tone and should capture the reader's atten

    $413 (Avg Bid)
    $413 平均报价
    39 个竞标

    Websqft is a real estate property consultancy, We are revamping the design of the website , so we need a copy writer for that .

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr 平均报价
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    Create wikipedia profile 6 天 left

    I am looking for someone to help create a Wikipedia page for me. I am in need of a professional biography, images and publications to provide content for the page. Additionally, I would like the page to be reviewed for content as well as linked to other social media platforms. A successful project would provide all of these services in an organized, cohesive way. I look forward to your help with this project.

    $354 (Avg Bid)
    $354 平均报价
    30 个竞标

    I need a writer who can copy write and convert in one PDF file

    $445 (Avg Bid)
    $445 平均报价
    91 个竞标

    I am looking for an experienced content writer to help me with a project related to crypto. I need high-quality white papers that target a specific audience. These white papers will be fairly comprehensive and will include an estimated word count of more than 1000. The successful applicant must have extensive knowledge and experience in writing on topics related to the crypto field. If you feel confident in your ability to produce excellent work, then I invite you to submit a proposal. Thank you for your interest in this project.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr 平均报价
    15 个竞标

    I am looking for an experienced writer to create a long article for my blog. The article should be written for both expert and general audiences with the goal of increasing traffic. The length of the article should be long, preferably over 1000 words. The content should be original and engaging so that readers stay on the page and share the content to increase visibility. The right candidate will have deep knowledge in blogging and have excellent research skills in order to create higher quality content. If you have relevant writing experience and are confident in your ability to meet the requirements, I look forward to working together.

    $31 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $31 / hr 平均报价
    41 个竞标

    Need a good freelancer who can handle this writing task without any mistake..... If interested bid can com in excluding india

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均报价
    32 个竞标

    We are looking for creative writers to write short posts for a particular project. The posts should be less than 200 words in length and we are open to suggestions when it comes to the format of the stories. If you think that your writing style and creativity would fit in with our project, then we would love to hear from you. We look forward to receiving your applications!

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均报价
    60 个竞标

    Important: Use of AI is not allowed The budget for this project is $3/hour for 40 hours a week. I'm looking for a Virtual Assistant to help me with e-mail and calendar management as well as proposal writing in English. As part of your proposal please write a "No, thank you" response to this message (i.e. how you'd politely say "no, thank you to it"): "Hi! I'd like to check your schedule availability next week for us to conduct an Introductory call, It will be a brief discussion with one of our Executives to give more information as to how we can help you grow your business."

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr 平均报价
    34 个竞标

    I'm looking for a creative writer to help create content for a project. I'm looking for someone who can craft well-written, engaging, and informative content . The content should be written in a professional tone and should capture the reader's attention. Total pages: 30-35 It should be kind of original Change in words is allowed Not copying ditto

    $96 (Avg Bid)
    $96 平均报价
    29 个竞标
    Hiring 3 content writers 6 天 left

    We're launching Next Phase to recruit 3 more Internee Writers ** It will be a plus point, if you have experience writing for cars, vans, trucks, etc. ** Are you blessed with a creative mind and able to inspire your readers? Are you able to produce content from scratch if you are provided with the topic / title / keywords? Are you able to rewrite if you are provided with the content? Are you looking for your first project on this platform to start working as a freelance writer? If yes, then Lets join hands together! We offer paid internship for copywriters and if you prove yourself to be great at words then you can work full time with our professional creative writers. Before you can join our team of experts, we offer you paid training to work on variety of tasks such as: - Book...

    $50 - $100
    $50 - $100
    22 个竞标

    I am looking for someone to provide content editing services for my Instagram account on a weekly basis. Specifically, I need someone who can edit both images and videos to an appropriate quality level. In addition, I am looking for someone who can provide advice on how to improve the content that I post. The chosen freelancer must be able to commit to weekly content editing its as part of the project. Send me sample of your work by editing content from one of my reels on Instagram: @the_nri_guide. Start your response with: “NRIcontent” in the first line of your response. Only those who can submit requested item will be considered for further discussions.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    16 个竞标

    I have a project that requires content to be created for commercial purposes under the Creative Commons license. I need to find an experienced freelancer who can compile a range of photographic images and create relevant content for a website. I need this done as soon as possible so the project is of great urgency. Any experience in creating content with a creative commons license and meeting deadlines is preferred.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均报价
    12 个竞标
    build a wikipedia page 6 天 left

    I'm looking to have a Wikipedia page created for a personal project. I have source material that I would like to be used in the creation of the page. The page would ideally be written in English, although I am open to discussing alternate languages. I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who can build a comprehensive and professional profile for me. You should be comfortable researching and summarizing factual information from high-quality sources in order to create a high-level and comprehensive profile. The project requires good writing skills and attention to detail to come up with a well-written and factual Wikipedia page. We want someone who can work proactively and efficiently to meet short turnaround times. Thanks for taking the time to read about my project. I am loo...

    $128 (Avg Bid)
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    21 个竞标

    Dígito toda clase de proyectos, tesis, trabajos profesiones, escolares, convierto de videos de textos y mucho más…

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $16 / hr 平均报价
    4 个竞标

    Seeking a fashion writer to construct a project brief in fashion for a start up company. Start up company name is Vervineus It is an online retail store offering womens wear, accessories , footwear, etc

    $84 (Avg Bid)
    加急 保密协议
    $84 平均报价
    26 个竞标

    Wrtie about the giveaway for the other one to give a professional outlook And write whole about it before write check all details about it

    $53 (Avg Bid)
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    video and make a document with subheadings and paragraphs 2. Make Powerpoint Slides with the Highlights of the subject matter Video

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    Content writing -- 2 6 天 left

    My company is looking for experienced writers and editors to help with the production of academic content. This content should be at an intermediate level of complexity, with a turnaround time of 1-2 days. The quality of the written material should be of the highest caliber, and have accuracy and attention to detail. It is important that the writers and editors we hire are able to work on deadlines with consistency and efficiency. We need individuals who are comfortable working in a team environment and are open to providing input on various projects. The ideal candidate will have a background in writing and a passion for creating compelling, well-written content. We want someone who is hardworking, reliable and can deliver the desired results in a timely manner. If this sounds like someth...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均报价
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    "profiling" by police essay 6 天 left

    I am looking for an experienced content writer to create a well-researched and engaging essay about the role and current state of “profiling” by police in society. The essay should explore how profiling has been used in both contemporary and historical settings, and critically analyze current policies surrounding this practice. The essay should be informative yet digestible, incorporating both research and widely accepted facts. To achieve this, the writer should draw on a variety of sources, combining the information in a comprehensive and logical manner. The essay should range from 800-1,000 words in length, aiming to critique current profiling policies. Examples should be included where appropriate to give the reader insight into the experience of profiling in various cont...

    $70 (Avg Bid)
    $70 平均报价
    92 个竞标

    Hi! I'm looking for a copywriter to help me rework product descriptions for my website. The products I'm selling require compelling, persuasive descriptions that will entice customers to read them and make a purchase. I have existing descriptions that need to be reworked and I need the copywriter to work within the word count limit of 100-300 words. If you have experience crafting product descriptions that are concise yet concise and engaging, I'd love to hear from you!

    $64 (Avg Bid)
    $64 平均报价
    107 个竞标

    I'm starting a newsletter showing upcoming, family- friendly events in Salem, Oregon. It will also include spotlights on local businesses, advice, tips, etc. I'd like assistance in making a template for my first letter. Something nice to look at and easy to read. Nice pictures, professional looking. I'll attach my logo

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    $71 平均报价
    42 个竞标

    Hola, Busco una persona para escribir unos artículos para una web, son Artículos para mejorar el Seo de algunas categorías de productos.

    $113 (Avg Bid)
    $113 平均报价
    81 个竞标

    I am looking for someone to manage and create content for an Instagram or Facebook page. I need the content creator to be creative and committed with their work. I require content created for this project and have set aside a budget of 5-50 USD to make sure I have quality content and a professional final product. Only1 post per day and will be paying per post. This project requires someone who can take the initiative and come up with innovative ideas that will help me reach my desired outcome. The content needs to be engaging, compelling, and reflect the brand. If you feel you are up to the task and can deliver results, then I am excited to work with you!

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 平均报价
    39 个竞标

    I am in need of a website content writer to create engaging content for a Home Page on my website. This page needs to contain at least 600 words, so I need someone with a creative mind who can write compelling copy in an effective manner. As I am starting from scratch, I will need the writer to be able to develop ideas for writing content that captures the attention of visitors and reflects the ideals and mission of my brand. The writer should have a knack for generating captivating headlines and subheadings and also be capable of providing any relevant research or data that might be necessary. Lastly, I need the writer to adhere to the agreed upon deadline. I look forward to receiving quality applications from experienced candidates.

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $13 / hr 平均报价
    85 个竞标

    The client has written an ebook but didn't cite any sources. I need someone to go through the ebook and find sources for the content - link to the source and create a source page.

    $70 (Avg Bid)
    $70 平均报价
    64 个竞标


    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 平均报价
    15 个竞标

    Public Company PLSH new releases

    $65 (Avg Bid)
    $65 平均报价
    57 个竞标


    加急 保密协议

    This job is to create 5 profiles each on 5 majors social media platforms Like Fb, Insta, LinkedIn etc. And make 3 small posts. If you can create Resume and LinkedIn profiles that's a plus. This is one time job.

    $107 (Avg Bid)
    $107 平均报价
    49 个竞标

    Job Description: We are looking for a talented and experienced writer to create high-quality, engaging content for our AI, UX, and Product design newsletter. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in these fields and be able to write on a variety of topics, such as AI trends, UX best practices, case studies, product design processes, tools, and techniques. Responsibilities: Research and write one 1,000-1,500 word article per week on a given topic related to AI, UX, and Product design Ensure content is informative, engaging, and easy to understand for a wide audience, including beginners and professionals in the AI, UX, and Product design industries Edit and revise articles based on feedback, as needed Collaborate with our team on content ideas and strategy Meet deadlines an...

    $46 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $46 / hr 平均报价
    29 个竞标

    Avancer en freelance en trouvant de bons clients et les fidéliser par mon expertise

    $170 (Avg Bid)
    $170 平均报价
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    Trophy icon 730 Trivia Questions and answers 9 天 left

    Write 730 questions and answers about serial killers. The questions and answers must be factual. No duplicates. example of a question is: Q. What was the name of H.H. Holmes Hotel where he comitted his murders? A. The murder Castle

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    20 项参赛作品
    MCG content 6 天 left

    I am looking for someone to help create content for a project of mine. The primary purpose of the content is to educate people about what my company does. Specifically, I need articles that are shorter than 500 words in length. If you have the skills and experience necessary to help me accomplish this goal, please get in touch! You can view what I've done so far here: This was just a starting place, there will be more to include in the content

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 平均报价
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    Website Copy & Design 6 天 left

    I am a website consultant and I offer SEO, UX and CRO consultancy. I need someone to make me a 6 page consultant website. I need a good clean design made on wordpress elementor with good SEO practices. I need someone who knows SEO and can do on page SEO whilst creating the website. So correct headings, image SEO, keyword targeting etc. I have on word for each page to target which I can tell later. Home page Service one Service two Service three Blog Contact You need to write engaging website copy of about 1500 words per page for me. A good understanding of SEO, CRO and UX is desirable. Please put "SEO UX CRO" at the start of your proposal.

    $213 (Avg Bid)
    $213 平均报价
    160 个竞标

    As a business owner, I am looking for someone to create engaging content for my social media channel on Facebook. I am looking for content in the form of posts that can be posted to my channel daily. The content should be creative and thought-provoking, with the sole aim of increasing reach and engagement of my page. This is an ongoing project and the content should be designed to accurately portray my brand and its values. I am looking for someone who is confident in their ability to create content that is highly likely to draw attention and engagement.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 平均报价
    41 个竞标

    I am looking for a freelancer to write articles for me. The expected word count is more than 600 words. Topics for the articles have already been decided upon and need to be SEO optimized as per my requirement. The topics are within my niche, so experience and familiarity with the subject is a must. Keywords for optimization should be chosen carefully for maximum visibility and reach. Timely completion is also important. If you think you have what it takes to fulfill this assignment, I would be delighted to have your application.

    $400 (Avg Bid)
    $400 平均报价
    103 个竞标
    copywriting 6 天 left

    I'm looking for an experienced copywriter to join our team and help us create high-quality content for our local audience. We need writing that is formal in style, and we need it as soon as possible. The content must be tailored to communicate effectively with the local audience, addressing their needs and providing them with unique, captivating content. If you are an experienced copywriter who is comfortable working quickly and flexibly, while delivering high-quality work - we want to hear from you!

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $17 / hr 平均报价
    72 个竞标


    How to hire a freelance writer and build an effective content marketing strategy. Content is your most profitable marketing investment, make it count.
    12 MIN READ
    Learn why you need a ghostwriter to write your speech and how to find one on Freelancer.
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    Hiring a freelance writer? Find out how to write the perfect brief so you end up with a stellar writeup.
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