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    I have 3 simple classes written in python. you need to rewrite them in C ++, they will be used in a QT project, so, you can use QList, qglobal, ecc. They are very simple classes. You must use unordered_map or QHash to substitute "dict" in python.

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    using System; using ; using ; using ; using ; public class Client { public string Name { get; set; } public long CreditCard { get; set; } public List<Reservation> Reservations { get; set; } } public class VIPClient : Client { public int VIPNumber { get; set; } public int VIPPoints { get; set; } } public class Reservation { public DateTime Date { get; set; } public int Occupants { get; set; } public bool isCurrent { get; set; } public Client client { get; set; } public Room room { get; set; } } public class Room { public string Number { get; set; } public int Capacity { get; set; } public bool Occupied { get; set; } public List<Reservation> Reservations; } public class PremiumRoom : Room { public string Addition...

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    Windows Agent Service 6 天 left

    Develop a windows agent service using WIN32 C++ programming language that collects, - current network lists (WLan, Bluetooth) - RDP sessions - IP list - System information like n_processor, page size, type of processor - list of connected devices, MAC address, List of IP addresses Collected data shall be stored locally and/or sent over HTTPS.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Get a Signature from a Wacom LCD Signature Pad and store into a image file under RDP connection.

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    I want to create a PintOS operating system in which we shall implement sytem calls, deadlock,file management, i/o and memory management.

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    $8 - $19
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    El proyecto es seguimiento de laser con la cámara web(se identifica las coordenadas x e y),cada vez que detecta el laser(Considerar un ambiente con luz). La cámara web vera la imagen que se va a proyectar mediante un proyector. En la cual se va a emitir varios pulsos de laser(2 laser de color rojo van emitir pulsos cada 200mseg) y la cámara tendrá que detectar las coordenadas(de ambos puntos de laser), solo del color rojo del laser ,sin nada que lo interfiera. Considerar velocidad y precisión de detección de coordenadas. Una vez encuentre las coordenadas , se tendrá que controlar el mouse y hacer click(en la posición de las coordenadas) ,cada vez que detecte el punto rojo. Luego se tendrá que calibrar la cámara web con ...

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    need amibroker expert: when a trading signal is genarated in amibroker need to send signal with image to telegram or whatsapp,has to be in professional manner

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    Youtube livestream Api 6 天 left

    I would like a plug and play solution. I want to be able to setup a mini pc with a webcam. When I plug it in to power and connect to a network. It will boot and connect to internet and start a live stream to my youtube channel. After 24 hours in will save that live stream ans start a new one. Title of youtube video might be XYZ hotel live stream (date). It will only change the date on every new live stream title. This is a sample of what I want to create.

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    Need to Update and speed up the parallel implementation of the A* algorithm asap

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    Library: We are using ffmpeg-cpp2 library and we need to set the rtsp_transport flag to tcp. Command line: ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i STREAM_URL Goal: Achieve the same thing using ffmpeg-cpp2 library.

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    This redenaural AI is to work on top of card games, where she will test the best combinations and the best cards for those combinations. The deck contains 30 cards the field contains 9 places where I can place the cards. I will test all combinations to see which is the best combination in this game

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    I want to build a antivirus for windows with source code In antivirus all futures look like Avast antivirus

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    Using netbeans to complete a 2D game that will have characters and levels

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    Convert Pine indicator in ctrader

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    Need a desktop program running in win10 for a cash register printer epson TM-T88V. The program must print exact fonts and QR code.

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    Need to create a windows desktop program for a cash register printer epson TM-T88V. The printer must print fonts and numbers in exact shape including QR code.

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    i hope to help me to calculate unity transform rotation from blender transform rotation. blender transform rotation is ZXY mode.

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    Need to update the Python codes as program is running slow along with few updates. Python codes are developed to monitor CANbus data (Drivers available). Data is displayed using Qt Designer graphic. Also start function and record function already setup to record data in spreadsheet. Need following updates... 1. Code running slow sometimes. Software hangs up. -- Need to fix this. 2. At moment, 3 temp. sensors are monitored and recorded -- Need to monitor 3 more. 3. Spreadsheet data needs to be checked if recording correct-- If not, then correct it 4. Need to create standalone executable after codes are running fine.

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    Software developer who can develop a automation process and create an application

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    We need a developer who can automate a process and do our work fast and if have cloudflare security knowledge it will preffered.

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    Need to rebrand the browser and add a search engine

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    create a xml file using given json in c++, apche xerces and rapidjson/jsoncpp

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    Hello, I need a programmer/teacher who has experience about IOI (International olympiad in Informatics), has been working with sites like CodeForces, Hackerrank, CSES etc.

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    What to implement, Which is given in these two pictures,and i am sharing some resources where you can learn .

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    Clean a .net executable file 6 天 left

    Hello everybody! I want you to teach me how to remove 'vmprotect' and 'dnguard' protections from a .net x64 executable file. I am NOT interesting in cracκing the software. You have to show me part of the deobfuscated code before awarding. After awarding you have to give me any tool you use, so I can do it myself. I'll release milestone after testing clean .exe. Happy bidding.

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    I am looking for a guy who can automate zerodha , like automatically buy stock when stock is going to up or automatically sell the stock if stock is going to down

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    The reason for this publication is because I have a project in mind that I've been dreaming about for several years, and I still don't feel like I have the knowledge to carry it out. It is about creating a gamemode for GTA V through an api (). This is the "roleplay" concept, where through the development of the GM tools are provided to facilitate the interpretation of users, creating policemen, doctors, etc... I have been in this form of gaming for the last 10 years and was able to create several successful projects by handling the administrative part of the project. Now, I would like to be part of the development and guarantee the success of the project. I have intermediate knowledge of C, C++ and JS. I would like to know if it would be possible to have someone expe...

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    I need a rest API programmer to create a unique user interface for a THermal IP camera

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    Help with MIPS project - not too difficult. Converting C language to MIPS

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    MIPS Coder 6 天 left

    Help with MIPS project - not too difficult.

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    Current code is a Visual Studio 2022 C++ windows console app and looking to migrate the code to web based. Wanting to build in Azure DevOps with cloud based containers. App used MySQL and DMX. It must be able to connect to EntTec DMXUBS Pro and work lights. Must have all code in Git repository and remain in Visual C++. Solution has 2 Projects and is fairly simple. 1 Project has 16 header files with matching windows and second project 7 header files and no windows. Looking for fix price for the migration. Follow up work includes further development with full time work of 40 hours per week and ongoing. Mobile app to follow. Looking for fix priced bid for all work. Must provide timelines. Must be able to effectively communicate in English. Code will be reviewed daily for progre...

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    Software Creation 6 天 left

    Hello, I would like a custom software developed. The software is about tele-medicine. We have created a tele-medicine booth where a patient enters a booth and he is presented with a compute and bp apparatus in front of him. He is given instructions on how to use these apparatus to get his vital readings (blood pressure, etc) stands in front of Telemedicine (TM) Booth at approximately *2 feet* distance 2. *Sensor* on TM booth detects human body and send signal to LED Screen attach on sliding door of TM Booth which start *Avatar* display with Welcome note. also fwd signal to *sliding door* to open with 15 seconds delay and patient enters TM Booth. 4. Instruction on how to use *variables* will be displayed along with voice command inside TM Booth. (Variables - blood pressure apparatu...

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    implementing in c++ 6 天 left

    c++ project. starter code will be given. message me for more details. implementing tic tac toe credit card validation Dictionary and program implementation

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    I need someone who can write and code a password-protected executable (.EXE) for an OpenVMS system. The password must be linked into the executable which will then only run when the password is entered. In addition, the executable must be linked to - and only execute on - the OpenVMS system it was first installed on.

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    C# expert need 5 天 left

    I have to change of my app built with C# Only c# expert needed thanks

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    Robot python 5 天 left

    Cerco una persona che mi crea un robot python per prendere appuntamenti in automatico

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    Hello! I need someone to create the interface between esp32 micro-controller and Att7022eu. The framework esp-idf (latest version) should be used. All features should be implemented with functions with a clear code.

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    Looking for expert in c# and data structures

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    things are not going to the right pins and some of the hardware are not turning on like it should .........need some minor changes and figure out pull up ect for new board that was made

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    We need c# code to recognize faces (in gif or video) and replace it with a random image and reproduce gif or video again. WPF or Winforms - .Net 4.5 or that works on Windows 10, 11

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    Custom Depth processing - By comparing the depth value of each pixel on the screen, if the local depth value is smaller than the remote depth value (closer to the camera), the current pixel value is selected as the local color value. Conversely, if the remote depth value is small, the current pixel Custom Pixel Shader function that selects the value as the Remote's Color value Current problem - Some functions do not work in the result built in OQ2 using UE4 (V4.26.2) -- SceneCapture function --- Function to texture the result of Local Rendering --- Function to texture depth image among local rendering results -- Post processing function --- Function for custom depth processing - In UE4, the above functions (Scene Capture, Post Processing) are availabl...

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    end to build a thinkscript 5 天 left

    Hi, i need to fix a away from me, if you want to waste my time. I need to end to build a thinkscript options market volume

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    Buenos dias, El proyecto es el siguiente: Se trata de un juego en 2D de barcos () en el cual mejoras tu barco destruyendo enemigos. La mecanica es realmente simple y estoy buscando lo que se conoce en el medio con ''Pixel bot'' con el objetivo de que el barco permanezca buscando objetivos, destruyendo barcos 24/7, comprando munición cada que tenga menos de X cantidad y demas. Es juego consta de un descargable .exe y tiene una visual bastante sencilla. Incluire fotos en la publicacion para que puedan visualizar mas a detalle. Es importante destacar que el juego es muy amigable con el usuario ya que permite que se realicen acciones tales como: Disparar, reparar, centrar la camara, cambiar de municion con ''shortcuts'' del teclado, lo cual simpl...

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    I need A Crypto Arbitrage Trading Bot Develop Just Like COTPS ,, Please Reply Only If You Knew About COTPs ,,I Want Mine to Be Same As COTPS With The Same Trading Strategy, Algorithm Features And Functionalities .. Also keep in mind that unlike COTP and the other companies. The referral fee has to come from the earnings. I also have to charge a fee so my company makes money in order to pay employees and you for ongoing development and support. Also I would want a restriction on withdrawals I would want a KYC built in too that’s similar to that of Novatech () I don’t want a live chat but a support ticket and email. I would also want a phone and email verification and their email for username. For extra security I want Google Authenticator built in And Many others Like That,...

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    report with program that emulates the Chimera-2018-C microprocessor of the UFCFDS-15-1 module written in C using Visual Studio

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    Arduino / Java echo-server 5 天 left

    I need an Arduino program and a Java client. The Java client will send a String to the Arduino server and the Arduino server will echo the string back to the clinet. I need both the Arduino C++ style script as well as the Java client code. I will pay more for people who are skilled and can do it quickly/ preferably have working code already.

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    We are receiving around 1200 numbers are more from server and it needs to be stored in a variable each number separetly. such as below. This is just an example. These are around 1200 numbers and maybe updated to more from server. "status": 200, "data": [ 12000108037, 12000058820, 12000022890, 12000520334, 12000520327, 12000804243, 6291105812894, 6291105812900, 6291105811224, 6291100853397, 7801121345673, 909510000008 ] }

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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