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Database Administration involves system installations, configuration, monitoring and upgrading. System owners would love to maintain the performance of their systems. This requires a qualified personnel to undertake the project and keeping their operations afloat. With this requirement, the system owners conduct searches for the right person with relevant skill and experience that can guarantee Database Administration for their organizations. It is for these reasons that Freelancer.com come in handy. A professional should be able to monitor the systems to ensure proper operation of the organization. Whenever software installations are required, then they should conduct configurations during the installation process to ensure proper tasks are conducted.

With a surging demand for Database Administration freelancers, you will be sure that your services on Freelancer.com attract employers. This means that you have a high chance of meeting with recruiters who are searching for professionals with prerequisite knowledge and experience that you can provide. In addition, you can improve your competitiveness every time a client leaves a review at the end of the contract. Looking for fast paying gigs on Freelancer.com can be very rewarding.

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    Thesis topic 6 天 left

    I want a help to find a new thesis topic in computer science in data mining field

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    We need a Oracle data base administrator on contract basis for 5 months. It can be extended based on the performance.

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    We have a local SQL servers at each of our 3 locations that we'd like to pull data every 5 - 15 minutes, and have a basic calculation to approximate "wait-times' at our sites (Look at the wait times from the past 3-5 incoming customers, consider the amount of trucks that are currently waiting). We'd like the wait times displayed on our website, and refreshed every ~15 minutes o...

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    TecDoc Database 1Q2021 2Q2021 6 天 left

    Hello, i would like to purchase Database in SQL Format incl. Pictures.

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    Table - 1 – Trigger should be triggered on this table on add/update Reason – There are chances that for post-dated entries, wrong closing stock will be updated into system. So, we need a DB trigger that can auto-fix such entries at DB level inward_outward_entries; Field Type entryid bigint(20) created_at datetime is_deleted tinyint(1) updated_at datetime closing_stock double quantit...

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    sql2000 database corrupted 6 天 left

    Hi All my sql 2000 database has been corrupted . As soon as i copied the corrupted database my all database even master also disappear . Need help .The person who contact me Must be very expert in sql 2000 suspect database recovery .

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    Scheduling appointment, Entering customer information, Invoicing ,Payroll & Managing Emp. Files ,Entering expense reports in computer system Running and processing multiple documents utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access Inputting purchase orders Other various administrative tasks,Inputs information from a variety of sources into a computer database. May take customer orders and enter t...

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    We are working in catering and would like to use our Airtable database to help us with the following: - Shopping list - Prep list - packing list - menu printing for selected events the table is in read-only at: [登录来查看链接] Your work would consist of creating blocks using the Airtable Block feature (NO API to Airtable)/(tables) to handle the following: Blocks requirements: 0/ all blocks shall b...

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    Seeking a qualified Data Entry Clerk to assist with inputting customer orders and billing into computer system. Ideal candidate will have strong customer service skills with excellent communication and strong data entry. Must be able to take orders, input data accurately, provide solutions to customers’ needs and assist wherever possible. Strong Data Entry skills – 8,000+ KPH Ability ...

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    Access Database for Inventory 6 天 left

    Create and develop a database for maintaining the inventory, with purchase, stock, sales, etc.

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    the nature of business is poultry industrial,

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    easy database 5 天 left

    09 Relational DBMSs: Relational Data Model, Relational Algebra 09 Relational DBMSs: SQL, QBE 09 Relational DBMSs: Transactions, Views, Snapshots, Indexes, Triggers, Stored Procedures

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    Needs highly talented Oracle DBA with Exodata / HA experience Backups/HA/Recovery Tend to performance and achieving sound system ~Quarterly refreshes Day-to-Day troubleshooting

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    My DBA Requirements are someone who knows MySQL well with proven experience in both clustered and non-clustered configurations. They will be looking at the performance, security and availability of the WESA database. They need decent experience with recent versions of MySQL and have an understanding of the undelying storage engines such as InnoDB. They must be familiar with the standards and best ...

    $20 - $171
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    $20 - $171
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    I have a local server at my office that i use as ERP server for my company. I have hyper-v with one VM for all services. The main services are the SQL server, IIS and the application server. I have raid-10 with 4 ssd 500gb. I have make a lot of action to try to optimize my server performance. I have set separate disk and raid for the SQL where i have use different allocation size for file system. ...

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    Busco Un programador que sepa de o Con conocimientos en: Lua-Nutscript-Helix y se valora positivamente hummeredition. Para un proyecto de un servidor de rol en Garry's Mod Se paga bien

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    A web development company is in need of a Virtual Assistant who has experience with recruitment Must have good english communication at least 30 mbps for internet speed atleast one year experience, I would also love to see your resume This is for 40 hours per week job, and time zone is new york time or EST. Thank you

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    need to migrate webmail accounts (Inbox and sent both) to gmail accounts

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    MSAccess work 4 天 left

    I have a MSAccess application and I need someone to review 2 forms and document the functionality in a word. Simple as well. Someone who know knows MSAccess it shouldn't take more than 2 hours.

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    Aplicación escritorio c# con mysql o Firebird Login, alta de usuarios, alta clientes, estado cuenta, presupuesto , caraga imagenes entre otros conexion local y conexion remota..

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    Strong MySQL DBA to start now 4 天 left

    Hello freelancer, Strong MySQL DBA BID if you can start now

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    Looking to hire a Database Architect with relevant experience in designing a Data Warehouse. MySQL experience. Location independent.

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    Project on Mysql and ERD 4 天 left

    hi we have requirement of candidates who are comfortable with database projects looking for candidates comfortable with mysql and Erd (Entity relationship diagram)

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    develop sql database with input interface and output reports

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    Base de datos, Create Data Base Sql Server

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    Need help setting up IT Operations We run an IT company which supports a custom ERP. Our company has 4 developers and are looking to expand to 10 developers working full time. The main hosted server is in the UK We have a server in India which we need to run as a staging server which has Plesk installed on it. BitBucket is used for Git hosting We require a testing environment locally to test...

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    Need to create a custom schema according to : Guidance for Integrating Custom and Third-Party Products With Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1916149.1) 1.3 Integration via custom schema with dependent database objects Integration characteristics This category of integration: Installs a custom schema into the Oracle E-Business Suite database, which includes objects that depend on Orac...

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    Oracle DIP 3 天 left

    Require Oracle DIP configuration assistance.

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    CLIENT SERVER 3 天 left

    Dollar Staffing is looking for an individual to Set Up a Client Server environment in A.S. Rao Nagar, Near ECIL Hyderabad, 500 062. We have more than 10 systems of which one should be a server. Some of the staff Work from Home. We are a BACK OFFICE for a US Staffing company located in the state of Maryland(MD).

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    We are looking for Senior DynamoDB Architect who can design/guide us in making our IoT based Healthcare application scaleable and secure. -The schema we are need as that it required less search to get data also schema don't have any repeat data and bad practice. -We also need all the function to call the data according to our needs also it must fast enough to scan/query data in seconds.

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    Kami belum memiliki orang yang fokus pada legal dan pajak, namun dalam keberjalannya kami ingin tetap taat membayar pajak dan memperbarui dokumen2 legal perusahaan. Kami membutuhkan orang yang bisa dihire secara freelance untuk misalnya datang ke kantor kami setiap 2 minggu atau 1 bulan sekali untuk mengecek kondisi legalitas dan pajak kantor. Dan jika ada yang sudah hampir expired atau harus diba...

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    Microsoft access to cloud 3 天 left

    We would like to you to convert our MS Access database onto the cloud. Samples of work please. able to print our labels for parts, & link our photos.

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    Need mongo and Post dress database replication. of course mongo to mongo and post gres to post goes in real time. need data to flow between 3 different servers. also need front end server installed mostly server side javascript and some micro services.

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    We need an expert My SQL DBA to help optimize a stored procedure query. You must be an expert in BOTH MYSQL Optimisation and AWS RDS The same has been optimised in in the past and was running in 1 second but now after latest data load it seems we have missed something and it is now taking about 1-2 mins to run and hence needs to be checked. Only apply if you can get on a shared screen call whe...

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    You need to design a data warehouse for the mentioned scenario. Then Implement your data warehouse with SQL. Prepare a report of your data warehouse design and demonstrate to us. Based on your design, write down the queries to perform 2 operations. You will be given a dataset and will be mentioned scenario. Budget is fixed - 750 INR only

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    need a web developer who have the good knowledge of PHP, Python, java, Database, Node jss and WordPress.

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    Backup & Update CMS 2 天 left

    I need my website re-configured. Who can backup, update my project part [登录来查看链接] and make sure that all modifications, changes, add-ons, languages etc. are there again and that everything works fine as before. All filters, functionalities in all languages issue free and reliable. Timeline 3 days // $20 budget

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    SQL database 2 天 left

    Manufactura de textiles , control de producción y mantenimientos de equipos

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    we are facing scaling issue inour SQL DBs

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    Oracle apex employee performance and learning

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    database expert required 2 天 left

    I need a database expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $2 - $6 / hr
    $2 - $6 / hr
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    Somos una agencia de traducciones en México. Deseamos contratar a una persona hispanohablante que nos ayude a ofrecerles nuestros servicios a la industria maquiladora y otras compañías entre otras en México. La persona deberá contar con la manera de realizar llamadas y deberá contar con experiencia en telemercadeo. Contamos con una base de datos pero el ag...

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    online database 1 天 left

    We are a credit card company. We are hoping to find a talented person who can design a database/crm the data base bust be able to handle customer data such and business information and document storage. It must be multi user and unlimited customer information and storage. Must have calendar, notes, email for staff etc. I have attached a similar database.

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    We need to update current database, and related docs for our company. There are bunch of working for you, so it will be long term. I can start immediately. Thanks.

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    - Migrate a Database from Microsoft Access to be Hosted MySQL in Bluehost - Managing user permissions - End user interface using MS Access

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    ERP for SME 1 天 left

    Manufacturing and Import/Export Business. Located in Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

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    QR Code from text field 1 天 left

    We have a text of about 1000 character long. we need that the QR Code of this text to be get print in Crystal Report 8.5 . Our Data in MS SQL 2016. Our project in VB6.

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    This site can’t provide a secure [登录来查看链接] sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

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    I am data scientist/analyst and I will be receiving a project that will require me to do analysis using any software or programming language of my choice, however I want this project done using mainly SQL, and if needed Microsoft excel, and PowerPoint/word to explain the code and steps taken, I would like the project done in SQL as I am not too confident with python or R. This project will be give...

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    Location: Remote (India) Ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery of the projects within the defined portfolio; Clearly communication project status on a timely and periodic bases to business stakeholders/sponsors; Process Analysis and Process Reengineering; Requirements Gathering and Specifications Authoring; Business process modelling into ERP; Data Analysis / Management / Troubleshooting; Fit/...

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