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Database Programming is an essential software development skill that processes data and stores it in a database. Database Programmers store and handle databases, create, maintain and update them so that data is organized, secure, and easily retrievable when needed. Database programming relies on the manipulation of an underlying language, like SQL, through coding structure and automation of rules to ensure accuracy and enforce consistency.

Whether you’re in need of organizing a complex amount of data, validating data changes, or writing to multiple databases at once, a Database Programmer can be your best asset when it comes to optimizing and automating your current system.

Here's some projects that our expert Database Programmer made real:

  • Data Management - whether it’s relocating large files from one server to another or editing large chunks of data.
  • Seamless User Experience – extending automations for a better end user experience with less manual labor.
  • Security – tying all transactions for protection from cyber threats and potential malicious activities.
  • API Connections – Pulling real-time data with API calls to update various databases with the most updated information.
  • Optimization – Configuring underlying structures such as indexing algorithms that can be modified over time to match user demand.

Database programmers are highly specialized software engineers with expert knowledge in both backend development and databases themselves. They rely on a combination of inherently acquired knowledge through technical education or career experience to make sure data processing is secure, accurate, fast and consistent. With help from a Database Programmer, clients can easily optimize their systems so they are able to access information quickly while still keeping their businesses secure and up-to-date.

As a result, working with a Database Programmer on Freelancer.com is ideal for those who need real-time solutions tailored to match their unique needs without compromising security or efficiency. No matter the complexity of your business’s needs and your data requirements, our freelancers are experienced in setting up the perfect custom-made solution for you. Post your project now and get started on your business’s journey today!

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    I'm looking for a tool that can connect to my MS SQL Server database, accept English statements and process them into SQL queries. The tool should then generate reports in both table and graphical formats based on the retrieved data. Key Requirements: - **NLP Integration:** The tool should be capable of converting English statements into SQL queries. This is the core functionality of the tool. - **Data Handling:** The system should be able to connect to my MS SQL Server database and retrieve data. - **Report Generation:** The tool should generate reports in a standard table format, as well as in graphical formats like charts. Data Volume: The expected volume of data that this tool will handle is relatively small, up to 1,000 records. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me connect our SQL database with Microsoft Power BI. The database is hosted online and contains crucial information about our customers, repair orders, sales orders, and invoice revenue. Here are the specifics of the project: - Data Connection & Display: You'll be responsible for creating connectors that will extract and display relevant data in Power BI. Specifically, we want to track and visualize data related to customers, repair orders, and sales orders. - Key Performance Indicators: I'm keen to get insights on specific KPIs such as: - Revenue - Average order value - Service repair volume metrics - Service repair scheduling - Period comparison for growth or shrinkage - Data Update Frequency: Given the dyn...

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    I'm looking for a SQL DBA with substantial experience in configuring and testing MS SQL log shipping. The primary aim of this project is to enhance our system's disaster recovery capabilities. Our database size is less than 1TB so efficiency, while important, isn't our utmost priority. We'd rather focus on thoroughness and ensuring best practice. Our SQL database is based on-premises, so hands-on experience with local configurations is necessary. To succeed in this project, you must have: - In-depth knowledge of MS SQL log shipping - Experience with local, on-premises database configurations - Ability to verify and test disaster recovery strategies Your ultimate goal should be to leave us with a robust and reliable disaster recovery plan.

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    The need of the hour is a feature-packed, user-friendly database for my team. This will allow us to effectively monitor the needs and nuances of our numerous clients, which currently stand in the range of 50-100. Key Functionality: - Keep updated record of client's contact details - Monitor client's Purchase history - Track Service requests made by clients Though I have not settled on a specific platform for this database, we're flexible and open to expert advice on whether MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or MongoDB would best suit our needs. Ideal freelancer: - Has proven experience in creating and implementing custom databases. - Understands the significance of user-friendly interface. - Has comprehensive knowledge of database platforms like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server,...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned FoxPro programmer with solid Oracle Forms experience. This is a comprehensive project that'll require onsite work for a substantial duration. Here are the key details: - **Scope**: Primarily, the task involves converting legacy FoxPro code to Oracle Forms. - **Environment**: Unfortunately, I don't have the existing FoxPro codebase available for the programmer to work with. - **Level of Documentation**: The level of available documentation for the FoxPro application is unspecified, but I'll keep you updated on what we have. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in FoxPro and Oracle Forms - Experience with onsite support - Ability to work with little to no documentation - Strong problem-solving skills - Excellent communication skills...

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    I am seeking a proficient developer with experience in MySQL and Grafana integration to create a comprehensive dashboard for my project. Key Responsibilities: - Setup and integrate MySQL data source into Grafana - Design interactive visuals to display data Unfortunately, I have skipped the points on which specific metrics to focus on from the MySQL database. However, it would be a comprehensive dashboard, possibly extending to Query Performance, Number of Connections, Memory Usage, Database Size, and CPU usage. Ideal Skills: - Experience in Grafana - Experience in MySQL - Experience in Database Management - Strong understanding of data visualization principles - Independent and detailed-oriented work approach.

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    I need a freelancer with experience in using Talend for data integration. This task is personal and involves integrating a REST API with a MySQL database. Key Requirements: - Intermediate level of experience with Talend for data integration. - Skill in integrating REST API with MySQL databases. - Previous experience with data cleaning and preparation. Your primary responsibility will be to integrate the REST API with the MySQL database for data cleaning and preparation. Experience in similar projects will be a plus. I expect high quality and well-organized work for this personal task.

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    Indian Acts API development 5 天 left

    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to create a robust API that will provide legal professionals with access to detailed information on Indian Acts, including historical data. Key Requirements: - Access to Act Details: The API should allow users to retrieve in-depth information on Indian Acts. - Historical Data: It should also provide access to historical data related to these Acts. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Python: Given the preference for Python for this project, a strong grasp of this language is a must. - API Development Experience: Prior experience in developing APIs, particularly in the legal or similar sector, would be a big plus. - Legal Knowledge: Familiarity with Indian legal system and Acts is advantageous, but not mandatory. Please refer to the attach...

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    I'm looking for a professional to help me overhaul my current HR database in Microsoft Access. My database is currently functional but I believe it can be improved and expanded significantly. Key Requirements: - Robust Data Storage and Retrieval: The database must be able to manage and store data efficiently and effectively. It should be able to handle data from all aspects of HR including but not limited to employee records, payroll information, and performance evaluations. - User-Friendly Interface: The database should be intuitive and easy to navigate to ensure that all users can easily interact with it. Database Size: - The current database contains around 1000 records. Daily Use: - The database will be used primarily for data entry and updates/uploads and for generating diffe...

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    I need a text-to-SQL solution to generate complex queries, self-correct, and seamlessly query diverse data sources. It should be built in Python and be compatible with Mac. LLM agent with RAG architecture I want to build this architecture: Key Requirements: - The solution should support querying from and to relational databases, CSV files, and JSON files. - It needs to be able to create complex SQL queries from natural language input. - The system should be self-correcting, learning from its mistakes to improve future queries. - It should be able to query diverse data sources, extracting and presenting data in a logical format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming. - Proven experience developing text-to-SQL solutions. - A strong understanding of differen...

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    I need a Power BI script to automatically extract data from my MySQL database on a weekly basis. Key requirements: - Develop a script in Power BI that can connect and extract data from a MySQL database - Ensure that the script runs automatically once a week - Make sure the data extracted is accurate and complete Ideal Freelancer: - Prior experience in developing Power BI scripts - Strong understanding of MySQL databases - Ability to set up automated data extraction processes - Strong problem-solving skills to ensure data integrity and accuracy

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    I'm in need of a database that can centralize and manage different types of documents and records. It should also feature a robust workflow management system to facilitate task management. This database is intended for 10-50 users to access and use. Key Deliverables: - Development of a comprehensive database - Incorporation of workflow management - Implementation of document management - Integration of record management Database Requirements: - Documentation: Spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents - User-friendly Interface - Data security and access controls - Scalability to support 10-50 users Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in database development - Strong understanding of workflow, document and record management - Prior experience in developing similar systems - Ability to crea...

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    I'm in need of a proficient and seasoned developer to create a system that enables me to input data using any tablet within a local network (over wifi). The data to be captured includes: - Product Details - Customer Information - Shipment Details - Comments - Notes - Locations Ideally, I'd like this data organized and stored into a database. Therefore, worth noting is that the ability to query this collected data for printing packing labels and being able to send the information in PDF format are crucial components of this system. An optimal applicant for this task will have significant experience and fluency in web-based applications, networked systems, database-management, PDF technologies as well as printing integration. This program will also need to handle compound prim...

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    PostgreSQL Developer Expert 4 天 left

    I am seeking a skilled PostgreSQL developer specializing in SQL query development and optimization for a project focused on enhancing application performance. Database Design & Development: Design, develop, and implement robust PostgreSQL databases to support business applications. Write complex SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions to support application development. Optimize and fine-tune existing SQL queries for performance improvements Database Maintenance: Monitor database performance and implement changes as necessary to improve performance. Perform database maintenance tasks such as indexing, vacuuming, and analyzing tables. Ensure data integrity and security through regular backups and recovery procedures. Collaboration & Support: Work closely with application d...

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    I'm looking for a skilled database administrator who has extensive experience in SQL, particularly with Postgres. The primary goal of this project is to improve the performance of our current database, which is experiencing a variety of issues. If the project is completed successfully a follow up project may come. Key Tasks: - Normalizing the database and building a new Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) that ensures data integrity and efficiency. - Implementing denormalization and triggers where necessary to optimize performance. - Writing advanced SQL queries to create and query a robust, performant database that can handle large amounts of data. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Postgres and advanced SQL. - Experience with database normalization and denormalization. - Solid underst...

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    Urgent MySQL Database Design 3 天 left

    I need an expert in MySQL databases to help me structure my database immediately. Key Tasks: - Design and Structure: The primary task is to design and structure the MySQL database. This includes defining the tables, relationships, and data types. - Create SQL queries to create tables / create relationship among tables / identify indexes / create them in database - Write queries to extract important information from a database (15 queries) Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in MySQL - Database design and structuring experience This project is urgent and I need it completed as soon as possible. I am looking for someone with a strong background in database design and MySQL to help me with this task.

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    I am seeking a skilled developer to create a data management system with specific features aimed at simplifying my workflow with my clients' loan data. Key Features: - User Authentication: I require user registration to ensure secure access to the system. - Loan Status Tracking: The system should allow me to easily check the current status of various loans. - Data Visualization: I would like this to be presented in a dashboard format to facilitate effective data analysis. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in database web application development - Experience with user authentication and registration systems - Proficiency in data visualization techniques and dashboard creation The ideal freelancer for this project is someone who can take these requirements and create a seamless, easy-to-us...

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    I'm in need of a data management system that enables me to access my client's data and check the status of loans with ease. This system needs to be developed as a database web application. Key Features: - Dashboard Access: I want to be able to access all the data via a dashboard. This dashboard should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. - Client Data Management: The system should provide a comprehensive client information overview. - Loan Status: It should also incorporate functionality to check and track the status of loans. - Search Functionality: The dashboard should have a user-friendly search function. - Filter and Sort: The system needs to allow for filtering and sorting options, to help make it easier to find specific information within the data. Ideal Skills: - Pr...

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    I am in need of a skilled freelancer to assist with a bulk upload of data into a database. The type of database is not confirmed, but your suggestions are welcome. The project specifics include: - Data is presented in an Excel spreadsheet format. - Main task involves checking phone numbers within the data. - Experience with various database types, data validation and complex Excel data manipulation is a plus. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring the bulk upload is successful and all phone numbers are accurate after upload. Your experience and knowledge in managing large amounts of data are key to this project.

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer who can assist in two key areas of my project. Firstly, I'm looking to replace SQLite with a high-speed, concurrent database for my Python programs. This replacement should prioritize: - Concurrency support - High-speed performance - Compatibility with Python programs Secondly, I'm looking to develop a sophisticated UI/UX website with WebSocket updates for changes in data. While the UI/UX design elements were not specified, I'm looking for a clean, minimalist design to ensure the website is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing while providing the necessary features. Finally, the project will be deployed on AWS, and I require the following: - Scalability for handling large datasets - Low-latency updates Ideal candidates f...

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    I'm looking for a Senior Data Engineer, based in Bangalore, with over 6 years of experience in BigQuery, GCP and SQL. The ideal candidate must be able to work onsite full-time. Key Objectives: - Data Analysis & Reporting: You will be responsible for analyzing and reporting on our data, providing insights and actionable information for the business. - Data Integration & Transformation: Your role will involve integrating and transforming data from various sources, ensuring a smooth flow and consistency in data usage. - Database Optimization & Performance Tuning: You will also be responsible for optimizing our databases, ensuring they perform efficiently and meet the necessary performance standards. Duration: This is a full-time onsite permanent role. ONSITE IS A MUST. Id...

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    I'm in need of a specialist who can set up a database that will assist in the completion of various forms - specifically quote forms, order forms, implant, and distribution forms, packing slip etc. - For the quote forms, the database must be capable of collecting and compiling customer information, details of the products - As for the order forms, they will ideally be designed for print and mail submission. I have 5 forms, 7 sales areas, >100 unique products. Forms will need customer information populated from a list. Product selection is done from inventory of under 100 SKU's Successful candidates should have significant experience in database design, preferably with knowledge of form creation and management systems. You should be able to formulate an efficient and user-f...

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    I'm in need of a professional proficient in Power BI who can assist me in a number of tasks. Key tasks include: - Setting up an ODBC connection in Power BI for extracting Tally financial data. - Implementing a mechanism that restricts access to this data, ensuring its integrity and security. - Developing comparison reports based on the Tally financial data. - Creating a dashboard for me within Power BI using this same data. Specifically, I'm looking for your help in making the data fetching process more efficient, as currently there are speed issues with the operation. Ideal candidates should: - Have strong experience in Power BI Desktop - Possess advanced knowledge of Tally and ODBC connections - Be capable of developing comparison reports and dashboards within Power BI - ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Oracle developer with a strong background in PL/SQL development for a project that involves creating basic queries and procedures. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Oracle 12c - Strong expertise in PL/SQL development - Experience in creating basic queries and procedures - Have worked on toad ide - Have must a good knowledge of Jobs scheduling and email alert. The ideal candidate should have excellent problem-solving skills, strong attention to detail, and the ability to work well in a team. Prior experience in similar projects and a solid understanding of database design would be a plus.

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    I'm seeking a professional with robust experience and knowledge in relational database setup. The project involves creating a database with Senior HR Executives from international corporations in the GCC region to store contact information in the following fields: - First Name - Last Name - Position - Company - Email Job Requirements: - Advanced knowledge in relational database design and creation - Attention to detail to ensure information is correctly stored and retrieved - Effective communication skills to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery. Due to the nature of the task, an unclear detail is whether the 'Email' field should be unique for each entry or not. Your advice on this is welcomed. Your understanding of effective database design and management, and your ex...

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    I need expert assistance with my Oracle Forms and Weblogic Server. - **Issue Identification:** The Forms are not loading properly, and I'm encountering some error messages. - **Database Connectivity:** There seem to be connectivity issues with the database which are preventing smooth operation. Your primary responsibility would be to troubleshoot and resolve these issues. It would be helpful if you have experience with Oracle Forms and Weblogic Server, particularly version 11g. Please provide your estimate in terms of time and cost.

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    I need expert assistance with my Oracle Forms and Weblogic Server. - **Issue Identification:** The Forms are not loading properly, and I'm encountering some error messages. - **Database Connectivity:** There seem to be connectivity issues with the database which are preventing smooth operation. Your primary responsibility would be to troubleshoot and resolve these issues. It would be helpful if you have experience with Oracle Forms and Weblogic Server, particularly version 11g. Please provide your estimate in terms of time and cost.

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional who can proficiently perform data entry work specifically for online forms. - This job will mainly encompass the input of basic personal information into various forms. - The ideal candidate should have excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and a solid understanding of data privacy standards. - Due to the nature of the information being inputted, understanding the importance of correctly handling and entering sensitive personal data is mandatory. - A standard method for validation was not provided thus, the selected freelancer should be able to adapt to changing requirements, which may include manual cross-verification, automated system checks, or comparison against a predefined database. This role is perfect for...

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    Could you make me a twitter watcher for fareplay Just watches mentions then adds them to a db so we can award points for it. @me/1164282871972892732/1262497475193999481 here is the repo for free twitter api Should be an easy project Dont worry about the points handling

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    Excel Expert Needed to Develop Comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) Description: We are seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) in Excel. The system will need to integrate seamlessly with our existing Power Apps-based Issue Management System (IMS). The goal is to have a robust, user-friendly QMS that manages various aspects of quality control and compliance as outlined below. Project Scope: The QMS will include the following modules: 1. Quality Database : - Corrective Actions - Audit Compliance - Risk Management - Nonconformances - Projects & Meetings - EHS Management - QMS Compliance Tools 2. Ground Control - Document Control - Electronic Approvals - Training Management - Change Control ...

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    I'm seeking an Oracle Database expert to develop a procedure in my schema that will automate the extraction of specific table data. Key Requirements: - Selecting Specific Tables: The procedure should be able to identify and include only the designated tables in the schema. - Data Export: The data should be extracted based on the creation date of the record. - Data Format: The extracted data should be saved in CSV format. - Directory Organization: The exported data should be zipped and stored in directories based on the year and month of the creation date of the records. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Extensive experience with Oracle databases and PL/SQL development. - A strong understanding of data extraction and the ability to automate the process. - Proficie...

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    I'm needing a proficient developer to design a robust asset management database. This database will serve multiple purposes: - Tracking Inventory: A system to effectively track over 100 types of assets is required. - Managing Maintenance Schedules: The planner should incorporate a feature that keeps up-to-date maintenance schedules. - Reporting and Analysis: The database should generate comprehensive reports and carry out data analysis. Key Functionalities: - Search by Asset Details: Users should have the capability to perform detailed searches. - Assign Assets: The database should be capable of assigning assets to various projects depending on needs and availability. - Asset information: Able to store and view background information on various assets. Ideal Skills: - Proficien...

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    We are seeking a specialist who can create custom workflows using n8n to automate specific tasks and processes within our organization. The primary focus will be on automating workflows related to using Baserow and integrating with OpenAI, using the official nodes. Key Project Requirements Objective: Automate the workflow to capture data from a table in Baserow, process it with OpenAI, and transfer the processed data to a new table in Baserow. Key Project Requirements: 1. Data Capture: o Connect to Baserow and extract data from the specified table. o Filter rows that have not been updated/transferred to the new table. o Process data in small batches. 2. Data Processing: o Separate data that will be sent directly to the new table from data that will be processed individually by OpenAI....

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