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Email Marketing is a way of marketing products or services by sending Email to the existing or future customers. It could be a much more effective way than social media. A lot of goals could be achieved through Email Marketing like reducing costs, reach to many of your clients by sending emails to all of them, increase sales, build brand awareness and strengthen customer relationship by telling you about their opinion online.Start bidding on Email Marketing jobs if you are creative, professional, and have talent. Freelancer.com offers you many clients who need your help with Email Marketing Sales, Email Marketing Campaigns, writing Articles about Email Marketing, Creating Email Marketing Templates and creating lists.If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on Email Marketing projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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    I am in network marketing industry. I need an experienced network marketer to help me generate quality leads through social media and other avenues.

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    Hey guys! Im the Chief Do-Gooder at a fintech company thats launching this year. We have an existing brand that I’d like to suppprt with before we roll out the rebrand. You are an excellent copywriter and enjoy writing for positive impact. You’re skilled at writing email sequences, storytelling, and A/B testing campaigns. I’d love to hear from you. You’ll be writing co...

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    A private tutoring institute based in South Australia looking for a social media marketing specialist and a coordinator in an ongoing basis to handle all digital and social media marketing requirements for the organisation. Work including website content management, FB posts and paid promotions, Google Ads (search network, display network, etc), Instagram, and handling other related platforms to b...

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    I’m looking for someone to create a new email list of 200 daily emails of property management companies.

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    Email database 6 天 left

    Hello I want an email database Specialized in Israeli domains For email marketing

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    Create 1K G M A I L S 6 天 left

    Create 1K G M A I L S acounts $25 No Offers

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    I need 50k leads ([登录来查看链接]) this type of email in the UK. if you have please bid and says yes

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    i need 50k leads ([登录来查看链接]) this tipe of emails in Israel. if you have please bid and says yes

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    نحتاج شخص متخصص في التسويق االكتروني ليعمل كمدير حسابات وصناعة المحتوى لدينا المهام المطلوبه. : ادارة الحملات الاعلانية للمتجر صناعة المحتوى النصي و البصري تصميم الاعلانات والبوسترات التجاوب مع العملاء واداارة احتياجاتهم ادارة النشرة البريدية المدفوعات ٤٠$ اسبوعيا يرجى ارسال بعض من اعمالك

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    Hi, our website are mainly provide dropshiping service, we have collected about 100,000 store sellers' public mail information. we are going to target them by mailchimp or other mail service. to let them know our service, we want to hire a mail marketing virtual assistant, including set the camplaing, write a good quality mail content and manage the marketing result, could you do this job ?

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    Hi Email Marketeres I have a requirement with my Website, that is... to Promote my Website Posts (Web Pages) to the Bulk Emails using my GetResponse (having Paid Membership)! In this task, I have some Queries to get resolved Here are those (1) Why Im not able to send Bulk Emails, directly after adding the Emails to the List created, as I see that the List is getting rejected most often, so that ...

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    Hi Email Marketeres I have a requirement with my Website, that is... to Promote my Website Posts (Web Pages) to the Bulk Emails using my GetResponse (having Paid Membership)! In this task, I have some Queries to get resolved Here are those (1) Why Im not able to send Bulk Emails, directly after adding the Emails to the List created, as I see that the List is getting rejected most often, so that ...

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    Help us configure our emails from Cpanel to office 365.

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    We are a email marketing agency and we want content writer who are expert in writing Email Creatives as well as subject lines on all kinds of insurance verticals(Home, Health, Auto), Mortgage Refinance etc. We do mailing in USA and all the content should be written from the USA subscribers point of view. We want content that gives us High CTR as well as High open rate. The candidate should be w...

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    I own and operate a Shopify store. I have work available for a DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT, to assist with designing, setting up, optimising & integrating an excellent digital marketing strategy for my business. Essential skills / requirements: * Must have high level skills in Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Klayvio, etc. * Must be able to provide references / portfolio of work. * Must be reli...

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    Looking for an expert who can quickly setup an SMTP server with dedicated VPS on contabo + Mailwizz + Cpanel

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    I have a list of about 10,000 real estate agents. I will provide the list and the flyer. I need someone to email the flyer or html flyer to the real estate agents through an email campaign.

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    PMTA and PHP list or motic need to be configured

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    Network growth 5 天 left

    Je possède une agence de recrutement agissant dans le domaine de l'assurance de dommages, de la comptabilité et du droit. Mon but pour la fin d'année 2021 : Avoir 25000 abonnés Linkedin, avoir 5000 abonnés sur ma page business Linkedin, avoir 1000 abonnés sur ma page Facebook. Avec l'accessibilité des plateformes de Linkedin Ca...

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    Refer people to sign up to the Bluehost plan with my affiliate link of at least 20 people. I will pay you when 15 people sign up. I want the project to be completed in 4 days. bid if you can start today

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    Email Funnel Campaign - China 5 天 left

    AIMS I want to develop an Email "Funnel" campaign to prospect Chinese businesses. PURPOSE I need to generate interest and enquiries from Chinese Companies. WHAT I DO I offer consultancy & training advice to prepare Chinese companies to access Global/European/English speaking markets. English Training, Marketing, Brand Awareness, Efficiency, a "Holistic" approach to improvin...

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    I need B2B leads generation for pre-seed in United States

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    I need a newsletter design for a company to send out to their employees.

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    Email Marketing campaign 4 天 left

    Hello I am looking for a professional to create my online business a 15 flow sequence covering everything from welcome email - discounts - newsletter- cart abandon - engagement emails- cross sells, up sells - post sale emails and any other ideas you can bring to the table to keep the customers engage and execute an exceptional flow cycle. I have a Mailchimp account, but I am open to migrating to s...

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    You need to make one course on cold email marketing. You have to use Mautic and Postal together to build one course. I also have tutorial for that you can watch that tutorial as well for help.

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    Email Template Designer 4 天 left

    I am looking for someone who can design HTML templates for an email campaigns.

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    Buenos días a todos :) Necesito soporte para ayudarme a sincronizar mi formulario de Active Campaign con mi web de OptimizePress. La etiqueta que activa mis automatizaciones se encuentra en el formulario y me encuentro bloqueado en éste paso. Podríamos hacer una llamada juntos y lo solucionamos a la vez :)

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    Using email and phone data to run campaigns to investors to obtain there investment parameters and distressed homeowners to obtain interest in selling their property. Interested in getting started quickly. Telemarketing is involved.

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    Modelo de suscripción de video diario a correo electrónico.

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    Hi, we need a someone who is experienced in converting our custom newsletter design fir mailchimp.

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    Edit a reminder system (with Power Automate) linked to Microsoft Forms so that an automated email will be sent after a set period of time and as many times we want (both parameters configurable) to the clients who haven’t completed the survey yet.

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    Somos el equipo de BlueHackers y actualmente estamos reclutando 2 Coordinadores de Marketing Digital para dos empresas amigas en pleno crecimiento (MPL y LID) con experiencia en Growth Hacking, Copywriting, Funnels, Facebook y Youtube Ads.

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    My name is Ms. Hetal Shah. I don't have a business. I am a business author, blogger and Vlogger. I would like to hire and pay a well-educated individual $20 per hour for getting subscribers to my blogs and YouTube channel, for promoting my books, and for getting me a couple of speaking engagements in Boston. I am looking for a Marketing Assistant in the United States. This is a very sh...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr 平均报价
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    We're a design and dev studio based in Alexandria, VA. We're looking to add a full stack VA to our team with wide ranging skills. This is a full time position and you must be able to leave your existing gigs to join our team. We pay really well and if you're a fast learner your designation will be upgraded to a manager that can run his own team (with amazing salary and perks). S...

    $1008 (Avg Bid)
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    Sweepstakes 3 天 left

    Leads offers survey sweepstakes installation

    $195 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for a talented designer who can write up and create 2 marketing emails for a newsletter using HMTL script. The newsletter is aimed at project managers and tradesmen within the construction industry. More about the project will be discussed.

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    Hi, I need someone to design an email template for me for newsletters using Mailchimp and Getresponse Thank you.

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    I need a professional email marketer that will teach me various ways on how to generate leads with good result for my real estate business in USA. I need to know the people with the kind of house they need and their preferred location. please do well by creating a professional and well explanatory document that will help in the training and also give me a sample on how the lead will look like. tha...

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    E-mail Marketing Campaign 3 天 left

    I need an Email Marketing Specialist. Periodically

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    Copywriter 3 天 left

    I'm looking for a Direct Response Copywriter, native British, who is keen to join on different projects (self-development/learning, trading/forex, healt&fitness). He has to support me in writing native Ads, Sales pages, Landing pages, Emails, etc...

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    Email Crypto trader Campaign 3 天 left

    An email campaign to be sent to a large number of crypto traders across US, South America and Europe.. The campaign administrator should have a large list of emails with him and should

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    Digital Marketing 3 天 left

    I am looking for digital marketing freelancer

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    We are Looking for someone who have a expertise in handling LinkedIn sales navigator. We are looking for dynamic person who can manage sales through the LinkedIn sales navigator. -The person should be proficient in speaking and writing emails. -Able to generate Leads thru sales navigator. -Able to target right leads and approach them independently. -Able to do follow ups with the potential leads...

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I would like someone to design a template for my emails and assist with setting up automatic emails.

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    Email Automation 3 天 left

    Hi, I need a freelancer to either setup mailchimp or klaviyo email automation

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    Hi there! I'm looking for a Project Manager for a full-time (or part-time) position at my agency. What you can expect from me: - High responsiveness - Clear briefing for projects - Providing you with the necessary tools and software that will help us automate a lot of your work - Payment on time without having to chase your money - The ability to grow with the agency and assume higher role...

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    Powermta configuration 3 天 left

    Hello, i need help for pmta configuration, i have the [登录来查看链接], i have a VPS with 5 ips, I have already run the script, so I entered my DKIM key in TXT record, I made an mx record for each ip for example: 146.X.X.X.1 [登录来查看链接] / 146.X.X.X.2 [登录来查看链接] that for each IP, then I did the same for the rdns, but I have an error message when I start the process: [登录来查看链接]: Supervising process 11175 whic...

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    I need help with the strategy to get emails from my visitors

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    Please advise us with e-mail marketing infrastructure architecture using AWS SES coupled with CMS software. AWS e-mail specialist with below skills AWS CloudWatch AWS SES AWS SNS AWS SQS AWS Fargate AWS Lambda e-mail marketing CMS

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