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Fortran is a high-level programming language that has been around since the 1950’s and was initially developed by John Backus and crew at IBM. It stands for FORmula TRANSlation and was commonly used to solve complex mathematical problems or work on various numerical computing tasks. Today, Fortran is still used across multiple industries from science and engineering to financial services. A Fortran Developer is an expert in the language who can use it to create, integrate, and optimize software for specific needs.

Here's some of the projects our expert Fortran Developers have made real:

  • Writing scripts that write data from NetCDF files into CSV files
  • Creating simulation programs to enable powder compaction
  • Compiling Fortran code for use with MATLAB
  • Transforming existing program into functions using Fortran
  • Creating integration programs utilizing Gaussian Quadrature
  • Developing console applications in Fortran

The list could go on and on. Our top rated developers have made countless unique projects become a reality based on individual client needs. Many of these have been complex, computationally heavy undertakings that only experts in the language could bring to life with precision. No matter your individual project goals and conditions, we are confident that one of our Fortran experts can help you bring your software ideas to life - quickly and correctly.

Regardless if you are looking for a brand new program or an upgrade to an existing system, our sophisticated and experienced Fortran developers can turn all your ideas into reality. Whatever your project may involve, has skilled professionals available for hire to help you achieve your goals. Post a project today and see who among our talented pool of developers can make a difference in helping you achieve your project goals.

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    I need an expert who can enhance my existing Java application, which currently translates MATLAB code to X10, to also support C++ as a target language. Key Modifications: - *Update Syntax Translation Rules*: The modification requires a deep understanding of both MATLAB and C++ syntax. The existing rules for translation from MATLAB to X10 need to be adjusted to C++. - *Add Support for C++ Specific Libraries*: The modified application should be able to integrate commonly used C++ libraries seamlessly. Accuracy and Time: - *Accuracy is Key*: The conversion of MATLAB code to C++ needs to be precise. While I'm open to additional development time, the primary goal is to ensure the accuracy of the conversion. - *No Specific Library Requirements*: Though the modification needs to support C+...

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
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