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The definition of a geographical information system is any system designed to capture, analyze, and manage spatial and geographical data. The real-world applications might be obvious, in the sense that it helps with global positioning systems, or GPS, which is utilized by everything from the military, to traffic conditions, to restaurant delivery. GIS data actually represents real objects, and the technology is open source, as well. GIS can actually refer to a number of different technologies, processes, and methods.

One of the ways that this technology is applied is in topographical models, which require a complex analysis of spatial data and analysis. Of course, it is not hard to see how GIS also applies to logistics for companies both big and small, the insurance sector, telecommunications, engineering, and management, as well.

GIS helps us understand the world around us, and gives us as much data about our location and the world around us, allowing companies to be more efficient and productive than ever. It helps to analyze spatial and geographical data in a unique way, which is invaluable in all sorts of instances and sectors. The technology has also become more increasingly relevant in the scientific field, as well.

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    需求范围描述:包括(1)码头三维模型加载,可以漫游整个场景;(2)视频监控管理;(3)人员定位管理;(4)图层控制管理;(5)系统管理 对开发者要求:最好有类似项目经验 交付要求:两月 预算:4W+ RMB

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    GIS programming with R. Such as SpatialLines and SpatialPolygons

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    We are wanting to build a database of the owners of farms, what they grow, and how many acres they have. The data that we want is located in two systems. A website called CropScape and a website called ReportALL. We need to merge the data between these two sites and produce a database. CropScape is GIS site that has a full GIS system of all crops in the united states. You can click on an area,...

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