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    I need a chat system app where two different users can chat/message each other. It needs to be done using flutter and firebase as backend.

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    We need to finish implementations on both the back end Authentication and database access through FireBase Front end and magento visual implementation. both items are the deliverable. Once all is set we wold like help to document the process and usage

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    Aplicatie Web React 6 天 left

    Dezvoltarea unei aplicatii existente React + Firebase de tip ecommerce , implementarea de noi functionalitati .

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    We need a well - experienced Flutter Developer for integrating Rest API with the partially developed backend. Basically we need to develop a product using Whatsapp API. We have the rest API ready and the partially developed in Vue.js. We need to make a product that uses Whatsapp API to get messages and provide an organised dashboard and also store that messages in Firebase. We have long term prospects for this project. So while bidding please consider that you should have good experience in the said task.

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    Build a flutter app 6 天 left

    Am a tipster and I want an app where I will post my betting tips. This project needs two separate apps that complement each other. tips app to be published to google play. It should only fetch the tips of different categories and display them for users to see. 2. Admin app that will be used to write to firebase. This one will not be published. Its primary purpose is to update the users app 1. BETTING TIPS APP FUNCTIONALITIES - Sign up/sign in(google and phone number sign up/login) - Free tips section that will fetch from firebase and display free tips of different categories - Premium tips section that will fetch from firebase and display premium tips (different categories) However, a user will need to subscribe first to view the premium tips/predictions. This section will use i...

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    Shopify app developer -- 2 6 天 left

    I'm looking for an app developer who is capable of building Shopify apps in the following stack: Node.js, firebase

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    I need a chat app where two different users can chat/message each other. It needs to be done using flutter and for backend firebase or any live server.

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    Necesito postulantes para agregar algunas funcionaoidades a sistema de taxi ya funcionando. El miso esta creado en React.Js - Redux - Firebase Realtime Database. Solamente para agregar funcionalidad a el panel de control.

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    Hi Our newly launched start-up really looking forward for a long-term relationship with expert react devs and agencies who are willing to go for a long-term collaboration

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    We want an agricultural commodity marketplace (Website) built revolving around 5 stakeholders (Farmers, Livestock dealers, Authorized dealers of tractor components and Companies) each selling a certain kind of commodity (Crops, Livestock, Tractor equipment, Agricultural land, Pesticides, Fertilizers and Seeds). Normal uses can also browse the entire portal. There will be: 1) Login / Signup for different sellers (with Phone, Email, Google) 2) Commodity listing 3) Option to buy / sell a commodity (with quotation and counter-quotation) 4) Live agricultural mandi data (here data will be fetched from some mandi data website) | FYI "mandi" means market 5) Admin panel (to track listed commodities, stakeholders and their approval / disapproval) 6) Feedback system 7) Chat option with cu...

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    Google Cloud Platform 5 天 left

    A web platform for notes created within cloud.

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    I am looking for someone with the following experience: 1. Python or Javascript 2. SQL 3. Firebase

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    Se busca desarrollar una aplicación que mejore la experiencia de quienes realizan actividades de trekking, en cuanto a información y seguridad. La función principal de la aplicación será permitir el registro de una o más personas (usuarios caminantes) que realicen una actividad. Durante el desarrollo de la misma el usuario siempre debe tener acceso a su ubicación en el terreno a través de un mapa con capacidad de funcionar sin conexión a internet. Además, la aplicación deberá alertar al usuario en caso de desvío de la senda oficial a fin de evitar posibles extravíos. Al finalizar la actividad el usuario podrá brindar feedback sobre el estado del sendero realizado. Si el usuario no marca...

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    Looking for an INDIAN Android developer who can work end to end with me on creating an Android app from scratch. Please note : Salary is fixed Rs 5000 per month. Please message me if interested, we can talk more about the project on a call.

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    Desarrollador de flutter con experiencia en geofire para implementar y hacer mejoras en codigo fuente de aplicación para transportes. (se necesita específicamente para mejoras según las necesidades de la app). "la app hace las conexiones pero no deja de compartir ubicación en ui de usuarios cuando ya una unidad esta en ruta" para mas información contactar directamente en este proyecto con jefe de proyecto.

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    Its e commerce type app, we creating this app for our product

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    The project is for Team, Project management

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    We have IOS and Android Apps on Apple and Google Stores. Apps are built using React Native. We need someone with knowledge in the setup of Analytics SDK using Google, Facebook, Crashlytic or Invertase We want to be able to measure Apps download and conversions so we can track user experience and challenges.

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    Taxi mobile application 2 天 left

    To develop a Taxi mobile application client and driver and admin on React Native, to be linked to Google maps api and firebase function, firebase storage. Android, ios and web.

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    Seleccionamos programador de habla hispana para colaborar en diferentes proyectos de clientes. Se requiere conocimientos de Low Code para desarrollo ágil de MVPs, utilizando alguna de estas herramientas: N-Host Appwrite Back4app Supabase hasura U otras. Interesados/as pueden responder a este anuncio.

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    We are looking for someone to build a simple flutter Chat Mobile application. (University Project) Requirements: ---------------- Versions: iOS + Android Realtime Chatting: Firebase Voice & Video: Agora SDK UI Template: Push notification: In-app & Background Source code Full Documentation

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    Development Environment 1. The user interface of the pilot will be developed as a Google Assistant Action. 2. The response business functionality will be via Web hooks in Node JS 3. The database for any storage will be using Firestore Conversational Flow 1. Invocation On a Google Assistant interface (mobile / tablet / smart speaker / nest device), the way to invoke the pilot will be Hey Google talk to CBT The response from the system will be Hello <pause> May I know your name Unlike the normal user-prompt resulting in intent-identification leading to system-response, here on invocation, the intent becomes a gather-user-info intent. 2. Gather User Info This step will be a series of conversation flows that will conclude only after satisfaction of intent (or sudden exit from the ...

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    i have flutter app for doctor appointment , i need one to check it for clean code , and make enhancement if needed

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    Don’t Gibber, Communicate. In a world where communication drives families, relationships, business and more, gibber’ s mission is to simplify communication between parties, through gibber’ s ability to use google translate, through the google cloud platform. We want to give users the ability to communicate with anyone in the world. GOALS Launch iOS/Android & Web app using this template. Launch multiple video conferencing features, including visual voicemail, and speech to text features. Integrate with Twilio/SMS feature that allows users to text from the APP to a phone number and translate in and out of the app, Video conferences, predictive texts, etc. SPECIFICATIONS Skill in cross-development platforms, specifically react. Experience with Google Cloud Platform Ex...

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    ReactWebSite 1 天 left

    Create Web App using React And Firebase Realtime Database

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    I'm looking for an android application developer for a project | mobile application development

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    I'm looking for an android studio tutor for a project | mobile application development

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    I need someone to code the Authentication process as found on the Firebase website for WINDEV Mobile 25 for Android and an equivalent for iPhone.

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    Need someone who can coordinate with me on a portal that I am developing using PHP, WordPress and Python Flask. Knowledge of Firebase is a plus.

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    I need to send push notifications to a user inside a scheduled cron job that verifies if there are documents in the database that are about to expire based on a field.

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    This project provides ways to prevent theft of android smartphones and should have the following objectives: Real time tracking of phone with location displayed on Google maps Blocking the power menu from appearing on the lock screen, thus preventing anyone from switching off or putting the device in Airplane/Silent mode IMEI database of stolen android devices which will notify the original user in case the phone is up on sale on any market Launching Anti-Theft functions remotely via SMS commands Taking picture of the thief every time wrong password is entered to the user’s email

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    Mechaniclane 4 小时 left

    Our project is a service based project which is developed in React Native in which 70% work has been already done and remaining is 30%

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    We are looking for a developer with a lot of experience in developing the connectivity between a PHP platform and a Firebase database. The Firebase database has been developed already, and you need to connect the database to a grid made with PHP. Furthermore, you need to create a web version of the firebase chat. ONLY REACT WHEN YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS!

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    We need a python developer for development of less than 10 APIs. Knowledge in firestore database or firebase is preferred.

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    We need a python developer for development of less than 10 APIs. Knowledge in firestore database or firebase is preferred.

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    Hello everyone. I need help for React Native application and Firebase, This related with google map pin. I will send simple design and details with best developers. Thanks.

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    Flutter projects 结束于 left

    Hi, We are looking for Flutter & Flutterflow developers to help with ongoing work. Must have 2+ yrs of experience with Flutter/DART or Flutterflow with Firebase and database experience. If you feel like you'd be a good fit, feel free to reach out with your details. Best, Mikel

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