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One of the most embraced programming languages today is Haskell. If you are an expert in Haskell and you would wish to work online, then you can start working on Freelancer.com.

Haskell is typically a general-purpose and standardized programming language that incorporates non-semantics and strong static typing. GHC is one of the highly performing Haskell compilers. Many web developers are using Haskell to create unique business programs and applications. Although relatively new, this programming language is set to conquer the arena of business application programs in a short time.

Working online is the trend nowadays and thanks to a number of job-posting websites like Freelancer.com, freelancers can choose from a wide range of jobs in their particular fields. Freelancer.com is a platform where freelancers can view and bid on thousands of available jobs and this assures that everybody is getting what they enjoy doing best. There are many Haskell jobs at this site and with a very easy hiring process, freelancers can start working immediately. There are many benefits in outsourcing Haskell jobs on Freelancer.com. These jobs are constantly being posted to the site every other day, not to mention they come in very impressive rates.

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    Write a short essay (1000–1500 words) on the historical and contemporary significance of type theory. Your essay should address the following points: • the historical background of type theory • the Curry-Howard correspondence (also called the Curry-Howard isomorphism or the propositions-as-types correspondence) • the influence of type theory on modern languages such as Agda a...

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    SWI PROLOG Question 2: Read and write file (25m) Question 3: Prolog coding (50m) I only need help for q2 and 3

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    Looking for an Erlang expert 5 天 left

    I am needing help with my Erlang project If you are experienced with Erlang please contact me ASAP thank you

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    prolog programming 5 天 left

    Question 1: as shown in exam guide the slides (25m) Question 2: File (25m) Question 3: Prolog coding (50m)

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    Haskell string to double 5 天 left

    I am building some functions that take a string in Haskell as an input, scans it, parses it, and interprets it to give an output (which will be a double). Message me for more details.

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    Anyone who's expert at Ocaml language?

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    $40 - $48
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    hi I am looking for a Haskell cod to solve Longest Increasing Subsequence using recursive algorithms

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    project on haskell 1 天 left

    hi all we got a project on haskell we need person having knowledge of haskell programming interested one plz contact it is an urgent project

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    We are looking for a contractor for the development and maintenance of a Haskell-based web app with the possibility of working remotely. Our application - Confy - is a paper and review management system that is currently in use by dozens of scientific conferences. If you are familiar with CommonLisp, even better! You can find out more about us here: [登录来查看链接]

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    I am looking for a Haskell, Marlowe, and/or Plutus developer to write some smart contracts for the Cardano blockchain. I would like to get a few "templates" of various smart contracts written, and I would need to be able to pass different variables if you will of data to the smart contracts so they can be deployed on-demand from a project I'm working on. I am looking for 1 NFT smar...

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