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IIS is a crucial sector in making a business or organization website different from the normal. If you consider yourself a pro in this sector, you can find jobs on Freelancer.com.

IIS is an acronym for Internet Information Services. It refers to a group of internet-based services in Microsoft Windows servers. It is a web server application designed and developed by Microsoft Corp. It is second in ranking in the most famous web server software. Majority of the online websites use IIS software in customizing and working up web traffic in an attempt to attract prospective customers.

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Need url rewrite for specific asp web site Hi, We have web site and need some one to quickly write rules for my asp web site which was will be SEO friendly. We have some rules already for specifc pages but need few more. 3 ASP, 互联网信息服务 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 5时 ¥1104
SQL Server and IIS Cluster Services This is regarding SQL Server Database & IIS Clustering, I have one requirement from our client to set up cluster of SQL Database Servers & IIS Servers in their office premises. Below is the existing setup details please go through it and suggest if you can provide the solution to create clustering. 1. Number of Server’s: 4 (VM’s) 2. SQL Database server: 2 (VM’s) 3. A... 19 SQL, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 数据库管理, 微软 SQL 服务器 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20182天 18时 ¥3097
USA company is seeking a professional in Manila area with programming experience. Responsibilities: - Obtain insurance quotations through online tools and through communications via email and phone with underwriters in the USA (we will provide training) - Maintain a strong work ethic with a total commitment to success each and every day Requirements: - Excellent communication skills - written, verbal and listening - Must be Fluent in English (speaking and writing) - ... 4 互联网信息服务, 英语(美国), 交流, 网络研究, 编程 Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20187时 3分 ¥6717
Build a Dynamic Real Estate website We are a strange combination of a real estate construction company and software development company. We are leveraging our two fields of expertise by developing this website which will allow us to serve our clients and tenants as well as allow us to develop a subscription service to the management software we've designed. This project provides a marketing and informative frontend to the man... 20 Javascript, 网站设计, 平面设计, 互联网信息服务, HTML Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 2018已经结束 ¥11735
Step-by-step guide with screenshots Note: everything is just for demonstration purposes and is not gonna be in use in real world. I just simply need to simulate some kind of security mechanisms which are used for example in government web based applications or ebanks. It may seem dumb and useless but I really need It. I need someone to make detailed step-by-step guide, with screenshots - how to achieve; • Windows server ... 10 系统管理, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 网络管理 Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 2018已经结束 ¥1014
Configure web.py (or similar) with IIS I need to implement a series of web services using Python on Windows. We chose [链接已删除,请登录查看] as the web framework to use because of its simplicity (when using its own web server), but now need to prepare the code for production use. As part of that, [链接已删除,请登录查看] needs to be configured to work inside IIS. If this turns out to be very difficult or borderline impossible, another, similar framework m... 7 Python, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 网络主机, 网络服务 Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 2018已经结束 ¥1134
网络水军|负面删帖|危机公关|舆情公关 网络水军|负面删帖|危机公关|舆情公关 网络水军|负面删帖|危机公关|舆情公关 网络水军|负面删帖|危机公关|舆情公关 0 互联网信息服务 Feb 4, 2018 Feb 4, 2018已经结束 -
Transfer login information from PHP Website and automatically login into 3rd party ASP.NET Website We have a PHP website that has a login field for support and we also have a support portal (ASP.NET) from a 3rd party on the same server/domain. We would like to let the user login from the main (PHP website) and open the support portal in a new window and automatically login the user there. *IMPORTANT* We can only do changes on the PHP website but no changes on the ASP.NET site. Please onl... 11 PHP, 互联网信息服务, HTML, ASP.NET Feb 4, 2018 Feb 4, 2018已经结束 ¥2124
making name server on a raw windows server in order to run web hosting server Hi, I have an IIS web server and window server 2016 which runs 3 websites. Also, I have 3 registered domains. However, I have no experience what should I do to connect the domains to the server. I guess this issue is related to name server on the server. By the way, I need an expert to connected to the domains which are for a different company to my server quickly. 22 系统管理, DNS, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 网络主机 Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018已经结束 ¥201
IIS configuration for working with seafile on VPS server There is a configured seafile server with a connected database. We have a problem with uploading of large (more than 4 Gb) files. You must configure IIS for external access through the domain name with support of large file uploading. 8 系统管理, Linux, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 微软 SQL 服务器 Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018已经结束 ¥120
Simple text to speech and speech to text website I need to build an asp.net web application that converts text typed in a textbox into audio wav format and spoken audio into text using Bing Cognitive Services Speech API. Similar to this one on Bing Soeech API landing page. [链接已删除,请登录查看] All code must be in classes and reusable. Minimal code in ASPX pages. 3 Javascript, 互联网信息服务, ASP.NET Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018已经结束 ¥542
ttfb Problem with IIS8 Hi, I have a high ttfb on a virtual windows 2012 Server together with Joomla. It is working well with JIRA and other web projects. Only joomla has a very high ttfb. I made a fresh test joomla installation and on each request, it takes 1.5 seconds ttfb, where it looks like, the server is just waiting. If a joomla user is logged in, it is even worse. I saw other joomla sites which are much ... 7 PHP, Joomla, 互联网信息服务, MySQL Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018已经结束 ¥1020
IIS - issue forward to another ip Hello, I have iis and the IIS running on [链接已删除,请登录查看] i want if i open website with port it looking for another Localip [链接已删除,请登录查看] thanks 10 互联网信息服务, 网络管理 Jan 29, 2018 Jan 29, 2018已经结束 ¥172
i need a bulletproof smtp Hello I need a bulletproof smtp setup with trial run of 10k emails a day minimum over a period of 7 days to verify the service won't go bad after a few days. The intent is to create a solution that will let us send 10k emails per day minimum. We will need to be able to use the solution before purchasing to make sure it gets delivered and inboxed. A 90% inbox rate needs to be achieved... 3 DNS, 互联网信息服务, Interspire, 电子邮箱营销 Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018已经结束 ¥608
Dignose 500 Error on my website - URGENT Not sure why but the site has gone down, but only on the homepage the rest of the site works, I need someone to diagnose and then fix the issue, asap. 35 ASP, .NET, 互联网信息服务, MySQL Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 2018已经结束 ¥823
Migrate my IIS / PHP / MySQL website from a single server to to a load balance scenario I have an existing site but the traffic has outgrown the server. I want to implement a load balancing scenario as the traffic will continue to increase and I need to make it easily scalable. My site is running on IIS, built using PHP and MySQL. I'm not a Unix guy so for maintainability reasons I'd like this to be a Windows server solution. Also I'm a developer, not a server guy ... 26 PHP, 互联网信息服务, MySQL, 视窗 Server Jan 21, 2018 Jan 21, 2018已经结束 ¥268
Full-time .Net Programmer Full-time .Net Developer needed. Must be Australian based. We are looking for a C# developer responsible for building C# applications, including anything from back-end services to their client-end counterparts. Your primary responsibilities will be to design and develop these applications, and to coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a ... 5 .NET, 互联网信息服务, HTML5, Sencha / YahooUI Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 2018已经结束 ¥277695
Write a logparser Query Write few logparser queries to parse IIS logs. we need to get the url's with top 500 status , 40X status and top failure URL's and top successful URL's 5 SQL, 互联网信息服务, Powershell软件 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 2018已经结束 ¥165
IIS Application Request Routing Config Help - ArcGIS Server Hi we are trying to configure Application Request Routing on a Windows Server 2016 box to reverse proxy a few requests to an internal server according to this article: [链接已删除,请登录查看] . AAR and its dependencies are installed and we've tried setting up the rules but need a bit of help. Looking for some help over teamviewer. Thanks, 6 系统管理, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 地球空间信息, 网络管理 Jan 9, 2018 Jan 9, 2018已经结束 ¥209
Make web.config rewrite rule for http://localhost/planning/admin/category/index/0/1 Make [链接已删除,请登录查看] rewrite rule for http://localhost/planning/admin/category/index/0/1 8 PHP, 互联网信息服务, Codeigniter, 网络服务 Jan 9, 2018 Jan 9, 2018已经结束 ¥216
asp to pdf create a pdf from a html page with classic asp ( IIS 7.5) asp to pdf create a pdf from a html page with classic asp ( IIS 7.5) 23 ASP, 互联网信息服务, HTML, ASP.NET, 微软 SQL 服务器 Jan 3, 2018 Jan 3, 2018已经结束 ¥174
Setup SMTP Server on Google Compute Engine Windows 2016 VM Hi, I need to Setup an SMTP Server on a Google Compute Engine Windows 2016 VM instance, I need it configured so that I can send at least 100,000 emails per day. The emails must be sent explicitly by the Server and not via any 3rd Party service like Gmail etc 4 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 邮件处理 Jan 2, 2018 Jan 2, 2018已经结束 ¥108
Windows Server 2016 Remote App install/configure Hey all I am looking for someone who has setup Remote app on Server 2016 before. I simply want to set it up to allow 4 users to access a few programs at the same time. I will be running these programs on a Microsoft Surface 2 RT so i will need it to use Remote apps on that in order to access and use them on that tablet. I'd rather not have the web page link. I would like to have a desktop... 22 系统管理, 互联网信息服务, 微软, 视窗 Server, 网络管理 Dec 26, 2017 Dec 26, 2017已经结束 ¥1122
I need help setting up a perl CGI bin on my web server I need help finalizing the configuration for a cgi bin on my web server. I'm very security conscious, so this will be done through gotomeeting and I will see what you are doing - I won't be giving you my passwords. However for anyone familiar with IIS on server on windows 2012 and the 32 bit activestate perl this should be fairly easy. 2 Perl, 互联网信息服务, CGI, 网络服务 Dec 16, 2017 Dec 16, 2017已经结束 ¥127
need help in installing webserver i need some help in configuring a webserver, need the help rite away, we can do teamviewrer and get this done., should not take more than an hour. 1 互联网信息服务 Dec 14, 2017 Dec 14, 2017已经结束 ¥158
Self hosted KeePass webinterface needed I would like to self host a KeePass password database via a webinterface, for example via KeeWeb. I have a KeePass sample database that you will need to use and make accessible via a Web Interface for members of my team. At any given time, multiple team members will be accessing modifying records in the KeePass database. The end solution needs to be: - Self hosted on Windows Server with IIS... 2 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 网站管理 Dec 12, 2017 Dec 12, 2017已经结束 ¥1122
PHP soap/curl request to remote wsdl using NSS SSL with a .PFX certificate Hello, I'm looking for an expert PHP/linux developer with experience of using and converting SSL certificates to make curl/soap requests from php/linux. I have a linux server running CentOS 6.8 and curl 7.19.7 compiled with Network Security Services (NSS 3.21) for SSL. I need to make requests to a remote soap/wsdl api webservice hosted on an IIS server. I've been given a .pfx file... 17 PHP, Linux, 互联网信息服务, 为网络通信提供安全及数据完整性的一种安全协议, cURL Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 2017已经结束 ¥1277
A Simple Doc to describe how to set Permissions on Windows domain folders As the title says, I would like a Simple Doc that explains exactly what Permissions should be set on the folders that are used by IIS for the purpose of hosting sites. Someone who does this daily and knows it 100 % It can be a very simple doc, screen grabs and a few words is all I need just to show what the correct Permissions should be set under IIS or typically right-click > permissions ... 1 互联网信息服务, 数据库管理 Dec 5, 2017 Dec 5, 2017已经结束 ¥349
IIS trouble shooting We are in need of an IIS certified technician, if you have some knowledge of Micro Focus SBM would be bonus. 6 系统管理, SQL, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server Dec 4, 2017 Dec 4, 2017已经结束 ¥146
urgent automatic password manager I need urgent help. if anyone can help please contact me. more details in message.. 2 互联网信息服务, Azure, 视窗 Server Dec 4, 2017 Dec 4, 2017已经结束 ¥126
training to access local host (iis server ) via a domain (on internet) i want to learn to access (iis server) via domain (purchased by me) on internet globally, so want to point domain to local server (iis) and accessed the site globally , ( using proxy ip or dedicated ip or any other techniques) 6 系统管理, DNS, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 网络管理 Dec 2, 2017 Dec 2, 2017已经结束 ¥111
IIS Website - Pages not working - Part 2 cosweb1new An IIS site (ASP pages) with Perl scripting in some of the pages was successfully migrated from Server 2003 to Server 2016 (IIS 10) The website connects to a few MS SQL databases via ODBC. The issues we face are: 1. Some pages are not opening at all in the web browser. I need every single page checked and pages that are not working need to be fixed. The pages worked on the old serve... 6 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server Dec 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017已经结束 ¥171
need KeeWeb database expert who can help in IIS server more details in chat with the expert. 1 互联网信息服务, Azure, 视窗 Server Nov 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017已经结束 ¥128
Need a windows server IIS expert and database expert Just a small problem is encountered to be done by today. more details in chat. 10 C# 编程, 互联网信息服务, 微软, 视窗 Server, 微软 SQL 服务器 Nov 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017已经结束 ¥115
Azure IT Infrastructure Buildout I need the following: 1- Domain Controller. I understand Azure offers this as a SAS product vs setting up an actual dedicated Windows VM. I would like to discuss the advantages vs disadvantages of this method. I will be adding a number of PCs to this domain as well. 2- QB RDP Server - This will be a RDP Server for running Quickbooks Enterprise as a Remote App in the Cloud for about 30 use... 17 互联网信息服务, Azure, 微软, 视窗 Server, 微软 SQL 服务器 Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017已经结束 ¥520
SETUP WAMP/XAMP in Azure Cloud SETUP WAMP OR XAMP in Azure Cloud Platform. We have installed the following, however we need support on installing XAMP or WAMP 1. SQL 2012 2. IIS 3. .NET/PHP *SHOULD NOT USE VM * Install using remote (TeamViewer) 8 PHP, 互联网信息服务, Azure, 视窗 Server, 微软 SQL 服务器 Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017已经结束 ¥140
Explanation on domain redirect to page using CNAME I just need an explanation, so that I can reward this project if the explanation works: We need to redirect certain CNAME records to specific landing pages of our system. Example of what we need: Say we have a cname on a domain like: [链接已删除,请登录查看] We need to capture that cname1 and /landingpage1 are present in the URL, and "redirect" the request to a specific page on our system, wh... 4 DNS, 互联网信息服务 Nov 27, 2017 Nov 27, 2017已经结束 ¥190
Configure IIS 7.5 on Win 2008 server A very simple project that I'm looking for a very quick turnaround on - should take less than an hour. Some of this has already been done, you just need to complete the job & verify security settings & permissions. Set up 3 user accounts & their associated FTP accounts. Configure IIS to serve 3 sites. First domain will operate on the default the default web site. This IP ... 4 ASP, 系统管理, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server Nov 11, 2017 Nov 11, 2017已经结束 ¥241
Build a Website My project is a hospital management system in c#. 54 PHP, ASP, Java, JSP, Javascript, XML, .NET, 网站设计, AJAX, SQL, CSS, C# 编程, Oracle, 客户关系管理, 互联网信息服务, HTML, MVC, JSON, LINQ, ADO.NET, API, Backend Development, Frontend Development Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017已经结束 ¥16069
Form to email script works on IIS 8 I have a website is runing IIS8. I used a template there is a contact form on this template but it is written php. I dont want to add php support to IIS8 sor I need to ad new form to email script which works on IIS8. Form is very simple (as you see in the screeshot) there are only name, email, subject message fields 2 ASP, Javascript, 网站设计, 互联网信息服务, HTML Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017已经结束 ¥108
Flowroute SMS Project I need a two-part software project for SMS using Flowroute's ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) SMS API. The first part is a web service built for Microsoft IIS. This web service will be used as the SMS Callback URL in Flowroute's SMS API. The web service will receive SMS messages and store the data in a database. The web service will also receive outgoing SMS messages from a Google Play Store app, store t... 2 Visual Basic, 互联网信息服务, Visual Basic的应用程式, SQLite Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017已经结束 ¥1026
IIS 8 help needed We have problems with the application pools on IIS 8 This happend after using shared configuration 20 系统管理, 互联网信息服务, Azure, 视窗 Server, 微软 SQL 服务器 Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017已经结束 ¥186
Asp.net Want to make web api call to server You need to set at server my Webapi call file . All coding is done only need to set it at my server . i have all code and library.. You have to work Via Team-viewer in our screen . ( Milestone not made until complete work ) Experience person have only 10 to 15 mins work. More details will share after connect via TV Must need it done at the end of the day. 8 ASP, .NET, C# 编程, 互联网信息服务, ASP.NET Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017已经结束 ¥425
Want to make web api call to server (ASP)- Only Expert please apply . -- 2 You need to set at server my Webapi call file . All coding is done only need to set it at my server . i have all code and library.. You have to work Via Team-viewer in our screen . ( Milestone not made until complete work ) Experience person have only 10 to 15 mins work. More details will share after connect via TV. 6 .NET, C# 编程, 互联网信息服务, ASP.NET Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 2017已经结束 ¥304
Installation project using InstallShield Web Application Installation The purpose of this task is to build a web application installer using InstallShield 2015 Professional. OS Target: Windows 7, Window 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2016. The information below is just a general schema of work to be done. Specific details will be provided to a selected developer. Important: Please note... 0 脚本安装, 互联网信息服务, 微软 SQL 服务器, 安装 Oct 16, 2017 Oct 16, 2017已经结束 -
IIS server admin support ​IIS Admin Application Operations Key activities within each area: Responsible for the operation and administration of IIS web servers across Engineering, QA, Staging, Demo, and Production environments Responsible for the operation and administration of Application Deployment technologies for all environments Responsible for the operation and administration of Web Content Management Systems Ma... 14 系统管理, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server, 微软 SQL 服务器 Oct 13, 2017 Oct 13, 2017已经结束 ¥2940
Active Directory Have some issues with an AD server, and also Group Policy. There are 2 AD servers, both failing I believe, so need to fix and perhaps remove one server. 4 活动目录, DNS, 互联网信息服务, 视窗 Server Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017已经结束 ¥148
classic ASP and COM+ developers I am looking for someone who has classic ASP, COM, DCOM and COM+ development experience. You must have at least 5 years of experience in the following area: - Know how to write good classic ASP code - know how to develop COM, DCOM and COM+ and then used them in classic ASP code - know how to develop COM, COM+ using both C++ and vbscript. - know how to write good JavaScript - know how to ... 16 ASP, Javascript, 软件构架, 互联网信息服务, 软件开发 Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017已经结束 ¥2758
MAX 1 hour - Teach me local developing with MAMP PRO on my Mac I'm looking for some expert in MAMP that can share my monitor and explain me how to local develop websites, in particular how addresses (localhost) and ports TCP works. How to troubleshoot network problems that often occour , for example ports not free. I need to work with MAMP PRO which is already installed. I work also with gulp task manager and browsersync. 1 Mac 操作系统, 阿帕奇, 互联网信息服务, VMware, Grunt Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017已经结束 ¥119
WCF Service & IIS troubleshoot errors I have a WCF service and have installed it in AZURE vm. I can see the wsdl from the azure vm but I cannot add a service reference to my vs2008 application. I am getting the error "The HTML document does not contain Web service discovery information. Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: '[链接已删除,请登录查看]'. The remote server returned an unexpected response: (405) ... 1 互联网信息服务 Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017已经结束 ¥349
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