Jabber is an open source communications technology platform for instant messaging, presence, collaboration, messaging, and more. Jabber Expert is someone who understands the functionality of Jabber. They can build a communication infrastructure that runs on Jabber, configure multi-user chat services, design customized messaging solutions, integrate legacy applications with Jabber software, and ensure the reliability, scalability and security of the platform. An Jabber Expert can transform a business’s communication needs into professional solutions.

Here's some projects that our Jabber Experts made real:

  • Building secure chat servers and networks with optimal performance
  • Adding video/audio streaming capabilities across existing chat platforms
  • Identifying current gaps in speaking engagements and implementing better workflow protocols
  • Designing effective real-time collaboration solutions with enterprise-level scalability and compatibility
  • Installing and managing services for enterprise level security authorization

The knowledge and expertise of a Jabber Expert can be valuable in taking businesses’ communication to the next level. We invite you to join the thousands of customers who hire highly skilled experts by posting your project on Freelancer.com!. Hire someone who can build secure server infrastructures based on the specifications you require – swiftly and securely. With our platform extensive pool of talented professionals from all around the world, you’re bound to find someone with just the right skillsets to make your project a success!

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