Maya is a 3D animation and visual effects software from Autodesk. It is a high-end 3D modeling package. Maya professionals work with animating 3D characters. Maya is extensively used in the entertainment industry (TV and films). It is also used for video games and for architectural design purposes. If your design and animation-related business is looking for Maya talent, you can source such talent right here. Just post a job for a Maya expert and choose the right expert for your business!

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    Rigging Warhammer Model 6 天 left

    Rigging an Imperial guard model from Warhammer 40K so it would be compatible with Mixamo animations without any strange looking deformations.

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    animate for me 6 天 left

    I want to make a well to do animation for me which is about 2-3 min [登录来查看链接] can either be a 2d or 3d animation.I would appreciate the lowest cost offered...also I want it to be done in about 3-4 days of time

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    i will give photo need 3d designs printabal

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    export my obj sequence files to fbx animation download link [登录来查看链接]

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    3D Modeling Artist 5 天 left

    We are looking for a 3D modeling artist who is proficient in automotive and hard surface modeling. Only serious bidders. Should have strong skills and your portfolio must prove production quality skills as the contract includes Automotive Manufacturer projects too . For the right candidate, the project will be ongoing/recurring.

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    Hello animators, We're looking to create a previz animation of a plane chase/dog fight sequence. The sequence is long and divided into roughly 500 shots which can vary from 2-6 secs generally. We're looking for good animators who can animate Camera, plane, and basic head/body movements of the pilot rig, wherever needed. There is also a Radar room with people - a commanding officer and p...

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    Looking for rendering expert to render very cool shots or looped videos: If you can render at this quality: [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接] that would be best. The main render is a 3d metalic object in a sorta dark environment. if you are able to batch render a bunch that would be great too

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    I'd like to reconstruct the interior of several French castles and monuments with as much historical accuracy as possible. These reconstructions would then be used in Unity to let visitors explore these monuments as if they had travelled back in time 500 years ago. I'm looking for some extremely talented 3D artists that have a passion for history and would have already access to a databa...

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    Buscamos especialistas en modelaje, diseño 3D y texturización para plataforma de Second life. Solicitamos personas con experiencia en creacion/modelaje/texturizacion de ropa y complementos para avatares en second life en toda la variedad de sus cuerpos mesh mas populares. Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Legacy, TMP. etc etc. Pagamos por trabajo realizado. Exigimos seriedad y cumplimiento....

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    Human Animator 4 天 left

    Looking for a human animator who can do facial expressions, help us in character creation and Iclone will be add on.

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    I have fully rigged Blender FLUF files and I am wanting someone to re-create parts of this matrix trailer in Blender. [登录来查看链接] Parts needed: When the two people are in the room ( I can use the rest of it ) I have two fully rigged FLUF bunnies that will be the main characters in the 3D version. Artist will need to re-create the room

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    3D Animation rigging 4 天 left


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    Looking for 3d Artist to model this robot character, even better if you can rig the character as humanoid for Unity

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    make 3d vehicles in maya 3d max. we give you example pictures in 2d and you make this in 3d. Over 100 to make!

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    I have about 4 different shots, 2 inside a house and 2 of the outside, that need to be on fire. I don’t have any shots rn, we start shooting on Friday but if you have any previous work I can look at that would help in determining whether what I need is something we can work on!

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    3D Animation rigging (200$) 3 天 left

    Rigging 30 second animation Face details

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    Expert in rigging my 3d character Add character hands Create 2 videos of 15 sec each Expert only

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    Looking for quality artists for an animation project. Generalists are preferred but will consider specialized artists that show great quality work. ONLY considering people that can show a portfolio of past work. ONLY considering those working win: MAYA, Adobe Creative Suite. For fluids, BiFrost or RealFlow. Looking for: * Generalist Animator (Adobe Creative Suite, MAYA) * 3d Animator (MAYA), ex...

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    3D Character Modeler 3 天 left

    Broad Concept: A Dragon "Rascal". Description: The dragon should have the following general characteristics: 1. Clearly be a dragon (tail, wings, etc.) 2. Appear young - not hatching out of an egg, but still youthful 3. Be "rascally". In other words, like someone who might cause a small bit of trouble (a "bad boy" image). This can come through in facial expression, ...

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    Modelling 3 天 left

    I need a short operation in my blender project. The first one is my current project and the second one is an example. As you can see there is a fledge between the flag and the fist. I need this kind of connection

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    I would like to hire a 3D character modeling artist to do a bust (only head) from the photo. I already have the actual person photo and need you to model based on that. No need hair, neck. Only face is needed. I don't need UV unwrap, Texture or Topology. All I need is the 3D model sculpted. If you could send the file as .OBJ or .STL or Zbrush file it should work. Please send your previous ...

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    3D DAZ Studio 2 天 left

    I'm looking for a 3D artist to create 3D models compatible with Genesis 8 or 8.1 in DAZ Studio for me.

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    I have purchased two 3D models. one is a static object ([登录来查看链接]), the other one is animated ([登录来查看链接]) but in a continuous series of movements and i need it to be broken down into separate animations this is a test project to evaluate a longer term cooperation on both 3D model/character creation, animation, VFX and potentially even more

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    3D modeler. 2 天 left

    please read the job description before applying. we need a 3D modeler to make *photo realistic* medieval era weapons and artilleries. About 10 of them. Only apply if you have worked on similar designs. we need both high poly and low poly. properly baked, textured. also, should be rigged. Copy pasted bids will be useless. So, apply only with a custom message and a link to your portfolio.

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    Looking to have someone to create me a few 3d mesh clothing for a virtual game called Second life and one called Sansar. Someone that is highly detailed in their work (creation) & must have an outstanding creative mind in fashion, textures, shades and wrinkles.

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    Job Highlights 3D Animator (Game / Crypto) Good in Game Video like Minecarft Job Description 3D Animator We are a digital platform who are looking for 3D Animator. Our goal is to make a new generation of 3D environment in partnership with iconic partners and to offer a transcending experiences to our target audience. The role of the 3D animator will be responsible for creating asset which compat...

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    Hi ** Please apply to this job only if you already created this kind of Animation and preferably have a demo ** Please don't send irrelevant demos I'm looking for 3D Maya animator experienced in realistic human charterer animation including face expression. Demo: [登录来查看链接] Project include Rigging already made 3D human Model Creating the animation Scene + 3D model will be supplied by us H...

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    Kids animation 1 天 left

    Animation video 3D art. I want to animate my kids book and make a little show with several episodes. I need someone who is talented in animation. [登录来查看链接]

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    We require a series of 3d models and animations for supporting surgery operations for a Unity3d project that simulates a series of medical surgeries. We need 3d models (scalpel, medical tools etc) for the operations and possible alterations of these models, like incisions to the skin or removing parts from a body part etc. Finally we will require animations for the hands of the doctor who will us...

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    animation 1 天 left

    I need a short animations of a car in a parking lot

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    - Model and texture the Top, Pants, Boots, Gloves, And katana Swords at the back of the character in the reference image, for the Female character provided. Model them with details as seen on the reference image for example belts, buckles, buttons, pants side laces, side bags etc.. - Those mentions top, pants, boots, gloves and katana swords on the back will be on separate uv maps. - Polygon cou...

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    I need a 3D Animator 1 天 left

    A short film under three minutes that requires animation for a 3D spirit and a little animation on a deer rig as well.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a 3d rigger, animator for a number of explicit adult animations. Similar to the Lara Croft series of adult scenes I've a number of scenes in mind and will show example clips, probably about 4, or different animations, each animation about 5 seconds long.I will then loop them. Each scene on a solid or transparent background

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    I would like to hire a 3d modeling artist to do a simple cartoon character model. You can use any 3D software of you choice. I don't need UV unwrap or texture map. I only need the 3d model. You can send the completed 3d model as .OBJ. Send your previous cartoon models or characters that you done. So, I could contact the right artist. Thank you!

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    Animations 10 小时 left

    I would like to have a package file made for the Sims 4 video game I need the attached hairstyle modeled to be used in the Sims 4. The final product would be a usable package file as per the following URL: [登录来查看链接]:Installing_Sims_4_Package_Files

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    Pikachuuuuuu 已经结束 left

    Modelado pikachu 3d con color en Autodesk Maya con vista frontal lateral trasera y una composición (adjuntar el archivo de trabajo de Autodesk)

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