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Microcontrollers are small yet powerful pieces of hardware that have the ability to control sophisticated systems. These microcontrollers are miniature computers with a processor, memory and input/output facilities that act as the brains of various systems such as gaming consoles, automobiles, and medical equipment. The programs for these microcontrollers are written by experienced and skilled developers who specialize in this area known as Microcontroller Developers. With the help of a microcontroller developer, a business can create various automation solutions for their products in order to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as help reduce costs.

Here's some projects that our expert Microcontroller Developers made real:

  • Integrated multiple components into custom microcontroller-based circuits
  • Developed user interfaces with custom graphics displays
  • Developed system level architectures to optimize performance and cost
  • Implemented analog to digital interface in microcontrollers
  • Designed secure software and communications protocols
  • Automated production processes with embedded programs and sensors

As you can see, our Microcontroller Developers' speciality is implementing versatile solutions that are both technically sound and cost effective. Our developers also possess an in-depth knowledge of multiple integrated circuit technologies to develop future ready systems that possess scalability as well as maintainability. With our Microcontroller Developers' help, your business can create sophisticated products and applications without the overhead of costly implementation.

Overall, the benefits offered by seasoned Microcontroller Developers can be the big push your business needs to develop advanced yet cost effective products. We invite you to enlist the services of one of our experienced Microcontroller Developers today to create a revolutionary product! Visit Freelancer.com now to post your project and get started on creating something special.

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    (((( please check file first we are target cs 600 idea but with new feautres )))))) I'm in need of an expert who can handle the design of a PCB with specific requirements, as well as the creation of the software that will operate the chip. Key Requirements: - PCB Design: The design will need to adhere strictly to size constraints and efficient component placement to ensure a small form factor. - Chip Software Development: The software's primary function will be device control. It should be designed to enable the chip to efficiently interact with external tools and systems. Ideally, the freelancer should have experience in both PCB design and embedded systems, with a strong understanding of hardware-software integration. Proficiency in relevant software and tools for PCB desig...

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    We are seeking an experienced professional with expertise in openHAB to develop an application for smart home automation. Our project involves creating a prototype system using a Raspberry Pi equipped with motion, temperature, humidity, and camera sensors. The sensors will trigger LEDs to visually indicate various processes, such as door opening or air conditioning activation. This setup will demonstrate how the openHAB platform communicates with the Raspberry Pi to manage smart home automation tasks, without the need for actual smart devices like locks or thermostats. The application should be developed using Java and JavaScript. The code will integrate the sensors and define various scenarios. For instance, when a motion sensor is triggered, a specific LED will light up to represent an...

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    About the Company Sanion, located in Incheon, South Korea, has been focused on developing electric automation devices, such as automation relays, and merging units since 1997. We have the most advanced electric automation technologies in South Korea. We are welcoming you who want to be a part of leading the global electric automation devices market. You may visit our company website here for more information: Opportunity type: • Full Time/Part Time: Full-Time • Project Only Hire: No • Visa Sponsorship Available Firmware Team: Developing FPGA [Main Responsibilities] • FPGA Development for communication, logic & etc. • Test & Debugging the above [Required Experience and Qualifications] • Education: Above Undergrads. (Including community c...

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    I'm urgently seeking a skilled PIC schematic circuit engineer who can create a reliable power supply circuit for my project. Key Requirements: - The power supply is expected to provide 5V and 1A output. Project Timeline: - I need this project completed as soon as possible. Your prompt delivery is essential. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Protel (Altium Designer) - Extensive experience in designing power supply circuits - Prior experience working with PIC microcontrollers - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines

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    The task involves the design of a low-power, 60601 compliant circuit for a battery-operated medical scale. Key Requirements: - The circuit should have the necessary features to power a medical scale capable of measuring over 100 kg. - Incorporation of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity is crucial to allow the scale to communicate with other devices. - The design should prioritize low power consumption, suitable for battery-operated devices. - Compliance with the 60601 medical electrical equipment standard is mandatory. We have a basic layout. There are 3 slaves and one master unit. In total 4 pads. The master unit has a display and also communication with the cloud via mqtt. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in low-power circuit design. - Knowledge of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions....

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    I'm seeking an Arduino expert with a solid understanding of Arduino programming, circuit design, and sensor integration. End Goal: The main aim of this project is to collect data using light sensors. Skills and Experience Needed: - In-depth knowledge and expertise in Arduino programming - Experience in designing circuits, ideally with Arduino - Knowledge of integrating light sensors in data collection projects. If you have these skills, I'd love to hear from you. You’ll be instrumental in enabling valuable sensor data collection from light sensors to help me achieve my project goals. Demonstrated experience in similar projects is a plus.

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    You must be at least 16 years old and live in Latin America or Eastern Europe. ✻ NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ✻ You do not need any experience whatsoever, but you must be clever and eager to learn. No, I am *not* being charitable; rather, I am actually being practical. ✻ PAYING YOU TO LEARN ✻ No, you are not dreaming. I value intelligence and problem-solving ability over experience. Therefore, I would prefer to work with someone who is clever and learns quickly, rather than someone experienced yet is not very intelligent and/or does not solve problems scientifically. ✻ TESTS ✻ You must pass three difficult logic tests to work with me. The first logic test you complete for me would be an unpaid logic test. In other words, I would not pay you any money whatsoever if you were to pass the firs...

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    Terminar um projeto em C para o microcontrolador MSP430g2553, o projeto se resume em ultilizar o metodo de carga programavel, um teclado matricial para programar tanto o dia quanto as horas de um "alarme" do relogio, que as cargas serao acionadas. Ultilizando o compilador Code Composer Studio 5.5.0(CSS).

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    I'm in need of an expert embedded system engineer, particularly skilled in the design, development, and integration of System on a Chip (SoC). Key Tasks: - Hardware Design - Software Development - System Integration Ideal candidate should have proficiency in: - Real-time processing tasks on an SoC - Implementing wireless connectivity functionalities The SoC will be primarily used for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Hence, experience in this area would be of great advantage. Comprehension of common IoT requirements, constraints, and best practices would indeed make you the perfect fit for this project. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    Tasks: - Check electronic design and improve it (reliability, battery management, ground plane, mixed analog/digital signal) - Check firmware code and improve it (reliability, upgrade version, uprgrade LVGL display library version 7 to 9 (need custom code) …) - Debug Firmware problem (glictch on screen, task stop randomly…) Skills: Looking for someone with knowledge in PCB design and Firmware development with experience on ESP32. A person who has feeling in Audio domain is maybe a plus. - Electronic design is done under KiCAD (open source)  should be nice to continue on it - Electronic board is based on ESP32 MCU and firmware is developed under ESP-IDF5.0 in C  C and ESP-IDF - Electronic board use SPI, I2C and I2S protocol  experience with I2S could be nice (optional) ...

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    I'm looking for someone who can design a 12vdc to 24vac inverter PCB for my home sprinkler control system. The inverter needs to be capable of outputting 24V AC 1amp at 50hz. Ideal candidate should: - Have experience in PCB design - Possess knowledge of inverters and power systems - Ample understanding of space and power constraints Adding to this, I have plans on outsourcing production, possibly to PCB way or similar. So the design you'll be generating should align with mass-production requirements. I'll require PCB fabrication data including: 1- Gerber files 2- Pick and place 3- NC drill 4- blBill of materials Ideally this will fit in a case, ready to be produced and shipped to a customer once assembled. This is a long term goal. Maybe won't happen. A company ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled firmware developer who has experience in using C/C++ and Python. This project is specific to working on firmware for the Flipper Zero platform. I want to have a flipper zero that receives smtp email and displays the message body on the screen and beep. And ability to click off the message. Using the wifi module also Key Requirements: - Proficiency in C/C++ or Python is a must. - Prior experience in creating, developing, and optimizing firmware for similar platforms would be a significant advantage. - A solid understanding of hardware design and testing for IoT devices would also be beneficial. If you're interested in working on this project, please provide details of your past work in a similar capacity. I'm looking for someone who has a strong...

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    I'm in search of an experienced and skilled Embedded System Engineer to assist with specific tasks in my project. The primary goal of the project is real-time data transmission using GPRS modules like A7672S. Your tasks will include: - Setting up socket-client connections - Sending data to the server Key Requirements: - 3-4 years of experience in working with embedded systems - Proficiency in C/C++ and Arduino - Prior experience with GPRS modules, particularly A7672S - Strong understanding of socket-client connections - Proven track record in real-time data transmission Your role will be critical in ensuring the seamless operation of our project. You should have the ability to efficiently troubleshoot, have an eye for detail, and be able to work effectively within a team. Looking...

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    I am seeking an experienced embedded systems engineer proficient with ESP32 microcontrollers to collaborate on several IoT projects. Specific Skills Needed: - Strong experience working with microcontrollers, particularly the ESP32. - In-depth knowledge of wireless communication protocols, particularly those relevant to IoT projects. Project Requirements: - Designing and developing custom firmware for the ESP32. - Integrating the system with various sensors and devices. - Implementing communication protocols to ensure seamless connectivity in an IoT environment. The ideal candidate should have a solid background in C programming, extensive experience in developing embedded systems, and a demonstrable track record of working on IoT projects. Please share your relevant experience, and a ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Arduino coder who can assist in automating a strip heater I'm working with. The specific task involves: - Automating device function, particularly in terms of temperature control - Working within a high temperature range, specifically above 200°C. Ideal freelancers should have prior experience with Arduino, be comfortable working with high-temperature devices, and understand technical requirements of such a project. Knowledge of strip heaters and previous experience creating automation for similar devices will be a distinct advantage.

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    I have a ready design for a moderately complex electronic circuit, akin to Arduino-based projects. I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to help me bring this circuit to life. Key Requirements: - Expertise and experience in electronic circuit design - Familiarity with Arduino-based projects Your responsibilities will include: - Translating the existing design into a tangible circuit - Sourcing the necessary components, i.e., specific electronic components like resistors, capacitors, and ICs - Overseeing the fabrication and assembly process through a reliable provider It's essential that you're comfortable working with moderate complexity circuits. Your ability to communicate effectively and provide guidance when necessary will be a significant asset.

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    I'm currently working with an Arduino MKR Zero as a datalogger. It successfully samples three analog waveforms and writes to an SD card using Arduino libraries, but the speed is not what I'm aiming for. I am hoping to double its current speed, thereby pushing its storage pace to 128-250 s/s. The specifics of the project include - • Increasing the speed of data logging for 3 analog waveforms simultaneously • Enhancing the speed while using the Arduino Libraries • Keeping data accuracy intact with increased speed Ideal skills for this project would include extensive knowledge of Arduino boards, particularly the Arduino MKR Zero, along with strong skills in C++, data processing and digital signal processing. Prior experience in working with analog waveforms and dat...

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    Looking for a HW and SW Engineer, which could develop a UV Meter based on ASM Osram AS7331 Chip. Data from Sensor Head to MCU is done via I2C Interface. Sensor should be not part the MCU PCB, as there will be two Versions of Meter (integrated and extended via cable). MCU should be ESP32 or STM32. Based on the data provided, MCU should calculate UVC, UVB, UVC and UV Index. For UV Index, only a certain part of the supplied data of the UVB Sensor is used (see info of Datasheet of AMS Osram). Measurement should be talken by pressing a buttom and/or using a Mobile App to start the measurement. Results should be placed in a LCD Display all at the same time showing value and units and/or displayed in the Mobile App. Firmware should be able to be updated via Wifi/BLE. A posibility to calibr...

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    We need design/build of 2 RFID UHF antennas and some interface work done. See the attached files for details. Please read & understand and ask questions with your 1st response. To filter out bot responses and confirm it is a genuine response, please write " I confirm I have read in full & understood the job" as your 1st line. We are seeking best fixed price bids and delivery time of 1st beta after scope is defined. No hourly work. The budget given here is just an arbitrary placeholder. Your bid and availability needs to be valid for 3 weeks. More info will be provided where needed. Please take any exceptions now, else we assume everything is included. All the IP rights, editable form of designs, drawings, supporting docs, source codes, professional user, installation manu...

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    Looking for someone that has knowledge in converting .pof file or can debug a cyclone cheap Key Requirements: - Expertise in FPGA design, specifically with the Cyclone series - Proficient in converting .POF files, particularly from Intel Hex Format - Ability to understand and work with data processing requirements

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    I'm looking for an expert in control systems, specifically for pumps, to develop a system that can efficiently: - Adjust pump flow rate automatically depending on the setpoint - Utilize feedback from a Raman spectroscopy sensor to facilitate the above adjustment - Maintain a seamless control loop, ensuring constant flow rate Ideal freelancers will have profound knowledge and experience in control systems, automatic regulation, and sensor interfacing. A strong understanding of Raman spectroscopy is essential for this project, as the pump will be responding to this specific sensor type.

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    I currently have an instrument in our lab--a spectrometer--that needs activation. I have already made attempts to connect the instrument to an existing program without success. The issues I am experiencing range from hardware incompatibility to software error messages and general connectivity issues. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Profound knowledge and experience with Labview - Understanding of spectrometer operations and connectivity - Ability to troubleshoot hardware and software issues. Flex your problem-solving skills and help bring our spectrometer to life. Looking forward to your bids. Kind regards.

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    I need a circuit board designed that will house four sensors. The working input voltage is to be 5-36 volt. The distance/temp sensor will pickup off black asphalt surfaces. The sensors will output a 0-5v analog signal. I would like the board to fit within a 1.5x1.5x1.5 size cube if possible. The interface will be with an M5 (5 pin) circular connector. This will be used in a high vibration environment. sensor range minimums/refresh rate minimums/voltage output range. inches/300hz/0v-5v temperature/0-212f/100hz/0v-5v

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    I am in need of a skilled engineer who specializes in circuit design for a KNX bus project. Your role will be to help me realize my design vision, employing either DipTrace or EasyEDA as the primary designing tool. Key Components: - Circuit Design: You'll create a blueprint for a circuit that enables us to write and install a custom firmware to control a couple of KNX buses and provide API/WebInterface through an Ethernet (RJ45) Interface - The circuit will be powered from an external power supply unit, so just need protection and EMI filters - EasyEDA/DipTrace Expertise: Given that DipTrace or EasyEDA is our software of choice, previous experience and a good level of comfort with these tools is essential. While there's no strict deadline, I anticipate a consistent level of c...

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    I am seeking a skilled programmer with Raspberry Pi experience. The ideal freelancer will harness their knowledge to create a responsive LED and sound system based on inputs from a specific device command. Key Responsibilities: - The program should respond to a device-specific command, leading to simultaneous or varied LED blinking. - Additionally, the system should play a pre-recorded sound when the LEDs blink. - I also require the Raspberry Pi to regulate the LEDs' brightness. Requirement Summary: - Proficient in Raspberry Pi programming - Knowledgeable in configuring LEDs and sound files - Able to interpret specific device commands to trigger LED actions Interested freelancers should apply with a detailed overview of their experience handling similar projects. Past work demonst...

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    I am on the hunt for a dynamic all-rounder who is capable of both FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) development and AI (Artificial Intelligence) development. Tasks involved are: - FPGA Development: Although the specific tasks were not specified, a capable resource is expected to design, debug, test, and optimize FPGA circuits. - AI Development: Without specifying distinct tasks, a well-put resource should be able to develop AI algorithms, train AI models, and implement AI solutions into the existing system. Skills & Experience: - Deep understanding of FPGA architecture and development process. - Proven track record of designing and implementing complex FPGA circuits. - Experience in debugging, testing, and optimizing performance of FPGA circuits. - Strong foundation in AI developm...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional with experience in motor driver board upgrades. I currently have a motor driver board which control the motor with a remote controller. The primary goal of this project is to improve the board to connect the motor with bluetooth and wifi. Key Requirements: - Enhanced Wireless Connectivity: The current board needs to be upgraded for connecting with esp32 to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. - Short Range Wireless: The improved board should cater to a short-range of up to 30 meters. - Form Factor: No specific changes are required in the form factor. Ideal Candidate: - Proven Experience: An ideal candidate should have demonstrated experience in working with motor driver boards, especially those utilizing ESP32 modules. - Wireless Expertise: As th...

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    I need an MDB-supported payment device for a vending machine with the following details: It should be based on ESP32 or Atmega2560 etc./, Must support 9-bit serial communication and MDB, Must multiple uart. Uart-1(MDB port), Uart-2(8-bit standart Debug port) The device type (coin/bill acceptor or cashless) is not important. It should simulate a payment to the vending machine with an input. For example, with a bill acceptor device, I should be able to increment the vending machine balance by pressing a button connected to ESP32 or Atmega. We can discuss further details. Thank you

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    PCB Design 4 天 left

    Please ensure that you fully read the requirements. Any reply that sounds like its auto generated or a canned response will be discarded. Please provide a rough cost estimate. I know what the end game is, I just dont know how to get there. Also anyone replying with 0 feedback or any feedback not related to this job will not be eligible. Functional Requirements Microcontroller/System-on-Chip (SoC): Select a suitable microcontroller or SoC that supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LVDS output for the LCD display. Ensure it can read voltage inputs to detect blinker status (L/R), high beams, and fuel level (resistance). Security: Implement a piracy protection mechanism to ensure the firmware only runs on the designated PCB. CAN Bus: Include CAN transceiver circuitry for reading and...

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    Il mio progetto consiste nel controllare tramite un modulo ESP32 DEVKIT V1 un motore brushless. Sul modulo ESP32 ci sono montati due pulsanti, uno sul pin 18 per aumentare la velocità del motore, l'altro sul pin 19 per diminuire la velocità del motore. Il motore è collegato ad un ESC il quale è collegato tramite il pin 9 ad una arduino UNO. Sulla arduino UNO è inoltre montato (pin RX e TX) un modulo HC-06 (indirizzo mac: 98:D3:31:FD:2D:B5 , pin: "1234"). Obbiettivo è quello di avere i codici (uno per ESP32 e l'altro per Arduino UNO) che mi permettano di collegare l'ESP32 all'HC-06, di poter inviare segnali di aumento e diminuzione di velocità al motore. Nella posizione iniziale il motore dovrà essere ferm...

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    pro arduino 3 天 left

    As a client, I'm seeking a proficient Arduino developer who can create a tailored code for an Arduino Uno, which will be integrated with an LCD, RTC and push buttons

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to operate a joystick-operated PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera controller for a broadcast camera. The controller should be able to complete pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities to follow boats, ships, and planes. Your experience showcasing similar prior work will be a great advantage in this bidding.

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    I'm in need of an MCU-based electronics board for the purpose of a fast, accurate, and linear 4-channel DAC. The board you create should have: - 4 buffered Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) each with a 16-bit resolution. - DACs should offer a selectable voltage span, including: ±10V, 10/0V, ±5V, 0/5V, ±2.5V. - Output noise should be less than 1 LSB of the DAC. - Input power source: 0 - +24V - MCU connection should be Ethernet/GigE. - Protocol: UDP for sending commands in the fastest possible way, TCP for getting/setting of settings. - The MCU device will be controlled by a PC. Provide a C class example to set the voltage to the device, turn on/off the device output, and select the voltage range. - The device should support DHCP for network connection. - The dev...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Bluetooth engineer who can develop a system covering Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Classic Bluetooth, and Bluetooth mesh networking. The system's main purpose is data transfer and should be compatible with various devices, including: - Smartphones - PCs/Laptops - IoT Devices You should have a solid grasp of Bluetooth transmission and receiving and demonstrate experience in implementing these capabilities. A deep understanding of BLE, classic Bluetooth, and mesh networking is crucial for success in this project. Ensuring the system can seamlessly work on different platforms (smartphones, laptops, IoT devices) is paramount.

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    We are searching for a long term Long-term relationship to a Fling Probe programmer. In our Company we have lots of diffrent Products to do the electrical Test. we will provide you all specifications and you we do the program by remote. And alos de Debugging. At the beginning it will be an 50% Job, in the future up to 100%. If you have any expirience on electrical testing of PCBA you are our man. **

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    I have a PC on a remote survey RC boat that I need to control with a mouse from the shore. I am able to transmit the monitor screen no problem, but need mouse control over long distance (and keyboard if possible, but I can always use an on screen keyboard if I have mouse). I'm in need of an experienced tech wizard with high-level Arduino skills and a deep understanding of RF links to engineer a solution for a remote mouse. I'd like to be able to provide mouse controls for a PC from a distance of around 1,000 meters (using nRF24L01 with external antennas, or similar). My project doesn't prioritize ultra-low energy consumption; but would be nice. Mouse control can be via up/down/left/right buttons (or like a finger jog switch), together with left and right mouse keys on a pad...

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    The primary objective of this project is to enhance the steering control of our Magaziner Vertical Order Picker through Zapi Controller programming. The successful freelancer for this job should possess the following: - Past Work: I am particularly interested in your past projects that demonstrate your expertise in improving steering control systems. Please provide relevant examples and outcomes. - Experience: It is essential that you have a solid background in industrial machinery programming, specifically with Zapi Controllers or similar systems. - Customization: The level of customization required for the steering control of the Magaziner is moderate. This means that you should be able to adapt and modify the existing system to meet our requirements. Your proposal should clearly out...

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please read the full project description. Please ensure you have skills in the required technologies. Please ensure you have the NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q board, or can obtain one quickly (include the cost of this in your project bid) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm seeking an expert STM32 programmer who can handle writing USB code for my STM32 NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q development boards - NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q development board - STM Cube IDE - Create projects with STM32 Cube .ioc configurator - FreeRTOS v10.5.1 with several tasks setup and used. - USB C High Speed - FatFS using DMA with dynamic memory allocation to allow multiple concurrent files to be open at the same time, with examples of files being written to on separate Fre...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Arduino developer who can create a dummy server in hardware form. The server should include LED indicators, button inputs, and an LCD display. Key requirements: - The dummy server should be designed and developed using an Arduino board. - It should feature LED indicators to represent different server states. - Button inputs should be integrated for user interaction. - An LCD display is required to show the server's status or other relevant information. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Arduino programming and electronics. - Experience in development of hardware simulators. - Ability to integrate LED indicators, button inputs, and LCD display. - Knowledge of server operations or network protocols would be a plus. Thi...

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    I'm working on a project which requires the design, development and implementation of a stepper motor control system. The primary purpose is to enable a door opener to function optimally. The control system should be such that the door opens instantly upon pressing a button. Thus, the ideal freelancer must: - Have a strong expertise in stepper motor control system designs - Be knowledgeable about door opening mechanisms - Possess the ability to integrate button activation with the stepper motor operation. Expected functionalities: - The system should be responsive, such that the door opens immediately when the control button is pressed. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with stepper motor control system design - Proven track record in implementing button-activated mec...

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    I'm seeking a skilled firmware developer to enhance the existing firmware of the Antminer S19 ASIC miner. The primary requirements include: - Improved Power Efficiency: The firmware should be optimized to achieve a 10% increase in power efficiency without compromising on performance or stability. - Custom Payout: I need the firmware to be configured for a custom payout system, aligning with the functionality of my mining operation. - Hashrate Dividing to Wallets: The firmware should have a feature to divide hashrate to multiple wallets as per my requirements. The project has an urgent deadline, so I need someone who can complete the work ASAP. Your experience with ASIC miners, firmware development, and a proven track record in optimizing power efficiency while maintaining performanc...

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    I need a programmer that is familiar with Siemens plc LOGO and can write a program to automate a simple machine IN LOGO SOFT COMFORT

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    I'm in need of a skilled programmer who is proficient in CODESYS PLC and well versed in Ignition HMI. The major tasks for this project include: - Developing custom PLC programs to control and manage pumps and valves. This will involve coding logical operations and ensuring seamless functionality. - Creating HMI screens to effectively monitor and display data related to the controlled equipment. The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive to facilitate smooth operations. - Integrating the CODESYS PLC with Ignition HMI for a cohesive and fully-functional system. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in programming with CODESYS PLC. Prior work with pumps and valves control would be a significant advantage. - Proficient in designing user-friendly HMI screens using Ignition softwa...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr 平均报价
    19 个竞标

    Project Description This project involves the development of a payment box that will enable communication between massage chairs, POS (Point of Sale) devices and paper money mechanism. The payment box contains a communication circuit board and an LED matrix display. This system allows users to operate the massage chair for a certain period of time by paying. Within the scope of the project, circuit boards and software that enable communication between massage chairs, paper money, coins and POS devices will be produced. Within the scope of the project, a Massage Seat Payment System that fulfills the basic features of the Massage Seat Payment box taken as an example and can perform additional functions will be designed. Within the scope of the project, a motherboard that provides communi...

    $3000 - $5000
    $3000 - $5000
    11 个竞标

    I am seeking a proficient PLC developer for a machine automation project. About the Project: The PLC system involved in this project has less than 10 inputs and outputs but plays a crucial role in the automated operation of a machine. What you bring to the table: • Familiarity with Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric, or similar PLC systems. The exact system hasn't been decided yet, your input will be valuable. • Experience in dealing with machine automation using PLC systems with fewer than 10 I/O. • Ability to optimize systems for maximum efficiency and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Your key responsibility will be ensuring that the PLC system functions effectively within this capacity, enabling smooth and efficient machine automation.

    $93 (Avg Bid)
    $93 平均报价
    32 个竞标


    加精 加封 保密协议

    Hola, tengo una consulta, tengo este generador de frecuencias con 30khz offset positivo y ciclo de trabajo de 50%. Está hecho con un Arduino, necesito que se encienda un led al tocar los bornes de cobre con las manos sin que afecte la señal generada. La función puede ser con un circuito adicional que pueda meter en la misma caja.

    $35 (Avg Bid)
    $35 平均报价
    13 个竞标
    Raspberry Pi Expert Needed -- 3 3 小时 left

    I require a Raspberry Pi expert to assist me with a project. Please bring your experience and expertise in Raspberry Pi to help me achieve my project goals. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 平均报价
    26 个竞标

    I aim to develop a solution that will facilitate data communication between an Arduino UNO and a SIM7600E using AT+COMMAND. The primary data in focus will be temperature sensor readings. Key Responsibilities: - Setting up a reliable connection between Arduino UNO and SIM7600E - Implement AT+COMMAND for effective communication - Design a protocol for transmitting temperature sensor data Ideal Skills: - Solid knowledge of Arduino - Proficiency in handling SIM7600E - Experience in implementing AT+COMMAND - Understanding of sensor data transmissions. Please ensure you can efficiently deliver on these requirements, and provide the mentioned sensor data communication before placing your bid.

    $175 (Avg Bid)
    $175 平均报价
    28 个竞标


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