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    We need a expert sys admin for install on new server in "microsoft exchange" for webmail with owa and the eaesus backup tool to schedule the periodic archiving of incoming emails. We need the help of support or development to carry out this project. I need you to make me a budget/ quote with the following characteristics: - License installation for multiple Microsoft Exchange server email accounts from which we can choose the size. - Installation for complete backup configuring it with granularity of the eaesus software of which we have a license. Mail archiving should be automatic, after a year Exchange automatically moves mail to the user's "Archive" folder, keeping the original folder structure. So online with Exchange they keep 1 year, and the rest is all in &...

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    COJO Flatbush serves adults and young adults over the age of 16 in offering classes that incorporate Workplace Readiness Skills by offering Computer Classes, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and more, we are looking to hire outstanding MOS Instructor to teach our classes!

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    Sharepoint 5 天 left

    I need someone that can work remotely to check a SharePoint setup. Make sure everything is synced from OneDrive to SharePoint. This person should have a thorough knowledge of SharePoint. The customer might not know the questions to ask so I am looking for someone that knows the product well enough to help explore different idea on the use of SharePoint.

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    I have a few thousands photos and I want a .NET C# application with uploading functionality and saving results in JSON. It must implement Microsoft Azure Vision service, no other service.

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    united bakery equipments 5 天 left

    sharepoint 2000 server migration

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    Building an application 5 天 left

    I am looking for a person who will write an application that will fill in a Microsoft Word template (or generate a document in a specific template) with the data provided in the application. Sequentially numbered files are to be in the folder and each subsequent file (generated completed template) should have a consecutive number. For example: Flow 1: Step 1: Enter the data (NAME, DESCRIPTION, PART NUMBER, REMARKS, DATE) Step 2: We complete the template with this data Step 3: The generated document is saved on the disk Step 4: The generated document receives the number 001 entered in the form Step 5: Records of generated files are kept in an EXCEL or other file Flow 2: Same, but in step 4 the file is numbered 002 etc. I attach template.

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    we are trying to make teams easy to use globally, do a web portal with a customize landing page and guest membership request form

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    my powerbi report uploaded on a sharepoint website can't retrieve the data from an excel file uploaded on another sharepoint website.

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    we need a online trainer for Power Apps and Microsoft Azure

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    We are seeking to automate document creation by applying set text based on choice from a list of options.

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    help with powershell script 4 天 left

    Request detail I'm currently working on a new policy for Microsoft DLp policy (purview). The requirement is to write the policy in Powershell since the GUI gives some issues.

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    Setup a server 4 天 left

    Setup a server for small business to host files, MS access database, and images/pdfs etc… must be able to be accessed by both Mac and windows computers. Server needs to be securely accessible from anywhere away from office as well as in office.

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    Edge extension fix 4 天 left

    Fix on extension for version Need a good extension developer JS for the fix its just an 1 hour fix can be done collaboratively

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    I need a WINDOWS APP, that would function as a VIRTUAL BOOTH for taking photographs with a customizable background where professional players will be included as part of the background. The user will be able to select his/her favorite players and take a picture with them. An exact reference can be seen here > Thank you.

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    hi .. i would like to build a proposal to sustain performance when there are multiple locations

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    Really simple exercise. Get the files from and create a runnable 32 bit executable or preferably with a 32 bit installer for a XP environment. (Not doing it myself because i do not have a windows development environment set up - and please dont ask why XP :).

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    Necesito a alguien que pueda configurar e implementar todos los módulos de Microsoft business optimizado para una empresa de construcción, módulos de proyectos incluyendo programación de obra, reporte de bitácoras diarias para seguimiento de obra y cuentas contables optimizadas para República Dominicana, atendiendo los requerimientos de las DGII

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    Outlook Error to login 3 天 left

    I am having a login issue with outlook to open the email. Need help to resolve outlook login problem

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    Job 5 I have two sharepoint sites. SharepointA and SharepointB. I want to create a sync between SharepointA/Folder and SharepoinB/Folder. Reason for this. Sharepoint A = Project sharepoint Sharepoint B = Department sharepoint (accounts department) I don’t want Accounts Department going into SharepointA to update files or retrieve files. So they will have a folder in their own sharepoint that syncs or if possible displays the contents of Sharepoint B folder

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    Put on MS Excel -- 7 3 天 left

    Review the attached document. Put its contents on MS Excel

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    Put on MS excel -- 6 3 天 left

    Review the attachment. Put its contents on MS Excel.

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    Microsoft server 2016 Expert 2 天 left

    Hi i need a Microsoft server 2016 Expert to help setup and consult if needed.

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    Program - Script 2 天 left

    We are using Microsoft forms to collect participant observations every 20 minutes. We have around 140 participants. The data will be received into a master excel worksheet every 20 minutes. I need to copy each participant's data sheet to a new document, name it, and save it to a folder. I am looking for a programmer who can write a program to automate this task.

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    Google shhet to power bi 1 天 left

    I have google sheets want to create power bi report

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    Hello attached file. i have this problem on my windows each time i start computer.. i need to solve this...

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    windows problem 13 小时 left

    hello attached file. i have this problem on my windows each time i start computer.. i need to solve this...

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 -- 2 6 小时 left

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Dynamics 365 Looking for expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give quick training and to resolve this error in input file. Results. The number of dimension values specified in *** is different from the number set up in the active format for data entities.

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 6 小时 left

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Dynamics 365 Looking for expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give quick training and to resolve this error in input file. Results. The number of dimension values specified in *** is different from the number set up in the active format for data entities.

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    Changing the following elements on a finance spreadsheet to make it compatible with 2022. - Target Revenue - Confirmed Revenue - Weighted Revenue - Over/Under - Revenue flow through and data validation on $ amount - Action date - Probabilty vs. revenue (and weighted rev) - Start date - Revenue split by month and weighted percentage - Monthly flow through - Currency conversion (GBP, USD, SGD, INR etc.)

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    Its project to build windows server to control the organization and automatic data backup from client system,there should be live monitoring the client system and mail phising.

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    Document Update 已经结束 left

    Not so much of a project, but a relatively simple task for an experienced Microsoft Word geek. I have two Microsoft files. v1 was created and saved after 5mins in April this year. Unfortunately, it does not contain some final drafting that was lost when I clicked the wrong button at the time. v2 of the document is a simple cut-n-paste of the original with corrected 2nd bullet (highlighted) My Ask/Request Update to the original v1 document with the 2nd bullet replaced with (v2 Bullet 2) without changing the original Properties. OR the v2 document (as is, no change to document content) but showing the original document properties (last modified & created) see attached Word file called Document Properties. The final Word document - whichever approach (above) is taken needs to have h...

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