Nginx is small, lightweight and high performance web server and email proxy software. It is used for serving web (HTTP) requests by many domains on the internet. Your business may need help installing, configuring, or maintaining Nginx. You can find freelancer help for Nginx right here. Simply start by posting your Nginx job today! 从66,124个评价中,客户给我们的 Nginx Developers 打了4.88,共5星。
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    Requirements: - 3+ years experience with PHP. You've written code that is not only secure but scales to a large number of users. - Experience with Laravel and AWS - Production experience with MySQL. You've designed database schemas with an emphasis on scalability and performance. - Experience working with large amounts of frequently updated data, and designing efficient schemas, is a plus. - Experience with Apache, NGINX, HAProxy, and/or OpenResty. You've built apps on a LAMP/LEMP stack. - Experience with HTML, CSS, and JS. Angular.js and/or Node.js experience is a strong plus. - Working knowledge of Git and GitHub. You've collaborated with other developers on a project on GitHub. - Experience using Linux systems. You're comfortable using the command line to troubl...

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    I created the sudomain, remaining to associate the subdomain, install and configure the nginx proxy, SSL After it, explain me how to do if i need to change the subdomain (i have to do some days later)

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    VPN and NGINX project 4 天 left

    Long time ago a developer designed a code for creating a VPN tunnel with my raspberry and Digitalocean but now I would like to install this code on any server. The reason is that the code works only on Digitalocean DROPLET. I need someone to recreate the code for IONOS or RACKNERD SERVER using my existing code

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    Windows based software , hardware is a touch screen with builtin windows os 1. 3 to 4 different maps (which are collected from google map) to be chosen from drop down menu on a software 2. Different type of stations and vehicles choosen from the dropdown for each of the above choosen map 3. Vehicles are scrolled or annotated with finger on the touch screen in a particular path, and then it needs to move in that path 4. the activity video recorded and saved as a template 5. zoom in and out feature on the app

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    i have configured centos 07 OS and configured laravel on it but my web is not working from computer machine. And it says error This site can’t be refused to connect. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Is it because SSL has problem ? or some internet connection ? Please fix it

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    Not all cached images are generated when an product is imported. We import products to Magento with external tool (emagic store manager) as we always do. - Images are correctly attached and uploaded. Images are correctly placed in /pub/media/catalog/product Our Installation - Magento 2.4.2 p2 multistore on VPS with more then enough disk space / cpu etc - Varnish - Redis Started The error started after - Upgrade from 2.4.2p1 to 2.4.2p2 - Installation of Webkul Amazon S3 extension (which is not used) Expected behaviour * Simple products which are visible by itself. - Auto generate cached image and show on product page - Auto generate cached image and show on category page * Simple products which are not visible by itself but part of a configurable product which is visible. - Auto ...

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    Deveops developer -- 2 1 天 left

    Must know about nginx and plesk need to deploy 5 node and react application right now available only from india

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    Nginx Expert Support Required 15 小时 left

    I have Nginx setup on a server for a domain and all works well. I'm trying to use it as a reverse proxy to redirect requests to a different subdomain and returns the response from that subdomain to the user's browser, without the user ever seeing the subdomain. The subdomain is a service hosted on cloudflare. Been banging my head for a while but can't get it to work. In a nutshell I need the following: Https:// Reverse proxied to Https:// tried a few combinations such as the below, to no avail. server { listen 443 ssl; server_name ; ssl_certificate /path/to/; ssl_trusted_certificate /path/to/; ssl_certificate_key /path/to/; location / { proxy_pass ; proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; ...

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    Bash Script Guru Required 13 小时 left

    Hi I have a old bash script that need modifications for ubuntu 20.04LTS and also for 22.04LTS. I will provide the old one for your reference, The task is as follows Bash Script Tasks Ubuntu 20.04 1) update & upgrade check version 2) install apache, mysql, php (mysql8) (php both 7.4 or 8) with all extensions 3) set mysql root password 4) install latest phpmyadmin (bug free) 5) Assign Permission (apache) 6) Config Apache to act as web server (vhost) 7) Install Freeradius (3.0.20 or 3.2.X) should allow us to choose 8) configure freeradius db 9) Edit Freeradius conf file (as per my instruction) 10) Enable firewall for mysql/freeradius 11) set time zone 12) Install LARAVEL and configure with apache 13) install node 14) install service to run laravel & node automatic (no npm run serve ...

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