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Nginx is small, lightweight and high performance web server and email proxy software. It is used for serving web (HTTP) requests by many domains on the internet. Your business may need help installing, configuring, or maintaining Nginx. You can find freelancer help for Nginx right here. Simply start by posting your Nginx job today!
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kopano installation need a good documented steps how to install kopano community edition with all features - smtp and imap - web meetings (presence) - calendar - instead apache2 should nginx be used - files - how to set up multiple domains? 3 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 21时 ¥272
Linix System Admin Linux,AWS,Server monitoring,DB,CI/CD tools - jenkins,GIT setup with gitolite,Log management,bash script. 3 Linux, 云计算, shell脚本, Nginx, MySQL Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 17时 ¥266
Nutrition Tracking Software (70% Completed already) This project is roughly 70% completed. We need the rest developed and finalized for a 100% complete project. Github repository will have all current code and API data. Project Concept: Hatch Nutrition is a website concept that combines health content and habit tracking with a mission to assist the customer on their journey to maintaining a better lifestyle. The content is created by health coa... 14 软件测试, Nginx, PostgreSQL, 软件开发, Swift Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 16时 ¥18376
Need to configure two public IPs in Ubuntu server I have a private cloud server with Ubuntu 14.04 and Nginx. I already configured /etc/network/interfaces for two Public IPs and it's even showing if I run "ifconfig -a". But I can not access the server by the second public IP. So just need to fix this. I will share everything in PM. 18 Linux, 云计算, Nginx, Ubuntu, 网络管理 Nov 21, 2017 今天6天 11时 ¥159
LIvestream TV I need find a token for live streaming, Akamai uri key, I need a guy who know about hdntl. What is the "hdntl" part in the cookie? I noticed that when I look at the page source and refresh it that the token attached to the embed link changes on every refresh. Knowledge to create nginx config. Please respond with any questions. Communication is key in this process. Please have ... 8 PHP, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx, Ubuntu Nov 20, 2017 今天6天 1时 ¥1340
NGINX plugin for SSO solution Looking for an experienced NGINX *module* programmer. The purpose of the module is to perform a callout to an external web service to determine if the HTTP request is allowed. Our product is an security/SSO/Web Access Management product and the NGINX module will enable NGINX web servers to enforce the security decisions made by our product. You must be able to set up your own NGINX development... 3 C 编程, Linux, Nginx Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 20175天 23时 ¥8919
fix 405 Error on NGINX server We are looking for someone to fix 405 Error on NGINX server. 18 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 20175天 12时 ¥47
PrestaShop 1.7 and nginx server issue PrestaShop 1.7 and nginx server issue: The new back office pages that are served by Symfony( Catalog and Modules) not working. Solution: [链接已删除,请登录查看] Thanks in advance. Kind regards. Miguel. 11 Linux, Nginx Nov 20, 2017 Nov 20, 20175天 8时 ¥166
wordpress url config fox nginx wordpress homepage url with www and rest of site without www. [链接已删除,请登录查看] [链接已删除,请登录查看] [链接已删除,请登录查看] server is with nginx, i can't give you access. just give me code. do right now. 23 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Nginx, HTML Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20174天 16时 ¥172
Manual transfer of WordPress Hi, looking for a manual transfer of WordPress site from one webserver to a new one (same domains, but subdomain install). Details: - old server = based on Easy Engine installation (= NginX, WordPress) - Ubuntu 12.04 - new server = based on already fully installed/working Easy Engine - Ubuntu 16.04, but new Multisite w/ Subdomain - old website = based on only on 3 plugins = Mega Main Menu... 21 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Nginx, HTML Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20174天 10时 ¥186
NGInx Database on raspberry PI I've setted up a Nginx server, that i can now reach from all over the world. however i have some problems, i want all the subfolders inside the WWW to work, as now only the www folder seems to work, if i write ip/admin for example i get Nginx error even though the file is there. I understand its just a small edit in some config file, but i rather get someone with knowledge to do it then myse... 7 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, Nginx, MySQL Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 20174天 4时 ¥117
Port forward my Raspberry pi. As topic says, i've allready setted up server NGINX server aswell as php and mysql, but i cant figure out how i port forward it so the entire world can reach the site insted of just locally on the network. So i need some guideance or help through teamviewer. 1 PHP, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx, MySQL Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20173天 18时 ¥139
Nginx + php-fpm config Nginx is used for live streaming, in [链接已删除,请登录查看] i can see it randomly drops users connection with error "readv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer)" in [链接已删除,请登录查看] i can see error "child exited on signal 9 sigkill " need to find and fix the issue. It can be caused by wrong nginx/php config or some other app which is killing the process. Only real nginx experts... 11 PHP, 系统管理, 视频传播, Nginx Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20173天 15时 ¥769
Configure Varnish & google page-speed modules with Bitnami Nginx stack in AWS Hi, My site is running on Bitnami nginx stack, need someone to configure Varnish & Google page speed module to it and speed up the server. 12 系统管理, Linux, Nginx, 亚马逊网络服务, Ubuntu Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20173天 5时 ¥481
Installation of Wire Messenger Chat Server Required Installation of Wire Open source chat messenger with all server components on Linux based Server. The Developers / Administrator will be required to ensure the following steps :- 1. Fully functional Wire Messenger Chat server Installation and Deployment :- Ensuring the functionality of the Wire Messenger Server by connecting all the open source Wire messenger clients. 2. Document t... 4 Linux, 云计算, Nginx, UNIX, Cassandra Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20172天 4时 ¥907
Linux Tutorial/How To Article Writing Hi, we're looking for linux tutorial writers to write CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian and other tech related How-To articles on our site. Few example titles are 1 - How to fix XXX error on Apache 2 - How to Upgrade PHP 3 - How to Install LAMP on Linux 4 - How to fix command not found errors Few terms are 1. Articles must be unique and not copied off the internet 2. Article word count needs... 16 Linux, WordPress, Article Writing, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201717时 24分 ¥670
Need Urgent Help fixing 502 Bad gateway error nginx on our Nodebb Site Hello, I am running a Nodebb forum and an error started appearing that I am unsure how to deal with. "502 Bad gateway error nginx" This webserver is being hosted on an Ubuntu Dedicated server. 24 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 201716时 34分 ¥597
Setup on a VPS Hi! I need someone who have advanced [链接已删除,请登录查看] knowledge to setup it to me from zero into a CentOS 7 Linode 4GB RAM and 2 CPU VPS. I would like to use it to host my company's websites only, so it is not necessary to setup quota, billing and others limitations stuffs. Better to keep unlimited. I would like to use all the hardware resources to the virtualhosts. Each virtual host must be a... 18 Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx, MariaDB Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017结束 ¥305
Apache Module mod_ssl is not loaded Facing problem with osclass Apache Module mod_ssl is not loaded 9 PHP, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx, MySQL Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017已经结束 ¥172
I lost FTP connection on My Nginx Centos 7 server I have one Dedicated Server, When i connect my server vai FTP and try to upload any file, after few moment it lost the connection and connect again. I am using Centos 7 with Nginx also have webmin+ Virtualmin. Note that: My budget isn't high, this is very easy task for Linux expert :) 12 Linux, 阿帕奇, Chrome 操作系统, Nginx Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017已经结束 ¥33
Build a Website we want to compose a medical search engine for iran and middle east doctors and clinics so that people can search them on google map. every doctor or clinic has a profile can show equipments or abilties on it. we need a website and application ( android and IOs ). the platform that we preffer is ruby on rails for backend and java frameworks for front . 63 Java, 网站设计, 平面设计, Ruby on Rails, Nginx Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017已经结束 ¥18754
install avchat on nginx server I need someone to install avchat on nginx server. Please see... company of avchat don't have tutorial about this installation, have only about wowza and red5. 12 PHP, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx, Debian Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017已经结束 ¥258
Website Optimization(Nginx Server, CWP panel) Hi, my website name is I want A+ on google page speed. 14 PHP, WordPress, 阿帕奇, Nginx, MySQL Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017已经结束 ¥174
Flussonic DVR video upload We have a possibility to trim the video from flussonic DVR player and it will be downloaded in .mp4 to your local PC. Needed to make possibility after pressing a cut (MP4 button) on flussonic player, it will upload this trimmed fragment to web server and generate the download link (local nginx web server). Requirement to implement it in Flussonic DVR player. The drive where to store fragments wi... 3 Javascript, Nginx, HTML5, CSS3 Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017已经结束 ¥126
Kuburnetes Nginx docker I need a Kuburnetes Nginx docker DevOps engineer and needs to be good at Travis CI too I also need a clean fullstacker who is good at Angular 4 7 系统管理, Linux, Nginx, Ubuntu Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017已经结束 ¥3299
Kafka Expert I'm starting Kafka from scratch, and need help ! 5 Linux, Nginx, 亚马逊网络服务, Ubuntu Nov 11, 2017 Nov 11, 2017已经结束 ¥93
Node.js, Http(s) Proxy - Content Modify We develop a map tool (plugin) for web sites. We need to implement "try on your site" feature to test our tool for our potential customers. For that feature we want to show a demo page for our potential customers' sites by http proxy with injecting our scripts. Proxy project will be a standalone "[链接已删除,请登录查看]" project working on http(s):// Custome... 9 Javascript, Nginx, HTML, node.js, 正则表达式 Nov 11, 2017 Nov 11, 2017已经结束 ¥1160
Streaming Live Hello, I did install NGINX for streaming live, but something is wrong. I try to do stream live with differently player and FMLE but nothing. source must to be like this: http://my_IP/live/[链接已删除,请登录查看] you must to fix this bug only from teamviewer 4 PHP, Javascript, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017已经结束 ¥224
Design Complete website B2b and B2c with native Android App Looking for a experienced developer who having knowledge on MongoDB, NodeJS, ReactJS, UI, RestAPI has to develop portal for online recharge business with Admin panel using Nginx server 13 安卓, NoSQL Couch 和 Mongo, Nginx, node.js, Angular.js Nov 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017已经结束 ¥3093
MySQL Performance tuning + frontend speed optimization for huge Magento CE site I am looking for a DBA top expert in optimizing and performance tuning of mysql server and deep knowledge of PHP7. Here is basic detail for what I am looking for: 1) We have huge magento catalog of 200k products in 3 languages (600k in total) 2) Daily there is insert/updation of 200000 products 3) This insertion/updation is taking too much time (around 2 hours main import + 1 hour for ind... 32 PHP, Nginx, MySQL, 数据库管理, 加速器缓存 Nov 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017已经结束 ¥4894
Live Streaming I want to make live streaming from mobile to my website, I have aws account > u need to make me server that streams from mobile to the server and can be published 27 Linux, 软件构架, Nginx, 亚马逊网络服务 Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017已经结束 ¥3382
Webserver Optimization I have a linux webserver as follow: Hardware: [CentOS 7, Linode VPS, 8GB RAM, 4 Cores] Software: Centmin Mod script ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) installled as following: ------- yum -y update; curl -O [链接已删除,请登录查看] && chmod 0700 [链接已删除,请登录查看] && bash [链接已删除,请登录查看] ------- I would like to use it to run 3 wordpress sites and 2 mautic ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) Please I need someone to help me in o... 19 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, Nginx, MariaDB Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017已经结束 ¥312
Secure stalker portal server Need a help to secure stalker portal nginx secure and temporary links 7 PHP, Linux, Nginx, MySQL Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017已经结束 ¥775
Setup of Webserver for Ad network Server We are Ad Network Company where we server Banners and Pop advertising for the advertisers. We buy traffic from our Publishers via JS and Direct Links. We already have our own ad server which we are using with Liquid Web Hosted Server. Server Config is 16 core Intel Xeon e5 2650 dual processor, 64gb Ram, 1tb SSD on Raid 10. But our server is not able to take the load of traffic, we need to setup th... 10 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017已经结束 ¥2743
help integrate rewrite rules in nginx for prestashop Hi, I want to transfer a working prestashop from a cpanel environment to a vps with centmin mod that uses nginx and I have issues with the friendly url settings. I found here [链接已删除,请登录查看] the rewrite code that I need to add to nginx but I don't know in what file exactly. In my server I have 3 config files for nginx : - /usr/local/nginx/conf/[链接已删除,请登录查看] - /usr/local/nginx/conf/con... 10 PHP, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx, Prestashop Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 2017已经结束 ¥172
install speed module on nginx on ubuntu 16.04 on google cloud I need some one to install google page speed modul on nginx on ubuntu 16.04, its max 1 hours job!! 20 系统管理, Linux, Nginx, Ubuntu Nov 7, 2017 Nov 7, 2017已经结束 ¥451
Project for Andre L. Hi Andre L., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 Python, Linux, Nginx, 亚马逊网络服务, , 网络主机 Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017已经结束 ¥484
My linux/ubuntu/nginx server is going slow, losing connection 502 gateway I'm having random issues with my server, it goes slow, has a 502 gateway and then resets. I have a wordpress website on there. 50 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Nginx Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017已经结束 ¥723
Setting up Centos 7 NIGNX configuration for Worpress I need the configuration of NGINX for Wordpress and Joomla CMS to be set up for the following VPS platform : Centos 7.4 (latest), NGINX, MariaDB, PHP7.1 LEMP Using Virtualmin/Webmin Linux control panel The VPS is an LXC container with 4 cores, 8GB. The current problem is 403 Forbiden error. However, I want the NGINX configuration to be optimized for cache etc. as well. I require com... 32 PHP, Linux, WordPress, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 5, 2017 Nov 5, 2017已经结束 ¥769
setting of web sucket service in NginX I have a server which has react-php as web socket service with basic configuration is running well on it. I have another server which is on SSL and my website accessible in https. I want somebody to set all configuration which is needed to web socket service works well on second server and any configuration for secure it. 15 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, Nginx Nov 5, 2017 Nov 5, 2017已经结束 ¥265
Install ReactionCommerce Meteor App on an Ubuntu Node.js VPS A quick install of a Meteor app on a [链接已删除,请登录查看] Ubuntu Server 13 Javascript, Linux, Nginx, node.js, Ubuntu Nov 4, 2017 Nov 4, 2017已经结束 ¥219
http proxy (mitmproxy) I'm doing a project with the apple tv.i am trying to view and modify the http and https requests with [链接已删除,请登录查看] but i am failing so i need someone's help 5 Linux, Nginx, 网络安全, Web Development Nov 4, 2017 Nov 4, 2017已经结束 ¥454
installing edge server - origin server is already installed with nginx and working. - webserver is already installed and working. I would like to install an edge server that takes streams from the origin server and publish them to the webserver. 9 PHP, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 3, 2017 Nov 3, 2017已经结束 ¥608
Optimize my nginx website I need to make the website load fast and less than 5 seconds 16 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Nginx, HTML Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017已经结束 ¥309
404 error nginx-apache directadmin server- Magento Currently there is a 404 error on all pages and except the home page. It is installed, I need a freelancer to check all of the nginx config files and correct the 404 error, it could involve .htaccess as well. It must work using the Directadmin function in custombuild using ./build rewrite_confs. Experience needed in Directadmin configs. This is a micro project due to the 404 error only. 9 PHP, Linux, Magento, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017已经结束 ¥179
Need server for Woocommerce website with nginx location India I need a server to host my e-commerce website(nginx). I don't get much traffic yet but I want to be ready. My current server has high server response rate 15 PHP, Linux, WordPress, 阿帕奇, Nginx Nov 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017已经结束 ¥551
magento configuration 1 and 2 on the same server I have a centos server 7 php7 + nginx + varnish + redis + php-fpm is already installed This setting is working correctly for my magento 1. I am creating another site with magento 2 the same is working I was able to install magento 2 however the screen does not open correctly css and images. I need the best setting for both magentos. I also need to add an additional ip on this same d... 22 PHP, Linux, Magento, Nginx Nov 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017已经结束 ¥232
WP-Admin Cache Problem I am having this issue: [链接已删除,请登录查看] When I create a post and then immediately post another post, it will overwrite the first post. This is apparently related to a caching problem. I am using Ubuntu 16, NGINX and PHP 5.6. ****JOB MUST BE COMPLETED VIA TEAM VIEWER**** 11 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Nginx Nov 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017已经结束 ¥371
Install ssl on nginx server .. On Teamviwr Install ssl on nginx server ... need it to be done with teamviewer .. Budget exact 15$ 10 PHP, 系统管理, Linux, 阿帕奇, Nginx Oct 31, 2017 Oct 31, 2017已经结束 ¥40
Building a Website in C programming I need a website written in c language. I already have the ui design and database. 11 C 编程, 网络安全, Nginx, PostgreSQL, 网络安全 Oct 31, 2017 Oct 31, 2017已经结束 ¥2215
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