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Node.js is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to easily deploy JavaScript based applications and services. Node.js is built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine and can be used to create server-side applications that are secure, scalable, fast and efficient. Node.js Developers have the skills to build secure and performant web applications that can handle large volumes of data in an efficient way.

A Node.js Developer is a skilled programmer with experience in building modern web applications that employ technologies such as Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Node.js Developers are responsible for developing server-side web applications, creating user interfaces for websites or web applications, and developing APIs for servers or browsers. These developers also create custom plugins and modules that extend the functionality of existing applications or websites.

Using to recruit Node.js Developers highly skilled at developing web applications is a great way of getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Here’s some projects that our expert node.js Developers made real:

  • Creating websites with complex functionalities
  • Hosting applications on cloud environments
  • Extracting text from scanned documents or images
  • Building web scrapers
  • Setting up chatbot integrated with OpenAI API
  • Developing user interfaces for websites
  • Developing APIs for server/clients
  • Setting up projects in PC

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    I'm currently in need of a developer who can lay down a simple foundation for my website. That means I only need the project configured without user facing features. I am an engineer but would like to have a bootstrap project for me to work on as a hobby project while I learn new technologies. -On the backend, the system is required to use MongoDB with Mongoose, and Express, and the platform should offer both GraphQL and Rest-API. -On the front-end, the system must use Typescript and NextJS (with app router). It is expected to act as a client to the backend GraphQL and Rest-API.

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    I am in immediate need of a top-tier, experienced web application developer who is well versed in understanding each line of code and documenting their function. This task requires expertise in a robust and varied tech stack that includes - NodeJS, Apollo, Flask, Python, Boto3 and Docker Primary Requirements: - Advanced proficiency in - NodeJS, Apollo, Flask, Python, Boto3 and Docker - Experience in creating highly functional, feature-rich web applications - Ability to begin work immediately - Strong code analyzation and technical documentation skills Tech Stack: - NodeJS, Apollo, Flask, Python, Boto3 and Docker This is for Phase 1 of a project where I need someone to review an abandoned repository, analyze and understand how the code works, and create technical documentation for my tea...

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    Busco un experto para enseñar, asistir y realizar la descarga e instalación exitosa de Node.js en cPanel. Necesito que me muestres cómo configurarlo correctamente paso a paso, asegurando que funcione de manera óptima. El proyecto también incluye configurar MySQL en cPanel de una manera que me permita comprender todo el proceso para futuras referencias. Soy un principiante en el uso de MySQL y mi objetivo es aprender a configurarlo y administrarlo por mi cuenta. - Habilidades Deseadas: 1. Dominio de la configuración de Node.js y MySQL en cPanel. 2. Excelentes habilidades docentes para transmitir los conocimientos de forma sencilla. 3. Paciencia y minuciosidad para que un principiante comprenda los conceptos. Si combinas tu dominio de las habil...

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    I need to build a professional IT consulting website that primarily focuses on Web Design and Development services. This site should also offer APP Design and Development, Data Solutions, and Software Testing services. Key Requirements: - **Web Design and Development:** This is the primary service your site should offer. I've chosen the React + Node.js tech stack for this service. - **Lead Generation:** The primary goal of this site is to generate leads. It should have clear CTA's and a user-friendly design that encourages visitors to contact us or enquire about our services. - **Other Services:** The site should also offer information about APP Design and Development, Data Solutions, and Software Testing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in React + Node.js - Prov...

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    I'm in need of a WhatsApp Business API SaaS script that incorporates a custom chat bot, alongside a range of other features, with admin panel and Paystack and manual payment method. Key elements of this project include: - **Custom Chat Bot:** I envision this bot to be able to work with external APIs to provide dynamic and intelligent responses. - **Google Sheets Integration:** I aim to use Google Sheets to automate certain responses. The bot should be able to read and respond based on data in the sheet. - **Agent Logins and Assignments:** The script should also support agent logins and the ability to allocate chats to different agents. - **WhatsApp Business API:** The final deliverable should be fully functional within the WhatsApp Business API environment. - **PWA Support:** The s...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to create an informative tourism web application that integrates various artificial intelligence (AI) models. The application will be used to test and evaluate different AIs, such as a recommendation system based on user history and an assistant chatbot. The project details are as follows: Requirements: Frontend: Use React to develop an intuitive and responsive user interface. Backend: Development with Python, preferably using Flask or Django to build the necessary APIs. Database: Integration with MongoDB to store user data, history, and other relevant information. AI Integration: Recommendation system that suggests travel destinations based on user history. Assistant chatbot that can answer user questions and offer personalized suggestions. Auth...

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    I'm looking for a web developer experienced in creating dynamic, engaging websites for sports clubs. My requirements are as follows: - The website should primarily serve three purposes: providing information about our club, enabling membership registration, and offering updates on upcoming events. - In the 'Information about the club' section, I need to focus on displaying match summaries and live score updates. - Moreover, live score updates should be updated every minute during matches. The ideal freelancer for this project should be skilled in web development and have prior experience with dynamic data updates, preferably related to sports. Experience working with sports clubs or membership websites will be highly advantageous. and I need complete frontend,backend,adm...

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    I'm in need of a MERN stack expert specifically skilled in MongoDB. The developer will be required to leverage MongoDB to create: - User authentication: You should be able to design a solid, secure, and efficient authentication system for our users. - Data backup: I need a developer with demonstrable experience in effectively and securely backing up data. - Real-time data management: You should have prowess in real-time data management. This involves ensuring that our users gain access to real-time, accurate and updated information promptly. - dynamic live match summary for every minute and maintain the mating the post match summary Having experience in , React.js, and Node.js will be a plus but the main focus is MongoDB. Only expert-level developers with proven track records i...

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    I have an xstreamer script that I need configured to a fully functional state. This involves adding new features and fixing bugs. Key requirements: - Add new parcers from video tube sites to the script - Increase the speed of the database  PS. if you are ready to take on the work, write me a message, I will not write to proposals since no one answers and does not understand, then he writes in the proposal

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    We are looking for an experienced developer to create a Telegram-based airdrop bot. This bot will manage user interactions, verify tasks, and securely distribute cryptocurrency tokens. The ideal candidate should have strong experience in bot development and API integration, with a preference for familiarity with blockchain technology. Responsibilities: Develop and deploy a Telegram airdrop bot. Implement task verification using social media APIs. Ensure secure token distribution through blockchain transactions. Integrate anti-fraud mechanisms. Provide analytics and reporting tools. Maintain and update the bot. Qualifications: Proficiency in Python, JavaScript (Node.js), or similar languages. Experience with frameworks like Django, Flask, or Express. Familiarity with python-telegram-bot ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Node.js and React developer to assist me with several crucial tasks on my project. 1. Slider Content Management Task 1.1: Implement logic to fetch and update slider content from the backend within the frontend component responsible for rendering the slider. need backend editing functionality, provision is currently avaliable for one of the slider. 2. Frontend Notice Management Task 2.1: Design a backend model to store notice data, including content, display duration, and other relevant attributes. Task 2.2: Develop a backend API endpoint to retrieve the active notice data. Task 2.3: Implement a frontend component to display the retrieved notice data 3. URL Redirection Management Task 3.1: Design a backend model to store old URL and new URL mappings for ...

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    I'm looking for a Telegram API expert to assist me in integrating the Telegram API into my existing application. The primary goal of this integration is to enable sending notifications to users. Key Responsibilities: - Work with me to integrate the Telegram API into my existing application - Develop a system for sending relevant and timely notifications to users Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in working with the Telegram API - Previous projects involving sending notifications through Telegram - Strong understanding of RESTful APIs - Excellent communication and problem-solving skills If you have experience in integrating the Telegram API and can help me with this urgent task, please send me your proposal.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a specialized bot for the Fantom network's decentralized exchange (Dex). The key functionalities of this bot will be: - Generate high volume buying and selling in real-time - Utilize multiple wallets for trading I need the bot to effectively manage at least 10 wallets for the purpose of this trading on the Dex platform. The trading should be done using a random distribution strategy across these wallets. It's important that the bot can equalize the prices while trading to maximize profits. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in: - Cryptocurrency trading bots development - Proficiency with the Fantom network - Strong understanding of decentralized exchanges - Advanced programming skills to manage multip...

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    I'm looking for a comprehensive web application that would streamline the operations of my hospital and pathology lab. Key Features: - Patient Registration & Management: The application should facilitate easy registration of new patients and efficient management of their data. - Appointment Scheduling: A user-friendly system that allows seamless scheduling of appointments for both patients and staff. - Billing & Invoicing: A robust billing and invoicing module that will help in accurate financial tracking. PLEASE SHARE YOUR LIVE APPLICATION LINK AND CREDENTIAL FOR CHECKING User Roles: - Admin: The one with full control over the application, including adding/removing users, monitoring activity, etc. - Doctor: A specialized interface for doctors to manage their appointments,...

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    We are developing an Affiliate Website using Strapi and Fomantic UI with Node/JavaScript Strapi is pretty much done and we need someone who can either recreate the website with better a engine or use the existing Fomantic UI Website and make it fancy and responsible. ChatGPT responses will be ignored.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to implement a banking API that can retrieve account balances and transaction histories from multiple banks. The ideal candidate for this project must be proficient in Node.js. Key requirements include: - Implementing functionality to retrieve account balances and transaction histories from multiple banks. - Ensuring that the API is secure, reliable and scalable. - Adhering to best practices in API development and documentation. - Ongoing support for potential updates and bug fixes. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Strong proficiency in Node.js. - Experience with banking APIs or financial data. - Ability to ensure security and scalability in API development. - Familiarity with best practices in API development and documentation. - E...

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    I am in need of an experienced Vue.js and Node.js developer with expertise in using Twilio. I already have an existing Twilio account, however, I need to set up inbound and outbound calling features as well as SMS capabilities. My specific requirements are: - Inbound and outbound calling - I need calls to be able to be made and received from my website. - SMS capabilities - I will need to send and receive messages from my website as well. - Proficiency with Vue.js and Node.js - These are the preferred programming languages for my project, so previous experience is a must. Overall, I'm looking for a freelance developer with solid experience in using Twilio with Vue and Node.js. If you believe this task fits your skill set, please place your bid.

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can set up a robust CI/CD pipeline on AWS, utilizing GitHub Actions to facilitate continuous deployment. In this project, I aim to deploy updates multiple times a day. Key requirements include: - Implementation of GitHub Actions as primary CI/CD tool. - Experience in setting up CI/CD pipelines for frequent deployments is a huge plus. If you can deliver a seamless pipeline that can handle high frequency deployments with ease, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a Telegram Buybot for my platform, Additionally, I need an admin dashboard that provides real-time analytics and reporting. Key Requirements: - Telegram Buybot: Show buy notifications - User-friendly Interface: The bot should be easy to use and understand for our users. - Admin Dashboard: The dashboard should include real-time analytics and reporting features. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Telegram Bot API and related integrations. - Prior experience with creating admin dashboards, preferably with real-time analytics capabilities. - Strong understanding of cryptocurrency markets and trading. - Ability to develop user-friendly interfaces.

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    I need a Node.js or Python expert to integrate an alarm system using the SIA DC-09 protocol. The system is required to be able to send information from a provided JSON string, convert to SIA-DC09 and sent out Key requirements: - Proficiency in Node.js or Python - Familiarity with alarm systems and protocols - Experience with SIA DC-09 protocol - Ability to process and send data from a JSON string - Strong problem-solving and communication skills

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    I want to open a new browser window on the client side. This new window will have the different proxy than the client's internet. The user will work on this new window and close it. Samples:incognition and browserstack etc. My app is built on nodejs and next js

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    I'm currently facing some performance issues in my NodeJS and MongoDB project, and I believe the problem lies in the database aspect. Specifically, I'm looking to optimize the schema design to enhance the overall performance of the application. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in NodeJS and MongoDB, and a good understanding of their interactions. - Experience in database performance optimization, especially schema design review. - Ability to analyze the current schema and identify areas for improvement. - Proven track record of enhancing database performance in similar projects. The freelancer I'm looking for should be able to quickly diagnose the issue, suggest needed modifications, and implement the changes for a more efficient database performance.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    I am urgently seeking an experienced Vue.js developer to assist with several important tasks in my project. The ideal candidate should be an expert in Vue.js and have a proven track record of creating new components, optimizing code, and debugging and fixing issues. Key Responsibilities: - Develop new Vue.js components as per the requirements. - Optimize existing code to improve performance and maintainability. - Identify and resolve any issues within the codebase to ensure a smooth operation of the application. Desired Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a Vue.js developer, with a strong portfolio of relevant work. - Expert level proficiency in Vue.js, including Vue Router and Vuex. - Strong understanding of API integration and database management. - Ability to analyze and opt...

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    Project Description: Food and Cosmetic Ingredient Scanner App Development Project Overview: I am seeking a skilled and experienced mobile app developer (or development team) to create a mobile application that scans labels from food and cosmetic products, identifies ingredients, and provides detailed information about each ingredient, including its purpose and potential health risks. The app should be user-friendly, efficient, and accurate in recognizing text from images and retrieving relevant data. Key Features: 1. Ingredient Scanner: -Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan and recognize text from food and cosmetic product labels. -Support for clear and accurate text extraction from images. 2. Ingredient Database: -Comprehensive database of ingredients found in both food an...

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    I'm looking for a skilled frontend developer with vast experience in html,node.js, react.js, and bootstrap. The focus will be on: - Frontend development, with particular emphasis on creating a robust user authentication system - Implementing advanced interactivity features, which includes highlighting, animations and responsive design The ideal candidate should demonstrate a strong understanding of UI/UX principles and a track record of developing highly interactive interfaces. Demonstrated expertise in implementing user authentication systems will also be crucial for this role. Please provide relevant examples of your work during the bidding.

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    Web-Based Ludo Game -- 2 4 天 left

    I'm seeking a highly skilled developer with expertise in React.js, to create an engaging and interactive Ludo game exclusively for web. Due to its primary target audience being adults, appropriate UI/UX will be critical. - Key Game Features: - Player invite: Ability to add friends and invite them to play. - In-game chat: A seamless in-built chat system for real-time communication among players. - Game Save/Resume: Capability to save and resume games at a later date. Ideal candidates should have prior experience in developing games with these features and be able to deliver an engaging and robust Ludo game. Expert knowledge of React.js is a must.

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    I am in need of a website developer to create a form filling website for me. Key Requirements: - The site should be designed with the primary purpose of enabling users to fill out a form. - The form will require standard fields such as name, email, and phone number. - I'm aiming to have this project completed as soon as possible, so I need a developer who can work efficiently without compromising on quality. - I'm open to suggestions for the most suitable platform or CMS for this type of site. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in website development, particularly in developing form filling websites. - Must have a portfolio that includes similar projects. - Ability to work under tight deadlines. - Good communication skills, as I would like to stay updated on the progress of the...

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    I need basic node.js event listener to listen blockchain event of a few addresses and create a transaction when these events happen. I have working javascript html version but I don't know how to make it work on node.js Freelancer should improve first version to have all working functionalities

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    **Job Type**: Full-time **About Us**: We are a startup in stealth mode located in the Bay Area. Our mission is to revolutionize Event management through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. **Role Overview**: We are seeking an experienced Backend Developer with strong expertise in FastAPI to join our dynamic team. This individual will be responsible for building and maintaining the server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the frontend. **Key Responsibilities**: 1. Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable FastAPI code. 2. Implementation of security and data protection solutions. 3. Integration with frontend components and third-party services. 4. Define and maintain the database models and schemas using MongoEngine...

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    I'm looking for an experienced software engineer proficient in JavaScript and Node.js to help me update and maintain a set of API services. Key Responsibilities: - Update and maintain existing API services. - Implement improvements as needed. - Perform rigorous testing to ensure functionality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in JavaScript and Node.js. - Extensive experience in API service development. - Strong problem-solving skills. - Ability to work independently and as part of a team. - Excellent communication skills.

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    Scrape website using node 4 天 left

    Looking for an highly experienced node programmer who can scrape website for given sky codes. Complete details Will be provided to shortlisted candidates.

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    I'm in search of a full stack developer who can provide real-time training specifically geared towards building web applications. Key Requirements: - Proficient in JavaScript, Python, Ruby - Experienced in React.js, Angular.js, Node.js Your role will involve: - Demonstrating best practices in web application development - Providing hands-on training for each of the mentioned programming languages and frameworks - Offering guidance on building scalable, efficient, and secure web applications - Help students with troubleshooting and problem-solving - Sharing industry insights and current trends The ideal candidate will have: - Strong communication skills - Prior experience in teaching or training - A good command of the mentioned programming languages and frameworks - A portfolio sh...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer who can effectively deploy my Node.js code on an AWS EC2 instance in the Asian Pacific South Hyderabad region. Here are a few key details to provide you with further context: - The operating system that I'd like to use for the EC2 instance is Windows. - It's important that the latest stable version of Node.js is installed on the instance. - While I haven't specified any additional services to be configured, I'm open to suggestions and recommendations from experts on what might be useful for this project.

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    My name's is Raju, and I'm currently facing an issue with PurgeCSS on my Node.js project. I've attempted to troubleshoot, but the application is not purging the unused CSS as it should. I'm hoping to work with someone who has: - Profound experience with Node.js. Though I have an intermediate understanding of Node.js, I could benefit from the expertise of someone more knowledgeable. - Proven experience with PurgeCSS. This is a main issue I'm encountering, so I need someone capable of efficiently troubleshooting and solving this problem. Your tasks would include: - Analyzing the current setup of PurgeCSS in the application. - Pinpointing the reason why the application does not purge unused CSS. - Assisting in implementing the proper fix to the issue experienced....

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    I'm looking for FullStack Developer experienced in Flutter and backend development who can help me with in relation to database (MySQL/PostgreSQL), Flutter, Laravel. Currently, I'm facing issues related to database errors which are affecting the system's performance. Key tasks include: - Identifying and fixing the root cause of the database errors. - Implementing optimization strategies to enhance the database's performance. -Data Transfer to aws Ideal candidates will have: - Proficient in working with relational databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL. - Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills. - Experience with database optimization techniques. - The ability to work independently to resolve performance issues. Your primary goal will be to ensure the system...

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    Additional Development Items Required 1) Game design changes and front-end additional work - Add chip design and animation (already have animation as gif file) - Add card animation (have card flip animation as Gif) - Game Table Detail Image Resource Replacement / Mobile Desktop Responsive (In-game button image, user profile, etc.) - Korean translation - Ranking Page - Free bulletin board (similar to forum site)/ Writing, content ui/ux implementation 2) Developing game-side options - Development of real-time majority rule voting options among users - Side Game Algorithm 1. All-in or Fold - Side Game Algorithm 2. Forced Big Blind Betting - Side game algorithm 3. Run it TWICE - Message display (display chat messages by mouse click rather than keyboard type) - Emoji Animation Features 3) De...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a web app that will revolutionize the way combat sports fans engage with their favorite sports. Key Features: - **Live Streaming of Combat Sports Events:** Users should be able to watch MMA fights in real time and place bets. - **Peer-to-Peer Betting System:** The app needs to facilitate peer-to-peer betting in a secure and reliable manner. - **User Account Registration and Management:** Users should be able to create and manage their accounts within the app. I would like to start with a web app first. An ideal candidate for this project should have experience in developing complex, real-time applications, as well as a good understanding of the gambling industry (especially in relation to sports betting). Experience with liv...

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    I need an expert in Node.js to test a script I have. This script is responsible for sending verification emails to users. It's crucial that this script is thoroughly tested to ensure it's working correctly and efficiently. Key Requirements: - The script is designed to verify a user's email address. Therefore, the freelancer should ensure that upon receiving the email, the user is able to confirm their email address. - The script currently uses the email service provider 'stack mail'. The freelancer needs to test the script with this particular email service provider to ensure smooth working and delivery of emails. - The urgency of this project is high. I request that the freelancer completes the testing as soon as possible. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Node....

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    I'm seeking an experienced engineer to develop a fully functional online casino platform. This project will involve not just game development, but also essential non-gaming systems. Key Features: - Slot machine, Card Games, and Roulette Wheel: The platform must include a variety of these classic casino games. - Account Management: Users should be able to create accounts, manage their details, and view game history. - Transaction Systems: The system should support secure deposits and withdrawals. - KYC Integration: The platform should include full KYC integration for user verification. - Analytics: The platform should be equipped with user and gaming analytics. - Security: High-level security measures should be implemented to safeguard user accounts and transactions. Ideal Skills: ...

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    We are seeking a skilled freelancer to develop a new feature for our existing app. This feature will enhance the image capture functionality by adding capabilities such as adding the date, location, blur, text, and drawing on images. This is just a brief overview; a full description will be provided to the right candidate. Technical Details: Frontend: React Native Backend: Node.js Database: MySQL Responsibilities: Develop and integrate the image enhancement feature into our existing app. Ensure the feature works seamlessly across different devices. Collaborate with our team to refine and improve the feature based on feedback. Provide clear documentation and support for the new feature. Qualifications: Proven experience with React Native and Node.js. Familiar...

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    Someone who has really good knowledge of NestJS and Redis. I am trying to connect to a remote Redis Server in redis config is "requirepass" activated. I am using Redis 6.2 where I may also use the aclfile Problem is I am not able to connect to remote redis Server. anyone who can solve this issue?

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    I'm looking for a developer experienced in working with the API. The primary goal of this project is to implement this API effectively. Key Requirements: I want create api in php to Generate QR Code, Receive Status Of QR code if its logged in Send Text , Multimedia Sms Send Group Sms Send Broadcast Sms Get notification Of Incoming sms in callback

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    I am currently seeking a highly skilled web developer to transform a Figma design into a fully operational website using Node and React. Additionally, the website will necessitate an administrative dashboard for content management. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in both front-end and back-end development, along with proficiency in Node and React. Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving abilities are essential. The project will entail implementing responsive web design, integrating APIs, and ensuring compatibility across various browsers. Must use some project tracking tool and revision control like. GIT. Looking for some extremely efficient with fast turnaround once Figma design are made available. Key qualifications include: - Proficiency in Node.js ...

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    I need a seasoned developer to integrate OpenAI GPT-4o into my existing React/Vite application. The main functionality I aim to achieve is auto-generating marketing content. Particularly, the system should be able to create persuasive copywriting pieces that invoke interest and drive conversions. Key requirements include: - Deep understanding of both OpenAI GPT-4o and React/Vite - Experience in working with natural language processing tools and chatbots - Knowledgeable in modern marketing practices The ideal candidate must provide examples of similar projects they've successfully completed. Your expertise will be leveraged to design an innovative, seamless system that suffices my Firm's content creation needs.

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    I'm in need of a professional web developer to help me build website app with frontend. The main purpose of the app is selling downloadable software - one time payment and through monthly subscriptions. Key Features: - User Registration and Authentication: The website should allow users to sign up and sign in securely. - Product Listing and Search: Users should be able to search, view and select from a wide range of downloadable software. - Payment Gateway Integration: The app needs to support secure payment processing for the software subscriptions. - Software Download on Payment: After a successful payment, the software should be available for download. - Upload to Amazon S3 and pcloud: The software should be uploaded to Amazon S3 and pcloud after purchase. Further Requirements: ...

    $592 (Avg Bid)
    $592 平均报价
    133 个竞标

    Project Overview: We are looking for a developer to work on a project called “Secure Financial Data Management and Conversational Chatbot System.” The project entails several key components, as detailed below: 1. Data Integration: • Read and integrate financial data from multiple sources, including CSV files, Excel sheets, and Teradata. • Collaborate to define the structure of the financial data. We will start with an example and refine it together. 2. Conversational Chatbot: • Develop a chatbot that can retrieve and display financial data in a user-friendly manner. • The chatbot should respond to user queries with friendly and conversational replies. • It should be capable of generating graphs and tables based on user inputs. • Initially...

    $1101 (Avg Bid)
    $1101 平均报价
    92 个竞标
    Vuejs+Nodejs+Mongo Solar CRM 3 天 left

    I'm seeking a developer to help me create a Solar CRM system with a strong emphasis on sales pipeline management. Key Features: - Automated email follow-ups: To keep our communication with leads and customers streamlined. - Customizable sales stages: So our team can easily align the system with our unique sales process. - Integrated calendar for scheduling: To ensure that our sales team is able to effectively schedule appointments and follow-ups. User Interface Expectations: - Clean and minimalist design: We want the system to be easy to navigate and visually appealing. - Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality: To facilitate easy management of our sales pipeline. - Visual analytics and reporting: To help our team extract actionable insights from our sales data. Ideal Skills: - Prof...

    $2284 (Avg Bid)
    $2284 平均报价
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    Project Description: Crypto Project and Token Sale Fundraising Launchpad Project Overview We are seeking a highly skilled developer to create a complete crypto project launchpad. The project will include launching a web page, with general project info and token sale platform (project token) , and the deployment of smart contracts on the blockchain. The goal is to have a fully functional, secure, and user-friendly platform ready fast. Project Requirements • Web Page: Develop a responsive web page with a user-friendly interface for showcasing the project and facilitating the token sale. • Token Sale Platform: Create a decentralized exchange (DEX) mechanism for selling the project tokens. • Smart Contracts: Develop and deploy secure smart contracts for the project token (an...

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr 平均报价
    87 个竞标

    I'm currently facing a console error issue in my JavaScript code on Google Chrome. I have full access to the source code where the error is occurring, so I need an expert who can help me identify and fix this bug. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in JavaScript and debugging tools - Extensive experience in troubleshooting console errors, especially in Google Chrome - Ability to work efficiently and effectively with existing source code Your main task will be to locate and resolve the error causing the console issue. A deep understanding of JavaScript and debugging practices will be essential for this task. The successful candidate will be able to quickly identify the problem and implement the necessary fixes.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 平均报价
    8 个竞标


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