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PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced, powerful, and efficient open source relational database management system, and some of the world’s most demanding applications rely on PostgreSQL as their primary database management system. PostgreSQL is known for its accuracy, security, and scalability. A PostgreSQL Developer creates ways to store corporate data in a reliable, secure, and efficient way. They can create scalable databases using these technologies - this means that a PostgreSQL Developer can help you keep up with the ever increasing demand for larger amounts of data. They can also develop applications to read from and write to these databases and optimize existing databases for better performance.

Compared to other database management systems, PostgreSQL boasts superior performance, reliability and security. This Database Management System is also renowned for its extensibility, meaning that it allows developers to customize their databases according to the exact needs of their application and load requirements - whether it's a simple web application or huge enterprise scale solutions.

Here's some projects our expert PostgreSQL Developer made real:

  • Developing unique solutions with Odoo Manufacturing & Maintenance Module
  • Connecting web applications with secure REST API integrations
  • Creating data extraction scripts with Nodejs
  • Developing complex SaaS solutions with Laravel/React/AWS
  • Implementing advanced authentication protocols (JWT)
  • Truckloads of migration projects from different AWS stacks & SSO integrations
  • Developing automation & no-code project pipelines leveraging nodejs and python
  • Building serverless Java applications with Springboot and other frameworks
  • Publishing/Hosting express.js & handlebars.js web apps

PostgreSQL technology has been a go-to solution for many clients when creating bespoke applications that meet the needs of their business. Our PostgreSQL Developers have built everything from small custom applications to complex enterprise solutions on You too can hire an expert developer here today to make your project happen!

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    I need an experienced Odoo developer to help me complete my project as soon as possible. Key Project Details: - Should configure the Business whatsapp on meta and integrate the Odoo Whatsapp settings, so that I start getting messages into the Odoo App. Skills and Experience Required: - Proven experience with Odoo development is a must. - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet an urgent deadline. - While there are no specific design preferences, an understanding of clean, minimalistic design principles would be beneficial. If you can take on this project and meet the ASAP deadline, please get in touch.

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    I'm looking for a professional software developer to help me create a comprehensive AML and Anti-Terrorism Financing software. The primary features of this software should include a Risk Assessment Tool, Transaction Monitoring System, and Compliance Reporting Module. Key requirements include: - The software should be easily integrable into our existing systems using API. - It should support Custom Data Import/Export capabilities. - There should also be a provision for manual data entries. In addition to the functionality, the software should have a modern and sleek design. It should be intuitive for users and should reflect a high standard of corporate branding. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in AML and Anti-Terrorism Financing software development. - Exper...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python developer with experience in building basic inventory management systems to create a simple, yet effective application for my small retail store. Key Features: - Product Management: The system should allow for the addition, update, and removal of product entries. - Stock Tracking: The application needs to keep track of stock levels for all products. - Reporting: The system should generate, on a weekly basis, simple yet informative reports on stock levels, sales, and product performance. - User Authentication: The system should have a user authentication feature to ensure data security. I'm open to suggestions regarding the design and layout of the system. The ideal candidate should be adept at using Flask for web development and SQL for datab...

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    We need a comprehensive membership management system for a professional lawyers' association. This system should include the following features: Lawyer Registration: Each registered lawyer will receive a unique identification code. The registration process will collect personal, professional, and contact information. Lawyers will be required to pay an initial fee to join the association. Payment Management: The system should handle initial registration fees and monthly membership dues. Payments can be made via various methods (credit card, bank transfer, etc.). Certificate Issuance: Automatic generation of A4-sized Membership Certificates for registered lawyers. Certificates should be available for download in PDF format and also sent via email. Invoicing: Issuance of invoices or...

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    I'm looking for a talented TypeScript developer to help me set up a TypeORM nested entity structure on PostgreSQL. The goal is to have CRUD operations implemented for this entity. Key Requirements: - TypeORM: You should have experience working with TypeORM nested entities. - PostgreSQL: Knowledge of PostgreSQL and its integration with TypeORM. - NestJs. The project involves: - Setting up the nested entity in TypeORM. - Implementing CRUD operations for the entity. I'm looking for someone with clear communication skills and a solid foundation in both TypeScript and PostgreSQL. Please share any relevant experience you have with TypeORM and PostgreSQL in your bid. Also, i have written all entities needed and all relations

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    I'm in search of a Laravel/PostgreSQL developer with significant experience and skill in a few key areas. Key Project Components: - Front-end Development: The primary goal here is to enhance user experience. Your ability to understand and implement user-centric design principles is essential. - Database Optimization: The primary focus is on query performance. I need someone who can ensure the database is performing at its best, making searches fast and efficient. - Integration with TypeSense search: You will be responsible for integrating our application with TypeSense, so experience with this tool is a definite plus. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Laravel and PostgreSQL experience - Proven track record with front-end development focused on enhancing user experience - Deep ...

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    Hi, Looking for Expert in React, Node, PostgreSQL, and cloud server ( Vercel ), who can help me for long time. We have developed one small SaaS application, so we have 70+ minor bugs which we got in second level testing, we fixed 150+ bugs in first level testing those are cleared and working fine. You find them in below google sheet: Please let me know Guys, Please apply if you are really can handle and interested. Thank you. Team.

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional who can help me set up a private database with a primary focus on storing customer information. The system should be accessed through a web interface, this being the preferred mode. Key requirements include: - Implementing basic encryption techniques to secure the database from unauthorized access. - Setting up a user authentication system to ensure only approved personnel can access the data. - Providing technical support on how to manage the database and monitor its security. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in database management and security, with a focus on customer information. - Experience in working with web-based database interfaces. - Knowledge of basic encryption methods and user authentication. - Strong communicati...

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer who can help me fetch real-time stock data from my Broker Terminal (Dhan) to a local database. The data needs to be fetched on a minute basis for both NSE and BSE. Requirements: - Fetch Price data, Volume data and Trade data. - Store the fetched data in separate databases for NSE and BSE. The purpose of this project is threefold: 1. **Data Analysis**: I need to be able to run analysis on the data being fetched. 2. **Real-time Monitoring**: It's essential that the data is updated every minute. 3. **Historical Record Keeping**: I'd like to maintain a historical record of the data fetched. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in stock market data fetching. - Strong experience in data storage and database management. - Ability to ...

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    Je recherche un expert pour la mise en place d'un WEBSERVICE utilisant les technologies FASTAPI et POSTGRE. Ce que j'attends du projet : - Authentification sécurisée : Le service doit inclure un système d'authentification impliquant l'utilisation de mot de passe, jeton d'accès et la possibilité de connexion avec email. - Gestion des données efficace : Les opérations sur les données des utilisateurs doivent inclure la possibilité de lecture et écriture. De plus, le service doit prendre en compte le fait qu'un utilisateur ne doit pas accéder aux données d'un autre. Ce que je recherche chez le freelance : - Solide expérience avec FASTAPI et POSTGRE : Il est essentie...

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    I would line adapt Chatwoot Automation Rule module to support drawflow library like atendant flow in this case its necessary to change chatwoot source code to create a parent struct for messages identifying the last received message from automation-rule and then execute the sequential automation rule.

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    Necesito un programador que me pueda crear un servicio web que permita a diferentes organizadores de torneos introducir los partidos de los torneos que organizan. Los partidos se guardan en 3 tablas diferentes (inplay para partidos en directo, ended para partidos terminados y upcoming para partido futuros) Todas las tablas se guardarán en una BD POSTGRESQL (supabase) Backend en nodeJS y front se puede elegir el que más experiencia se tenga. El servicio web debe contar con las siguientes características: 1. Sistema de login con gestión de usuarios en firebase. 2. Página para introducir información sobre el torneo 3. Página para introducir información sobre cada jugador 4. Página para introducir los partido futuros (upcoming). So...

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    Web Scraping (WM) 1 天 left

    I'm seeking coders experienced in Python for a project that involves scraping data from a particular car listing web site on a daily basis. The scraped data should be stored in a Postgre database. Key Requirements: - Web scraping data from a particular brazilian website - Collecting car details, pricing information and seller contact details - Proficiency in Python - Experience working with Postgre databases - Implementing a daily data scraping schedule The project requires someone who can ensure the scraped data is accurate, timely, and is able to handle the data efficiently. A background in web scraping, database management and Python programming is an absolute must. --- Create a program that daily scrapes car listings from a particular brazilian car listing website, for a speci...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Python Developer to help debug and make my entire script asynchronous. This job does not involve identifying and rectifying specific errors, but rather improving the overall function of the script so it runs more efficiently. The ideal candidate for this job would be someone with: - Strong understanding of Python, particularly with the asyncio library - Proven experience with debugging Python scripts - Knowledge in making scripts asynchronous, primarily focusing on the entire script rather than specific functions - Good problem solving and critical thinking skills

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    Looking for a Senior Python Developer for code reviewing. You will need to check the code for several parameters that I will provide to you in private chat. You need to be available right away for the code review.

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    Looking for a Node.js developer to build backend infrastructure for our e-commerce platform using Medusa. Everything is documented in a clear way on Medusa's documentation. You will add & modify existing modules for according to the project's need. Requirements: - Proficiency in Node.js and JavaScript/TypeScript. - Proficiency in maintaining architecture and writing scalable code - Experience with Medusa or similar headless commerce platforms. - Familiarity with RESTful API design, database technologies (PostgreSQL/MySQL), and security measures. Bonus Skills: Knowledge of frontend frameworks (React, Vue.js). Experience with cloud platforms and CI/CD pipelines. What do we care about ? You can apply if you have built at least one e-commerce backend with/without a headless pl...

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    1. All configurators in one system. A separate configurator for each product. 2. Only display configurator after entering a customer number. Configuration is not possible without a customer number. 3. Use customer number to recognise which configurators / products are available. 4. Do not display prices on the website, no direct sales. 5. The preview image of the product should be constantly updated depending on the configuration. 6. After completing the configuration, no order should be created in the system, but an offer should be created automatically as an Excel file, which is not sent to the customer, but to the office sales department, which checks the offer and can see which parts have been added, so that prices are added and finally sent to the customer. A second Excel file must al...

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