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Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources in order for projects to come to success and fruition. It involves the successful completion of a series of steps in order to achieve project goals and objectives. If your business needs help with project management of general nature or specifically in software project management, then you have come to the right place. You can take the help of project managers and expert freelancers using this site. Start by posting your project management job today.
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Building Information Modeling (Technical report on Project Brief and Project execution plan) Need a specialist who understands BIM and has a core competency in Civil engineering Project management. The two reports are technically advanced and requires proficiency in BIM. 6 项目管理, 建筑结构, 技术写作, 土木工程, 建筑设计师 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 14时 ¥825
Project for gspence01 Hi gspence01, I was trying to bid on your project but it wouldn't give me the blue button to do so. I would love to discuss with you about the position if it is available. I have experience and have work samples to provide. Let me know, Thank you, Lauren 2 项目管理, 管理, 财务, 商业分析, , 财务分析 Oct 23, 2017 今天9天 14时 ¥52937
Help me write a project plan Agile project plan, 20 pages, almost done. Need someone to fill up some sections, proof read it and fix any mistakes in the content or writing style 12 项目管理, 数据科学 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 13时 ¥133
University Assignment-Faculty Of Business-Business Plan Good Day. I Have A Business Plan Assignment For My University, Please Read The Attached File For The Requirements. It Is Only Few Questions To Answer, With A Specific Guidelines Mentioned In The File As Well. Thanks. 24 项目管理, 商业计划, Research Writing, 商业分析, 商业写作 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 12时 ¥378
Need someone to help manage /administrate Health seminars (manual therapy/emotional work) in USA/Canada + many international seminars to overview. Need someone to help manage /administrate Health seminars (manual therapy/emotional work) in North America + many international seminars to overview. Many tasks to do from answering the phone, entering registrations in the data base, updating the website, helping with newsletters, marketing, facilitating all aspects of a seminar business etc. Very nice clients as they are oriented toward health,... 7 项目管理, 客户服务, 商务智能 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 12时 ¥133
Performance Measurement in Supply Chain Management Project Performance Measurement in Supply Chain Management Individual Project Performance Measurement of a major Function or Process in SCM Objective: *Describe Performance Measurement for a Function or Process within Supply Chain Management, other than Warehousing. *You can use template on Warehousing, i.e. cover Quality measures, Utilization measures, Productivity measures, and Performance measures ... 17 项目管理, 技术写作, 管理, Research Writing, 商业分析 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 11时 ¥358
Assistance with developing a basic project plan & timeline / Gantt Chart etc, I need an experienced project manager to assist with some basic project management tasks. I am familiar with what I need to do for the project, ( IT Software installation & implementation) I just don't know the best way to put it into a project plan. I am responding to a bid that requires a project plan in Microsoft Project. If you have MS Project and the experience to put a quick pla... 9 项目管理, 管理, Research Writing, 项目调度, 商业分析 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 9时 ¥769
Advertisement and Marketing project Butter bakery is a new Persian inspired bakery and cafe where good quality food is valued and promoted. Most of the products are made freshly from scratch on the premises every day. As a business, we understand our role in bringing quality food in our customers' daily consumption to promote a healthier life style especially in this time and age when people are busier than ever. Butter Bakery&... 10 项目管理, 交流, 文学写作, 创意设计, 社交媒体营销 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 9时 ¥1971
Knowledge Management Exam Knowledge Management Exam 20 项目管理, 管理, 库存管理, 产品管理, 组织变革管理 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 9时 ¥723
I need a assistant I need someone on commission based to manage clients and leads You will be managing my CRM 29 项目管理, 数据输入, 市场, 虚拟助手 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 8时 ¥166
Security program I need a Security program document that discusses 7 points: 1- Overview of the company (Vission) 2-Business Impact Analysis 3-Contingency Planning 4- Enterprise Information Security Policy 5-Issue Specific Policies 6- Security Education Training and Awareness 7-Security Staff I will add a case study and some materials related to the project 22 网络安全, 项目管理, 计算机安全, 技术写作, Research Writing Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 5时 ¥882
Other or not sure The skills that are shown is more preferred. If you are missing something please make it know and maybe you can be trained on how to do it. The Job is commission based pay. 5 a week plus the commission base pay. Need someone who is fully capable of running my Company, when I'm away. Preferred for you to not have another job but if you do, I'll see what we can do. Contact for more details 5 项目管理, 会计, 市场, 人力资源, 商务教练 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 4时 ¥139
Advertising copywriters who can be very creative and at times be bland when necessary. - open to bidding Please email your resume along with samples of your best work. We're looking for experienced copywriters who have done either: ethical pharmaceutical, recruitment, real estate, retail, or b2b. We're a 20 year old recruitment advertising agency with Fortune 1000 clients. We're gutsy and creative and sometimes we have to be traditional. We're looking for solid copywriters who c... 7 文案写作, 项目管理, 训练, 博客, 抄写 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 4时 ¥862
operation management Operation management PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Project is intended to provide you the opportunity to create new knowledge based on the knowledge you are learning in this course. This can be done in one of two ways: Either by applying knowledge from the course in solving a real world problem or situation OR on a theoretical basis, combine knowledge into a new theory. These two types of pro... 29 项目管理, 工程, 报告写作, Research Writing, 商业分析 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 4时 ¥882
Heavy Equipment Group Assessment 1.) Using the Assessment tools i had in my previous Module and research done. I would like you to help and provide me a complete assessment of the company i am currently working for(i will provide the research paper and details of the company im working). 2.) If you were the CEO what would you change and why? (answer from the information i will give about the company im working on now and the ... 27 项目管理, 研究, 报告写作, Article Writing, Research Writing Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 3时 ¥1167
make an oral presentation. work described in the attachment. 16 项目管理, Powerpoint Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 2时 ¥166
Administrative Assistant - Marketing Focus Our company focuses on Healthcare Education. We produce specialty specific seminars that are presented yearly from Jan thru May to a live audience. Additionally, we pre-record seminars, which require editing and selling them on our website. We are in the pre-launch phase and are in need of someone to help us project manage the entire process. Please see a high-level overview of the steps below. ... 8 网络市场, 项目管理, 市场, 虚拟助手 Oct 23, 2017 今天6天 ¥14708
Project Management We are looking forward for a freelancer to have a knowledge sharing session on MS PROJECT MANAGEMENT 10 项目管理 Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 20175天 20时 ¥106
timesheet admin for 6 staff small landscape design company timesheet admin for 6 staff set up on internet and provide monthly analysis on projects worked - hours allocated etc 23 PHP, 网站设计, 项目管理, Excel, HTML Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 20175天 19时 ¥166
Research on lean or lean-sixgma in ambulatory (outpatient) care facilities. I am seeking someone for research on lean or lean-sixgma in ambulatory (outpatient) care facilities. The research must be a combination of web and literature review and articles must be no older than 7 years. 2010- present Ideal candidate MUST have access to journal databases and can access scientific papers from various professional sites such as IOM, NAS, NIH, NIMH, and NHS. Prefer som... 14 项目管理, 研究, 医药, 医药写作, 商务智能 Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 20175天 18时 ¥484
air condition installation project Project Time Management -Project Schedule & Use of MS Project Project Cost Management requirement: microsoft project 2010 budget: 120 nzd 9 项目管理, 技术写作, 管理, Research Writing, 项目调度 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 14时 ¥555
PR Agency / Consultant Needed for new Pet Sitter Market Place We're a new online pet sitter market place, providing local, trusted and insured pet sitters to pet owners for all pets great and small. We've just about completed our live website beta testing in Sydney and need an experienced PR manager / agency to push our new business out to market. The successful applicant will have an existing: • Book of media publication and edi... 5 网络市场, 项目管理, 市场, 公共关系, 搜索引擎销售 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 14时 ¥3463
Assist with Project Management Managing multiple clients interfacing between the client and needs and production 16 项目管理, 社交网络, Content Strategy Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 7时 ¥40
Recruit full time/part time employees We need you to appoint full time employees for our start up. location Pune. India. You need to find, scrutinize, interview and appoint the employees with experience in Php, python, angular-js, sql, SEO, Website monetization, Hosting & Security, AWS etc Required 1 UI/UX developer 1 Php devloper 1 pythona 1 android (Hybrid app developer for android and ios) 1 angular-js sql 1 Cont... 4 项目管理, 人力资源, 招募 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 7时 ¥2156
Diploma of management bsb51107 answers Project Description: Require answers or copy of answers for BSB51107. Containing answers for the following course BSBMGT502B, BSBCUS501C, BSBMGT515A, BSBMGT516C, BSBPMG510A, BSBSLS502A, BSBWOR501B, BSBWOR502B. Would like answers to compare with my current work in operational management. Would like to use own words need complete help to answer questions. Can email Activities to be completed. 8 项目管理, 技术写作, 商业计划, 商业分析 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 6时 ¥630
Italian speaking IT Virtual Assistant / Project Manager URGENT We are looking for a skilled IT project manager to handle communications with our customer and coordinate work with developers. Budget is for one project. Projects are: - web sites - ecommerce platforms - CRM/ERP - backoffice Skills: - English/Italian native or fluent - QA/Testing Work hours: Italian timezone (Central European Time) Tools: *Removed by Admin as it encourages offsite communicatio... 5 项目管理, 测试/质量管理, 虚拟助手, 软件测试, 客户服务 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 4时 ¥1107
Project Manager for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia We are on a lookout for a hardworking and responsible person, has Knowledge with digital marketing to manage and grow with our team of digital marketing experts that helps business to unleash their idea through Facebook. Note: This will be a homebased work which will transition to an office-based position in Kuala Lumpur. How to Apply : [链接已删除,请登录查看] us your application, stating what are yo... 10 项目管理, SEO, Facebook营销, Facebook API, Social Media Management Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 3时 ¥112
Looking for business assistant We are looking for business assistant. Please contact us for discussing more. Thanks 30 项目管理, 英语(美国), 英语拼写, 英语语法 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 3时 ¥83
Expanding business in Europe Erenimi Archery (Riga Archery @ TripAdvisor) invites you to feel the touch of history by testing out your skills with one of our bows in Archery shooting ranges located in Riga (Latvia), Krakow (Poland) and Belgrade (Serbia). For those who like being outdoors and enjoy active and exciting outdoor activities and opportunities to try something new, our offering is right in the bulls-eye, because arc... 3 项目管理, 法学研究, 体育, 活动策划, 房地产 Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175天 ¥14289
Project for Matimtiman N. Hi Matimtiman N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 文案写作, 翻译, 网络市场, 视窗桌面, 项目管理, Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20177天 16时 ¥61
Design operational framework for grant scheme MSME grant operational framework designer needed 6 项目管理, 报告写作, 商业计划, 财务, 商业分析 Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174天 13时 ¥358
Assist with Project Management to lunch a set of online services and implementations 25 项目管理, 网站管理, 网络主机, 网络服务, Web Development Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174天 10时 ¥3747
Help us to improve our workflow using existing project management tools Hi! Wanderlust Videos is a small Video Post Production Company. We have clients in different countries and have editors working remotely around the world. We have increase our daily operations and we can´t keep doing the administrations using tons of excel worksheets because it's very inefficient. We have tried some project management tools like [链接已删除,请登录查看] but any of those meet o... 12 项目管理, 商业分析, 商业催化剂, 商务教练 Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174天 6时 ¥3780
Create non-profit strategic plan Please help my non-profit/501(c) - Global Circular Enterprise develop targeted strategic plans, seek funding and move the organization forward. Non-Profit Strategic Plan should focus on: Development of quality programs Delivering quality programs/benefits to the focus areas Fund raising strategies Greatest benefit to the intended beneficiaries 12 项目管理, 商业计划, Research Writing, 商业分析, 商业写作 Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174天 4时 ¥1313
Build & Maintain a Website I have attached the link below of a website in similar layout to what we want. [链接已删除,请登录查看] We are looking to build a property developers website which will contain the following for a fixed monthly fee • Legal document store ( they will be able to adjust templates on our website and then download them) • business accounting software, • build/construction software, (this ... 22 PHP, 网站设计, 平面设计, 项目管理, HTML Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174天 1时 ¥6814
Write a strategic plan for a private college. We are looking for somebody to help develope and write up in a formal document a strategic plan for our college. We will help with inputs, but formalising the document will be your job. Experience is necesarry, we want to see examples. 47 项目管理, 商业计划, Research Writing, 商业分析, 商业写作 Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174天 1时 ¥1520
Australian only - every role imaginable in web / app coding, PAs, marketing, coding, server admin, etc Australians only - no exceptions. Fluent English only - no exceptions. I need and ongoing supply of: - PHP coders (wordpress, and Laravel mainly)... some web scraping as well - Project Managers (to manager coders, designers, etc) - Server Admins (linux, ubuntu, webmin, cpanel) for various issues as they arise - PA / transcribing (you MUST be tech savvy - no exceptions) for ad-hoc work -... 5 PHP, Linux, 项目管理, 虚拟助手, Digital Marketing Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 14时 ¥264
procurement and cost consultancy report I need you produce 6000 words report about evaluation of client objectives and determine the appropriate selection of procurement systems for design and construction services and establish relational and contractual arrangements among various stakeholders, and establish how they deal with issues and critically evaluate supply chain relationships and develop strategies for various stakeholders in ... 31 项目管理, 报告写作, Research Writing, 施工监测, 采购 Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 13时 ¥1400
Economic Analysis/Industrial Engineering Hello, I have a project that I need help with in economic analysis Thanks 17 项目管理, 工业工程, Economics Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 11时 ¥710
proposal for PPP 1500 words needed Toward a framework development for risk management of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects 31 项目管理, 技术写作, 报告写作, Article Writing, Research Writing Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 11时 ¥225
proposal in ppp 1500 words Toward a framework development for risk management of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects 34 项目管理, 技术写作, 软件构架, 报告写作, Research Writing Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 11时 ¥2255
Freelancer Account Manager We are looking for someone to manage our freelancer account to get us some projects. We are an up and coming programming firm based in the Dallas Texas area. Your job would be to find projects for us to build. We can currently handle 5-10 projects and any given time and we are looking to expand very rapidly. If you can get the projects for us, we can do them. 12 项目管理, 自由职业 Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 10时 ¥66
I'm urgently in need of my company short profile to be written ASAP The articles will be printed and we are going to distribute to shops in our town. The content will include short introduction of our company, demonstration of our website with all features and functions, it's uses and the impact on economic growth, and conclusion with uses of inspiring to directly willing them to sign up/post advertisement. I will provide the draft..for your reference. maximu... 2 项目管理, 研究, 报告写作, Research Writing, , 微生物学 Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20176天 5时 ¥13
PRINTING PRESS & PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Features Job card with Form name, No of Copies, Paper & Grammage, Perforated, Qty, Paper size, Colors used, No from & No to, Book No from, Book No to, Proof Details, Side of print, art work etc. Job card report (Customer wise, Salesman wise, Date wise) Job Status report ( Invoiced, Not Invoiced, Not Done, Pending etc) Easy to search previous job details & reprint order. Invoice (W... 7 项目管理, 会计, 软件构架, 微软, MySQL Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 3时 ¥922
I need someone to review this disaster recovery testplan for sharepoint Please review -whether all tasks are mentioned -whether calculated timings are correct. Please find our initial testplan. Added as an excel sheet to this projectrequest 7 项目管理, Sharepoint, 项目调度 Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 3时 ¥80
sessions on project management (MS Project) We need an experienced person to take a day session on project management at koramangala, Bangalore. MS project preferred. 7 项目管理, 技术写作, 管理, Research Writing, 项目调度 Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173天 ¥27
help with writing a sentence tttI need to writing a paragraph that includes the following information; 1. Knowledge of plumbing, mechanics electricity and electronics as they apply to the installation, maintenance, repair and modification of buildings and building systems. 2. knowledge of preventive and corrective maintenance policies, procedures and practices including those related to energy conservation, fire prevention... 18 项目管理, CAD/CAM, 技术写作, 电機工程, Research Writing Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20172天 16时 ¥2871
Assist with Project Management work related to aws and big data 26 项目管理, 管理, Research Writing, 项目调度 Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20172天 16时 ¥2898
Transformation/ Change Manager The candidate we are searching for should work from our location Frankfurt (partly Berlin is possible) for around 4 month and should be centrally available for all questions/ activities in a current restructuring project. Especially during the time when the responsible transformation lead is not available in (not in Germany). The goal is to drive a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and to sup... 10 项目管理, Excel, 业务流程外包, 组织变革管理 Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20172天 4时 ¥4522
PHP guru for a backend job (cryptocurrencies experience is a plus) Full time job to fix bugs on a cryptocurrency platform under development. Job is with urgency. Don't waste time if you don't have experience with crypto exchangers or high php skills. 22 PHP, 项目管理, 工程, 软件构架, MySQL Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20172天 2时 ¥13698
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