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R Programming Language is a programming language used for statistical computing and advanced data analysis. It is the language of choice for many data analysts and statisticians, allowing them to work with large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. The language provides a platform for manipulating, displaying and presenting statistical datasets related to various disciplines such as mathematics, computer science and engineering.

An R Programmer can create many types of statistical calculations such as linear and nonlinear models, hypothesis tests and experiments, clustering, classification and regression trees. Additionally, they can make custom metrics more accessible through the writing of functions, plots and charts to make them easier to read and interpret. Plus they can take data from various sources like text files, database systems or HTML webpages and transform it into tidy sets ready for further action. Of course all of this can be done with careful formatting in order to achieve the best possible results unlocking valuable insights from ever-increasing amounts of data around us.

Here's some projects that our expert R Programmers made real:

  • Data cleansing techniques to make numerical datasets easier to read and interpret
  • Complex algorithms that aim to solve a wide range of problems from predicting stock prices to optimizing machine learning models
  • Advanced visualizations that reveal important trends across different industries
  • Automated tools that make digital transformation faster for businesses
  • Statistically sound research methods for solving complex problems

By hiring an R programmer on Freelancer.com, you get access to a versatile set of solutions tailored specifically to your needs that help you make sense of your data in a more meaningful way. This way you can draw important conclusions easily while freeing up resources that you can use in other endeavors. So if your business requires someone experienced in R Programming Language then why not give it a try and post your project on Freelancer.com?

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    For this project, we are focused on leveraging descriptive statistics to analyze Serum Calcium and Serum Magnesium levels in essential hypertensive patients. The aim is to create a comprehensive analysis report intended for healthcare professionals. The ideal freelancer should: - Have substantial experience in medical statistics particularly in descriptive statistics. - Possess an understanding of essential hypertensive patient data - Demonstrate capability to deliver high-quality reports for a health professional audience. The data you'll need to understand and decode will be patient serum calcium and serum magnesium levels, from which we hope to extract meaningful patterns and trends.

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    Seeking an experienced statistician to conduct comprehensive statistical analysis and develop predictive models for our financial datasets. The project involves analyzing trends, forecasting economic indicators, and providing actionable insights to help guide investment decisions.

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    I need work at low budget. I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy You can use SPSS or Smart PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

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    I need work at low budget. I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy I want to sue SMART PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

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    Deep Learning Trainer 6 天 left

    Deep Learning tutor required , teaching timing is 6 hours a day . We need an experienced tutor with very good english communication . This is a 5 days training project . The compensation paid will be INR 2000-3000 a day. The compensation paid will be after successful completion of 5 days training project for Deep Learning . An ideal candidate is expected to have below mentioned qualifications: 1. Educational Background: A strong foundation in computer science, mathematics, and preferably a graduate degree in a related field such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or computer vision. 2. Expertise in Deep Learning Frameworks: Proficiency in popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras, and experience with implementing various deep learning archi...

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    Hello I am a UK based surgeon, I need help assessing a relatively small patient data set on quality of life questionnaire data (SF-36 aka shortform-36) change over time. This questionnaire comprises 36 questions, the answers to which I have put through a calculator to generate the 9 domain scores: - Physical functioning - Role limitations physical - Role limitations emotional - Energy/Fatigue - Emotional well being - Social functioning - Pain - General health - Health change These patients have had an operation and we wish to compare pre and post op quality of life data (in addition to factoring in if they have had complications) and look for any significant changes. Please find attached an orthopaedic article where they assess change in the SF-36. - The choice of software (SPSS, R, Py...

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    I need a dedicated data analyst to help me analyze patterns in social research data through a general linear mixed model (GLMM). The suitable candidate requires proficiency in the following areas: - Expertise in developing GLMM - Familiarity with psychological research data - Strong skills in the SPSS statistical software or R studio. We'll be delving into complex psychological research data and examining patterns and differences in a mixed within-between subejcts design, using a GLMM strategy implemented on SPSS or R Studio. Your insightful analysis is fundamental to the progress of the research. Take note; your work will involve running a GLMM using SPSS or R studio. The central objective is to identify and analyze patterns within the data. Hence, extensive prior experience w...

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    I am in need of a seasoned data scientist with comprehensive experience in building classification, regression, and NLP models. The ideal candidate must have a minimum of 4 years of relevant experience and must be proficient in Python and R. Key Responsibilities: - Building robust classification models - Developing accurate regression models - Constructing effective NLP models - Working closely with the developed team to understand and address project requirements The project is urgent, and thus I need the selected candidate to be able to start within a week and complete the task within a month. While remote work is an option, I would prefer someone who can spend a week in our Mumbai office. Know more about us -

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    I'm in need of an experienced data analyst who is proficient in R Studio. The main objective of the job is to assess the main, mediating and moderating effects of 39 variables using the UTAUT2 model. The completion of the project is urgent and I need all test results with interpretations as well as the methodology used. Key Requirements: - High level of expertise in data analysis - Use of SEM approach - Proficiency in R Studio - Understanding of UTAUT2 model - Ability to identify and interpret mediating effects - Strong analytical skills Your tasks will include: - Analyzing a model with 39 variables - Assessing the main interacting, moderating and mediating effects as per UTAUT2 - Providing all test results with interpretations - Explaining the methodology used Note: EFA and CFA i...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled data analyst with a strong statistical background to assist me with a client case study. Our analysis will be based on qualitative data, and will involve a wide range of statistical techniques. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) to understand underlying factors/structures of the data - Implementing Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) for hypothesis testing - Performing a Reliability and Validation Pilot Study to evaluate the data's consistency and accuracy - Detailed analysis of the main data using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA), and other statistical tools as necessary - Aligning hypotheses if required Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in working with qualit...

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    I'm looking for a data scientist with experience in health analysis using the R language. I have a dataset that I would like to be analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness

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    I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy I want to sue SMART PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

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    I'm seeking a skilled data scientist who specializes in machine learning with a focus on text data for a sentiment analysis project. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a machine learning model for the purpose of segment analysis - Implement and fine-tune a model specifically designed to work with tabular data Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in machine learning techniques - Experienced in working with tabular data - Proven track record in segment and classification analysis Please include any relevant experience or projects you've worked on previously in your bid.

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    I'm seeking an accomplished Data Analyst with focus on statistical and predictive modeling. You'll be exploring large datasets comprising both numerical and textual data. Expectations: - Perform comprehensive statistical analysis - Craft predictive modeling for future outcomes Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in handling large datasets (10,000+ records) - Experience with both numerical and textual data - Strong ability in statistical analysis and predictive modeling. - Excellent accuracy and attention to detail.

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    I'm looking for a skilled data analyst with experience in ecological studies to assist me with a complex analysis. I've collected information on various bird species and their associated traits, which I'd like to explore in relation to specific landscape predictors. Key Points: - I'm interested in analyzing the associations between the landscape predictors (patch area, core area index, nearest neighbor distance, % of cover of matrix) and the following bird traits: Size, Behavior, Body mass, handwing index, diet, habitat. - Ideally, the analysis should include the use of statistical methods like Regression and Correlation Analysis. Additionally, I'm particularly interested in employing the Fourth Corner Analysis technique, or similar, to get a comprehensive view o...

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    I'm looking for a skilled historian or writer to provide an in-depth text document on the catalyst of World War 1, with a particular focus on Austria-Hungary's role in starting the conflict. Key Focus Areas: - The specific actions taken by Austria-Hungary that led to the outbreak of the war. - The relationships between Austria-Hungary and other nations prior to the conflict. - Historical context, including any events or decisions that may have influenced Austria-Hungary's actions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in historical research and writing. - Familiarity with the events leading up to World War 1. - Ability to present information in a clear and engaging manner. - Attention to detail and accuracy in historical facts. - Strong analytical skills to interp...

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    RSI Strategy for Algo Trading 12 小时 left

    I have previously developed a trading strategy where I primarily use RSI indicator to trade on minute time frames. - I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me refine and possibly automate this strategy for algorithmic trading. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in algorithmic trading - Extensive experience with RSI indicator - Strong programming skills in languages suitable for automated trading (e.g., Python, C++)

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