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R is an open source programming language for statistical computing and graphics, it is widely used by statisticians and data miners.

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    I am looking for someone to tutor me through a intro to business statistics final. Thanks!

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    i will describe it but need dr to explain it to me

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    Kansei Analysis using Analytical Hierarchy Process

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    Short Analysis of data using Nvivo (data is available)

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    Big data R language project 5 天 left

    Please check attached file and only bid if you can do. Will prefer lowest bid.

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    I need someone to assist me on mathematical tasks in finance with R programming

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    i have two datasets you are required to import both in MySQL and run some programs in R language.

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    I have a small data set and I need to: 1. Provide a brief description of the dataset . 2. Conduct a univariate analysis for each variable in the data set using appropriate methods for summary statistics and graphical displays with interpretation. (The descriptive analysis should be as comprehensive as possible). 3. Conduct bivariate analysis with the purpose to understand the factors that may contribute in the identification of the type of breast cancer in the considered data set.

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    r programmers needed -- 3 5 天 left

    Need r programmers to work long time

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    I need someone to assist me on mathematical tasks in finance with R programming

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    LiDAR analysis 4 天 left

    R code with comment explaining the analysis from beginning to end. From the data retrieval to data preprocessing, analysis, results and products like maps and graphs. Contact me via chat to provide more detailed information about the project.

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    R language -- 2 3 天 left

    Context: Your company has operations in very remote area where centrifugal pumps are used to extract valuable liquids. Pump maintenance is done by a contractor. All of the 100 000 pumps in your installations get maintained once a year, but there is an option to repair selected pumps after 6 months at a cost. Your role will be to decide which pumps, if any, get the month 6 maintenance. The pumps will all be maintained at the end of the 12 months, whether they had a maintenance done at 6 months or not. When pumps are maintained, the contractor may change the bearings, the seals, or replace the whole pump. Due to the remote location, every pump maintenance has a base cost of $ 500, plus the cost of the repair. Note that your contract allows for up to 20 000 maintained pumps at 6 months at the...

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    R studio project 3 天 left

    I need to create a code that will increase exposure to the zoo. I have the dataset and I basically have to use everything we’ve learnt in class so far to analyze

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    Details of the project we be completed in the chart box

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    • Develop, test, and deploy data extract, transform and load (ETL or ELT) pipelines using technical stack - PostgreSQL, Python, Amazon cloud, Airbyte, DBT, Docker, Apache Air flow and Snowflake. • Containerise the web applications securely according to the good practices using Docker technology. • Conduct walkthroughs of the code and write technical documentation and training materials of the web applications to the clients. • Web servers, App servers, Database objects, stored procedures, ETL operations, and related scripts need to be tuned for performance. • Design and construct databases and database support tools in support of patient linkage and projects requirements and processes in collaboration with technical management and researcher-clients.

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    I need someone who has knowledge and can implement MicroR in any programming language

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    you need to develop model that help to reduce unattended calls by customer for marketing campaign

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    R coder needed 1 天 left

    i need the R programming coder for my job. Details will be shared.

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    I need the help of an expert who has good knowledge of python for different types of algorithm, who knows how to do prediction modelling using different methods such as TCN, KNN, CNN, LSTM, ARIMA models, e.t.c urgently your help would be highly appreciated thanks

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    You will have to first choose a problem in healthcare that would benefit from a CDSS. The elements to be included in your CDSS are listed below. You will not be required to program for this CDSS. You will not be required to analyze data for your CDSS. The intent of this project is for you to take the knowledge gained in the course and use it to design your own CDSS. As well, I do not expect you to be a medical expert in the field that you choose but should have a “Wikipedia” level of understanding about that condition. As you have learned in the course, understanding both the medical and technological aspects of the problem is important to developing a CDSS. 1. Identify the problem, users and decisions requiring a CDSS. 2. Design a CDSS framework. This should be a graphical ...

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    More details in chat. Fairly simple

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    R Programming Language 1 天 left

    Need help with a predictive model in R. Fairly simple task

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    I need a statistical analysis 1 天 left

    everything is explained in uploaded documents. begin with file named, 2finalproject. 1finalproject is more about displaying the results. I can take care of the creating the actual slides if you tell me what goes on each. 3rd file is the data for the report

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    R programming 16 小时 left

    Looking for an expert in R programming

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    Need machine learning expert 14 小时 left

    I need a multivariate regression analysis done on the dataset. It should be done using Jupiter notebook (python) and follow all the criteria.

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    We are looking for an Academic content writer with Knowledge in Data Mining using SAS and R- Programming. We request you to start your message with the solution for 17+21 So that it will be clear that you have read the instructions. Don't reply if you don't have a Portfolio / Samples or are not fine with the budget.

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    You will need to build a bitcoin price price prediction model using sentiment analysis and provide all the datasets used in the process along with the colab file (or jupyter notebook)

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