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For those who might be unfamiliar, the Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive single-board computer. There are many who might be confused as to why this product would be created in a world where we are trying to create expensive and more advanced technologies, but the answer is a simple and humanitarian one: the Raspberry Pi was created so that more children in developing and third-world countries can learn about computing technology. In fact, the original model became so popular that it ended up selling outside of its target market of education, and began being implemented in the robotics sector, as well.

Millions of units have been sold, making it the most successful British computer ever. There are now developers that are utilizing the product for home automation, and it is also being incorporated into businesses for industrial automation, as well.

Ultimately, the Raspberry Pi has potential to change the world forever, as it is the reason why many young children are able to be introduced to technology and computer science at an early age, which could lead to the same children growing up and becoming adult programmers and coders. As of March 2018, almost 20 million have been sold worldwide, and that number is expected to grow, as the demand certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.

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    Hello, there are two major goals in this project. Before listing them, it should be noted, that this would be a part of a robotic device which is going to be used only for educational purposes and is working exclusively with limited amount of bottled liquid mixing components, such as: alcohol (vodka, whisky, rum, etc) and non-alcoholic beverages (coke, tonic, juice etc.), not with ice or with any ...

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    for converting my current version of lupa hd to 4k with another some more requirements. who knows fits this project just message me

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    for converting my current version of lupa hd to 4k with another some more requirements. who knows fits this project just message me

    $10 - $20 / hr
    $10 - $20 / hr
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    modify media player code from Pi2 currently only capable of HD playback to suit 4k playback on pi4b

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    Hi, I created a system managed with Raspberry Pi4, the goal of the system is to activate a linear solenoid with takin care of information of some devices and parameters set on UI. I need a user interface to control the all this, please find a prototype : (you can easily cut loading and password page by clicking on it) [登录来查看链接] On my opinion HTLM5 can be a good solution but you will tell if the...

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    Hi fellows, I need one who have solid experience with object detection for Raspberry pi using IP camera. Please only write to me if you have a experience with OBJECT detection not just raspberry experiences. Always start your bid/conversation with the magic word XMOUSEX, or else I will not be answering your bid

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    I need someone to help me write some code to send serial commands to an arduino from a raspberry pi via python. this can be really simple even an [登录来查看链接] call.

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    Good day I'm looking for a full-stack guy who has CNC & 3D printer with the following skills: - circuit designing - making circuit boards (CNC) - electronic skills (welding - soldering) I need to build a complete prototype using Raspberry pi 4, full PDF will be shared with the right person once I see his workshop and make sure he's the one. Kindly, If you this you fit for this job...

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    We need someone, who can compile our C code and run the same as blockly blocks(micro python scripts) in UI Flow of M5Stack core and atom. [登录来查看链接] Blocks Required Setup => run the server Loop => read data from server , write data to server , read log data The C based server is already tried and tested and is running in X86 Linux and ARM Raspberrypi Stacks included are network,uart,i2c that...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Hi there I am looking for someone who can put together this project. Setup will be fixed Hikvision IP camera which will provide the video feed, you will need to take that feed and run Opencv to extract the numberplates using a Raspberry Pi 4/Python. The result must then be sent via a Telegram bot to a private Group on Telegram. I have a few searches of similar projects below: [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]...

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    I want to install ip cameras at the exits of the locker rooms in the gym where I work. Within the scope of pandemic measures, I want to know the maximum number of people inside and warn people with the help of a screen when the maximum number is reached. I have some experience with software. So far I can count people on windows with python and send them to webserver with the help of flask. I can a...

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    IOT Based Home Automation Project Using ZigBee Technology And AWS Platform

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    Evolution - Egg Nursery 14 小时 left

    we have the project name Egg Nursery. There is 4 circuits built with rasberry pi. The problem is when we put the coin in the coin dispenser1, then 2,3 and 4 also activating

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    Using an Raspberry 4 with LCD. create an app that can Identify a person identity using ZKTEKO LIVE 20R usb biometric device, and apply the attendance punch in or punch out according to schedule using API WEB SERVICE ZOHO PEOPLE. There will be a graphic interfase (GUI) to add a new biometric user and to link it to remote zoho people user. And if you want to select one of the 6 possible punch in - p...

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    Salve, mi servirebbe la realizzazione di un programma che gestisca un accettatore monete (6 tipi di euro da 5 centesimi a 2 €) e faccia apparire l'importo inserito su un display dove nella parte alta viene proposta pubblicità e servizi meteo o video, una volta inserito minimo 1€ si attiverà un elettrovalvola che per 60 secondi ogni euro inserito, inoltre un interruttor...

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    OpenHab Developer for Raspberry Pi 6 小时 left

    OpenHab Developer required for programming on Raspberry Pi

    $8 - $20
    $8 - $20
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    Evolution ksa 5 小时 left

    Hi I am looking for a rasberry pi 3 expert to solve our issues facing with the triggring of other machines if we switch on one...

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    malaitiTopup 2 小时 left

    Malaiti means Electricity in our local language (Zambia). The Project is more focused on keeping track of the energy units for home users. The project is in two dimensions: (1) Meter linkages and Integration and (2) App to assist customers to interact with their home meters to top up prepaid units, check status (collect fault codes for the provider to assist), check balance, buy units for other. ...

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