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Ruby on Rails is an object-oriented programming language inspired by Perl and Smalltalk. Ruby originated in Japan during the mid-1990s and has rapidly grown into a commercially-accepted programming language. If your business is into software development using Ruby programming language, you can surely use some help to offload your programming, coding and testing tasks based on Ruby. Hire freelancer experts proficient in Ruby. Post a task or job today!

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Customize frontend for Redmine Application I need to build a front-end for the Redmine project management application using Vuejs. * Download Redmine from the official repository, master branch ([login to view URL]). * Install gem Webpacker and use Vuejs * Seeding 20 sample projects with fake information, create 10 fake users. * Convert Redmine view pages to template Vuejs * Client-side navigation using the Vue-Router. * Split page a... 9 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Vue.js Jun 23, 2018 今天6天 2时 ¥1763
Build me a Rails Project Build me a Rails Project Build me a Rails Project Build me a Rails Project 7 PHP, 网站设计, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Ruby Jun 23, 2018 Jun 23, 20185天 21时 ¥29
Write an Shopify App I need to create a Shopify App to auto import products from a specific website 12 Python, Ruby on Rails, Shopify, WooCommerce Jun 23, 2018 Jun 23, 20185天 19时 ¥1392
ICT PROFESSIONALS FROM LATIN AMERICA Experienced ICT professionals from Latin America who want and will be able to work in Germany within the following areas: - Software Development - Mobile Development - Cloud Service - Cyber Security You will need to demonstrate intermediate to advanced technical skills in one of the specific areas below with a combination of technical skills relevant to the area of your expertise: DEVELOPERS:... 9 Ruby on Rails, C++编程, 用户体验设计, iOS Development, Full Stack Development Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20185天 10时 ¥80530
Stripe Custom Accounts on Ruby on Rails application Looking for someone who have implemented Stripe custom accounts in Ruby before. We already have the user account. We have all the fields to store the User data. These are the things we need: 1. We need form to collect data from user that is required by stripe. We need form will all data and the additional data required by stripe after update. 2. We need to have the ability for user to add a bank... 8 Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Stripe Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20185天 9时 ¥1418
Expert Rails/RoR developer for Redmine version plugin Are you a master of Rails development? You can easily take over development of Redmine plugins from scratch? You have already implemented Redmine plugins? You know how to protect the sources by obfuscating and building to binary for redmine plugins? You know how to create Themes for Redmine? You also know how to make responsive and dynamic pages for redmine with Drag&Drop support? You have ma... 14 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20184天 23时 ¥205
Build custom shopify scripts Looking for someone who can build a custom Shopify script using Ruby. Scripts requirements: - Add free item to cart automatically if the customer add their 1st item into the cart. - Free item will be removed if the paid item is removed. - Script only available for the customer who click on one specific URL. 27 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Shopify Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20184天 19时 ¥1055
Implement a new design in React.js with Rails backend I need a front end developer who can implement a new design for an existing website. The front end will be done in React.js. The backend already exists in Rails but may need a few updates to implement the new React design. I will provide a complete Adobe XD file for desktop, tablet and mobile versions. We will provide any copy and images that will be needed that are not already in the backend. 45 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML5, HTML, React.js Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184天 11时 ¥6972
Expert on Search Console Need an expert who have experience to fix issue on “slow downloading of a page on search console” 8 Ruby on Rails, CSS, JSON Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184天 9时 ¥1639
Peatio email notification not working Peatio email notification not working 5 Ruby on Rails Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184天 8时 ¥125
Ruby On Rails (Spree) website developer Muli-Vendor Looking for a developer to create a site enabling sellers to register and list their items. The seller needs to pay a fee to list. Buyers to register and purchase item. Criteria: 1. The website must be responsive and built with the latest frontend and technologies. 2. The website must be designed to make it easy for the seller to list. 3. The website must be extensible (built so it can be easily... 26 Ruby on Rails Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184天 6时 ¥13236
ruby on rails 5 developer to fix some mobile version issues we have a ralis 5 site which crashes on mobile devices, we think it is a turbolinks issue or css 35 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, Ruby Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184天 3时 ¥411
Looking for a full stack developer. Hi I am going to combine my shopify store to another website base on Ruby on Rails backend. Are you familiar with shopify? How long do you work with Ruby on Rails? Do you have experience of AWS? 43 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Shopify, Aws Lambda Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 18时 ¥15450
Ruby on Rails Developer for Library Help I need help setting up a project on ruby on rails for our library on a hosted platform. 37 Ruby on Rails Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 13时 ¥8027
Senior developper Ruby on Rails Need a senior developper Ruby on Rails to copy part of code from a website to another 21 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Ruby, Git Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 10时 ¥1412
i need capman turned off.. I want what i have in plain text deciphered and disconnected. 7 Ruby on Rails, Joomla, 生物技术, 微软 SQL 服务器, Facebook API Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 10时 ¥3246
For Yigit- Connecting Ruby Rails Website to Wordpress Website (Communicate Between Both Platforms) I'm trying to transfer data from the WP site to the ROR site for example: A client would go to the WP site and go through all of the front end navigations but when they choose a restaurant it would then be switched/connected with the backend ROR site to display the menus and they can continue to checkout. This allows SEO optimization on the front end but still providing the backend capabiliti... 12 PHP, 网站设计, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, HTML Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 9时 ¥1067
I want a simple programming language I really need someone experienced and have created a programming language. I want the project created and tested before I can pay to ensure that it is done correctly. I want it at a very cheap price. 22 PHP, C 编程, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 8时 ¥878
Create Huginn Agent for HubSpot We would like you to create a Huginn agent that can connect to the HubSpot API. What is Huginn? Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating them along a directed graph. Think of it as a hackable version of IFTTT or Zapier o... 5 Javascript, 网站设计, Ruby on Rails, 软件构架 Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183天 3时 ¥1103
Create a "starter" Ruby on Rails app that uses Devise and Omniauth to allow user signups and logins I'm learning Ruby on Rails and think I know enough to create an app I have in mind -- except for the user auth part. I'd like you to create a base app for me that handles all the user auth and user management features I need, and then I can take it over and build out the rest of my app from there. Here are the auth features I need: - Normal Devise-based signups and logins with email an... 27 Ruby on Rails, Ruby Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20182天 23时 ¥3337
Build a semi-responsive PWS Need to build a web app with about the following included: - PWA - Back-end encryption - Email, Facebook, Gmail login - 12 to 15 pages (initially) - Simple JavaScript responsiveness - Data management through SQL - Simple mathematic functions for users to do calculations 31 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, HTML, CSS3 Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182天 11时 ¥8502
Need Ruby on Rails ActiveMerchant / ActiveAdmin help We have an environment set up on Heroku that uses ActiveMerchant and ActiveAdmin. The freelancer will not have full access to our codebase. We would like to set up screenshares where the freelancer will help guide us with the necessary changes. We can share specific files with the freelancer, but the entire codebase will not be shared. The current system requires registration and login to purchase... 30 Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Heroku Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182天 5时 ¥208
A e-commerce website on rails i have a e-commerce rails app in the making, i want you to add the cart system in it, note all html and css work has veen done you have to add a fully functional cart system: 1. users should be able to add products to the cart. 2. users can view there cart after many days and the products should be there. 3. users should be able to delete products from there cart, 4. cart should show total number ... 3 Ruby on Rails Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182天 ¥473
ROR developer small task We are looking for a ROR developer who can help to complete the website. We already have developed and completed a website in Ruby On Rails, we need some further features needs to be added. Smalls features list below: 1. able to edit the translate from admin panel and change the the side of the translate for arabic to right to left , 2. Deploy application to liver server and make it run on few d... 27 PHP, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Git Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20181天 23时 ¥1203
Rails/Angular App for Employee Sign-in/Out - Add New Features + Ongoing Support We have a web app that is written in rails with an angular front end hosted on a linux server. The purpose for the app is so that employees can sign in/out of our offices, set a project location and return time for safety. We're looking for a company to help add some new features and fix a couple issues. Also we're looking for some long-term ongoing help to troubleshoot any bugs or issue... 39 Javascript, Linux, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Angular.js Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20181天 10时 ¥10109
Build a ChildCare web application for a Daycare center We are looking for childcare solution for our center! the system will function like Childcare Saga software [[login to view URL]] and will have a modern interface like SmartCare [login to view URL] 108 PHP, Ruby on Rails, 软件构架, 软件开发 Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 201820时 30分 ¥15118
Senior Ruby on rails developer. The Back-End will be RoR the Front-End will be in AngularJS ( You will not need to do the front-end programming). You will be fully responsible for the Back-End: *Architecture ( We are building something from scratch ) *Database *AWS *Clean RoR Code I need someone who can work 4-6 hours daily for 5 days a week. This is an ongoing project for 2-5 months. Flexible work and positive atmosphere of ... 55 Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, Angular.js, Git Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 201816时 37分 ¥124
Create Custom Online Ordering System for Print Company I need to implement a custom signage printing ordering and payment system, on WordPress with WooCommerce. Customer visits the website, chooses their products, dimensions, material, finishing, etc. all of which are variables with different pricing, and at the end they can upload their artwork, pay for the product, and it will be sent to production. Whether this needs to be custom built, or there ... 56 PHP, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, MySQL, HTML Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 201815时 38分 ¥4909
Create a Shopify App - Ruby On Rails Developer - Shopify API I want to create a very simple app for the Shopify network and would like to work with a freelancer who has created via the Shopify API previously. FUNCTION: The app will allow stores to set shipping rates on each individual item in their store, which are then added up to form the shipping rate at checkout. DETAILS: - oAuth for store only, not individual user authorization. - Import all or som... 6 Ruby on Rails, Shopify, API Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 201813时 45分 ¥1321
Senior Ruby on Rails developer needed for full-time employment Needs to hire 4 Freelancers. We are hiring elite (top 1%), quality-focussed software engineers, who can deliver highly maintainable and agile code. Experience with good software architecture practices, and the ability to express correct solutions without compromising the long term maintainability of the software system are a requirement for this position, and will be tested during the interview. ... 23 Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20184时 13分 ¥124
Ruby on Rails expert required -- .. - 30/04/2018 22:13 EDT I need a Ruby on Rails expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers. 24 Ruby on Rails, Ruby Apr 30, 2018 Apr 30, 20181天 17时 ¥289
Ruby Expert Required. - 17/04/2018 01:02 EDT I need a Ruby expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers. 18 Ruby on Rails, Ruby Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 201819时 51分 ¥203
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