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Sharepoint is a Content Management System (CMS) developed by Microsoft that also functions as a collaborative work platform. Third parties can add modules and develop custom modifications to extend Sharepoint functionality. Your business may need help installing, configuring or maintaining Sharepoint. You can outsouce Sharepoint tasks to freelancers using this site. Expert Sharepoint freelancing talent is available and all you have to do is post your Sharepoint-related job today!
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Sizing SharePoint 2013 farm This project will deliver a MS Word document. Gather requirements (answers will be provided to your questions). Size SP2013 farm topology as virtual environment running on VMWare cluster. Provide all required/recommended hardware specifications such as # of server, CPUs, cores, RAM, hard drive (size and type) for WFE, APP and SQL server, to satisfy gathered requirements. Additionally, the documen... 3 Sharepoint, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 20, 2018 今天6天 20时 ¥1196
CSOM With C# To Return All Results From Append Text Field I can query my sharepoint site and return data from my list. The issue that I have is that we have an "append text" field, and when we use the syntax to return data for that field, ONLY the most recent (newest) entry is returned. How can you utilize C# and CSOM to return ALL of the data from the "append text" field? 4 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软 Apr 20, 2018 今天6天 14时 ¥283
Excel and Microsoft Power Apps Development Create a standard to import Excel Data into Microsoft Power Apps, store Data SQL. Present Data in SharePoint O365. 20 Excel, SQL, 微软Access, Sharepoint, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20184天 19时 ¥4327
Custom Sharepoint Site for Public and Private use I need a fully custom sharepoint design for our sharepoint website that will need a public and private version. It will be used for hr purposes and will need specific features and pages to be implemented. Would like a level of user friendly customizability to be integrated as well in order to allow others to edit seamlessly. 24 .NET, 网站设计, C# 编程, Sharepoint, HTML Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20184天 15时 ¥3783
sharepoint page/ website need help in creating tabs and caraousel 12 Sharepoint, Web Development Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20184天 10时 ¥90
Step by Step guide for configuration of Windows server 2016 standard. Step by Step picture guide with installation and configuration of. All below onto one standalone server. If Powershell cmd is used, they need to be able to be copy passed. 1. Windows server 2016 standard standalone (Win_Svr_STD_Core_and_DataCtr_Core_2016_64Bit_English) servername: Shenzhenserver Domane name: Shenzhen-DK Public domane to access: [链接已删除,请登录... 11 Sharepoint, 视窗 Server Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20184天 1时 ¥1291
Approval Workflow in Sharepoint 2010 Create a Workflow in Sharepoint 2010 Foundation. The workflow should be able to traverse up and down the hierarchy depending on the approval/rejection of the document. Please note, you will not have access to our environment. The Sharepoint workflow will need to be exported once completed. Work will need to be done in the Sharepoint designer. Please see attached requirements document for mo... 20 Sharepoint Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20183天 14时 ¥6526
M'Soft Azure & Office 365 Migration Looking for an experienced/certified Microsoft Azure consultant to assist in the following areas 1) Migrate data from South American Azure Tenant to a North American Tenant 2) Migrate less than 10 email accounts to new NA tenant - Office 365 3) Sharepoint migration of 5 sites ( less than 30 gigs ) 4) clean up security model 5) Support implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( Phase 2) ... 15 云计算, Sharepoint, 客户关系管理, Azure Apr 16, 2018 Apr 16, 20182天 12时 ¥7926
Site deployment in sharepoint Site deployment in sharepoint from one domain to another domain 8 Javascript, Sharepoint, jQuery / Prototype Apr 16, 2018 Apr 16, 20182天 4时 ¥143
microsoft dynamic NAV project microsoft dynamic NAV project an 11 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, ASP.NET, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 14, 2018 Apr 14, 201816时 16分 ¥161
Microsoft Sharepoint website help Sharepoint website help. I need to learn to fix and update a website. Someone who can help me using [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users] Must have good knowledge of explaining and product. Charge reasonable hourly rate. 21 网站设计, 平面设计, Sharepoint Apr 14, 2018 Apr 14, 20188时 32分 ¥152
SFDC Managed Package and .NET web services/desktop plugin for ongoing project I am looking for a SFDC developer that ideally also has strong .NET experience, as well. I have an ongoing project for a client that requires equal parts Apex development and Visualforce/Lightning work as well as regular integration work with new/existing third party systems. 27 .NET, C# 编程, 软件构架, Sharepoint, Apr 13, 2018 Apr 13, 20182时 17分 ¥227
WPF Expert Needed MVVM model WPF expert needed with MVVM model knowdege 17 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, WPF, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 13, 2018 Apr 13, 2018已经结束 ¥2471
Call web service in site workflow to start list workflow on list Create site workflow that will call the list workflow on each item that meets the specific criteria. The site workflow should start the SurveyReminder list workflow for each item where WeekAfterReminder = Not Sent I will need documentation regarding how the method is selected after selecting the web service to use. Also, I'll need to know how the web services and method locations are found... 12 .NET, Sharepoint, 微软 Apr 13, 2018 Apr 13, 2018已经结束 ¥2726
Sharepoint Site Update I have a basic SharePoint team site running in Office 365 online and need a sharepoint expert to make the site more user friendly and add some additional features. 27 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软, HTML Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018已经结束 ¥17894
SharePoint Proof of concept We are going to migrate a lotus domino database to SharePoint. This database is not complex, but we will use the best practices to build this prototype. 25 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, Azure, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018已经结束 ¥4268
SharePoint Online development SharePoint Online development for lists using JavaScript, REST API, JQuery, Dynamic Filters. 30 Sharepoint Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018已经结束 ¥3223
Deployment of the small project we have small application created in sharepoint online. we need to deploy it on another site. 8 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, Azure, HTML Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018已经结束 ¥129
Bulk Upload Tool I need you to SharePoint 2016 bulk upload tool developed for Windows using .NET. 22 .NET, 视窗桌面, 软件构架, Sharepoint Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018已经结束 ¥1246
SharePoint Online / 2013 / 2016 Development and Support - ongoing We consult on, deploy, migrate and develop SharePoint for many medium and large Australian companies and organisations. We have among our current SharePoint customers and projects a global electronic brand and three large and medium size government organisations. As we do a varied mix of projects from straight design and roadmap consulting ( How to migrate to Office 365, handling change managem... 30 Sharepoint, 应用程序开发 Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018已经结束 ¥156
Sharepoint 2010 Business intelligence and OLAP Looking for help in designing a dashboard to represent data from SQL Analysys services OLAP database in a dynamic way with drill downs, filters and pivot capabilities 14 .NET, SQL, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 11, 2018 Apr 11, 2018已经结束 ¥120
Need to edit 2 files in Microsoft Azure using Cloudapp Azure You need to update the contents on 2 files. Small changes which needs to be done by expert in Microsoft Azure. Note: These files are in JSP format and people who understand Microsoft Azure only apply for this job. Job Description: 1) Gandhi Study center tab has been created under the link: [链接已删除,请登录查看] some of the contents have been added for testing but work has not been completed ... 5 Sharepoint, Azure, 微软, ASP.NET, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 11, 2018 Apr 11, 2018已经结束 ¥235
SharePoint List Small business that has recently upgraded to Office 365 and now using SharePoint List to track quotes and job. Want to make some improvements as per below. Phase One Am looking to make the below changes to existing list. • freeze the header row • Create an auto generate sequence when adding new item to list, to create new quote number • When new item created in a list, auto... 19 PHP, Javascript, .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint Apr 11, 2018 Apr 11, 2018已经结束 ¥1049
Build a custom SharePoint toolbar i need a SharePoint Expert with front end development skills to develop a custom scenario. It should work in office 365 environment. i want to have 4 buttons Invite, members,External and activity. A) When clicked on Invite button it should pop up a window showing exact features of Share button in SharePoint . B) when clicked on Members button it should 1. List of membe... 11 Javascript, .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软 Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018已经结束 ¥2285
Development of a small Sharepoint Online internal operations website The company operates 115 small public water systems in a 7000 square mile area, based in Sebastopol, California. We use custom software for scheduling the collection of water samples and wish to build a stand-alone system to log operator visits to each water utility, record operations data, and put important information and documents in the hands of the field employees using tablets. We believe Sh... 30 Sharepoint, 英语(美国) Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018已经结束 ¥9015
Sharepoint as Enterprise Portal Our customer wants to migrate the homepage portal to the Sharepoint Online of O365. It will enable customers and employees to login to dedicated content with SSO. So we need someone good at Sharepoint to complete the job. Current status of the project is in conception. So we need you to be involve with the progress. Firstly some demo/screenshot of your works will be helpful to convince the custom... 18 PHP, 网站设计, C# 编程, Sharepoint, HTML Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018已经结束 ¥21355
SharePoint applications To create basic apps for administering the normal working of an organisation like HR/Admin/IT Helpdesk, Expense approval system, Contract manager, Travel request manager, Purchase order manager etc in the existing sharepoint site and linked to office 365. 24 PHP, .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, ASP.NET Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018已经结束 ¥6259
Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2016 Need assistance to Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2016, and SharePoint Search Service-Crawl There are two separate VMs. One VM will host SharePoint 2016 along with two hosted web applications and second VM will host SharePoint 2016 Search Services (only). One application will be public interface and second application will be internal (intranet) facing (block by ports). Need full securit... 22 网络安全, Sharepoint, 微软, 视窗 Server Apr 9, 2018 Apr 9, 2018已经结束 ¥3141
C# Library for VBA Reference DLL to Read/Write to SharePoint List User authentication will be needed. This will be for the creation of a very small library with no more than perhaps two to three methods. 1. Authenticating user to the SharePoint site list prior to doing anything. 2. Reading data from within a SharePoint list to see if the values being passed are already present. 3. If not present, collecting the rows as a string, using a specified delimiter... 10 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软, VB.NET Apr 9, 2018 Apr 9, 2018已经结束 ¥1108
azure web app container management system on azure web app 12 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, Azure, ASP.NET Apr 9, 2018 Apr 9, 2018已经结束 ¥337
O365 and Azure Implementation Resources who have experience in implementing O365 and Azure for external client 19 Sharepoint, 微软Exchange, Azure Apr 9, 2018 Apr 9, 2018已经结束 ¥993
Creating sharepoint website design we are looking for some expert to design our sharepoint website. 23 Sharepoint Apr 8, 2018 Apr 8, 2018已经结束 ¥1438
Install a voice chat program on server I want to install the database and wed service for a chat program and connect them to the new voice on the program and I want to do work Puplidhing point on the server to activate the connection voice and video with the link to the program c# desktop app windows forms and database sql server 2012 wcf web service in website fo end user static html,js,bootstrap 3 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, ASP.NET, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 8, 2018 Apr 8, 2018已经结束 ¥1058
SharePoint 2013 migration to SharePoint 2016 Project: Migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 Duration: 1 month Project Description: The farm is currently running SharePoint 2013 and has several custom developed applications and 3rd party add-ins implemented. We would like to upgrade the farm to SharePoint 2016 on premise along with migration of Project/Project Server 2013-2016. Virtual servers will be provided with specifi... 23 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软 Apr 7, 2018 Apr 7, 2018已经结束 ¥26535
SharePoint Search Developer SP 2016 Need Sound Experienced SharePoint search developer to configure and design search in sp [链接已删除,请登录查看] experience in editing display templates(item template,control template ,hover panels web analytics) to get custom search results . 18 Javascript, Sharepoint, HTML Apr 7, 2018 Apr 7, 2018已经结束 ¥82
Basic SharePoint Project with Standard License (for Intranet) I'm looking for someone who can implement a basic SharePoint intranet, out of box nothing major, but I want someone who can guide in right direction as we don't want to use SharePoint Enterprise and want to see what is difference between standard license and the SP Foundation (if there's difference) and how much is the cost for the server license. Please only experienced candidate ... 36 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 7, 2018 Apr 7, 2018已经结束 ¥7284
Site Deployment Deployment of 1 site in share point 7 Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, Sharepoint Apr 6, 2018 Apr 6, 2018已经结束 ¥132
Need an Experienced SharePoint Developer We need an experienced SharePoint developer, having experience of more than 4 years in this domain. Its a part time job, the candidate will be working with us on our multiple projects and the requirement is for next couple of months. Please apply only if you have relevant and share your work in this domain. 25 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, Azure, 微软 Apr 5, 2018 Apr 5, 2018已经结束 ¥2723
Fix Sharepoint masterpage issues We require a few masterpage issues to be resolved from the previous developer who did not complete all items on the masterpage changes 25 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, HTML, ASP.NET Apr 5, 2018 Apr 5, 2018已经结束 ¥340
Develop technology architecture for a small consulting company Develop a technology architecture for a small consulting practice. At this stage I only want the architecture. I do not want anyone to build a sharepoint site or a portal or anything else. That may be part of the solution but I don't know until I understand the full architecture. At the moment I am trying to understand what potential suite of products can "work together" a... 16 Sharepoint, 商业分析 Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018已经结束 ¥895
Build me a website in Druple 8 or ASP.Net The site should look and have the backbone and look and feel as [链接已删除,请登录查看]…. • Professionals TAB ○ We must be able to load and amend the Professionals as they come and go • Services ○ We must be able to amend and upload list of list of services ourselves • News Room ○ Should work similar to that as example • Ask us ○ Prospective clients should be... 30 .NET, 网站设计, Sharepoint, HTML, ASP.NET Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018已经结束 ¥16435
sharepoint provider hosted apps and Soap web services Financial domain with SharePoint integration with outside vendor with Soap/wsdl and sharepoint provider hosted apps 22 C# 编程, Sharepoint, Azure, 微软, Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018已经结束 ¥120
Generation of a pdf form based on an extracted form of workflow Sharepoint platform Generation of a PDF form based on a form extracted from the Sharepoint workflow platform We need to generate a PDF report that is mailed to a destination based on a form generated in a workflow on the SharePoint Server 2007 platform. We collaborate with Office 365 15 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, 微软, HTML Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018已经结束 ¥1047
Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Resource Type - Microsoft Azure & Skype System Engineer Number of Resources (Onsite) - 5 Project Duration - 3 Months Remuneration - 3,000 USD per month Technical Skills - Please see the Attachment 10 .NET, Sharepoint, Azure, 微软, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018已经结束 ¥56
Salesforce Admin Hi, we are looking for someone with Salesforce administration experience to help us optimize our current Salesforce CRM platform as well as monitor and ensure that the platform is being optimized 48 云计算, Sharepoint, 客户关系管理,, 软件营销应用开发 Apr 3, 2018 Apr 3, 2018已经结束 ¥120
Custom CSS/JS for SharePoint Online Modern Pages :-( We have thousands of customers for the government. This could be big... I have much experience with SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, but this SharePoint Online is driving me crazy. Not classic pages of course, MODERN pages, ugh. My customer and co-workers are in love with the responsiveness and features SPO Modern provide. I need to make HEAVY alterations to existing Classes and ID's found on Mod... 24 Javascript, 网站设计, CSS, Sharepoint, HTML Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 2018已经结束 ¥2984
SharePoint online script to bulk check in By mistake bulk files uploaded as checked out from one user which needs to check in back with a script! I’ve tried MS KB article and suggestions and script from an MVP but no luck!! 4 Sharepoint, 微软 Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 2018已经结束 ¥271
SP online lists SharePoint online joint lists management. Move items between lists. 19 Sharepoint Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 2018已经结束 ¥57
Office 365 Products documentation -- 2 Need to document how to set up and use the below office 365 products 1) one drive 2 Microsoft Teams 3 Planner Yammer PowerApps PowerBI With screen shots should be good 4 Sharepoint, Documentation Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 2018已经结束 ¥151
MS Project Server/ SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Network Tuning and Development We have an on premisis SharePoint- Enterprise 2013 and MS Project Server. Neither have been maintained for some time. I need the servers tuned so their perform optimally - we are reaching maximum storage capacity and the performance is very slow. We are standing up a first phase MS Project/SharePoint server environment to manage our project portfolio. In addition to tuning/priming the environme... 20 .NET, C# 编程, Sharepoint, Azure, 微软 SQL 服务器 Apr 1, 2018 Apr 1, 2018已经结束 ¥26339
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