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A shell script is a script written for the shell or the interpreter of the operating system. Shell scripts are usually used to automate some common tasks on UNIX-like operating systems. If you are into shell scripting and need help with shell scripts, you have come to the right place. Simply place your post detailing your shell script job and let experienced freelancers bid on your job post! 从59,437个评价中,客户给我们的 Shell Script Developers 打了4.86,共5星。
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    shell script -- 2 6 天 left

    I generate a gitlab job to initialize the cluster

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    Tweak Server Backup Script 5 天 left

    My server is a VPS hosted by The VPS runs Virtualmin/Webmin. I used to backup this server to my local machine, a Mac running Big Sur, using this command: rsync -avrz --progress --delete --force --exclude "/dev/" --exclude "/proc/" --exclude "/run/" --exclude "/sys/" --exclude "/tmp/**" --exclude "cart" --exclude "/mail" --exclude ".gz" --exclude ".tar" --exclude "*.zip" --rsync-path="sudo rsync" -e 'ssh -p 2610' admin@:/ Server-Whole-Latest/ The command worked fine, but the destination folder got bloated with extra files for some reason. So I hired a contractor to tweak the script and he came up with this: See attached file - Upwork deleted special chara...

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    help with powershell script 5 天 left

    Request detail I'm currently working on a new policy for Microsoft DLp policy (purview). The requirement is to write the policy in Powershell since the GUI gives some issues.

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    linux admin 4 天 left

    hi am looking fo linux admin to write shell script to monitor every delete of file/folder to show under which user and from which OS LIKE last | tac skill unix/linux

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    Need to automate most of the stuff using PowerShell scripts aligning with Microsoft Intune.

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    I have an ongoing work assignment which I need help with . its purely back end shell scripting People familiar with openWRT , ubus are huge value Its all about understanding the current scheme of things and implement a features as and when

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    Build vm project for me 2 天 left

    Build two virtual machines one is windows and the other one is Linux. For each one create three users: 1- Admin. 2- Khalid. 3- Ibrahim. 1. Admin have root privileges and the other do not. 2. Log in as a different user each time and show if you can access the other file or not from each user. 3. Also, from each user show the folder permission and owner. 4. Finally let the admin give Khalid the root privileges then log in as Khalid and see the different. These has to be done in both windows and Linux vm. Please take snapshot for each step.

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    Validator node 1 天 left

    I need someone to create the cosmos Atom validator node completely using either a virtual machine or on Ubuntu 20.04. on their computer. Then turning that operating system with the validator node on it, into a downloadable bootable ISO file. Create a validator node for cosmos atom then make it into an ISO file for downloading and installing on local hardware. user guide :~:text=Ways%20To%20Make%20Current%20Installation%E2%80%99s%20ISO%201%201.,prior%20state.%20...%203%203.%20Linux%20Live%20Kit

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    Unfortunately I can't get the watchfiles library () running inside a docker container. Example project with all the instructions see here: Should be easy to fix for some experienced Docker user.

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    Power Shell Script Intake 11 小时 left

    Hello, I have seen this prior at another workplace and am looking forward to doing the same. On Windows Computer under admin access or local to retrieve all data specs of the computer hardware, peripherals, apps, network drives, printers, and wireless internet configuration/profiles of the passwords. An example, run the PS Script to export all these details to a CSV / excel document and collect all information to perform an inventory of the computer, apps, and attached devices containing the names, model numbers, mac addresses, and IP Addresses with subnet and gateway along with all versions of apps and the system a list of all network drives and printers with hardware. Also, it runs on windows servers of all connected devices (monitors, networks, VMs, printers, users, passwords, etc.)...

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