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    If you are a developer and you have past experiences with creating nft websites, apply for the job I also need someone to create the smart contract

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    i need to get this done asap...

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    Need to build smart contract with smart chain If you are interested then will start

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    Hi We are build DEFI and NFT mint website now. I need to add one of blockchain expert for long term jobs. - ERC721 smartcontract - NFT art generator from layers There are 3 investors for my projects. I will explain more details what you have to do on my project. Thank you

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    Hey can you implement wallet connect into my site I need you to do Meta mask direct Wallet connect Works for all transactions

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    Math and Cody - We are a blockchain company based out of India working on ethereum devtools and decentralized finance. We are partnering up with a award-winning, software company, and we are looking for an experienced blockchain developer with strong experience in smart-contract development. ** Applicant must be an independent Developer ** Agencies must not apply for this job ** Preferred based out of India Job Description : -------------------- Currently, we are seeking an experienced, smart-contract blockchain developer. The developer must have at-least 2 years of relevant working experience in blockchain development. Responsibilities: ---------------- Proven experience interacting with the EVM and writing high-quality, well-tested Solidity Deep understanding of EVM, Solidity, Vyp...

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    have already github files but they on azure blockchain just want to deploy blockchain base evoting system on testnet or any polygon mainnet.

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    Me and my team are creating a blockchain based First Person Shooter game. We are looking to expand our team, meaning we want someone experienced and ambitious to join our team. The suitable candidate must have experience in DApp Building, Wallet Integration, Token staking, NFT Minting platform, and Deploying Smart Contracts. Knowledge in gaming and website integration is a PLUS. NOTE: This is not a single job posting, we want to have someone that will continuously work with us on the project. Please only reply to this post if you have references that you can share. The project is highly ambitious and we want someone to drive the project forward with ideas and creativity. Good incentives are in place for successful candidate. Only send your interest if you have a LinkedIn account. This ...

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    Hi , I am actually looking for a Web3 developer to build HR Recruiting platform. Can you help on that Check the document for feature list

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    Its an NFT project, which promotes Luna Apes.

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    Solidity Developer 5 天 left

    Looking for a Developer who can write Solidity for smart Contract

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    Developer proficient in Js and solidity needed for development of NFT trading web app.

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    NFT Marketplace -- 4 5 天 left

    NFT Marketplace 1. I want users to be able to post NFT’s for art, music and video NFT’s Under bnb smart contract 2. As far as music if a user wants to sell an album of 20 songs I want that to be possible 3. We’ll charge 5% per transaction on our end as a fee for each nft sold 4. $50 posting fee for when users want to post sn nft 5. Bid countdown option 6. Royalty fee in contract when users mint nft Ionic framework

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    Looking for a blockchain engineer for a 2-4-month project. You will work with a team of savvy crypto enthusiasts and experts. There are two parts to this project: - Assisting in creating the smart contract for the MVP (2-4 months); - Assisting in developing additional features post-MVP; We are building an NFT trading platform. We want you to help us create an NFT trading smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. If you are interested in NFT's and the blockchain ecosystem, we want to hear from you! Option to extend if the 2-4-month period goes well. Required Experience: Contact with the blockchain and NFT ecosystem is mandatory; Good foundational knowledge of Solidity and blockchain development is mandatory; Experience in web3 projects is a huge plus; The goal here is to create a di...

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    Nft smart contract dev 5 天 left

    nft smart contract need building Pair to website mint link ERC721 on ethereum blockchain 24 hour support during live Project action and project implementation included You have to have completed a nft live drop before from website via smart contract ( NOT A MARKET PLACE ) PLS DO NOT MESSAGE AND WASTE MY TIME Similar to this website

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    Front running BOT Any chain 5 天 left

    Hello ALL! Looking for someone to create a PROFITABLE front running bot on BSC , FTM , or AVAX. Which ever is easier for you! Looking to utilize a smart contract and deploy via metamask to earn passive income! Please know what a front running bot is before you bid! Thank you!

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    Tom Greene 5 天 left

    need coder to convert written documents into smart contracts on ethereum

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    Update a NFT Smart Contract 5 天 left

    I recently launched a NFT collection at OpenSea through a Smart Contract following some tutorials, however the total number of NFTs were not published. Out of 3000 only 100 were uploaded. I did some research and you can modify using the OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins. I would like to update the Smart Contract to have the full collection.

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    I'm looking to create an eip-1155 NFT collection with around 300 unique pieces of artwork, with 10 copies, so a total of 3000 pieces. Those pieces I want to be able to be digitally authenticated and for the holder to be able to link that nft to their own personal information (shipping address, name) on a secure page. If an NFT owner decides to sell their NFT after linking it with their personal information, I want there to be a way for the system to notice that the NFT has sold and that users' personal information is erased. This page will be able to create a nice and simple spreadsheet of all nft holders and their info (if they have decided to NOT link it to their personal information then on the spreadsheet it will just be blank), this spreadsheet is just for me to see, and be ...

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    Create An NFT 5 天 left

    We are working with an artist that created an animation set to display in six different TV's all around Mexico. We want to make that animation an NFT so the collector that buys the TV also owns the digital art (ex 1/6). Additionally we want that in the smart contract (if the owner of the TV ever chooses to sell his digital art) a small percentage of the sale goes to the artist. Since most of our clients are not familiar with the NFT workspace we were thinking of saving the NFT in a hard wallet so when they buy the TV they also get a the wallet that has the NFT on it.

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    Blockchain Specialist 5 天 left

    Create smart contracts for an NFT project. Help the rest of the team understand what we can accomplish by answering questions and clarifying. This job would consist of a 1/5 share of profit post release (expected minimum 1M total) with compensation for continued work after project to be discussed and agreed upon. However we plan on working with partners. Not employees. If you’re interested, please let us know so we can meet remotely and discuss further.

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    To design a wireframe/framework/architecture with complete specifications for a blockchain based project with complete specifications. Check the enclosed document.

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    Cardano Swap Code 5 天 left

    I want swap any asset on SundaeSwap with code. I dont want use SundaeSwap user interface. Programmer must have experience cardano programming and haskell & plutus coding. With this code I should be able to: -Connecting cardano mainnet -Login to my wallet with my passphrase or mnemonic in code -Swapping any asset(If asset have liquidity on sundaeswap dex) on Sundaeswap -Swapping asset the amount i want -Cancel the transaction if the asset swap result does not give me at least the amount I want (Slippage Function) Maybe I would 2-3 more function. The code I'm looking for is generally like this.

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    Hi there! I'm looking to create a new map based NFT website that allows people to mint / resell new NFTs directly on the site. Probably looking to do it on the polygon network as the NFT's will be low cost so need low gas fees, and to build he site I think React (or similar). I'm looking to start a simple website out to get proof of concept up and running, and then after launching that will be keen to continue to work on the website ongoing with you. Feel free to put a place holder bid if you are interested and I can send you more information about it and we can discuss. Thanks! Mike

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    NFT Creator / Code Collection 5 天 left

    I am looking for a person to create and code a collection of nfts.

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    Solidity Smart Contract Coder 5 天 left

    Write & Deploy ERC-721 Smart Contract Write & Deploy Breeding & Staking Smart Contract NFT Write & Deploy 3D VRS aviator character (Metaverse) Write & Deploy Mint Function web.30

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    Details to be shared later considering the confidentiality of the project.

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    Hi Dear Developers , I need to develop and deploy my ERC20 token and deploy it on Binance and coinmarketcap. All payments via milestones In listed budget 500 to 700 usd Thank you, Kiran

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    I'm going to build a NFT marketplace based on Solana. Front end is prepared. I need Rust expert to write smart contract using Rust.

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    NFT Smart Contract 4 天 left

    Hello, Our team is looking for assistance to manage a smart contract development for our NFT with a collection of 10 000 assets with the following elements: - Smart contract development (Ethereum, Polygon or Solana blockchain, not yet decided) - Implementation of custom rules : max assets per wallet, giveaway, raffle, white list, reveal, dutch auction, burn system, staking system, royalty split, revenue split - Creation and setup of Smart contract owner wallet and account - Deployment on the blockchain - Securization of the smart contract - Smart contact testing - Upload of metadata and images on ipfs - Optimization strategy for the costs of gas fees Please let us know similar example of Smart contract you have been created as well as a preliminary budget and time for development.

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    Teach me to fork OlympusDAO 4 天 left

    I'd need someone to walk me through the process of forking OlympusDao. From pulling the repository over releasing it to the testnet to releasing it to the mainnet. I have solid fundamental programming knoledge, I just get lost with so many files. I've tried working with solidity before and have been using javascript (ReactJS and NodeJS).

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    Need a deflationary bep20 token with reward distribution to holders, automatic liquidity pool and transaction tax to marketing wallet

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    Nft Dao project 4 天 left

    Hi. I am new to NFT´s but i know what i want. I want to release 1000 NFT´s with various rarity options. Also i want to have DAO in a smart contract so the owners of the varoius NFT´s get different voting power. More rare, more voting power. Also i need to be able to set all of that up on a web page to log in the NFT holders and to set their voting power. So i need a webpage for all of this. Not a crappy one i need a secure webpage custom built. All NFT holders will get their own profile page and can message each other both private and a feed on their profile page and with a public feed ie FB of some lite sort. A full guide on how to run the webpage. Also option to add more NFT´s, holders further along to build the community. I will provide all the artwork for...

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    Launching a ETH Dapp token. Looking for an individual who specializes in Cryptocurrency coding & securities.. The project foundation is strictly built on transparency & integrity. Looking for someone who is extremely passionate about the space! Preferably a person located in Southern California.

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    help me with pinksale contract to do my launch if u have experinence with launchpad and pinksale then lets chat thnaks

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    I'm looking for a someone who can join hot NFT projects on my discord in order to mint + get my account whitelisted on the hottest projects. Please write me in private the hottest projects you know ready to mint in the near future.

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    We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer who has worked on many NFT projects before which have all launched successfully we also need the person to design the website as per our wishes with integration to the Ethereum blockchain

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    Busco desarrollador de erc-721 para desarrollo de un smart-contract de un proyecto NFT en la blockchain de Ethereum. Es un proyecto serio, necesito personas calificadas.

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    Busco desarrollador de erc-721 para desarrollo de un smart-contract de un proyecto NFT en la blockchain de Ethereum. Es un proyecto serio, necesito personas calificadas.

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    We are going to launch a new token system which distributes rewards to certain wallets. BSC or polygon will be used to deploy this token system. - I want to know the time frame and budget. - NDA agreement is required before starting work. Start bid proposal with Token and NFT. Otherwise, will be ignored

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    Looking for a developer to build an NFT marketplace that allows users to also create NFTs directly on the website. I need someone to build the entire website. Happy to hire an individual or team of developers. Deliverables 1. NFT marketplace 2. NFT creation function 3. Wallet integration 4. Ability for users to sell on a secondary market 5. Other USP features to be disclosed later as confidential

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    I need someone to build the entire website. Happy to hire an individual or team of developers. Deliverables 1. NFT marketplace 2. NFT creation function 3. Wallet integration 4. Ability for users to sell on a secondary market 5. Other USP features to be disclosed later as confidential

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    I have ETH NFT DAO project Please have previous experience with smart contracts on the ETH network.

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