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Social Media Management is an essential part of any business as it's necessary to stay connected with a brand’s audience, create content, and reach potential customers. A Social Media Manager can plan and develop social media strategies, create valuable content for all digital media platforms, optimize SEO, target the right audience and measure the return of investment. Whether a business wants to increase the number of followers or generate higher revenues, a Social Media Manager can be an invaluable asset to maximize the potential of any business’s social media presence.

Here's some projects that our expert Social Media Manager made real:

  • Ideation, creation and posting of engaging content to build followers on social media platforms
  • Management of multiple social accounts, as well as digital marketing and SEO to boost brand awareness
  • Company branding and portfolio development (website, Linkedin and Instagram)
  • Creation of full time marketing plans skilled in graphic design, video editing, and YouTube account management
  • Monthly content for social media campaigns
  • Transfers of images from one Instagram account to another
  • SEO optimization for ENT hospital
  • Audience engagement tactics on social platforms such as removing of people who are not following back on Instagram.

As our expert Social Media Managers have proved with these projects, a qualified manager provides an invaluable asset for any business’s digital presence. If you have ever considered taking your business to the next level through a seamless social media presence, consider hiring an experienced Social Media Manager from today!

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    I'm looking for an experienced social media manager to increase the engagement and followers of my personal Instagram account. This account mainly focuses on my love for cars and travels. Key responsibilities: - Increase followers and engagement: Your primary goal is to enhance both the quantity and quality of interactions with my followers. Content creation: - Daily posts: Consistent daily posts are essential to maintain an active presence on the platform. - Photo posts: You will be required to capture visually appealing shots of my cars and travel experiences. - Videos or reels: I also need engaging video content, showcasing my cars and travel destinations. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record of managing and growing personal Instagram accounts. - Proficiency in ...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均报价
    15 个竞标

    Are you a social media guru who can manage accounts and increase engagement? We are a marketing agency searching for an individual or team to produce/create one social media post each day that can be adapted and distributed across five social media channels. To apply, please: 1. Provide some examples of your work. 2. Tell me how much you charge for a certain level of quality. Also, to ensure that you have read and understand this job posting please begin your response by stating how long you have been doing this. Cheers,

    $345 (Avg Bid)
    $345 平均报价
    31 个竞标

    ATTENTION!! Do NOT make an AI-generated proposal. Just answer the following questions: 1) You will be responsible for 3 social media (IG&X&Linkedin). Answer your years of experience in each platform. 2) Can you create content in mental care in English? 3) Can you make one collaboration per week? 4) Can you interact with the audience via 10 comments and 10 likes every day on each platform? 5) If you answer "yes" to the above questions, please go to Expathy Org IG page, make one sample post OR reels for Expathy and submit it between 20th of May- 26th of May. Colors: Green (#012b28) Yellow (#ebb42c) We are looking for an experienced social media expert who can manage and promote EXPATHY across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Key Responsibilities: - Content creatio...

    $363 (Avg Bid)
    $363 平均报价
    26 个竞标

    I have a charity and need to promote my charity more, I am looking to get a freelancer who will create targetted content give our page a little more direction and gain followers and engagement

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr 平均报价
    35 个竞标

    Three distinct projects are to be worked on. A social media manager is required to manage the social media pages of these three projects. The objectives of the social media pages are: • Identify the ideal customer base • Refine the product offering based on user feedback from social media engagement • Nurture an audience ahead as part of pre-launch activities. The attached document provides additional details of these three projects. Indicate your interest in the opportunity by preparing and submitting a proposal in a Word document. This proposal should not exceed 1 page. Your proposal should indicate a high-level strategy of a social media engagement plan and your cost estimate. Only freelancers who submit proposals as per the requirements above will be contacted. In...

    $135 (Avg Bid)
    $135 平均报价
    28 个竞标

    السلام عليكم، أبحث عن خبير في إدارة صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي لمنصات فيسبوك ، انستجرام و لينكدان لتولي مهمة إدارة صفحات التواصل لمركز تدريبي على هذه المنصات لمدة شهر مع إمكانية التمديد. الخدمات المطلوبة: تصميم جذاب للمنشورات: فيديوهات وصور. إعداد محتوى متنوع وجذاب يتناسب مع جمهور المنصات المختلفة. تحليل البيانات وتقديم اقتراحات لتحسين الحملة التسويقية باستمرار. الرد السريع والفعّال على التعليقات والرسائل لزيادة التفاعل مع الجمهور. إنشاء وإدارة الحملات الإعلانية المدفوعة إذا كانت ذات جدوى. الجدولة والنشر المنتظم للمحتوى على المنصات. إعداد تقارير اسبوعية تفصيلية عن نتائج الحملة التسويقية. المتحتوى سيكون باللغة العربية والانجليزية ، لذلك يفضل ان يكون الشخص قادر على التحدث باللغه العربية وعنده فهم للغه الانجليزية لانشاء المحتوى والقدرة على ادارته يرجى تقديم عرض سعر شهري مع توضيح الخدمات الم...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    $100 平均报价
    13 个竞标

    Descripción: ¿Eres un experto en marketing digital con un talento especial para las redes sociales y el desarrollo web? ¿Te gustaría trabajar con una empresa en crecimiento en el vibrante sector turístico de Bogotá? ¡Esta es tu oportunidad! Sobre Nosotros: Somos una empresa dinámica dedicada al alquiler de apartamentos turísticos y por temporadas en la hermosa ciudad de Bogotá. Nuestros apartamentos están estratégicamente ubicados en zonas de alto interés turístico, ofreciendo a nuestros huéspedes una experiencia inigualable con todas las comodidades modernas y un servicio excepcional. Nos esforzamos por crear recuerdos inolvidables para nuestros clientes, brindándoles no so...

    $448 (Avg Bid)
    $448 平均报价
    17 个竞标

    As a real estate professional, I am in need of an experienced appointment setter to handle my scheduling needs. Key Responsibilities: - Scheduling property showings and client meetings - Ensuring more than 20 appointments are scheduled per week - Management of my personal Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook accounts to avoid conflicts Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in appointment setting, particularly in the real estate industry, is highly desired - Proficient with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook - Ability to bring & handle a high volume of appointments in a fast-paced environment - Excellent communication and organizational skills are a must. I am looking for someone who can handle this task efficiently, with exceptional attention to detail and a clear under...

    $105 (Avg Bid)
    $105 平均报价
    10 个竞标

    I'm in need of a skilled Instagram account manager to help me increase website visits. Key Responsibilities: - Manage the day-to-day activities of the account - Create and publish engaging content - Monitor performance and provide regular reports - Engage with followers and respond to comments Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in managing Instagram accounts - Understanding of Instagram algorithms and best practices - Ability to create engaging content - Strong analytical skills to monitor and report on performance - Excellent communication and customer service skills I plan to have at least three posts a day on the account. I'm looking for someone who can help me significantly boost website traffic through the platform.

    $70 (Avg Bid)
    $70 平均报价
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    Instagram Traffic Manager 4 天 left

    I am in need of a skilled social media manager to focus exclusively on our Instagram account. The primary goal of this project is to drive traffic to our website, so you must be adept in creating engaging Instagram posts that inspire clicks and traffic. Key responsibilities include: - Managing all aspects of the Instagram account - Daily post creation and scheduling - Developing and executing strategies to drive traffic to our website The ideal candidate for this project would have: - Proven experience managing Instagram accounts - A strong understanding of how to motivate followers to click through to a website - Excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently If you have experience in driving traffic through Instagram, please reach out.

    $114 (Avg Bid)
    $114 平均报价
    49 个竞标

    I'm looking to hire Key Opinion Consumers/Leaders (KOC/KOL) for the game category. Requirements: - You should have a minimum of 1K followers on your any social medium channel - You must be willing to join our discord channel - Ask 10 friends to join our discord Benefits: - Competitive pay for your services - Opportunity to be a part of a growing community - Flexible working hours - Easy work

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 平均报价
    6 个竞标

    We’re the leading recycler and trading house specializing in metal scrap, e-waste, electronic scrap, telecom scrap, and automobile parts scrap. Our global team is committed to delivering top-tier services to our valued customers, suppliers, and business partners. Upholding principles of integrity and quality, we strive to provide premium raw materials to clients worldwide at competitive prices.

    $465 (Avg Bid)
    $465 平均报价
    13 个竞标
    Eventbright 4 天 left

    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help with warming up 10 accounts on a specific website (details to be revealed later). Key Tasks: - Regular engagement with posts: Liking, Sharing, Commenting - Following and interacting with other users: Building a network, participating in discussions - Posting relevant content: Sharing news, articles, or other relevant content Ideal Candidate: - Experience with account warming or social media management - Familiarity with the chosen website - Ability to create and share engaging content - Good at building relationships online The accounts must appear less than 1 month old. Please let me know your approach to warming up these accounts and any similar projects you've worked on in the past.

    $126 (Avg Bid)
    $126 平均报价
    12 个竞标

    I'm looking for a sophisticated freelancer who can generate educational marketing contents for my TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels audience. The main topic is centered around online safety, especially areas like keeping kids safe online, parental controls, and secure internet use. Your role: - Create engaging and informative contents that suit my audience demographics - Ensure all contents resonate with our brand's voice and style - Create 2 reels/shorts per day on various platforms - Increase Views, Subscribers, Likes, Comments - Increase Followers & Influencers -Understand demographics we are targeting Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels content creation - Prior experience in developing engaging & viral video cont...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr 平均报价
    11 个竞标

    The title says it all. I want the book I'm publishing weekly on Wattpad to get the attention that it deserves but I'm not the best at putting my story forward. I want to see how far it can go with a little push. I do not want any 'fake' views, I want real engagement. Your job here would be to create engagement and bring readers (using tiktok videos or other social media) towards a book which is fantasy/coming of age. After having received some not so serious offers, I will only away the project to someone who is responsive and actually ready to do the task demanded. If the task is done well on the first week, then I will re-employ and more money can be earned for this job.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 平均报价
    11 个竞标

    Material This training program is designed to equip project leaders and project members with knowledge, skills that enable them to estimate planned projects. estimating is a basic industry process that answers the question “How much is the project expected to cost?” Inaccuracies in project estimates will have detrimental effects on all parties involved. because industrial projects require a relatively long time to implement, financial commitment must be obtained before the industrial process, usually the price is obtained before the construction of the project is carried out. This project cost estimate (Project Cost Estimation) is very useful for planners, implementers, owners, as well as investors to determine whether the project will be carried out or not. pro...

    $320 (Avg Bid)
    $320 平均报价
    6 个竞标

    Material This training program is designed to equip project leaders and project members with knowledge, skills that enable them to estimate planned projects. estimating is a basic industry process that answers the question “How much is the project expected to cost?” Inaccuracies in project estimates will have detrimental effects on all parties involved. because industrial projects require a relatively long time to implement, financial commitment must be obtained before the industrial process, usually the price is obtained before the construction of the project is carried out. This project cost estimate (Project Cost Estimation) is very useful for planners, implementers, owners, as well as investors to determine whether the project will be carried out or not. pro...

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
    0 个竞标

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to conduct a targeted marketing campaign aimed at doctors involved in research within Saudi Arabia's academic institutions. We have a website with a dedicated platform designed specifically for doctors to perform statistical analysis, aiding them in their research. If you have a proven track record in healthcare marketing and understand the nuances of reaching specialized audiences, I want to hear from you! Previous experience in the Saudi Market is preferred.

    $144 (Avg Bid)
    $144 平均报价
    48 个竞标

    Estoy buscando una persona de habla hispana que se encargue de mis redes sociales: Instagram, LinkedIn y YouTube

    $153 (Avg Bid)
    $153 平均报价
    62 个竞标

    I am in need of a professional with a knack for YouTube management and content creation to handle my faceless channel. Your tasks will include: - Video Editing: A strong grasp of video editing software and techniques is essential. You'll be responsible for editing the video content to make it engaging and shareable. - Content Creation: You will be tasked with creating content that is both entertaining and aligns with the latest viral trends. - Channel Optimization: You will need to ensure that the channel is optimized and that the videos are effectively reaching the target audience. - Thumbnail Creation: Create catchy thumbnails that will attract viewers to the videos. - Design: Implementing a cohesive design strategy for the channel, and maintaining it. The ideal candidate for thi...

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 平均报价
    54 个竞标
    WeChat Account Management 1 天 left

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to manage my WeChat account with a primary focus on customer service. Key Responsibilities: - Oversee the daily operations of the account - Respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner - Handle customer complaints and issues professionally - Enhance user experience and engagement - Provide accurate and up-to-date information about our products/services Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in WeChat account management is a must - Strong customer service and communication skills - Proficiency in Mandarin (preferred but not required) - Understanding of social media management tools - Ability to track and analyze data for performance evaluation This position is crucial in maintaining a positive brand image and ensuring customer satisfaction ...

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 平均报价
    42 个竞标

    I'm looking for a social media manager who can take charge of my TTRPG (Tabletop Role-Playing Game) business's online presence. It's crucial for the chosen candidate to have expertise in not only managing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but also developing platforms on Reddit and Pinterest. The right person for this job will: - Manage all our Social Media Channels. - Create TTRPG related posts and copies. - Develop and execute strategies to boost engagement on our current platforms. - Reveal our brand to a broader audience. - Direct more traffic towards our website using creative and engaging tactics. Ideally, the candidate will have: - Experience in TTRPG or a strong understanding of it. - Previous engagement in digital marketing in the gaming sector. - Proven success ...

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr 平均报价
    38 个竞标
    Social media posting (France) 1 天 left

    This is an exclusive social media posting project.

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
    9 个竞标
    Social media posting (UK) 1 天 left

    This is an exclusive social media posting.

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
    11 个竞标
    Social media posting (Poland) 1 天 left

    This is an exclusive social media posting.

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
    4 个竞标
    Social media posting (Spain) 1 天 left

    This is an exclusive social media posting project.

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
    8 个竞标

    I am working at a BC. Canada located non-profit newcomer services society. I need a talented video content creator who can produce engaging and compelling videos for my target audience: young adults aged between 19 and 35. Key Responsibilities: - Prepare a social media strategy. - Prepare Editorial Calender of at leats 6 months - Prepare post templates. - Produce high-quality videos that are innovative and engaging. (at least 90 stock videos for TikTok) - Implement strategies for attracting, retaining, and engaging the target audience. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in various video editing software. - Ability to tailor content to the general public, specifically young adults. - Demonstrable experience in creating engaging video content. - Ability to creatively convey infor...

    $1383 (Avg Bid)
    $1383 平均报价
    63 个竞标

    I'm in need of a skilled AI developer to create a system that can assist influencers in filtering out spam and abusive comments on various social media platforms, specifically Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Key Requirements: - Proficiency with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube APIs is necessary. - Develop the AI with the functionalities of Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Machine Learning to effectively filter out spam and abusive comments. - The AI should automatically delete these flagged comments, moving them to a separate folder for review by the influencer if they choose to do so. Your role would be to ensure the AI is efficient and reliable in filtering out these comments, reducing the manual work required by the influencers. This inclu...

    $1622 (Avg Bid)
    $1622 平均报价
    79 个竞标
    Instagram Content Creator & Manager 18 小时 left

    I'm looking for an experienced Instagram manager who can create and post engaging photos, videos, and story updates for my account. I aim to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to my website, and generate leads. Ideal Skills: - Extensive knowledge of Instagram's algorithms and trends - Proven experience in creating photos, videos and story updates - Expertise in using Instagram to boost brand awareness, website traffic and leads generation - social media strategy - design, schedule & post content - community engagement - ambassador team management - reposting of members content - restaurant & influencer outreach Please share examples of Instagram accounts you have previously managed.

    $272 (Avg Bid)
    $272 平均报价
    111 个竞标

    I'm looking for freelance Business Development Executives (BDEs) with a passion for digital solutions to join our freelance team. Our BDEs are responsible for a variety of tasks, including: The ideal candidate will focus on the technology and e-commerce sectors and target markets in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Key Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in business development, with a focus on tech and e-commerce. - Strong networking and relationship building abilities. - Excellent communication and negotiation skills. - Proficiency in proposal writing. - Past success in lead generation and cold calling. If you are results-driven, motivated, and have a track record of excelling in business development roles, we'd love to have you on board. What We Offer: Comp...

    $569 (Avg Bid)
    $569 平均报价
    9 个竞标


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