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Software architecture is a complex but critical discipline that impacts a wide range of industries. It is the practice of creating a plan or blueprint for constructing every aspect of a software system in order to maximize flexibility, maintainability, scalability, manageability, security, or other critical factors. Software architecture is a basis of efficient software construction and should be the focus of any prospective software project.

A skilled software architecture developer specializes in adding value and creating a powerful framework for the development of software. Their work involves abstract modeling and figuring out how modules interact with each other to support the desired functionality of an application. They also have an eye for detail to enable good UX/UI design and ensure secure coding techniques are employed.

Here’s some projects that our expert Software Architecture Developers had made real:

  • Developing scripts and APIs that process data and generate real-time reports
  • Setting up virtual applications on cloud servers
  • Designing databases with built-in security features
  • Creating several layers of authentication and authorization
  • Integrating payment gateways into eCommerce solutions
  • Maintaining an active directory to safely store sensitive information

The level of knowledge and skill possessed by these talented professionals is unmatched when it comes to planning and designing complex software solutions. These experts make sure all necessary tasks get done correctly so that valuable products can be developed without any hiccups.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned PHP developer to work on an ERP software solution(Liquor shop). This project focuses on managing inventory and sales, requiring specific functionalities and tools. Key Tasks: - Develop real-time tracking for inventory. This is critical for us to maintain and improve our inventory management. - Multilocation stores sync of data for different stores at centralized admin panel - Application should work offline and sync data online when net is available - Easy to use sale billing and Purchase window with stock transfer option - Authorization of rights from admin or operator - Receipt,payment & outstanding report - Qty wise rates( if bulk quantity then set rate as per quantity) - Auto backup on google driveone driveserver - Integrate a visual dashboard rep...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned PHP developer to work on an ERP software solution. This project focuses on managing inventory and sales, requiring specific functionalities and tools. Key Tasks: - Develop real-time tracking for inventory. This is critical for us to maintain and improve our inventory management. - Integrate a visual dashboard reporting system. The perfect candidate should be able to provide a user-friendly interface that visualizes and simplifies complex data. Skills and Qualifications: - Proficiency in PHP development. - Previous experience in designing and implementing ERP software. - Knowledge of real-time inventory tracking. - Experience in creating visual dashboard reporting systems. Make your bid if your skills align with this job. Note that online and offline fu...

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    I want to make daily attendance management system in google sheets of 70 to 150 patients per day which triggers response as attendace is filled by shift executives on whatsapp through message.

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    I'm in need of an experienced full-stack developer who specializes in Java, specifically the Spring Boot framework, to create an admin panel for a betting website. Key Functionalities: - Ledger: Implement a comprehensive ledger system that tracks all financial transactions including shares, commissions and other dealings. - Cash Transactions: Develop a log to manage and record all cash transactions within the system. - Panel Creation: Set up the necessary panels such as Admin, sub-admin, SuperAgent and Agent. - Share distribution: Implement a system that tracks and manages the distribution of shares. Additional Information: - I already have a design in place for the admin panel, so the focus will be on the programming and functionality. - It is crucial that the system gen...

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    Engenheiro de Produção para modelar um problema de PO, Desenvolver o resultado no python e Pyomo.

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    I'm in need of a developer who can create a web platform that enables users to earn virtual currency by completing various tasks on social media platforms. Key Features: - YouTube Tasks: Users should be able to subscribe to YouTube channels, like videos, and comment on them. - Instagram Tasks: Users should be able to follow Instagram accounts, like posts, and comment on them. - Telegram Tasks: Users should be able to follow Telegram channels. Reward System: - The platform should have a virtual currency system that rewards users upon completing each task. User Interaction: - The platform should support user profiles displaying their task history and stats.

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    I need an experienced MacroDroid developer to help me with an urgent task. I need a simple, one-time setup for scheduling app automation. The specific actions I need automated within the app include sending notifications and automatically performing tasks within the app. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Proven experience with MacroDroid and scheduling app automation - Proficiency in automation for sending notifications and performing tasks within an app - Excellent time management skills to handle this urgent task. ONLY EXPERIENCE PERSON APPLY. THE APP IS CREATED 50% THERE WAS SOME ERRORS.

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    Busco un desarrollador con conocimientos en Unicenta Opos para agregar un sistema de facturación electrónica al software, con los siguientes requerimientos: - Integración con una API de terceros para la facturación electrónica. - Generación de reportes de ventas diarias. - Inclusión de datos como ventas totales, ventas por producto y ventas por categoría en los reportes diarios. Idealmente, el candidato debe tener experiencia previa en: - Desarrollo de software para sistemas de punto de venta. - Integración de sistemas con APIs de facturación electrónica. - Creación de reportes detallados y personalizados. Por favor, sólo personas que hablen español. ¡Gracias!

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    create python script 6 天 left

    create a python script so to trick a given site. use a cookie so to trick the site as i m logged in full code need it.

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    I need a Telegram based Solana memecoin trading bot like this one: Please check the bot on Telegram to get acquainted with all its features(search on Telegram with username: bonkbot_bot). Post your bid if you can create a similar bot. Key Requirements: - Automation: The bot should be capable of executing buy and sell orders with minimal manual intervention. - Market Analysis: It should be equipped with basic market analysis tools to help inform its trading decisions. - Telegram Integration: The bot needs to be integrated with the Telegram platform, enabling users to receive notifications and updates on their trades. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience in developing trading bots, particularly for the cryptocurrency market. - Proficiency in working with different cryptocurrency exchanges A...

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    I need a skilled developer proficient in Python to create a working Tamil speech recognition system using the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) approach. This system is aimed at transcribing spoken Tamil into written text. The project will involve the following: - Incorporating as many dialects as possible: The system should be able to recognize and transcribe various Tamil dialects. Therefore, experience with multilingual speech recognition systems is a plus. - Compatibility with Windows: The final product should be compatible with Windows. This is the primary platform for deployment. Ideal candidates for this project are those who possess the following skills and qualifications: - Strong background in Python programming, with experience in developing speech recognition systems being highly de...

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    I'm in need of a proficient software developer who can create an end-of-the-day stock market software for me. It should be able to automate the download, processing, and uploading of stock market data. Key Features: - This software should facilitate both automated and manual processes for the handling of stock market data, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in data management. - Client Control Features: The software should offer user access management features, enabling me to control the access and permissions of different users. Additionally, it should support customizable dashboards and data export and import capabilities, empowering me to tailor the software to my specific needs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in software development, particularly in the finan...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to assist in developing a personalized content management system. This system should focus on automation capabilities, particularly around workflow automation and report generation. While I'll be responsible for outlining the architecture of the system, I'm looking for someone with expertise in tech tools like , and LLM products, as well as experience in prompt engineering. Key Requirements: - Develop a system with robust workflow automation functionalities such as task assignment, approval processes, and a notification system. - Implement a reporting mechanism within the system that can generate various reports. This includes performance reports, user activity reports, and content analytics reports. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Profic...

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    I'm looking for a skilled programmer to create a script that can block users depending on their geolocation and operator, and display different content accordingly. The primary goal is to deliver a more personalized user experience, not to block content based on legal requirements or to prevent fraud. Key Requirements: - The script needs to block users based on their geolocation and operator. - The script should enable the display of different content for users based on their geolocation and operator. - Specifically, I aim to show localized advertisements to users based on their geolocation and operator. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficient in JavaScript and/or PHP - Experience with geolocation services and operator detection - Understanding of user experience customi...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled software testing tutor to help me enhance my knowledge in this domain. I'm open to learning various aspects of software testing. need a demo class of 30 minutes

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    I have a prototype for a simple data management web application that I need to be developed. The key features of the app are user registration and login, and real-time data updates. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The app should allow users to create accounts and securely log in, ensuring data privacy. - Real-time Data Updates: The app should be capable of processing and updating data in real-time, providing users with the most up-to-date information. Data Management: The web application will primarily manage customer information. This includes storing, retrieving, and updating customer data in real time. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development, with a focus on data management. - Experience in building applications with user registration and login features. - Knowl...

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    I’m seeking a skillful developer to create a sleek, modern, and efficient stock market software. Features: - The software interface must be designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic, providing a clean and user-friendly experience. - It should operate seamlessly on Windows. - The key utility of the software is to fetch data from Trading Viewer and export it to CSV and TXT file formats. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in software development, focusing on financial data systems. - Strong knowledge of modern design principles. - Extensive experience in creating windows software. - Familiarity with Trading Viewer Data extraction.

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    I need a login API in Node.js that authenticates users via their phone number and a default OTP. and it will create jwt tokens and will have 4 roles 7 o 325 oo1 o2 - The API should support user login with a phone number as the input. - Upon successful input, the user should be authenticated using a default OTP. - The default OTP for all new users should be a fixed code, for instance, '123456'. - PostgreSQL Database. To sum it up, I'm in need of a simple, secure and efficient login API that can authenticate users via their phone number and a fixed OTP. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Node.js and API development. - Experience in user authentication systems. - Understanding of phone number validation and OTP generation.

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    I'm in need of a software developer with experience in creating programs for Windows platforms. This software should have the ability to bypass security restrictions. Key requirements and aspects of the project include: - The software should be compatible with Windows. - The primary function of this software is to bypass security restrictions. - The software should be reliable and efficient in bypassing these security restrictions. - It should be user-friendly and easy to operate. - The software should be secure and free of vulnerabilities. - I expect the developer to provide necessary documentation and support during and after the project. - While prior experience in creating gaming-related software is a plus, it's not mandatory for this particular project. Ideal skills and ex...

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    I am in need of a Python developer to help identify stocks with significant price differences between their current stock prices and futures prices. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in finance and data analysis, and be able to apply this expertise within the stock market and trading context.

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    I need documentation on how to setup custom proxy server with pool of ips on one time ip purchase Documentation should be in pdf or word document In the documentation you need to specify the following things: 1-Traffic Volume: This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate hosting provider and ensuring the server can handle the load. 2- User Authentication 3-Hosting Provider to use 4- IP Management: Details on how the hosting provider's IP management interface works would be helpful, especially any specific features or limitations. 5- Configuration Details: 6- Visual representation : Should include the user flow diagram , system architecture diagram , cloud architecture and code architecture diagrams Tool/tech-stack: There should be details about all the developments ...

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    Objective: To set up an advanced executive reporting system by integrating Excel KPIs with Looker Studio for visualization and using GPT for generating insightful reports. Project Scope: Server/Hosting Setup: Task: Set up a cloud server to run scripts and handle data processing. Details: Choose a cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure), create an account, and set up a virtual machine (VM) or cloud instance. Install necessary software (Python, Looker SDK, OpenAI API). Domain Purchase and Configuration (Optional): Task: Purchase and configure a domain if we decide to host a web application. Details: Register a domain from a provider like GoDaddy or Namecheap. Configure DNS settings to point to our server. Looker Studio Setup: Task: Set up Looker Studio for data visualization. Details: Sign up f...

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    Linux UGI Development 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a developer to create a User-friendly Interface (UGI) for a Linux-based system. The main goal is to enhance the overall user experience by providing an interface that is easy to use and navigate. Key Responsibilities: - Create a user-friendly interface for a Linux-based system - Ensure the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate - Implement design elements that enhance user experience Ideal Skills: - Experience in Linux-based development - User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design expertise - Strong understanding of system usability and user behavior - Ability to prioritize user requirements and preferences If you have experience in creating user-friendly interfaces for Linux or similar systems, please share your portfolio and let me know how you would...

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    Looking to build a robust AI with capabilities in speech recognition, natural language processing, and image recognition. The AI should achieve seamless compatibility across web browsers, mobile devices, and also desktop applications. Key highlights of the project include: - Usage of Speech Recognition: Enable the AI to understand and respond to vocal commands. - Employment of Natural Language Processing: I expect the AI to master understanding, processing, and generation of human languages. - Integration of Image Recognition: The AI should be able to analyze and comprehend visual content. An essential feature I'm also looking for is advanced customization. This encompasses the AI's behavior and personality traits to make it resemble a more human-like assistant. I encourage ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can implement web sockets in order to enable real-time updates on my platform. Key Project Requirements: - **Functionality:** I need the real-time updates to specifically involve social media feeds. This will allow for prompt display of social media posts to the relevant users. - **Primary Users:** This feature will be primarily used by FTP and SFTP users. It's crucial that the implementation is seamless and user-friendly for this audience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web socket programming - Prior experience with real-time updates - Familiarity with handling social media data - Understanding of FTP and SFTP user needs - Strong communication skills to ensure the feature meets the client's expectations. Please on...

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    I'm looking for a talented developer who can create a resume parser and a database to store candidates' information. Key Requirements: - The resume parser must be able to extract personal information, contact details, and work experience from PDFs, Word Documents, and JPEG files. - The extracted information should be stored in the database in separate fields for each piece of information. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in natural language processing or similar technology - Experience in database management and design - Strong knowledge in file processing and handling - The ability to work independently and proactively solve problems Your primary goal will be to create a seamless system for extracting and storing candidates' information ...

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    We're seeking a competent developer to create a unique AI tool capable of converting YouTube videos into text and audio. This project's primary focus is to effectively yield data analysis, natural language processing and image recognition. Key Features: - Although the client didn't provide specifics on language requirements, we anticipate a diverse range geared towards major world languages. Thus, prospective partners should bear this in mind. - The tool should be capable of producing both text documents and MP3 audio files from the converted YouTube videos. Prospective developers should have the following skills and experience: - Past projects involving AI and Machine Learning - Proven knowledge in Speech Recognition technologies - Mastery in working with Video to Text Co...

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    I'm in need of someone who can help me run my Python load balancing script on Cloud Sim. My main requirements are: - Installation and Setup of Cloud Sim: I need assistance in setting up Cloud Sim so my Python script can be executed without any issues. - Troubleshooting: I am encountering some errors during the execution of my Python load balancing script. I would like the freelancer to troubleshoot these errors and ensure that the script runs smoothly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with Cloud Sim - Troubleshooting skills

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    I'm looking for a developer to help create a digital asset marketplace, but without the need for any coding. The marketplace will predominantly sell digital assets like Powerpoint documents, PDF's, and Word Documents. Key Features: - Search and Filter Options: Users should be able to easily find the assets they are looking for. - User Ratings and Reviews: I'd like to incorporate a system that allows buyers to rate and review their purchases. - Secure Payment System: The marketplace should ensure safe transactions for both buyers and sellers. Please note, users won't be uploading any assets - they'll only be downloading them. I'm specifically looking for a developer who is experienced in creating user-friendly digital marketplaces. A background in eComm...

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    I need to integrate an API from the website into a payment system. This payment system will be responsible for receiving . files and transforming them into files. Key Aspects: - The purpose of this payment system is to enable online transactions. - The programming language I prefer for this project is Solidity. - The security level I require for the payment system is blockchain-based. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in API integration, specifically with Alchemy.com. - Proficiency in Solidity programming. - Strong understanding of blockchain-based security protocols. - Experience in transforming files, particularly . to files, is a plus. The perfect candidate for this job should be able to seamlessly merge these elements to create a secure and efficient payment sys...

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    I have created a program for encryption and decryption, and I am using the local Eclipse IDE. My program is running successfully in local in the Eclipse IDE, but it is not running on the AWS server because the imported packages are not found on the server. We want to run this project on the AWS server. Additionally, there is a file for dependencies, so I need to run my program successfully on the server with these dependencies. We need candidate with strong knowledge of Maven decencies, AWS, Java We want to configure the server where any Java file can be uploaded and run successfully. Attached the local server structure. Please note, the job will be executed on the existing server hence everything has to be done by remote system with our developer during office hours, We will not shar...

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    Hi, freelancer I have a big project of reverse engineering. If you were interested in here, please let satisfy the following requirements. 1. write your development rsum of reverse engineering. 2. write your technique of reverse engineering. I have paid about $3500 for the current software so I assume the next software will cost about that, perhaps more. Just give your quote and I will compare.

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    I'm looking to develop a secure portal for my business, should be designed with robust security measures. Key Requirements: - User Authentication: I'm looking to incorporate both Username/Password and Two-factor authentication. The portal should be able to verify user credentials securely. - Data Interaction: Users should be able to access and interact with specific sets of data. This includes accessing documents and files, as well as lead and referral information. - Access Control: The portal should have different levels of access control for various user roles. This includes administrator, user, and third-party access. - Please consider these aspects when proposing a cost estimate for this stage of development. Ideal Skillset: - Strong experience in web development with a ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create an automated blocking and unblocking process for a specific use case. Key Requirements: - Develop a process that automatically blocks a video delay upon betting on a table. - The process must also allow for the manual unblocking of the delay by clicking a 'continue' button. - The block action should have a 100% success rate, while the unblock action should be successful 20% of the time. This is Item schedule; Application Architecture and Setup (12 days) - first milestone - Set up the development environment and necessary tools. - Design the architecture of the streaming application. - Translate in English the streaming content to make development easier Scraping information and Implement Cancel Functionality ( 25 days) - Create...

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    I'm looking for someone to help me scrape a mix of text content, images, pricing information, ticket sales, and product uptime from multiple websites on a daily basis. Key Deliverables: - Text Content Scraping: Extracting any relevant text data from the websites. - Image Scraping: Downloading images present on the websites. - Pricing Information: Retrieving and organizing pricing details. - Ticket Sales: Monitoring ticket sales at hourly intervals and at product end. - Product Uptime: Tracking the duration of time the product is online. Requirement Details: - The scraping should be done on a daily basis. - The websites to be scraped are Website A, Website B, and Website C. - The data should be organized and presented in an easily interpretable manner. Ideal Skills and Experience: -...

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    Hi, I need a plugin calculator that can be used for made to measure curtains, so the price is calculated according to the options selected etc. width/length/ single or pair curtain / curtains heading. I Need to track job from quote to install and I need to add window measurements and it tell me how much fabric to order. Or if someone can design me an easy software like BlinQ with out the over price and all of the features I don’t need. I’d like to add all of our supplier stock into a system to reduce the time it takes going thru ordering books. We are a made to measure blind curtain n shutters business

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    Proyecto: Diseño de Complejo de Apartamentos para Alquiler Diario en Casa Mide 7x7 metros, 5 pisos Descripción del Proyecto: Necesito un diseñador de interiores con experiencia en arquitectura para desarrollar un complejo de apartamentos en los últimos 7 metros de mi propiedad, la Casa Mide 6 por 30 metros de largo Este proyecto está destinado a alquiler diario tipo turístico, como Airbnb, y se espera que atraiga a un gran número de turistas. La propiedad tiene un tamaño inicial de 6 metros de ancho por 30 metros ñ. -ÁRea a Diseñar ñ: Los últimos 7 metros de la casa, con un ancho que se expande de 6 a 7 metros. - **Distribución por Piso:** Cada piso contendrá un apartamento con 3 hab...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to craft a warehouse management software prioritizing inventory management, order tracking, and efficient reporting. The software will be utilized by 1-10 users, but scalability should also be taken into consideration. This system should be capable of seamless integration with our existing platforms specifically our customer relationship management system and enterprise resource planning system. Required skills and experience: - Expertise in software development - Previous experience in warehouse or inventory management systems - Familiarity with customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems. Deliverables: - A user-friendly warehouse management software - Documentation for maintenance and user guide.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a straightforward parse software using the Scrapy API. This software will enable me to extract general information from multiple websites, helping me aggregate content into a single CSV file. Key Project Details: - I need the software to be user-friendly, enabling me to parse data from various websites with ease. - The main purpose of this software will be to aggregate content from different websites for my use. - I expect the software to be built with simplicity in mind, meaning it should be easily usable for someone not deeply technical. - The software is to output the aggregated data to a CSV file, making it easy for me to access and work with. Ideal Freelancer: You should have a good understanding of Python, particularly the Scrapy A...

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    Telegram bot 6 天 left

    I am looking for a freelancer to build a Telegram bot that includes customizable commands and has additional integrations. Additionally, I need a user interface created for the bot. With this project, I hope to have a final product that meets my specific needs and is able to offer my users an intuitive and engaging experience. My ultimate goal is to create a bot that offers a highly functional, yet easy-to-use service to my users.

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    I'm in need of a platform that will allow me to create and manage money pools, while tracking contributions in real time, and automatically distributing the pooled funds. Key Features: - Creation and Management of Money Pools: Users should be able to create new money pools, set goals and manage them efficiently. - Real-time Contribution Tracking: The website or app should track contributors and funds in real time, ensuring transparency and accountability. - Automatic Distribution of Funds: When the pool reaches the goal or a specified time, the funds should be automatically delivered to a pre-determined Paypal account. Access: - The platform should be primarily a web-based system, allowing users to access it through their web browser. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development...

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    I'm looking to have Python used for an upcoming data analysis project. Our primary focus will be numerical data. -The core task involves scrutinizing and analysing large sets of numerical data, thus a stronghold in numeracy and statistics is a plus. -Experience with Python Libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy is essential. -Proficiency in Data visualisation tools is not required, however, as I require the results to be delivered in the form of a comprehensive project report. -Lastly, the ability to meet deadlines while maintaining high-quality work is crucial. This project is perfect for Python developers with a keen interest in data analysis.

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    Need a CS:GO case opening script for make a website. CSGO is a popular online game where you can win and exchange various "skins" the project is pretty easy and i could do it even by myself but i really have no time at this moment. Dont need any kind of graphic for the project but just the functionality. Is a bit hard to explain what really need if you dont know CS:GO so feel free to contact me so i can give you some example link for show you what i need.

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    I'm seeking a competent professional to develop a custom inventory management software for my retail business. This tool should be capable of providing a thorough understanding of my stock control and sales patterns. Key features should include: - Tracking of product name, quantity on hand, and cost per unit for each inventory item. - Provision of comprehensive reporting capabilities such as inventory turnover reports, sales reports, and restock level alerts to enable efficient planning and decision-making. The ideal candidate for the job will be a competent software developer with proven expertise in creating business-centric inventory management solutions. You need to demonstrate your ability to design and develop intuitive and user-friendly software features. Prior experience in ...

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    CSV Conversion Tool 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a capable developer to create a script that can convert a CSV data file containing POS transactions and revenue sent via email. The script will then process the data to summarize transactions by the hour, and send the new CSV output per email. Key Requirements: - Develop a script that can extract and process CSV data sent via email - Transform the data to summarize transactions per hour - Ensure the summary is based on the sum of transactions Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python, Perl, or similar languages for writing the conversion script - Solid understanding of CSV data structures and processing - Prior experience with email automation tools and API integrations - Familiarity with data transformation and summarization techniques - Proven track reco...

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    I am in need of an experienced Python, Java or JavaScript programmer to help achieve my goal of improving efficiency through AI bot integration. The main objective of this project is to create a reliable interface that lets our AI bot efficiently dump schedule details into the Go High Level Calendar. Thereby, enabling seamless integration between our AI bot and Go High Level, automating our work processes and improving our business's efficiency. Understanding the Go High Level platform as well as expertise in working with AI bots is highly essential. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Python, Java or JavaScript - Familiarity with AI bots - Knowledge of Go High Level platform - Proven record in enhancing process efficiency.

    $540 (Avg Bid)
    $540 平均报价
    48 个竞标

    I'm looking for a specialist capable of developing a tightly integrated inventory management system. Key tasks include: - Inputting inventory - Creating barcodes - Integrating with our existing scanner setup - Merging data with QuickBooks The primary project priorities are: - Effective inventory management - Seamless barcode generation - QuickBooks integration Additional system features I want to include are: - Real-time tracking of inventory - Integration with our existing Point of Sale (POS) system The ideal candidate will have substantial experience in system integration and development, expertise in QuickBooks and inventory management platforms, and a solid understanding of barcode generation. Experience with POS systems is also a major plus.

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr 平均报价
    78 个竞标

    necesito hacer modificaciones simples a un plugin , ojo es algo simple

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 平均报价
    16 个竞标

    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create a Solana copytrading bot. The main functions of the bot will be to frontrun transactions and execute copy trades before the wallet that I’m copying. Key Requirements: - The bot must have the ability to frontrun transactions before the wallet I'm copying. - The interaction between the bot and the wallet should be based on wallet address input. - The bot should be developed preferably using python and hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Additionally, the bot needs to be capable of interacting with the platform since most of these transactions will be launches. Also must have to ability to frontrun sells before the target wallet also. So once program identifies the sell transaction the program will frontrun my trans...

    $219 (Avg Bid)
    $219 平均报价
    48 个竞标


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