Spark is a powerful framework that is being used to solve complex problems in the world of Big Data. A Spark Developer is motivated to provide real-time solutions and analytic services with data streaming, distributed processing and machine learning. You can think of Spark as an easy-to-use platform that grants brilliance with bigger data sets and applications.

At, you can hire experienced Spark developers for a variety of tasks. Our expert developers are well versed in this technology and help clients activate their big data to derive value from it. With our Spark developers, you can achieve scalability by incorporating more machines without latency. They can apply advanced analytics on dataset models with sophisticated algorithms and craft smart solutions for individual needs.

Here’s some projects that our expert Spark Developer can make real:

  • Data processing applications using parallel computing tools like Apache Spark
  • Building pipelines for streaming, batch processing and integration
  • Creating large datasets with structured streams
  • Optimizing the execution of developmental code
  • Providing technological expertise on Apache Hadoop, YARN & HDFS

When it comes to big data projects, an experienced Spark Developer can tap into their knowledge and create innovative solutions to bring you the best outcome. Your project may be complex, but a freelancer on has the expertise to tackle it head on and bring your desired results - quickly and securely. Don’t wait any longer; post your project now and hire an expert developer through to give your business the edge it needs in this rapidly advancing world!

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    I'm seeking a data engineer to successfully link my Azure Data Explorer with Azure Synapse. - The freelancer should have strong skills in creating data pipelines. - They must have prior experience with Azure Synapse and Azure Data Explorer. - I have a clear understanding of the data source but need some assistance in defining the transformation and processing requirements. - Candidate with skills in data transformation will have an added advantage. - The goal is to have a efficient and effective integration between the two platforms. - Guidance on future data management would also be appreciated. Don't hesitate to bid if you've got the right skills and expertise! Looking forward to your proposals. A medallion architecture will be used i.e., raw, base, enriched with diffe...

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    I'm looking for an expert Azure Data Engineer with profound command over data integration. With Azure Data Lake demanding integration, you are expected to have adept understanding and practical knowledge of Microsoft's cloud computing service. Key tasks and requirements include: The problem we're encountering involves the Azure Synapse Data Flow process when writing data to a Data Lake Gen2 sink in Parquet format. At times, the data is successfully written, resulting in the creation of two files: "" and "". However, when we attempt to reproduce the same outcome using the same dataset and parameters, only one file is generated: "", containing only column headers without actual data. Perfect for those who have extensive experience working with ...

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    I'm currently seeking a skilled freelancer proficient in Databricks Spark SQL to assist with a specific project focused on data transformation and manipulation within my organization. This project will require a detailed understanding and hands-on experience with Spark SQL, particularly in the context of Databricks, to achieve the goals set out for improving and optimizing our data processing and analysis capabilities. **Core Tasks:** - Implement data transformation techniques to refine and restructure datasets. - Perform data manipulation tasks to update multiple records in Delta tables based on sophisticated business logic, ensuring data integrity and relevance. **Specific Requirements:** - **Update Strategy:** The key task involves setting different values for varied subsets of r...

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