SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a commonly used programming language for managing data in relational databases. A SQL Developer helps with the design, development and maintenance of databases. They ensure that the databases work correctly and efficiently and can also create testing procedures. With the help of a SQL Developer, clients are able to get an efficient system for managing their company data. By developing secure and reliable databases, businesses can maximize their potential and streamline all processes.

Here's some projects that our expert SQL Developers made real:

  • Improving query speed and accuracy on large datasets
  • Implementing views and stored procedures for quick retrieval of data
  • Designing database tables to store all types of data
  • Automating processes to reduce manual work while working with databases
  • Creating an efficient search function using complex SQL queries
  • Providing insights into data by creating analytical models

SQL is an invaluable tool for businesses today in managing their data efficiently. Our experienced SQL Developers help clients by developing a secure and reliable database that meets their needs. With the help of a SQL Developer, clients can ensure that their database systems work correctly and with maximum efficiency.

If you're looking for an expert SQL Developer to create efficient databases or enhance your existing systems, here at Freelancer.com you will find the perfect contractors for the task. Our wide network of talents has put together many successful SQL projects for satisfied customers around the world today. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, post your project now on Freelancer.com and hire an expert SQL Developer to work with you on this journey!

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    I'm seeking an Oracle Apex specialist to diagnose and troubleshoot the slowness issues I'm facing when loading data on specific pages in my system. Key Points: - The affected pages are mainly the 'Product', 'Customer', and 'Request' pages. - The slowness occurs particularly when loading large amounts of data, typically more than 1000 records. I have not made any recent changes or updates to the system, which could have been a potential cause. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Oracle Apex with a proven track record in performance optimization. - Experienced in diagnosing and resolving slowness issues in systems with large datasets. - Good communication skills, as I would like to understand the root cause and learn how to prevent similar issues in...

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    I am in need of a developer who is experienced with Go High Level API and can help integrate my custom Win Forms application with a SQL backend. The primary goal of this integration is to sync customer information between the two systems. This will include transferring fields such as Name, Email, Phone number, job cost,etc. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Go High Level API - Strong experience with Win Forms application development - Previous work with SQL backend integration - Understanding of customer data synchronization The project involves: - Configuring the API to fetch and update customer information - Mapping and transferring specific customer fields between the Win Forms application and the SQL backend - Ensuring the synchronization process is seamless and error-free - Testing to ...

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    ?¿Qué buscamos? Programador/a FullStack con conocimiento en ReactJS, NodeJS y SQL. Esta descripción no la ha hecho alguien de Recursos Humanos, por eso vamos al grano y no pedimos 9842891 lenguajes. ✨Qué esperamos de ti: - Español Nativo - Conocimientos en CSS y ReactJS. - Conocimientos de NodeJS - Conocimientos en SQL (nosotros usamos PostgresSQL - Jornada completa (aunque se puede valorar media jornada) - Se valora positivamente si eres Runner o haces deporte. ? Qué responsabilidades tendrás: - Desarrollo de funcionalidades de nuestra aplicación web. ? Qué tenemos de especial - Sueldo entre 1.200€/1.500€ al mes - Teletrabajo 100% - Flexibilidad horaria (tu te pones el horario) Además… - Trabajar&aa...

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    I'm seeking an Oracle Database expert to develop a procedure in my schema that will automate the extraction of specific table data. Key Requirements: - Selecting Specific Tables: The procedure should be able to identify and include only the designated tables in the schema. - Data Export: The data should be extracted based on the creation date of the record. - Data Format: The extracted data should be saved in CSV format. - Directory Organization: The exported data should be zipped and stored in directories based on the year and month of the creation date of the records. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Extensive experience with Oracle databases and PL/SQL development. - A strong understanding of data extraction and the ability to automate the process. - Proficie...

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    I need a sveltekit developer to tackle a few issues on our startet community SveltyCMS project as we reacently changed to database agnostic. **User Creation Fix:** Email Signup /Oauth first user are creating table but not validated When sigin is good, check our API/query as it was recently added so all crud functionality is working for Collections. Implement the same for started drizzle (sql) mariadb /postgres And fix build, currently getting [ERROR]: Error setting up GraphQL: - defined in resolvers, but not in schema We are always open to further enhancements and suggestions... The fixes should be implemented via a pull request. see Auth_fix branch. If u like what u see leave a Star.

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    I'm needing a proficient developer to design a robust asset management database. This database will serve multiple purposes: - Tracking Inventory: A system to effectively track over 100 types of assets is required. - Managing Maintenance Schedules: The planner should incorporate a feature that keeps up-to-date maintenance schedules. - Reporting and Analysis: The database should generate comprehensive reports and carry out data analysis. Key Functionalities: - Search by Asset Details: Users should have the capability to perform detailed searches. - Assign Assets: The database should be capable of assigning assets to various projects depending on needs and availability. - Asset information: Able to store and view background information on various assets. Ideal Skills: - Proficien...

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    We're a property rental company in Spain, seeking a full-stack developer to build a comprehensive database with a user-friendly front end for our employees. Key Features: - **User Management**: We need robust user registration and login capabilities with varying access levels. Beyond that, we require user profiles and permissions, as well as user activity tracking. - **Booking Management**: The system should facilitate guest onboarding and property management. This includes guest verification, payment of the fianza, and check-in/check-out processes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of SQL for database management Full stack developer for front and back end - Proficient in front-end development for user-friendly interface - Experience with user management systems a...

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    I am seeking a proficient freelancer to develop an AI-Enhanced MRP and Production Planning System for my manufacturing business. This is a comprehensive project that goes beyond mere inventory management, sales forecasting, and work order management. It extends to dynamic aspects such as human planning, machine planning, production priorities, and even predictive maintenance in machinery planning. Key Features: - Inventory Management - Sales Forecasting - Work Order Management - Human and Machine Planning - Production Priorities - Material needs AI Integration: - Predictive Maintenance in Machinery Planning - Demand Forecasting in Sales and Production - Optimization in Production Priorities Preferred Skills & Experience: - Comprehensive understanding of MRP and Production Planning ...

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    Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Employment type: Full Time, Hybrid / Remote, Standard working time Job Level: Mid / Senior ABOUT US: We're part of Zetta Group, a group of technology companies with over 25 years of history and a proven track record of creating high-tech platforms for managing online payments, massive networks of users, data and internet traffic. It is a leader in providing services in the field of Software development, Technical Compliance and Managed IT services for regulated institutions, auditing and certification according to PCI-DSS and ISO27001 and ISO/IEC20000-1 standards. It also offers Cloud and hosting solutions for corporate customers as well as Managed DevOps services for customers in Europe and North America. The company has over 200 experts and its office loc...

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    I need help configuring my Oracle SQL server running on Windows for remote access. Key Tasks: - Configuring firewall settings - Enabling network connectivity The goal is to ensure that I can access the system remotely without compromising security. I'm looking for a freelancer with the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in Oracle SQL, especially in setting up remote access - Strong understanding of Windows operating systems - Experience in firewall configuration and network connectivity - Adept at ensuring remote access while maintaining security and data integrity.

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    I need a proficient web developer, experienced in ASP.NET and C#, who will develop a website for me that generates and displays data reports. The primary focus of this reporting website will be: - Creation and display of financial reports - Generation of production reports The successful freelancer should ideally possess skills and experience in: - ASP.NET - C# - Crystal Reports - Web Development - Database Management The reports will be generated from data sources such as databases and Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, a good understanding of data extraction and manipulation from these sources is key to this project.

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    I'm looking for a skilled .NET Core developer to assist with a medium-sized project that involves creating microservices, designing SQL architecture, and implementing C# code. Key Responsibilities: - Develop microservices: You would be responsible for creating scalable and efficient microservices. - Designing SQL architecture: Your role would entail designing a robust and optimized SQL architecture that aligns with our project's objectives. - Implementing C# code: As part of the team, you will also be expected to write clean, maintainable, and efficient C# code. The project is of medium-scale and moderate complexity, and your expertise in .NET Core, C#, Microservices, and SQL architecture will be crucial for successful delivery. Integration with the current system: - The new...

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    As a seasoned Operations Manager, I'm looking to refresh my resume that accurately highlights my key skills and achievements. Here's what I need: 1. **Skill Highlighting:** My resume should prominently feature the following abilities: - Management capabilities - Project management - Process improvement 2. **Achievement Inclusion:** It's crucial to shine a light on my accomplishments. These include: - Streamlining processes to boost department efficiency - Implementing cost-saving initiatives that led to significant savings - Successfully managing cross-functional teams to meet project goals The ideal freelancer for this job should have substantial experience crafting result-oriented resumes, preferably for mid-senior level management roles. Past track...

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    Greeting from freelancer.com One of our client is looking for a Data Analyst OR Media Monitoring Specialist. *************** We are looking for freelancers only from Netherlands who speaks Dutch*************** Project Details: We have a media monitoring tool which captures contents from media and socials. Often, due to complex queries, we collect irrelevant data. The Freelancer needs to delete these irrelevant contents from the dashboard. The freelancer needs to know how to build queries with Boolean operators. Otherwise, SQL queries knowledge can be helpful to understand Boolean operators.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to help create a comprehensive inventory control database system using Microsoft Access. The purpose of this system will be specifically focusing on: - Tracking inventory levels - Monitoring sales and purchases and shipments - Generating detailed reports This system requires the capability to categorize and track a range of accumulated products and supplies. The items involved will be less than 10 separate types. The ideal candidate for this project would have a significant background in database management, Microsoft Access, and ideally, inventory control systems. Key Skills Required: - Proficiency in Microsoft Access - Strong knowledge in database management - Experience in developing inventory systems.

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    We are currently hiring a SCADA Developer with over 3 years of experience for a short-term interim contract work. The role involves resolving issues related to audit logs (login & logout) on SCADA Client PCs. Background: a) The SCADA server is installed to archive and log process data from PLCs in the manufacturing area. This data is viewable in trend formats via Client PCs connected to the SCADA server. b) While the SCADA server logs audit trails for login and logout activities, the Client PCs are randomly missing these entries. Responsibilities: 1) Perform a thorough investigation and root cause analysis of the issue where login/logout entries are missing from the audit trail on Client PCs. 2) Fix the defect and conduct comprehensive testing (unit and regression) to ensure the i...

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    Integrate 2 APIsand SQL DB 5 天 left

    Integrating the API from Xtime into a program that will pull the customer and vehicle information (VIN and mileage) from Xtime and utiizing the API from Trade Pending API determine the current value of the vehicle. Then, by pulling the information for an identical make model and trim level valuation for vehicles 1 and 2 model years earlier list the value of those vehicles while adding 15000 miles and 30000 mile respectively to the vehicles for prior year and prior two year. Be able to pull from database the dealership this is for and the added parameters to add or subtract added value percentages. Design of database to keep all valuations , and to keep all client dealerships (clients are automobile dealerships) information including billing, contacts , address and percentages to add o...

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    I am looking for a Foxpro expert with extensive experience in understanding and converting legacy systems. You will be aiding my team in transforming our moderately complex legacy system into Oracle forms. Key Responsibilities: - Understand the current legacy system thoroughly - Lead the conversion process into Oracle forms - Provide guidance and support to the team throughout the conversion process The primary goal of this conversion is to enhance the user interface. This means the ideal candidate for this position must have a strong eye for detail, understand the importance of user experience, and be able to translate these insights into the new Oracle forms. The legacy system is moderately complex with multiple integrations, so we are looking for a candidate with a proven track recor...

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    I am urgently seeking a proficient IT professional from Southeast Asia region with substantial experience in SQL database migration. The task at hand would involve executing a data transfer from an unspecified cloud platform to the Huawei Cloud, taking all measures to ensure the data's integrity. Expectations include: - Proficient analysis of data structures before the migration process commences. - Bug investigation and development of solutions, coupled with rigorous testing of these fixes. - Seamless integration and version control maintenance are essential. - Facilitating effective communication for better integration of data and fixes. - Strong proficiency in Python, SQL, JavaScript - Experience with data migration projects Please note that delivery time is crucial to this...

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    I'm in need of a talented Full Stack Developer with solid experience in Angular and SQL to join my team. Key Responsibilities: - Perform Backend and Frontend development using .Net Core and Angular - Ensure high performance and responsiveness on all tasks - Collaborate with other team members Ideal candidates should: - Be proficient with .Net Core, Angular, and SQL - Have strong problem-solving skills - Preferably from North India - Be available from EST 8AM to 5PM - Have a strong understanding of Azure, particularly Azure bus, databricks, and function app This is a monthly payment job, and I am looking for a long term collaboration.

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    Dans le cadre d'un projet pro , je veux quelqu'un qui peux me créer une application IOS/Android de type Uberdriver

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    I have an existing MySQL database that needs to be set up and operational as soon as possible. Key Requirements: - **Database Setup**: I require a freelancer to set up the existing MySQL database. This includes ensuring all the necessary configurations are in place and the database is fully functional. - **Database Management**: Assistance in managing the database, ensuring that it's working smoothly and efficiently. what happend: I worked with a guy and he tried to blackmail and just ruin my business overall I need someone to just help and set it up for me ASAP without a file Ideal Candidate: - Experience with MySQL and database management - Ability to work under tight deadlines - Strong communication skills to report progress and clarify requirements.

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    FOXPRO Portable 4 天 left

    Tengo una app FOXPRO que necesito echar andar y tengo problemas. When I open the foxpro project it informs me that there are some files that do not exist, I ignore these messages and then it tells me at some points in the navigation.

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    I am in need of a highly experienced individual who is a certified expert and proficient in NinjaOne. The ideal candidate must provide remote monitoring and management (RMM) online support, specifically in the following areas: - Setup and configuration of NinjaOne: I require someone who can expertly set up and configure NinjaOne for optimal performance and efficiency. This includes ensuring all necessary integrations are in place and that the system is tailored to our specific needs. - Troubleshooting and maintenance: The candidate should possess the skills to pinpoint and resolve any issues that may arise during the course of our usage of NinjaOne. Proactive maintenance to prevent future problems is also crucial. - Custom script development: I require the creation of custom scripts wit...

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    We are in search of passionate, experienced teachers to bring their expertise to our platform. Our platform is currently small and we are looking to grow it in coming months. We are positioned well internationally and have demand for teachers at the moment. If you are interested please sign up at as a teacher. We have internal team that is handling managing tutor/class post, all we need are some details from you like Subjects, certs, description, etc. So when you sign up please contact us so we get send the form to you to fill out. Your part is to handle scheduling with student. When you complete a class with student we will handle the payment via freelancer.com. We just started but we are investing heavily into marketing this so we think this is a great opportunity for teachers and...

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    SQL Database Project 4 天 left

    Project Details ₹12,500.00 – 37,500.00 INR I am looking for a SQL expert to assist with my project. Database Details: - The project requires working with SQL Server - The database consists of more than 50 excel-sheets, each with 1 million rows. - The data in the excel sheets will have consistent Columns Specific Requirements: - The main focus of the project is database administration. - I need functionality to search for specific results after combining all the data from multiple-excel-files. - The ideal candidate should have experience in performing various database administration tasks. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SQL Server is a must. - Experience in database administration is required. - Knowledge of data analysis and manipulation is preferred. If you have the nec...

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    Necesitamos un desarrollador para crear una aplicación Windows que permita la manipulación de datos de ventas en un sistema de información. Ideal Skills and Experience: - DevExpress - XPO - .NET Core - Point of Sale - Experiencia en desarrollo de aplicaciones para Windows - Conocimiento sólido en bases de datos SQL Server - Experiencia en sistemas de información y ventas La aplicación debe permitir: - Actualización de registros de venta existentes en la base de datos, el detalle entregamos en zoom.

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    I need an experienced VBA programmer who can help me retrieve text and numeric data from an API and insert it into an MSSQL table. Key Requirements: - Retrieve text and numeric data from an API - Insert the retrieved data into an MSSQL table - Program should run once a day Timeframe: - I would like this to be completed within a month. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in VBA programming - Familiarity with using APIs to extract data - Strong knowledge of MSSQL - Ability to deliver within the specified timeframe

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional who can help me set up a private database with a primary focus on storing customer information. The system should be accessed through a web interface, this being the preferred mode. Key requirements include: - Implementing basic encryption techniques to secure the database from unauthorized access. - Setting up a user authentication system to ensure only approved personnel can access the data. - Providing technical support on how to manage the database and monitor its security. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in database management and security, with a focus on customer information. - Experience in working with web-based database interfaces. - Knowledge of basic encryption methods and user authentication. - Strong communicati...

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    I am in urgent need of an expert who can quickly and effectively integrate data from multiple databases into a single system. Key Requirements: - Integration of data from MySQL, Oracle, and SQL databases - Data integration should be one time Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in SQL - Experience with data integration across multiple database systems - Ability to work under tight deadlines Data Integration Specialist to merge and integrate data from two SQL database dump files into a single cohesive database. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in SQL, database management, and data migration. This is a contract position with a project-based payment.

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    Greeting from freelancer.com One of our client is looking for a Data Analyst OR Media Monitoring Specialist. Project Details: We have a media monitoring tool which captures contents from media and socials. Often, due to complex queries, we collect irrelevant data. The Freelancer needs to delete these irrelevant contents from the dashboard. The freelancer needs to know how to build queries with Boolean operators. Otherwise, SQL queries knowledge can be helpful to understand Boolean operators. There are currently, 4 dashboards to clean up. Languages required – Dutch – English – Spanish – Portuguese.

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    Data Science Project 3 天 left

    Hi can anybody create a click bot for me, I want a personal click bot. And also need a website along with this So what will be the bot works? 1- When i add any links, so bot should click that link atleast 10-20 times a day. 2- Look like human bot, when bot click the link then they need to visit like human, sometime click buy button or sometimes not 3- Bot click should be trackable with different countries like US,UK,NZ,AU,CA 4- Main thing, when if i add some landing page, so bot can click and submit random email to that landing page, if bot clicks 20 times, atleast add 5 emails to the landing page. 5- admin panel access Don't randomly apply to this job, only apply if you can, Otherwise i will reject it. And also don't give copy paste or chatgpt proposal Thanks

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    MySQL SQL Query Expert Needed 3 天 left

    I'm looking for a SQL expert with strong experience in MySQL databases. You will be responsible for developing a set of intermediate complexity SQL queries to derive data for manual testing. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in MySQL: You should have a solid understanding of MySQL database management system. - Intermediate SQL Knowledge: You must be comfortable working with intermediate SQL queries involving Joins, Group By, and Having clauses. - Performance-Oriented: It's crucial that the SQL queries you write are optimized for performance. Please only apply if you have the necessary expertise and can demonstrate a strong track record in SQL query writing and database optimization.

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    I'm preparing for a senior financial analyst role application/interview with a major tech firm and need someone with a deep understanding of SQL and PowerBI, focusing specifically on SQL querying and DAX functions in PowerBI. I require: - Expertise in SQL querying: I will need someone with advanced skills in this area to help me understand the finer points of complex queries. - Knowledge of DAX functions: I need assistance in utilizing DAX functions within PowerBI to better manipulate and present data. As a result of meeting,I will be able to tell 2 or stories related to SQL and PowerBI specific projects and add them into my resume as well. If you're an expert in these topics and you're great at explaining them in an easy-to-understand manner, then I'd love to hear f...

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    Access Database Development 2 天 left

    I need a professional to create an effective Access database for my business needs. The key objective of this project is data storage, focusing on customer records and product details primarily. Requirements: - Strong skills in Access database development - Understanding of data handling and storage principles - Experience in managing customer and product data Given the complexity of the data, the number of tables in the database is unknown and will be dependent on your expertise and best practices in database management. Your role will include the recommendation of the optimal number of tables needed. Please provide a plan on how to approach this project in your bid.

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    I'm in need of a skilled database professional to help me transition from Microsoft SQL to MongoDB. Here are some key details about the project: - **Current Database Size:** My MS SQL database is less than 1GB, thus the migration should be manageable in scale. - **Experience with MongoDB:** I'm specifically looking for an expert who already has a solid understanding of MongoDB as I've already decided to move forward with this NoSQL option. - **Schema Design Assistance:** I'm also looking for the selected freelancer to handle the complete schema design for MongoDB as part of the project. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience with both MS SQL and MongoDB - Excellent understanding of database schema design - Strong communication skills to understand and fulfi...

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    Looking for an Oracle DBA for medium scale database optimization, backup and recovery, and performance tuning, RAC, ASM, Data guard, Golden gate. Need support 3 hours a day. Key Tasks: - Ensure efficient functioning of our 10-100GB database - Improve database optimization - Oversee comprehensive backup and recovery - Conduct performance tuning to enhance user experience Skills Needed: - Strong experience as an Oracle DBA working on L3 support - Proficiency in database optimization, backup, recovery, and Performance tuning ,RAC, ASM, Data guard, Golden gate. - Experience with customer information and transaction data The right person for this job is dedicated, experienced and has a keen eye for details when it comes to managing and improving databases. Apply to bring your Oracle...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to set up a custom reporting system for my Toast POS system. I need an inventory reports generated in format based on the SKU of items, this report will be ran on demand. This is going to be used for a lottery system integration, the POS will have normal buttons, but will have the SKU for the pull tab integration to distinguish sales vs paid. More Details Please Review. ***You will have to tell us how to get access to the database as it is a toast owned database** We have gambling pull tab tickets each cost $1 per ticket. This is a lottery style, so the tickets will pay out "x" amount of dollars per bag/sn/sku. They come in bags of 1000s+, each has its on sn/sku number. I am wanting the ability to see exactly how many sku/pull tabs have ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Access database professional to create a comprehensive database for my business. This project has to be completed within a month's time. Key Requirements: - Data Entry and Storage: The database should be able to handle a variety of data types efficiently and store them securely. - Report Generation: I need the database to generate reports based on the stored data. These reports should be comprehensive and easy to understand. - Data Analysis and Queries: The database should be able to perform complex data analysis and respond to queries effectively. Other Important Details: - The database will require between 10-20 tables. - It is crucial that the freelancer is able to work within tight deadlines and communicate effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience...

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    I need an Oracle PL/SQL developer with a specialization in Data Manipulation Language (DML) specifically handling complex queries. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL) commands in Oracle PL/SQL - Proficiency in dealing with complex queries involving multiple tables The project does not require assistance with query optimization. The main focus is on the efficient handling of complex queries. You should have a strong background in PL/SQL development, with a deep understanding of DML commands and the ability to work with intricate data setups across multiple tables. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience working with Oracle PL/SQL, particularly in a DML-heavy context - Extensive experience in handling complex quer...

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    I have an Android app's source code that I need to modify and reskin. I believe it will involve functionality changes, UI updates, and the inclusion of some new features. The project requires a skilled Android developer who is highly proficient and has a thorough understanding of Android app development. Experience with app reskinning is a plus. Key requirements: - Previous experience in Android app development - Ability to modify existing functionality - Prior experience in app reskinning is a plus - Timely delivery and good communication skills Please provide any relevant samples of your previous work. I look forward to discussing the project further with the right candidate.

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    I'm in need of an expert developer with a strong background in MsSQL and Azure Data Factory to help me develop an advanced database system. Key Requirements: - Building a large scale advanced database system that is both scalable and high availability. - Prioritizing real-time data processing capabilities. - Implementing industry best practices for data security and encryption. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in designing and implementing large-scale MsSQL database systems. - Proficiency in Azure Data Factory to handle data integration solutions. - Strong understanding of real-time data processing and its implications on database system architecture. - In-depth knowledge of data security and encryption methods. - Experience in developing highly available database systems with ...

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    I'm in need of an expert to establish a daily data connection between my Tableau and MySQL databases. Key Responsibilities: - Establishing a seamless and efficient connection between Tableau and MySQL. - Setting up the connection for daily data refresh in Tableau. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MySQL database management. - Strong experience in connecting and configuring Tableau to various database systems. - A successful track record of enabling daily data refresh in Tableau. - Ability to work independently and deliver a reliable solution.

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    I need a professional to help create an app to migrate financial data stored in a SQL database format. Skills Required: - Proficient with databases SQL - Experience migrating data assets - Understanding of financial data structures - Working with APIs Preferred skills - Experience with Actionstep Cloud Software - Experience with Clio Cloud Software and API Ideal freelancers will have previous experience in migrating similar financial data and a strong understanding of maintaining data integrity during the transfer process. Please include examples of similar projects as well as your approach to such tasks in your proposal. Expectations: - Data migration without loss of information - Ensuring seamless integration post-migration - Completion of the project within an agreed timeline.

    $847 (Avg Bid)
    $847 平均报价
    24 个竞标

    I'm using Tableau Public and need to connect it to a database hosted in cPanel. The main purpose of this connection is data visualization for my personal use. I need the data to be updated daily from the MySQL database. Key requirements and tasks: - Establish a secure and reliable connection between Tableau Public and MySQL hosted in cPanel. - Ensure seamless daily data updates from MySQL to Tableau. - Optimize the visualization for personal use on Tableau Public. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in Tableau, particularly Tableau Public. - Strong understanding of MySQL and database connection. - Experience with cPanel and its integration with Tableau. - Previous work on daily data updates and visualization. Looking for a freelancer who can deliver a robust and ...

    $273 (Avg Bid)
    $273 平均报价
    7 个竞标

    I'm looking for an expert code writer proficient in garnering website analytics data. This project needs a specialist with Business Intelligence (BI) skills, capable of understanding and accessing the user behavior analytics data from Yahoo/Google finance effectively. The role specifics are as follows: - Oversee the collection and analysis of web data. - Prioritize fetching of "User Behavior Data" as the targeted analytic. - Build a system that efficiently uses Yahoo/Google finance's data protocols. - Canonically experienced with BI tools and strategies. A successful applicant will demonstrate a proficient understanding of the field, exceptional coding capacities, and a familiarity with Yahoo/Google finance's web analytics.

    $1200 (Avg Bid)
    $1200 平均报价
    29 个竞标
    SQL Beginner Tutor Needed ASAP 11 小时 left

    I'm a beginner in SQL and would like to work with an experienced tutor who can help me with SQL queries and statements. I prefer someone who has a strong command of SQL and experience in tutoring others on the subject. I'm looking for someone who can provide structured and clear explanations of the material, help me with exercises and practice problems, and give me tips for approaching SQL challenges. - Prefer someone with experience in SQL tutoring with knowledge of using SQL Developer tool - Strong understanding of SQL queries and statements - Ability to provide clear, structured explanations - Experience with SQL practice problems and exercises is a plus - plus point if you know python

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $7 / hr 平均报价
    51 个竞标

    As an existing business, I'm looking for a skilled developer to design and build me a comprehensive online software solution that can help me manage my Excel data and pdf more effectively. Key Requirements: - The system should be equipped with a user-friendly interface, providing easy-to-use data input forms. This will streamline the process of filling in and updating the 10 Excel sheets that I currently work with. - Automation is key - the software should have the ability to perform automated calculations, saving me valuable time and reducing the risk of manual errors. - Data visualization is important for me. I need the system to generate charts, reports, and a search engine to help me understand and analyze the data effectively. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in developing...

    $164 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $164 / hr 平均报价
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