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Statistical analysis is a mathematical science, the practice of evaluating and understanding quantitative data. Statistical analysis will make sense of indexes such as standard deviation, and note outliers. The analysis of the data may aid in decision-making in the face of uncertainty.

Quantitative data is represented as numbers, and therefore may be presented in graph format. This simplifies the explanations and visualizations of the data’s meaning. The graph alone will show a positive or negative correlation, a bell curve, or no correlation at all.

Statistics require a population to be studied, and statistical analysis is commonly used regarding census data organized by governments, sociology and medicine.

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    Construction of the product limit estimator and its estimated variance for the inbuilt 6MP group data. Also using rstudio to estimate disease free survival and cumulative hazard rate for 137 bone marrow transplant patient

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    I need to calculate a probability density function as well as

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    Data Analyst (SAS and SPSS) 6 天 left

    Migration study which original code written in SAS. We need to migrate this SAS script in to SPSS script. In SPSS script we need to pass input database as SPSS dataset Attached the SAS script file. Need to convert this SAS code in SPSS script. Code files - Migration SAS code to SPSS Demo output - Final output We need output file in any one format xlsx, CSV, SPSS. The attached file output created for only 2 variables A1_stk , A3_stk. Same it need to replicate for rest variables as well which mentioned in SAS script. In Demo output file has two tabs, GM_Brand_Composite tab is the output from "" and GM_General_Market is the output from "" So based on this SAS script we need to replicate this script in SPSS and process the output. Also let me know if this is feasib...

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    The brief is in the attachment which has all the details. Any questions let me know. I have some work on it which I can hand over but it isn't good, and no where near complete. It needs to be done within 24 hours so please let me know asap if you think it's doable. Pay is negotiable.

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    I have all the metrics that are necessary to build a predictive model basis on quantitative analysis. And the Sport is European Football. I will answer only personalize offers.

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    Hi! I need a research paper to be written of 2400 words and it requires you to do analysis via Gephi Tool So bid only if you're an expert and if you are ready to start this right away. Deadline is in a day.

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    Hi, My client have an assignment on statistics/mathematics. Looking for someone who can do the assignment.

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    I need a data analyst. Preferably python user. I have lots of data stored on a SQL Server database, I have managed to do some very basic analysis using EXCEL but I need more complex stuff. I am learning to code and basic data science and I would like to have someone that can do one or two hour sessions with me to go through the data and try to answer questions. I am trying to find indicators or a set of filters that have predictive value. You need to speak decent english and be willing to work on videochat with me, explain what is being done and help me analyze my data. On your bid, please write UNDERSTOOD so I know you read the requirements. Thank you.

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    The project is to implement a leadership development program with pre- and post-self-assessment for up to six participants. This will include the collection of demographic data as well.

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    Hello I am looking for a statistics expert to do a job

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    Retail Analysis 5 天 left

    Analysis Tasks Basic Statistics tasks Which store has maximum sales Which store has maximum standard deviation i.e., the sales vary a lot. Also, find out the coefficient of mean to standard deviation Which store/s has good quarterly growth rate in Q3’2012 Some holidays have a negative impact on sales. Find out holidays which have higher sales than the mean sales in non-holiday season for all stores together Provide a monthly and semester view of sales in units and give insights

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    Hi i'm working on this research paper and i need someone for the stats and analysis. It's really basic analysis and will be mainly on chi-sqaure test. If this goes well i'll hire you two times per month for the next one year. so I'm looking for someone efficient, responsive and willing to go beyond. Looking forward to read your applications kindly write "chi" in start so that i know you have read the application

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    Forecasting model with python 5 天 left

    Hi, I need someone to create a machine-learning algorithm for forecasting with python. only experienced people are requested to apply. thanks for your time

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    Statistics 5 天 left

    getting statistics out of an easy excel sheets.

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    The Insight Analyst provides an analysis of data from a variety of raw data sources, to deliver actionable and valuable insights for our clients. Providing day to day analytical support for our proprietary availability software, the Insight Analyst proactively identifies opportunities and insights for our clients. As Data Insight Analyst, you will take on your own analysis projects, evaluating fundraising campaigns and other charity initiatives, and identifying actionable insights that can make a measurable impact on Mind's supporter engagement programmes. Technically skilled. It is essential that a customer insight analyst has strong numerical and statistical skills. ... An adept problem-solver. ... A curious mind. ... Empathetic and customer-centric.

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    It is data on hospital waste generation of 9-10 hospitals. Data to be analysed and per bed per day waste generation is to be reflected

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    spss software 4 天 left

    I need a copy of spss software

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    Project001 -- 6 4 天 left

    Looking for a Freelancer that has a lot of experience with R, Rstudio, LaTeX for 2 projects.

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    I need some help in an Statistical and Forecasting analysis using R and Excel

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    Machine Learning & AI 3 天 left

    This project deals with building/training regression models (KNN, OLS, Ridge, LASSO), identifying overfitting and underfitting, and providing a written report. PDF file explains in more detail and a training and test dataset will be provided. Serious inquiries only. Need in 36 hours.

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    Build two neural network models and validate them the dataset , target value diagnosis the dataset , target value charges

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    I need a research assistant to do small regression projects - to accept this job: 1- you must have access to financial data using CRSP, Compustat 2- able to clean data 3- stata regression expert

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    interpretation of stata data in word format

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    Hi, we are looking for a native c# version as this R library: the library should be as flexible in terms of parameters and offer the same features to generate the partial fractional design based matrixes based on a number of attributes and levels. Library should be fully c# native no usage of R as external tool for example, it should also not use any open source code expect if licensed under BSD. Thanks a lot!

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    I'm looking for someone who can use real estate data and predictive analytics to predict which properties are most likely to sell next.

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    Art Therapy Psychology PhD student looking for a statistician to help with creating surveys and questionnaires.

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    Econometrics projects 5 小时 left

    2 hours projects for econometrics student.

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    We are struggling with a little problem. We want to know how to avoid "multiple winning cards" in a card board game. I explain : We have 10 players with 1 card each. Each card is unique in the whole game. At the end only 1 card must win. The game : Each player gets 1 unique card. These cards are very funny to see, so that makes the game very funny. A question is asked : Which card makes you feel happy ? Each player must choose 3 cards of 3 different players to answer this question. By doing this we noticed at the end that we had many winning cards. But our goal in this board game is to get 1 and only one winning card. So can you think of a solution so that at the end we get only one winning card ? Please send us your proposition sealed so that nobody copies your solution. The...

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