Swift is a multi-paradigm general purpose programming language that is specifically and mostly used for developing iOS applications. It is a favorite among many developers, who praise the language for its stability and safety, which helps to shorten build times. It was developed by arguably the most influential technology company in the world, Apple, for iOs, macOS, Linux, and more.

The language also makes it easier than ever to create applications, which means that more people who may not have had the opportunities to create applications now can, thanks to the program. Of course, this can improve the quality of life in many regions, as the economic impact of creating a successful app has positive effects on the community, and can lead to companies being formed and entrepreneurial ventures of all kinds.

It is a developer-centric language that understands that the mobile platform is growing exponentially, and thus makes it safer and easier to build an app than it ever was before. The fact that it is open-source also ramps up how innovative the language can be in general. It has

gained tremendous traction in the marketplace, and will likely only grow in popularity with regards to developers, companies, platforms, and users.

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    Need to develop web-app based app in iOS

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    I am developing ios app which includes auto renewable in app purchase. But I met some problems.. I need your help. If you are expert in this field, you can do with in an hour. You must work on remotely. Thanks.

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    iOS Mobile App enhancement 6 天 left

    - iOS Mobile App development - New modules - Currently existing app is written in Objective C and Swift. We are planning to migrate to swift as time goes by so all new components will be in Swift. - Future project can be extended to migrate all codes to swift - Ongoing maintenance and new development work - Must have experience working with BLE/connectivity before

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    Submit app to iOS Store 6 天 left

    Source code is ready Change package name Change homescreen UI Complete App Submission to iOS Store (I have filled submission and screenshots previously) **Milestone will be released when item is approved for sale.

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    I have a chat application for android I would like to convert it for ios.

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    CREAR UNA APP 6 天 left

    Quiero desarrollar una app tanto para Android como para IOS.

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    I need iOS developer who is a expert in ARKit. I need motion detection module for tracking and applying face & body movement into app by using AR. No complicated UI, only focusing on function modules. Developer must know ARKit Blendshapes, Swift, rendering scn file. After you build this module, you will start main project based on your module.

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    Looking for iOS developer who have had RXSwift listed as a potential tech that you work with. I am a fellow iOS dev that is looking for some possible help when I get stuck, which is quite often. LoL. I have been doing it professionally for about two years and am in a bit over my head at times. The project I am working on is pretty much using RXSwift throughout and I had no experience in reactiv...

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    For an existing iOS app we are looking for an experience iOS app developer for improving the UI and adding a few new features.

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    We already have the code, just looking for a developer with Macbook and xcode to build the code

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    App developer 6 天 left

    The my theme about app is login and details and more

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    I Buy a chat app from codecayon. Adroid: is kotlin code, android studio. İOS: Swift code Both use same firebase database. Firebase setting ı made. its ready. For both app: 1-Change header, background ve button color 2-add header a button. when click open a popup: show translate secreen. using google translate api 3-add header a button. when clik open new layout. in this layour show youtube l...

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    Build iOS app 6 天 left

    Would like an app that tracks hours worked daily, would have accessible features from a master account to see all imputed data. But at a glance would need to see all Employees running total hours for the week in one place. Would need the following fields Hours breakdown (notes section) Total hours (this is the info I want accessible at a glance from computer) Daily description (notes box) Mil...

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    I want an ios app that looks like the same features as Hike Chat Application. Hike land features not required. Just Hike Chat messenger. Ping me for more details.

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    I have premade IOS mobile app and I want to do some edits to it. I need someone to set it up via TEAM VIEWER on my mac and make it run then I want help on our own to edit s ome of the screens/ storyboard to make it the app I like.

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    Drawing app 6 天 left

    I need an iPad app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. It’s very simple drawing app. The user can draw on top of a shape then save as pdf file. The user can add a new page or erase the drawing. The user can see text box on the top show three names randomly selected.

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    Add Video support for my app 5 天 left

    Hello, I have Native app for both iOS and Android (Xcode-swift & Android studio) and i want to add video uploading and playback, videos should be exactly like instagram: Auto-play, video seconds in top right corner, 1 click to mute/unmute, views count for videos and double tap for like. Also it’s very important to make videos load fast so we need to add cache and asynchronous...etc ple...

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    Job description We are looking to hire a talented iOS Developer to design, build, and maintain our iOS applications. Your primary focus will be developing high-end iOS applications for the Apple mobile devices. Your duties may include collaborating with the design team for new application features, identifying and fixing application bottlenecks, maintaining the core code, and updating applications...

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    I need to update my shop tab feature on my social & e-comerce app. My iOS app has been built with swift. I will share the details during interview.

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    I've written a flutter plugin that uses Tensorflow (TFLite) to detect objects in an image. I've written the android native code in Kotlin. This code formats and preprocesses the image before feeding it to the TFLite interpreter. Then process the results back to json. I need help replicating the same for IOS. The IOS code will be part of the same Flutter project. Familiarity with optimal...

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    Build IOS app 5 天 left

    Need a developer with strong IOS experience to develop a new app related to text messaging features.

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    Hello, In need of an iOS Developer to create a Mobile app that mimics my website I already have the design in Adobe .XD files and API you will only need to build around it. The API and Design files. I also have a copy of an old version of my app maybe can be used to save time and work for you.

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    YouTube client that displays favorite channels and videos of the user choice which has been added by the user of the app. There will be a super user that can search YouTube channels or videos and add them as favorite or download them and they will be displayed in home page. The app will have: - Home page with tow tabs "Online for streaming from YouTube all the time when there is any new vide...

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    Hi, Im a junior iOs programmer and I would like to get some help finishing my project. I struggle with setting up the pods correctly and being able to use the FirebaseFirestoreSwift library. I only need a mentor helping me solve this problem immediately and assist me into finishing it. I will be doing all the work but I need help in fixing the bugs and issues as I finish it.

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    IOS app expert for social app 5 天 left

    IOS app needed in objective c or swift. Please show examples of social apps you created before. Budget IS $500 FOR THIS PROJECT.

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    Fix SwiftUI related issues 5 天 left

    Need a SwiftUI expert to fix a bug with 1. Sign In With Apple for MacOS (Mac Catalyst) -- Sign in with Apple is working fine for iOS & implement 2. CloudKit Sync with core data: Core data is implemented, You just need to Sync CloudKit with core data for functioning on Multipe devices. For example if a user is signing in and adding data via iPhone, If he log in through Mac or iPad by using s...

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    Scope of work - Create Macro for iPhone 6 plus [登录来查看链接] App VPN [登录来查看链接] VPN [登录来查看链接] "The social media app" [登录来查看链接] to favorite Live Room [登录来查看链接] on the ads button If Ads run normally > Count down ads remaining time and then find the close ads button > Press close ads to earn reward and loops [登录来查看链接] ads doesn't show up > -Close Social media apps -Close VPN Apps...

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    3 screens only. Need asap. Deadline 16 jan.

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    The Arabic speakers are preferable. 1- modifying the UIUX of the existing mobile APP (android and IOS). Changing the colors and fonts 2- uploading the new logo of the APP. 3- Uploading the new version on the play store and apple store. the link of the existing version is: [登录来查看链接]

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    1- تحميل لوجو جديد للتطبيق 2- تعديل بعض الألوان داخل التطبيق (اندرويد + IOS) 3- إعادة رفع التطبيق علي متجر جوجل بلاي وأبل ستور مع العلم أن التطبيق حاليا موجود علي متجر جوجل بلاي وأبل بإسم (واااو) رابط التطبيق: [登录来查看链接]

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    I lost the the source files of my IPhone app. And it was removed from the IPhone store. would like it to be rebuilt from the installed version if possible. I have an active Google version on Play store.

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    Looking for someone to build a simple SDK and push it to Cocoapod, including the following methods: -To initialise a connection to a Firebase database -Once a user enters a code, to compare it with the Firebase database to confirm if it exists -To increment 4 simple parameters of a code in Firebase database

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    Looking to build an iOS Clock Widget App. The App will contain various types of Clock Widgets (Digital & Analog) which a user can use to add then as widgets in iOS home screen. Listing down the key sections/functionality of app. - 30 designs of Clocks as widgets - Home screen with App Store like design for all the clock widgets - Details page for the widgets with preview of widget ( small, me...

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    I've developed a iOS apps. I also have the apple developer account. looking for someone to upload this app on apple store using teamviwer. need to be done immediately. and payment will be made after published the app on apple store.

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    I'd like to take the drawings from a wire frame and create a Ipad app and a Iphone app with it

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    App developer 4 天 left

    My name is Jas and I would like to get in contact with someone who has experience developing apps. Will discuss more after

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    I require an existing arduino project to be re-written in Swift to also work along side a swift iOS app You will be an experienced programmer in: Arduino SparkFun I2C Components Sparkfun Thing Plus - ESP32 WROOM Atlas-Scientific components & sensors Swift iOS Programming NDA & IP Agreement will be required to sign

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    Hello, I have an App that is almost finished, but I need to implement some Api's. I already have the code on the CPANEL, just need to modify certain functions and modifications. I need it to be finished within 3 days.

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    We already have an android app you have to built an iOS app like our android app this is an ecommerce app. All API will be provided by us you have to build iOS app. We need Quality App without any lag.

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    We are a Swedish startup launching an app to remember important occasions and send physical gifts to people you care about. We look for an experienced IOS developer that will build the app from scratch. Main features are an event feed and a checkout flow. Mockups are finalised and backend already exists. You will be working alone on the IOS side cooperating with our PM and backend developer.

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    I change to xcode 12.1 by the 11.7 and UI is a changes to do, i need help in this situation

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    Hey, guys. I am looking for an individual professional native mobile developer who has rich experience in multi-currency converter app development. I have already an ongoing app that is built by Kotlin, but it has some issues. I hired 20 testers for this app on Upwork and collected all of the data for testing(videos/images). Finally, we need to fix all issues and complete the app asap. So you sho...

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    I have iphone 6 ios 12 and other ihpone have ios 13 and 14 I need automation controling Flight mode on/off Apple Music app, Youtube Music app, Amazon Music app, Gmail app The goal is to automate streaming music, like/unlike tracks, follow/unfollow artists, etc... everything can an user do in those apps

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    I have iphone 6 ios 12 and other ihpone have ios 13 and 14 I need automation controling Flight mode on/off Apple Music app, Youtube Music app, Amazon Music app, Gmail app The goal is to automate streaming music, like/unlike tracks, follow/unfollow artists, etc... everything can an user do in those apps

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    iOS developer -- 3 3 天 left

    looking for stable, reliable and sound knowledge is problem solving iOS developer to update existing apps and new apps

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    It's long-term work, so if you have an interest in long-term work then go forward otherwise just leave it. We are looking for a dedicated App developer in all developing fields like Android, IOS, Hybrid, web application…. we are trying to extend our team so, we only looking for a person who has at least 5 to 8 years of experience in this field. It is not for fresher. The job is to deve...

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    hi we need AR App related to shopping we will explain you once you are selected for IOS version thank you

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    iOS Expert Needed -- 2 3 天 left

    iOS Expert Needed. kindly start bid with "Yes i am Ready to start the work with Rs100 INR per Hours"

    $1 - $1 / hr
    加封 保密协议
    $1 - $1 / hr
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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Hello I have an App for which I am changing UI and adding new functionality to both iOS and Android . For Android we are almost about to finish all however due to iOS developer being sick we are left in middle . So I need a developer who can replicate all features in app same as that of Android App . iOS App is already more then 80% done , developed in Swift .

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