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TensorFlow is an open-source, python-friendly library used for high-performance numerical computation that makes machine learning easier and faster. It replaced “DistBelief,” its closed-source predecessor.

TensorFlow has a flexible architecture which enables an easy deployment of numerical computation across several platforms – TPUs, GPUs, CPUs; from desktops to collections of servers to edge and mobile devices.

It was initially created by engineers and researchers from the Google Brain team for both research and production. It comes with a strong support for deep learning and machine learning for dataflow programming across varieties of tasks.

When it comes to the application of TensorFlow, it is being used by social media companies for photo tagging; image analysis for microscopy; retail stores use it for object detection during checkout; space exploration, automotive, aviation, and healthcare also use it for image and object recognition.

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    video classification using transformers

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    TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy

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    Flutter Machine Learning 6 天 left

    I would like to add machine learning to my flutter app, preferably with Tensorflow. My database set up is currently with firebase. **It's important that I work with a developer who knows how to communicate well and pays attention to details and stays on time. Please submit your proposal highlighting your experience with machine learning including what you have been able to accomplish with machine learning. Thanks

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    ** Scope ** This context is to find the best approach to solving below problem. Please read all notes carefully before start working. ** Problem Statement ** Find root and stem part of the plant in picture. Measure size of detected parts with best accuracy possible. All photos will be of same plant category. All photos are taken in a controlled environment. Either camera location is fixed or a ref object will be available to calculate measurement. ** Expected ** Detailed description on how to approach this problem statement. What algorithm to use for which part of problem statement. How to achieve the final result. This should include the nature of input/training data/labels expected, etc. If different algos are used, details of them and how they are connected and the purpose served by ...

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    I am looking for very specific help troubleshooting a binary BERT classifier for text (built using a HuggingFace model). My classifier takes as input a training set and a test set and outputs probabilities of belonging to each class for each observation. My problem is simple: I do not know how to match the predicted probabilities with the observations to which they correspond. The output of the prediction has slightly fewer rows than the number of observations in the corresponding dataset, so I think some NA values must be getting dropped, but I don't know how to find out which ones they are. Ideally, the freelancer would take a look at the code and modify it so that when outputting probabilities, the code also outputs an additional column: the text that the probability was calculat...

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    I need to create OCR that can read all my symbol and text and create reinforce learning

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    Run empathy chatbot 1 天 left

    Follow this github link: to run these empathy model on Parlai for chatbot.

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    I need to create OCR that can read all my symbol and text and create reinforce learning

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    I need to create OCR that can read all my symbol and text and create reinforce learning

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    Se trata de una aplicación de reconocimiento facial que por exigencias de los reguladores (NIST) debe de estar en C++ y debe de usar Tensorflow.

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    Run a python code ( chatbot ) 15 小时 left

    Worldwide The github in the links in attached file. I have a Linux server with GPUs, you can use Team Viewer to let it run on mine. All setup ready.

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