Ubuntu is operating system software, which is distributed as free and open source software. It is used on desktops, laptops, tablet computers, Smartphones, smart TVs, servers and for cloud computing.

As a user of Ubuntu you can get professional assistance from the freelancers at freelancer.com. These are people qualified in managing the software and even customizing it to your needs. When you post the job, the freelancers bid for it and you can choose to pay hourly or at fixed rate. The bidding enables you to select the best from the constantly updated pool of Ubuntu professionals at a fair price. The payment to the freelancer is made when you are satisfied with the job. This reduces the cost of managing the software if you had employed someone full time.

With knowledge and experience of Operating system software such as Ubuntu, you can earn a living at freelancer.com by becoming a freelancer. This is done by signing up and bidding for jobs. Once you get the job and complete it, the employer makes the payment upon satisfaction that Ubuntu is well-managed. The job can be done from the comfort of your home as opposed to other ordinary jobs that one have to go do at the office.

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    this is very simple everything we have make just need make setting in tower for showing data on cryptobase this is opendax dashbaord

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    We have a react app deployed to Heroku that is working ok. We want to deploy onto our own Cpanel server instead. The node api application is already created on cpanel but some URLs may be wrong after moving. I need someone to take the react code from our Github account and create the file and deploy that onto our server then troubleshoot to get it working. They will need to go through the source code and change any URLs etc that have changed due to moving from one server and another.

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    I need someone to install Akeneo 6 on a new fresh Linux distro, possibly full time work after successful install!

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    Anyone who can set up Docker & setup N8n on Remote. I will pay Rs 600 for this and this is just one time task You need to work on My Macbook anydesk only

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    I need some who can setup AWS workspace for my small team. Ubuntu linux

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    FreeRadius with Strongswan 6 天 left

    Need to setup FreeRadius with Strongswan on digital ocean with ikev2

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    Chatgpt + docker + whatsapp 6 天 left

    Need freelancer to setup chatgpt with WhatsApp running on docker . To autoreply user based on there questions The answer will be related to a specific list of products only

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I created the sudomain, remaining to associate the subdomain, install and configure the nginx proxy, SSL After it, explain me how to do if i need to change the subdomain (i have to do some days later)

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    Deploy and Install Opendax 5 天 left

    I want you to install opendax from their github run it successfully and make it ready to be used I want step by step video guide as to how to do it.

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    Tweak Server Backup Script 5 天 left

    My server is a VPS hosted by Contabo.com. The VPS runs Virtualmin/Webmin. I used to backup this server to my local machine, a Mac running Big Sur, using this command: rsync -avrz --progress --delete --force --exclude "/dev/" --exclude "/proc/" --exclude "/run/" --exclude "/sys/" --exclude "/tmp/**" --exclude "cart" --exclude "/mail" --exclude ".gz" --exclude ".tar" --exclude "*.zip" --rsync-path="sudo rsync" -e 'ssh -p 2610' admin@:/ Server-Whole-Latest/ The command worked fine, but the destination folder got bloated with extra files for some reason. So I hired a contractor to tweak the script and he came up with this: See attached file - Upwork deleted special chara...

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    Estamos en la busqueda de un administrador para nuestra base de datos de odoo 13 con las siguientes caracteristicas: - bilingüe (imprescindible) - Conocimiento de Odoo. (Administracion y configuración, Respaldos, ecommerce, modulos relacionados, Instalacion de modulos - imprescindible) - Programacion Python, XML, HTML, JavaScript (No limitativo para el puesto) - Base de datos PostgresSQL (No Limitativo para el puesto) - Debe tener capacidad de Manejar nuevos proyectos de desarrollo y llevarlos a termino. - Capacidad para contrartar desarrolladoros en las distintas plataformas de freelance y velar por el cumplimiento de las tareas asignadas a cada freelancer contratado. - Conocimiento de Gitlab para el control de versiones. - Manejo de Linux Ubuntu. - Nginx - Comunicativo, efica...

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    I already have the certificate files, however, I cannot enable the https traffic in my WildFly Server.

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    seed labs firewall evasion 4 天 left

    I need someone to do seed labs firewall evasion for me, dead line is 1 week

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    linux admin 4 天 left

    hi am looking fo linux admin to write shell script to monitor every delete of file/folder to show under which user and from which OS LIKE last | tac skill unix/linux

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    Digital Ocean Autoscaling 4 天 left

    Hi, We have a server at digital ocean, we need a server expert who can setup autoscaling to our server. May be with the use of Kubernates. Our server should scale as per traffic. You must handle all setup of auto scaling. If you can efficiently handle this then apply.

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    Hello, Looking for someone to make php script to generagte dkim for sendmail function to identify domain in cloudflare.

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    VPN and NGINX project 4 天 left

    Long time ago a developer designed a code for creating a VPN tunnel with my raspberry and Digitalocean but now I would like to install this code on any server. The reason is that the code works only on Digitalocean DROPLET. I need someone to recreate the code for IONOS or RACKNERD SERVER using my existing code

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    Our server and website have get infected by virus and Malware, exempel when you open the url of website its start to download file or sometimes its redirect the visitor The server its hosted by Digital Ocean Your task its get the server total free from all virus and set up strong security for the server

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    I need a script, it can issued 1k to 2k IPv6 from each VPS of Hetzner and Linode I will input Quantity: and port start: format IPv6 IPv4:port1:user:pass ==> IPv6 no1 IPv4:port2:user:pass ==> IPv6 no2 ( IPv6 no1 different IPv6 no2)

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    You need to create a patch Proxmox and create Windows VM from template 2 parts of task: 1. configure everything according to the description :cloudbase-init We can find more info below: 2. checks + fixing bugs and adjusting to our system

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    I have an ongoing work assignment which I need help with . its purely back end shell scripting People familiar with openWRT , ubus are huge value Its all about understanding the current scheme of things and implement a features as and when

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    Our server and website have get infected by virus and Malware, exempel when you open the url of website its start to download file or sometimes its redirect the visitor The server its hosted by Digital Ocean Your task its get the server total free from all virus and set up strong security for the server

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    We need a Linux expert to install faxing in asterisk..

    $124 (Avg Bid)
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    I have installed one Virtual Machine in Hyper v Bitnami Debian - now when i started machine on Terminal it is asking credentials SO need help regarding this

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    Validator node 1 天 left

    I need someone to create the cosmos Atom validator node completely using either a virtual machine or on Ubuntu 20.04. on their computer. Then turning that operating system with the validator node on it, into a downloadable bootable ISO file. Create a validator node for cosmos atom then make it into an ISO file for downloading and installing on local hardware. user guide :~:text=Ways%20To%20Make%20Current%20Installation%E2%80%99s%20ISO%201%201.,prior%20state.%20...%203%203.%20Linux%20Live%20Kit

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    LoadBalance and Kubernets 22 小时 left

    We need to balance the traffic of our software. We someone with expertise in create, deploy and optimize LoadBalancing with kubernets in DigitalOcean Envinroment.

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    Bash Script Guru Required 12 小时 left

    Hi I have a old bash script that need modifications for ubuntu 20.04LTS and also for 22.04LTS. I will provide the old one for your reference, The task is as follows Bash Script Tasks Ubuntu 20.04 1) update & upgrade check version 2) install apache, mysql, php (mysql8) (php both 7.4 or 8) with all extensions 3) set mysql root password 4) install latest phpmyadmin (bug free) 5) Assign Permission (apache) 6) Config Apache to act as web server (vhost) 7) Install Freeradius (3.0.20 or 3.2.X) should allow us to choose 8) configure freeradius db 9) Edit Freeradius conf file (as per my instruction) 10) Enable firewall for mysql/freeradius 11) set time zone 12) Install LARAVEL and configure with apache 13) install node 14) install service to run laravel & node automatic (no npm run serve ...

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    Descripción: Estoy creando un proyecto en Digitalocean para alojar un crm erp y necesito tener conocimiento de la mejor infraestructura y arquitectura. me solicitaron separar en 3 tipos de servicio: servidor de lógica base de datos storage requiero que estos tres servicios funcionen de forma optima y seleccionar las mejores máquinas para hacer andar el software el sistema tiene un gran numero de consultas a la base de datos, interactúan al menos 25 usuarios alojado en web, el consultor debe tener conocimientos: Linux, DigitalOcean, Centos/Ubuntu, infraestructura de servidores y servicios cloud, manejo y configuración de servidor de correo, integración con mailgun, manejo de cloudflare, DNS, y otros relacionados con servidores Categoría...

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    We have Raspberry Pi's outstanding which became legacy devices. They are connected using NodeJS with our server. To avoid these legacy devices to be hacked or reverse engineered we want to remotely wipe all the data when ever they make connection with the server. Target - Push Wipe - Request Wipe Push Wipe - Wipe all devices connected to the server. Request Wipe - Wipe each device once connected to the server. When it can't be wiped, all data on the Pi + Files should be multiple times encrypted. Budget $1000 We need this very fast.

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