VB.Net, or Virtual Basic. Net, is a multi-paradigm and object-oriented programming language. It is specifically designed for creating applications for the Windows platform, and it can also be used to develop websites, as well. One feature that is highly praised is the fact that it allows developers to write applications that interact with the user through the command line, for example.

It allows for more rapid utility development, and is used widely in GUI’s, or graphical user interface applications. Another great aspect of Virtual Basic is the fact that it is “basic”, and is not as complex of a language as its competition, which is great for those who want to learn on a novice level. Unlike many languages that are geared towards “newbies”, VB.Net has the capability of creating extremely complex applications.

Whether it’s a desktop program or a web app, VB.Net has a wide use of applications. It can be utilized also for workflow applications, console applications, WCF services, silver light applications, windows control libraries, class libraries, net web services, and more. The bottom line is that VB.Net is a language that helps to optimize platforms and companies worldwide, and helps developers create applications efficiently.

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    Uipath Rpa -- 6 6 天 left

    I am looking for an RPA developer who can fix current Bots which are running but are not working, who can fix bugs in UiPath and deploy the Bots and orchestrator

    $24 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $24 / hr 平均报价
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    Existing source code is built on Renci DLL commands, file system watcher and timer. SSH uses PHP files on host so it can be an option for any further implementation.

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    4 years ago we had a project here, with a question to create an image from values in Excel to draw a dormer. 4 years ago, this project is deliverd and everything worked great. But now, for some reason, the excel file crashes or will not draw the image correctly. What i am looking for is a better solution or a expert to take a look at the code to troubleshoot.

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    Looking for someone who can build a solution for fast built in winform viewer foor CAD files(*.IGES,*.SAT,*.STP,*.DXF,*.DWG) as also PDF files. Application where it is for is vb.net winform application Probably Freecad using as source

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    Need VBA Developer with 10+ years experience

    $274 (Avg Bid)
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    Modify and exiting product information management system to incorporate security roles for access to various modules of the system. Source code and technical documentation are available

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    VBA Developer -- 3 5 天 left

    Apply only if you can start now Minimum experience 6 years

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    We have an issue with one of our Excel VBA Macro's, which is that upon running, it is deducting values from column K on the "Stock Management" sheet twice. Please see the screen recording below which better explains the issue: You will see it updates "on hand" value in BYOPS4, BYOPS5 and BYOXBX correctly, but it removes the quantity twice from the associated sku on Stock management sheet. I am pretty certain the issue is related to the VBA module 3, as shown here: I have attached the macro and a sample csv file (to run the macro) here.

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    Dropdownlist in RadGridView 5 天 left

    i need to add RadDropdownlist inside Telerik Rad Grid View to use it for inserting new row i am using windows application, c# or VB.net

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    Hi, I want to create a Windows 11 app that allows users to search metadata in photos then creates fullscreen slideshow of the result set. The program will allow search queries to be saved as a "playlist." Multiple playlists can be shuffled together for the slideshow. The app will enable numerous ways to configure slideshow playback.

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 个竞标

    i want ASp.net project with the below features . open file (PDF - Word - Excel ,,,) in asp.net vb.net language the edit and save again . open online i don't want to download the file then edit and upload . directly online edit and save .

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    Fantasy Football for chat app 1 天 left

    I need to integrate a Fantasy Football game into my existing friends and family chat app. The developer for this job will need to create VB.Net (VS 2012 or VS 2019) project using http GET / POST using an existing API like Yahoo Fantasy Football API. The VB.Net app needs to comprehensively have all the API's functionality, from creating a league/joining a league to the end of who won/lost. The developer needs to explain the process of the finished app so that we are able to integrate that app into our existing chat app.

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    code master 1 天 left

    I can give you any code you need in any of these programming languages ( java - c - c+ - c++ - #c - vb.net - Asp.net - java script - html - android studio - php - sql server ).

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    just zooming on a little project on the mouse ponter centered

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    Hello, I need help with Excel VBA. There is an Excel Addin Application called IBP Excel Addin and I need to write some VBA code in that context. Need someone that can work with me hand in hand and get the project done in a short amount of time. Need solid experience with Excel VBA and good communication skills. This is not a project that I can simply hand it off to you and you come back after 2-3 days. You first need to understand what the task is and then work with me on this. Because I am discovering and trying to figure out some of this also (please go through the links below to get an idea of the task).

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    Image Processing -- 2 7 小时 left

    Enclosed is a PDF sample of Architectural design () . I need a desktop program the process the image of the apartment (in the PDF, jpg, png formats), clean all the marking and leave only the walls, windows, and doors. See the second File as a result (output can be also png, or pdf). TO MAKE THE POINT CLEAR : PDF has layers set by the architect. That is NOT what i want for the clearing. I need it to work also on JPG images as well as PDF, but the first priority is picture files like JPG or PNG which do not have layers built in. I provided 2 INPUT examples files (A & B), and one OUTPUT file. Once the first 2 examples enclosed will be solved properly, i will provide 3 more JPG files to check and good results are a proof to END of Project. The program has to be stand alone in VB.NET O...

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