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Videography is the process of capturing moving images like wedding photography etc. It is used in animation and motion effects industries. If your business needs help with videography efforts you can post projects on this website. Simply post your project on this website and let freelancers bid on these projects.
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Edit clips to make short music video We have some video clips we'd like made into a video. Edit clips to make short music video 22 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 22, 2018 今天6天 23时 ¥172
Produce a 30 second promotional video for an App with real footage We need to produce a 30 second promotional video for a new tech product that is currently in development for the purposes of social media. The video will need be a mix of real video footage, text graphics and showing some in-App screenshots. I need team able to do the production and real footage get actors etc The product is a home safety camera with a dedicated App. The App will need to be sh... 3 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 22, 2018 今天6天 23时 ¥8048
Graphic Design intern About the Internship: Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts, and develop interactive design 2. Create 2D graphic design within the constraints of cost and time 3. Research and edit photos and videos 4. Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the video 5. Input music, voice-overs, graphics, and effec... 3 平面设计, Photoshop, 后效应, 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 22, 2018 今天6天 21时 ¥756
Video for Social Media I need a short animated video to market my implementation services I have written a storyboard to show more or less what i have in mind - see attached word file 3 视频服务, 动画, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作 Feb 22, 2018 今天6天 21时 ¥1170
Edit a recorded video to make it a promotional video for a mobile water treatment system We have recorded the manufacturing of one of our mobile water treatment unit, and we would like to create a promotional video out of it. We do have a script, however, a plus is editing the script as well to turn it into an appealing promotional video. 35 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 22, 2018 今天6天 21时 ¥1056
AUDIO AND VIDEO EDITING Head Held High is a not for profit social enterprise based in India, working towards poverty eradication. One of the poverty eradication program, trains unschooled young adults in poverty to make them competent enough to join entry-level job. We are shooting videos that are to be used in the training program and we are in need of Audio/Video editors who can compile, edit and render this raw foo... 11 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 22, 2018 今天6天 18时 ¥59
Presentation video documentary style IIm looking to work with a professional videographer. Have a lot of work in my own business and through www.lifelineingrief.com. Im uploading this video project to select the best person/people to work with. Please read carefully!!!! The Task: 1. watch my "amateur version on youtube: [链接已删除,请登录查看] 2. Make it look like a professional video/ Documentary style. 3. Find the ri... 0 360度视频, 后效应, 视频传播, 视频编辑, 摄像 Feb 21, 2018 今天2天 11时 ¥191
Video Editor for FitnessVlogg I need video editor that have basic knowledge in fitness and editing for long term corporation. I am starting fitness-vlog and need a someone to edit my now 30 videos (and counting) for my Insta/ Face and new youtube channel. After that edit my videos on a daily basis. Fitness have been my passion for 20+ years and I work out 4-6 times a week and record ca 15-20 minutes raw material on each ... 20 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 10时 ¥141
Do Lifestyle Photography shoot with my Educational products Hi, We have educational games product like playing card, boardgame, puzzle cube and smartpen. I need lifestyle photography with models done. Also a video commercial made for the same. I can offer script for video commercial. For photoshoot the models need to be provided by you. I can send my products across to you for doing the photoshoot or commercial. Any innovative nice ideas welcome... 5 摄影, 视频服务, 动画, 摄像 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 10时 ¥4116
Porsche GT4 Driving Experience in Dubai NLU425 is a natural language understanding research company. The company owns web properties to help develop and improve the natural language algorithms. This project involves the evaluation of a driving experience at the Dubai Autodrome. We are seeking a freelancer local to Dubai that can assess the driving experience and take great photos and videos of the event. No editing is expected. 6 摄影, 摄像 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 10时 ¥299
Video_for_Enterprise_Knowledge_Repository_for Single_Source of_Truth_on_Excel EKR is a SW company that creates EKRPIM ([链接已删除,请登录查看]) a platform to manage complex information about products and distribuite through many media. Our motto is "the correct info, everywhere". We recently we made a cool integration of the Excel world, and open our possible user arena to any Excel User. Any Enterprise that shares information via Excel can become a Enterprise Knowledge Re... 0 故事板, 视频服务, 摄像 Feb 21, 2018 今天9天 9时 ¥776
Edit me a drone footage (Pro Level) Within 2 hour. I have a drone footage of 3 min, I will give u in gdrive. You have to edit pro level 29 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 7时 ¥2646
Videography Needed - Creating Premium Adult Content Our team is in need of a local, talented videographer to help us create stunning adult content. No previous adult experience is required. We are designing an adult content business around the "Tgirl" niche, and will be filming in the Jacksonville area for the foreseeable future. The job will involve completing two shoots a week, at around 4 hours each for a total of 8 hours a week. Candi... 2 摄像, 照明设备 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 7时 ¥4504
Make a Video Gaming video 15 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 4时 ¥2557
Video editing for Turism Business Do not respond if you are not serious/talented/genuinely interested. BRIEF: We are looking for a talented video editor to assemble recorded footage into a finished project that matches our vision. As a film and video editor, you should be able to bring sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive story. We are a small hotel located in Iceland. We want to start broadcasting short video... 46 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 3时 ¥1148
Need 3 Professional short advertising Video Clips for facebook Hi there I need 3 short (Min 30 seconds) Video Clips for my facebook page. 2 of them a professional products show it can be slide show but in a very professional and presentable way and the third one for the main cover of the page (Header Image section) please let me know of your sample videos links to watch (Please also include your video links in your bids thanks) I'm prepared for $... 23 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 1时 ¥1705
Video Editing We need a video editor to help turn our ideas for 0-5 minute videos into reality. We can provide ideas, video and audio clips, narrative but are looking to you to make them 'live'. We want to try our new approach on one website...if it works...then across our network of 3 sites. this is a humble beginning, for creatives in the making. 52 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 ¥106
Video production - post production video edit -Premiere Pro CC and other video edit software to create cinematic videos/teaser Video production - post production video edit -Premiere Pro CC and other video edit software to create cinematic videos/teaser for my online clothing brand 37 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 今天6天 ¥1334
Photographer & Videographer We need a freelancer photographer & videographer to shoot and edit the pictures. 18 摄影, Photoshop, 照片编辑, 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 23时 ¥2159
Video Services jobs I require promo videos to be created in after effects. Each sample video provided in the attachment Voice NOT required, it will be provided from my side. Required to create one template in after effects and adjust the rest video contents. Images and logos will be provided. iPhone and hand gestures templates will be provided from my side in After Effect. 41 视频服务, 动画, 后效应, 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 23时 ¥1196
Film your City and Temple GO PRO NEEDED FOR THIS JOB FOOTAGE FOR A MUSIC FILM CLIP MAXIMUM RECORD TIME 2 HOURS Very easy job!!! Step 1. Strap a Go Pro to your head and hit record – footage must look like it is through your eyes Step 2. Walk onto public transport going into Delhi and film the trip – getting on, during the journey and walking off. Step 3. Walk around your city during a busy time... 8 摄影, 摄像, 电影制片人 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 22时 ¥3193
after effects after effects, premier pro ,audition 25 视频服务, 动画, 后效应, 3D动画, 摄像 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 21时 ¥196
Video Editing - GoPro Footage We will give you a GoPro video footage. The video will show a cyclist riding through city traffic. We need to show how fast he is as compared to the cars who get stuck in the traffic. The GoPro will be attached to his helmet. The edited video should be snappy, cool and should be able to excite the viewers. You will need to use copyright free music for the video. Please share link to yo... 31 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 20时 ¥764
Watch Video & Easy Edit it: Training Will be Provided Free of Cost this is basic video editing job. we will trained you how you can do this job. Please bid if you interested 37 视频服务, YouTube, 摄像, 视频编辑, Typing Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 20时 ¥2170
Create a short Video we need a short 1min video for a project done by our company. we can share images and content with the contestants on email. 0 后效应, 视频传播, 视频服务, 摄像 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20181天 19时 ¥95
Perform fantasy book introduction as a YouTube video clip Children's Fantasy Fiction Book: The Ever-Changing Dream Video Clip: YouTube Duration: approx 30s - 1min Performance: Reading the first 8 lines of the book dramatically (optional - with background music) Target audience: Young people and adults worldwide *Perform in a location of your choice that fits in with the theme (costume wear desirable) *Suitable for actors with drama/performing... 14 视频服务, 动画, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 21, 2018 Feb 21, 20185天 18时 ¥444
Take some Photos Poornima institute of engineering and technology picture will be posting 6 摄影, 摄像 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 15时 ¥3384
Video Editor / optimizer needed to cut and create amazing videos Hello, we run a evening dress business and we create video files from time to time and we need your help to cut those videos together into a amazing video as you can see on following links. Please see this sample videos and please only bid here if you can cut such videos and add such effects. [链接已删除,请登录查看] [链接已删除,请登录查看] [链接已删除,请登录查看] Also you should add nice audio to the file like in th... 24 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 13时 ¥1126
Perfume Endorser - Ardeur de France I'm looking for individuals who have the passion for perfume. Endorse and market Ardeur de France over the Internet. Be a model and endorser 2 艺术 与 手工艺, 徽标设计, 视频编辑, 视频制作, 摄像 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 12时 ¥2659
Instagram Page Video Ad I would like someone to create a catching and intriguing 30 second surfing video that will be used to promote my instagram page. 17 视频服务, YouTube, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 12时 ¥165
need video and audio for a Crazy Eddie type commercial this is a sample of what Crazy Eddie commercials are like: [链接已删除,请登录查看] Our script is about 90 words: This would be mine: Crazy Money is here. Bitcoins are skyrocketing again. All cryptocoins are rising. How high will your crypto fortune grow? Turn $100 into thousands, $1,000 into tens of thousands Get yourlicense to print money, digital money You can become a millionaire, add mo... 4 视频服务, 摄像, 视频制作 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 10时 ¥452
Make a Video Short film shoot 9 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 10时 ¥3314
Make a Video Need a experienced videographer to record and edit multiple short videos for social media campaign for clothing company 2 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 9时 ¥1647
Create A Showreel Creating a showreel for 1 - 2 minutes long, footage sent via email and only accepting people who have done this sort of work before Thank you 14 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 7时 ¥365
Social Media Creator Work with the social media manager to create any relevant videos, photos, graphics, etc. Ripple: Create graphics through ripple We will pay for your account Magisto: make quality videos in an efficient manner We have login details Example: we need video for this topic based on this criteria Get link to Google photos, certain albums Get sponsors logos Choose music- not copyrighted, specific... 14 平面设计, 徽标设计, 视频服务, 视频传播, 摄像 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 5时 ¥292
We need an intro project Hello, I am looking for someone who will create a 3-10 seconds intro (3-5 seconds pref). We are a company which makes prints on any kind of material, our print quality is really high and we would like to map that on our intro. The idea is to create an intro similar to this one in 1080p: [链接已删除,请登录查看] It would be great if all of the paint patterns would compose a 3D [链接已删除,请登录查看] Logo. ... 30 视频服务, 市场, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 4时 ¥929
Make a Video hello world! this will be my project...the project will be mine...and it will be a great project... 2 视频服务, 视频传播, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 4时 ¥126
Product Video for facebook ads We are looking for someone who is able to edit a video in order to delete/ad sequences and add some caption. We will start with one video, if we like your job we will follow with other videos! We are willing to do this kind of video: [链接已删除,请登录查看] 38 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20185天 2时 ¥121
Video shoot a demonstration video with a female and a baby Hi, we would like to make a demonstration video for a baby carrier. A female with an infant should demonstrate how to put on the carrier and demonstrate its safety features. The video will last 1 min 30 seconds. We will courier you our amazing baby carrier and you can keep it! 15 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20184天 23时 ¥2724
Need Video and photo editor & graphic designer Hi, I recently created this video of traveling. In future I want to make more such videos. For that, I need a video editor, photo editor & graphic designer. If you can handle all part - great. otherwise, I am ready to hire more guys as well. Before you send your bid, watch this video of mine here - [链接已删除,请登录查看] Let me know if you can make something like this. Also, can you make a thumb... 35 视频服务, Photoshop, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20184天 19时 ¥32
Edit Video - Instgaram The editing will me a photo animation edit, logos and with text and music. Once i have the editor i can share examples and also the content Editor to the following below - 2 Instagram video (30 - 59 seconds) - 2 Instagram video story (13 seconds) Thanks. 83 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 20, 2018 Feb 20, 20184天 18时 ¥645
Creative Video Editing - YouTube Recipe Channel SwaadSamwaadwithhoneynpayal We run a YouTube Recipe Channel and we are looking for excellent and committed "partner" who can continuously work with us in coming up with really creative videos that catches viewers attention. Looking for truly creative individuals only who can suggest by having meaningful conversation about how to come up with that next best video. So .. if you have that creative instinct in you.. if... 14 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 17时 ¥108
property review - 3 minutes I need a 3 minute video beginning with a map, then a street view approaching an apartment complex, a walk following the manage through the complex, a map tracing the route, snapshots of apartments, a street view leaving the apartment complex, and a street view of a construction site. The video will include narrative by the apartment manager on the walk through the apartments, and a voice over on... 13 视频服务, 动画, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 17时 ¥3454
Mask sensitive data on videos I have about 20 minutes of videos (11 video files), the videos have sensitive data on them such as names, or email addresses. One example is, on one video which is 1 minute long, I have 1 email address and 1 name need to be masked. Video is 1920x1200. This project is to mask all 11 videos for me. I will let you know which information need to be masked or blurred. 26 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 17时 ¥299
My house land video 1 Project Description I need an editor to make me a short 1-3 minute video to catch people attention and subscribe to my YouTube channel 28 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 16时 ¥242
Travel Video Clip Freelancer will need to go through an organised set of videos and take the best parts of those forming a 5-10 minute video clip to the provided sound track. The budget is 40-70 USD. 42 视频服务, 后效应, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 11时 ¥648
Make a Video New style anything 11 摄像, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 8时 ¥3301
Videographer, St Gallen I need someone to film an engagement proposal. 3 hrs work. Between 18th and 25th March. 0 摄像 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 4时 -
Wedding Ceremony and Reception March 25, 2018 Two Location Van Nuys and Northridge We are looking for a Videographer to video our wedding Reception and Ceremony. Reception at a house in Northridge. Ceremony at a banquet hall in Van Nuys. Project Start Time 2:00 PM and End time 12:00 AM. Must be able to shoot good video. We want the video files I can edit myself. Ceremony will starts in Northridge near Cal State Northridge at approximately 4:00 PM. Must get there by 2:00 PM t... 1 视频服务, 摄像, 视频制作 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 6时 ¥172
youtube video Myhouseland Video recording requested I need someone who will recorded one 2-3 min video who will be used on our youtube channel for advertising. Buy your dream House or build your own House with new design . You can build your dream house with 20% to 40% less than the market price depending on the project and area of your choice. For example, Building a house in Silver Spring,MD or Reston, VA will cost you a... 7 视频服务, YouTube, 摄像, 视频制作, 视频编辑 Feb 19, 2018 Feb 19, 20184天 5时 ¥146
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