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Finishing a Wix Event I have created a Wix Event. I need to customize it and set it up on a single page. It's probably less than 40 minutes of work. I need help: 1) To customize the background of the event. 2) Customize a button so that I can accept payments. 3 Wix Jun 19, 2018 今天6天 5时 ¥188
Create Wix plugin Need to Create a Wix Plugin that connects with our web servers via API and display sales data on a chart in wordpress. Customer will need to download this plugin, create an account on our web app copy the API key from the account and enter it in the plugin settings. Once this is done the plugin you create will be able to extract data (sales chart) from our API and display is on a view in the plug... 17 PHP, Wix Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20181天 12时 ¥1003
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