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Add Account Modul - ongoing work - Add Acoustic Echo Cancelation to Flex/Flash Application(repost) Add acript to import XML data to a LAMP site - Add Active Directory Authentication to existing CodeIgniter Project add Active facebook fans for my official page - Add AdBlock Plus plugin for safari to a cache cleaner app Add ADBRITE full page ads to website - Add additional codes to existing software Add additional Column to OS Ticket - Add Additional Features To A Flash Game Add Additional features to a Scraper, increase speed and move server - Add additional features to our Magento Webstore Add additional features to our oscommerce shopping cart - Add additional Functionality to a php search script. add additional functionality to ajax project - Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. Add additional information & photos, move below the fold (or delete negative articles without legal foundations) ASAP. - Add additional page to existing website - opportunity for steady workflow. Add additional page to my website with graphics "How to sign up" - Add additional screens to our front-end betting system Add additional search and lising functionality - Add Address to Map Add address to PDF document, really easy - Add Admin Features Add admin features and associated front-end to existing wordpress website - Add Admob advertising to an existing iPhone applicaton Add AdMob ads and a link to privacy polocy on an Android App - Add Admob Banner to project on Eclipse Add Admob Banner&Interstitial to an android project - Add admob to android application Add Admob to App Invnetor App - Add ads in App add ads in my android app - Add Ads to Wordpress sites Add Adscendmedia on my PPD - Add AdSense end of post main page Add adsense in my blog posts (wordpress) - Add advanced configurations into our pos terminals Add Advanced Content Editor - Add Advertisement Blocks into Wordpress Pravda Theme Add advertisement locations to custom ajax html website - add advertising to the application add advertising to wordpress website - Add affiliate code in alternative ad section Add affiliate code to Checkout Confirmation Page - Add affiliate program, lead program and discount module to existing website Add affiliate script to php site - Add age and location to the Jomsocial Memberlist Add age range slider and search filters to search page - Add Airpush to Webview Android App Add ajax address verification to Drupal form - add ajax form submit to codeigniter site Add ajax form to wordpress - Add AJAX to call function in WP plugin add ajax to existing PHP application - Add alarm function to existing app Add alarm notification to android eclipse project - Add Alert to Custom Indicator Add alert to ex4 mt4 custom indicator - Add alerts to MT4 indicator Add Alexa Images to Directory - add all of html Templates to WordPress theme add all products and descriptions and prices - Add alt text to plugin action Add Altcoin cryptocurrency payment system to existing php script poker site - Add Amazon link for Books Add Amazon payment function on e-commerce system based on Symfony 1.x (Onsite in Hanoi, Vietnam) - Add Amazon Widegt to our WordPress Blog Add Amazon Widget to Both Our Blog and Boonex Dolphin 7 Site - Add an additional 8 STR markers add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter - Add an affiliate program to my current website Add an AIM Application - Very Simple and Very Urgent - Start Now !!! - Add an Arrow on a video Add an Asp Page - add an ecomerce option to my wordpress website Add an edit post and comment option to my website... - add an embeding options for my media player on my website Add an Employee Directory to our website - Add an extra feature to our site - wordpress Add an extra feature to our site - wordpress - repost - add an icon to the browser Add an icon to the individual product pages. - Add an image to an existing image (taking the shape of the object) Add an image to my Outlook Web Access (OWA) signature - Add an IP blocklist/allowlist to my AWS hosted PHPMYADMIN database/website Add an iPhone outline to my app preview video - Add an online store add an Online Store - Add an option to enter coupon code in checkout - open to bidding Add an option to the Woocommerce Backend - Add an Text box attribute to Prestashop add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - add analytics code Add Analytics code to drupal website - ADD AND CONFIG. SHOPPING CART Add and configure a plugin - Add and Delete Form Submissions for Array add and delete images and video in magento home page - Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) (1687764) - Add and re-arrange client logos on my website AND in a Pages document Add and refine search functions to an existing page that searches in our documents table - Add and Set Default Search Engine in Chrome add and set up shopping cart - Add and update task on admin panel Add and verify a site on google webmaster tools. - Add animated falling snow to a picture Add animated gif support to OpenSource PHP Project: ResourceSpace - Add animation to logo Add animation to my real video of drive-thru location - Add Annotations to 122 YouTube Videos Add Annotations to 570 Vimeo videos (on same Vimeo account) - Add another intersitial and small banner (admob) to app Add another language to my Wordpress website - Add another SDK Ad Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website - Add API feed calculation to my wordpress website Add API for adding points to Rewarder App balance - Add API payment getaway to OpenCart Add API texting service to my system - Add app to exception list on the Windows Firewall using C# add app-in purchase for existing android app. - Add appox 1000 dvd's to new oscommerce website. Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App - Add Arabic Language (right to left support) to Adobe Flash template Add Arabic Language in the Website - Add archive mod to phpbb forum Add archivemod to phpbb forum - Add around 500 Woocommerce grocery products Add around 75 items to Wordpress Gallery - Add Articles to joomla from a website Add articles to joomla site with SEO (30 articles to start) - add asp content management Add asp file extension - add atmosphere to my wordpress site Add Attach Documents Functionality 1 - Add Attendance-Taking feature to PHP Web App Add attendees numbers to file - add attributes to product post in oscommerce add attributes to shopcart with pricing (virtuemart) - Add Audio Captcha to JSP page and Save in MySQL add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided - Add Audio Sound Effects to 1.5 minute video Add audio stream to iPhone/iPad app - Add audio track to 6 video clips Add Audio using Red5 to our Live Chat Site - Add authenticated pages to wordpress Add authentication code to dot net project - Add checkout to Squarespace
Add checkout to Squarespace - Add Auto Bid To Ikiauctionscript Add Auto Billing Feature to X-Cart store. - Add Auto thumbnail (featured Image) to posts add auto tune plug-in to acid 6.0 - Add autocomplete to an Applescript/cocoa project Add Autocomplete to Bootstrap Popup Modal - Add automatic redirect to an existing webpage using a schedule that you will create Add automatic scheduling to a Drupal import function - Add Avatar and some changes i want.. add avatar on phpbb2 statistics mod - Add aWeber Form To My Wordpress Header To The Left of The Book Add Aweber into my Registration - Add back the Sell terms box in sell page Add back, forth and pause buttons to my Swish project - add background and logo - repost 2 Add Background and Website Name to Photos - Add Background image to shopify website. Easy html project Add Background Image to the Title Area of My Wordpress Site - Add Background remove function into my app (solution : Grabcut algorithm) add background sound - Add backlinks to Arabic website (URL) Add Backlinks to PR5 or Better Sites - add banner Add Banner & Panel - Add banner on Magento Category page add banner on my opencart website - Add banner to Wordpress RSS feed add banner to wp page - Add banners to Joomla website and fix minor errors Add banners to my app - Add barcode functionality and printability to a zebra label printer in PHP Add barcode functionality and printability to a zebra printer label in PHP - Add basic contact forms to a basic html website Add basic features to android app - Add Bay Area Unified Schools to System Add BBB links to site - Add better ansi support to jta20. Add Better image viewer to os commerce - Add BiRD-BGP SNMP statistics to observioum Add Birthdate Field to Web Scraper Project - add bitcoin payment to our cms website Add Bitcoin to EPay Enterprise Platform - Add bleed to existing PSD add bleed to my Business Cards - Add blog and product page to Joomla site Add blog articles & make some blog setup tasks - Add Blog Function to my Wordpress (WooCommerce) Add Blog Functionality to Wordpress Theme - Add blog posts to Optimize Press via HTML Add blog rss feed to site - Add Blog to Existing Wordpress Website Add blog to home page - Add blog to site with Pulse Pro Add blog to video website - Add Blogs to Websites Add blue background and lego image to bottom header - Add Bluetrackmedia In PPD Script Add Bluetrackmedia to PPD Script - Add Booking Magenot Extension add booking phone number to business cards - Add Bootstrap Blocks To Landing Page Builder Add Bootstrap button on existing webpage - Add bought products to the Prestashop Order list in the back office Add box and text to image - Add bricks to drawing in illustrator Add brightness and contrast control to exisiting C#/DirectShow image capture program - Add BudyPress to an Existing WordPress Install and Cusomize it (PHP probably needed) Add buildings and textures to already existing OpenFlight models - Add Business Contacts to Existing Database Add business information to my online directory - Add Businesses to Online Directory, Write Summary of Each Business Add Businesses to websites - add button in flash menu Add Button in FlashCart an send total_Price - Add button to control box Add Button to existing magento website - Add button; change ActionScript on Flash Video Add button; Change ActionScript on flash videos - Add Buttons, Text, Thumbnails, Icons to FlexSlider Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - add cache in my iOS app Add cache to a php/javascript game servers query - Add Calendar Output for Codeigniter Script Add calendar recurrence of fullCalendar plugin for lukeyan - add call statisics to a plugin Add call to action button to header of WP Avada Theme powered website - Add Cannons to Logo Add Canonical URL's + Fix Meta Description - Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. Add Captcha ,fix form submission issue and create thank you page - Add CAPTCHA for Wordpress Website Contact us page Add captcha form (simple math 7 + 9) to hard coded form - add captcha to 3 HTML web forms Add captcha to 3 php page forms on my website - Add captcha to contact form Add captcha to contact form - Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost 2 Add captcha to first page of 5 registration pages in PHP - Add captcha to forms on existing site add captcha to forms on site - Add captcha to oscommerce forms Add CAPTCHA to our existing html/css php contact form - Add Captcha to Web form - repost Add CAPTCHA to web page with form - Add captcha, logo and Favicon to site Add caption to gallery on Elastico Wordpress theme - Add CarFax Socket Integration into Modified OSCommerce Build Add Carousel - Add cart functions for Amazon Affiliate PHP Add cart pop up box - Add categories and sub categories to shopify site Add categories and tags to wordpress posts - Add categories to website Add Categories, Products and Descriptions to Open Cart Site - add category text mod to oscommerce Add Category Thumbnail Images to Magento Menu - Add CD Burning ability to VB app Add CDN for kodi plugin - add changes on wordpress template Add Changes to 2 affiliate e-commerce sites - Add Chapter to an Ebook Add Chapter to an Ebook - 5-10 pages only - Add Chartboost Ads to App Add Chartboost Ads to App - open to bidding - Add Chat Live & Google Address Locator add chat messaging like in freelancer site to my website - add chatting in the project Add Chatting, Social share functions to my app - Add checkbox to form and validation Add CheckBox to GirdEx - Add checks for spam on outgoing mail Add cheetah print, vectorized the design and clean it up - Add Christmas pic to our Logo Add christmas/holday design to oscommerce website - Add City and State Field Add City and States to rest of site. - Add Classic Scrabble style game to Wordbattle game against AI add classified - add click job - open to bidding Add click online work same lick social trade - Add clicking add clicking - Add Client log in and exclusive range area to website Add Client Login for Subscription with Admin Panel - Add clothing to my shop Add clothing to my shop - Add CMS functionality to website