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Add curl HTTP Headers for new Udemy 2 API authentication in PHP - Add Curved Text to Existing Logo Add Curved Text to Image - Add Custom CMS to Online Repository Add custom CMS to testimonials page - Add Custom Design Elements and Fine Tune a Wordpress Website Add Custom Design Function To eCommerce/OpenCart Site - Add custom features to existing WordPress site Add custom features to Gmail contacts and Google calendar - Add custom field to NinjaForm Add custom field to order -virtuemart - Add custom fields from Virtuemart into VMinvoice Add custom fields to a commenting plugin on wordpress - Add custom fields to prestashop contact form Add custom fields to product page in WooCommerce store to display on front end - Add custom forms, book database and shopping cart on a wordpress site Add Custom Function to Website - Project for Dr.Tech - Add Custom header to wordpress blog Add Custom HTML/Javascript field to Expression Engine CMS - Add custom logo to website Add custom made Facebook feed to existing Facebook app - Add custom page redirect (or hide/show content) after Typeform is completed Add custom page to website. - Add custom post types to Wordpress Template Add custom price-encoded barcodes to Unicenta (open-source) - Add Custom Social Media icons and change footer fonts colors & buttons.... Add Custom Store to site. - Add custom tracking pixel to Magento Checkout add custom url and ge traffic to my website - add Customer ID and Parcel ID search bar -- 2 add Customer ID and Parcel ID search bar - - Add Customers/employees to database not working anymore Add Customised Aweber Form - Add Customizer controls and create a WordPress child theme Add custum field on a Petition (on a WordPress blog) - Add Data Columns to eBay Search Results Add Data Coupons to - Add data from mysql data base into another table. Add data from PDF's to spreadsheet as per examples - Add data into incomplete products that have missing attributes Add data into magento shop - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar - Add data to Excel file - dataentry Add data to excel from web search - Add Data to Spreadsheet Add Data to spreadsheet - Add Database Caching to ASP.NET MVC Open Source Project Add Database Connectivity and Programming to Admin Template - Add DataBase to iPhone barcode reader Add database to page - Add Date Filter to supplier enquiry Add Date Gmail Subject - Add db to app and website -- 2 Add DB_DataObject_FormBuilder to PHP system using Pear - Add definitions and sample phrases to common English words. add deisgn into net project - Add delivery options to a CS Cart e-commerce site Add Delivery Slot in open cart - Add descriptions and pictures to PLR site add descriptions to site - Add design elements to existing webpage Add design elements to existing webpage - Add design to flynax website. Add design to flynax website. - Add Destinations on Website Add detail photos to dynamic page - add didot font type to wordpress website Add diff consoles - Add digital downloads feature to existing OScommerce site Add Digital Downloads to e-commerce system - Add Directory into open source community site Add Directory to excisting script - Add discount coupon on one page checkout Add discount feature to existing RoR Active Admin cart - Add DISQUS comment functionality to PHP website+other Add Disqus Comment wall to Wordpress Page - Add document.title to attribution javascript Add Documentation and Endpoints in Rails App for iOS Screens - ADD DOS ATTACK AUTOMATIC PROTECTION TO CENTOS VPS Add dot-qmail functionality into postfix - add download into IOS and Android app Add download manager class to my webview - add to my game Add Drill-down functions on PivotTable.js - Add drop down menu on website.... Add drop down menu on website.... - add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP Add drop down menu using html in opencart megamenu - Add dropbox to existing app Add dropdown and captcha to Chronoform of Joomla - add dropdown to menu & other css edits Add Dropdown To Worpress Site NOW - Add dynamic (no flash) photo gallery to existing website. Add Dynamic Affiliate ID in Email Using Viral Inviter Script - Add dynamic google tags to magento site for re-marketing add dynamic google tags to magento site for remarketing - Add dynamic updates to existing web site Add e Comerce capability to existing website - Add e-commerce to website with file downloads Add e-commerce to website, html is already done - Add easy user uploads to website Add Easyblog pages to existing website taking data from another website (that I also own) - Add ecomerce to website - shopping cart Add Ecommerce / Database To Current Site - Add ecommerce in existing Drupal website Add eCommerce in our current website - Add ECommerce to Site Add ecommerce to site - Add edit order to iphone app Add edit profile & account feature to public Github project - Add effects to images Add effects to photos - Add Elements to a Magento Store Add elements to an existing autocad floorplan - add email alert to forex indicator - Repost Add email alert to Metatrader Ea - Add Email Feature To Existing News System Add email field in registration form and send email for registration complete - Add email notification functionality to windows program. Add email notification to existing android and iphone app. - Add email sign up pop up banner to homepage Add email signup lightbox overlay to a Shopify Hosted Site - Add Email Verification to preexisting PHP Registration API Add email verification to woocommerece single product checkout form - Add embed feature for 2 other sites using hwdVideoShare Add embed function to FLV player - add empty line after every week in overview of objects Add Enable Partial Close to EA - Add English subtitles to a Youtube Video in Filipino language Add English subtitles to DVD - Add Entry & Exit Conditions in EA Add entry to SobiPro database from community builder profile fields - Add Ethernet Support For Android App Add Ethernet Support For Android App - Add event tracking to wordpress slider links ADD EVENT VIEWED COUNTER - ADD EWAY PAYMENT MODULE AND OTHERS TO AN OSCOMMERCE ONLINE SHOP Add ex VAT & inc VAT prices to front end product pages on Shopify store & fix minor Subtotal glitch in basket - Add Exempt MAgneto URLS To Varnish Cache add exes to flash GUI flash 9 needed - Add existing logo to image of Christmas ornament Add existing magento form to external page with ajax validation of user. - add expanding/contrating text area to web page Add Expedia Engine To Existing Website - Add export to OSCommerce contribution(repost)
Add Export To PDF & Excel Button To ASP.NET Website - Add extera background job to flash light application Add exterior lighting to a house - Add extra editable articles in OSCommerce Add extra editable articles in OSCommerce(repost) - Add extra fee to Oscommerce Add extra field (text input field) in the back-end (Label name: 出處) - Add extra fields to Wordpress Comments Add extra fields to Wordpress website - Add extra functionality to existing MS Access 2007 databases Add extra functionality to game server system - ADD EXTRA MENU TO A WEBSITE - repost Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - Add extra shortcode to existing one Add extra sky at top of an existing image - Add Facebook & Email mandatory login on e-store Add Facebook & Instagram Upload facility - Add Facebook and Twitter Followers Add Facebook and Twitter icons - FOR SRIHARSHA ONLY - add Facebook button Add Facebook Button and Twitter Followme to Launch Page - Add facebook connect to mediawiki site Add FACEBOOK CONNECT to my site - Add Facebook Fans to our new Facebook page Add Facebook Fans to our Page - Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania - v2 Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania - v5 - Add Facebook icon and other icons, create link add Facebook icon on Joomla website - Add Facebook like box to my wordpress site add facebook like button in mailchimp - Add facebook like-option to html-form Add Facebook Like/Tweet button to Nextgen Gallery or similar - Add Facebook link to site Add facebook Login - Add Facebook Login to existing Windows Phone App Add facebook login to Laravel application - Add Facebook mobile ads to existing app add Facebook module to website allowing users to log in with facebook - Add Facebook SDK and Open Graph to Android app Add Facebook SDK for iOS in ios game - add facebook to weebly Add facebook tracing codes to shopify store - Add Facebook/Google Ads to Website Add Faceboook Conversion Tracking Pixel to Shopify Store - Add Fans Add Fans - Add Fans to my Facebook fan page Add fans to my facebook fan page - Add Favorites feature to web site Add favorites in classic asp - Rehire - Add FB Share to Continue Feature in WP Add FB Share to web pages & Posts with Excerpt to FB - Add featuers to a website ( Add featuers to a website ( - Add Feature For Saved Search (Apartment, House, Condo, etc.) & Foreclosure Bids Add feature for using acccerometer and gyroscope - Add feature on front and back end of Smarty PHP CMS Add feature on my site - Add feature to a RoR application Add Feature to a Small Android app - Add Feature to Camera App Add Feature to Chris Translation Webiste. - Add feature to existing IOS app Add feature to existing IOS app - open to bidding - Add feature to iphone App Add feature to iPhone application - Add feature to my ionic App Add Feature To My Mailing List Script! - Add feature to PHP script Add feature to php script to deliver serials - Add Feature To Squarespace add feature to startftp and make it working - add feature to wordpress site - quick hiring -- 2 Add Feature To Wordpress Theme - Add featured images to Wordpress posts Add featured images to wordpress posts - Add features to existing ASP.NET project mentioned in description Add features to existing project mentioned in description - Add features and change UI of software Add Features and conevrt current version in Android and ios Application - Add Features and Make Minor Modification to my Website Add features and modify a program - add features in a joomla component Add features in a wordpress theme - add features in wp site . Add features in: - Add features to a .NET existing system. Add features to a cart for me - Add features to a library Add Features to a live b2b website - Add features to a pre-existing PHP website add features to a prototype android app - Add features to a website add features to a website #2 _ jam87 - Add features to admin system based on php add features to ajax chat room - Add features to an Arduino sketch Add Features to an DVDPlayer Component (COMDll) - Add features to an existing iOS game Add features to an existing iPad app - Add features to an existing Wordpress site add features to an invoice program (CP 2006-3-22) - add features to app Add Features to App in React.js - Add Features to CE website Add features to Chameleon Social - Add features to current website. -- 2 Add features to current WordPress theme - Add features to existing .NET CHAT app (Max $40) Add features to existing .NET CHAT app (Max $40) -- 2 - Add Features to Existing Drupal Site ADD FEATURES TO EXISTING FLASH , PHP , MySql CHAT SYSTEM - WE NEED A EXPERT OF FLASH PROGRAMMING - Add features to existing PHP website add features to existing php/mysql banner script - Add features to existing site -- login, account management, admin, Add Features to existing slots game. Read Description Carefully. - Add features to existing wordpress template Add Features to Existing Wordpress Website ( - Add features to html5 javascript online drawing application. Add features to interactive tour. - Add features to iTrader Add Features to JA Avian II Joomla Website - Add Features to Link Cloaking Script(repost) Add features to Magento Plugin - Add features to my EXISTING PHP script Add Features to my Existing PHP Website - Add features to my Social Network built with CodeIgniter Add features to my web site - Add features to MySpace whore train website. add Features to - Add features to OsCommerce Add Features to OSCommerce Forums Module - Add Features to PHP Chat Application Add Features to PHP Chat Application - repost - Add features to php/mysql/jquery chat script -- 2 Add features to phpBB. - Add features to Ruby on Rails website -- 2 Add features to script - Add features to software Add features to software and fix bugs - Add features to Unicenta (New Module) Add features to Unity3D - 2D Application - Add features to weboage