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Add Google Maps functionality to app (iTunes & Android) & website - add google notifications to an existent app -- 2 Add Google OAuth to a couple pages - Add Google reCAPTCHA to to a website register form and email validation Add Google ReCaptcha to Web Form - Add google shopping feed to oscommerce site Add Google Site Map to our website - Add Google Translate tool to Bigcommerce website add google translator - Add Googlere CAPTCHA to my form Add goole map to wordpress theme - Add GPU stats to web based linux dashboard Add GPU Support for my Program (Use GPU To BruteForce) - Add graphic so that it shows only on mobile version. Add Graphic to a Page - Add Graphics to Graphical Resume Add graphics to Jomla site - Add Greeting to Email Utility Add Grey Background to Images - Need Fast Turnaround - Add Group/Page/Fan page on Facebook Add group/ungroup features to JavaDrawing Application - Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo add h.264 support to vc++ application - add Header and Footer onto the Website Add header and footer to a external php page within wordpress - Add Header/Footer Code To Template Add Header/Footer Code To Template(repost) - Add Hedge Grid to EA Add hedging capability to existing EA - add hipay to my website as payment option add hipay paymentprocessor to my site( same way as paypal now on my site) - Add Homepage Image in wordpress Add homepage module - latest news - ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO HOTEL MAIN BOOKING SITE ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO MAIN BOOKING SITE. - Add Hreflang Tag Add hReview Microformat data to template - add html code to wordpress page Add HTML content to website - Add html page into php website add html pages - Add HTML to a Shopify template add html to amazon description - Add HTML5 Video to Background of Custom Wordpress Theme 2 add html_quickform to PHP project - Add hyper-ling to flyer to direct customers to website by clicking on images. Add Hyperlink fields in Sugar Suite CRM - Add i-frame to shopping cart Add i18n, ajax submit to website - add iAP, Corona sdk Add iCal calendar to Wordpress website - add icon and colour to menu squares on each page of website, and make the whole webite more compatiple for mobile browsers. Add Icon and Splash Screen and Trouble Shoot Existing App - Add Icon with auto responder To my web site Add iconcox and ruptela gps devices to a opengts plataform - Add ID Number to EBCDIC file Add id's to params in a php,cURL request - Add iframe to site Add iFrame to Squarespace site - Add image as quiz category to googlesamples/android-topeka quiz app Add Image background to a Wordpress Template - Add Image Gallery to existing page Add image gallery to my Wordpress plugin - Add image slider to Magento site Add image Tag project to Magento - Add image to site(repost) Add image to slider on homepage of website - Add Image Upload Feature to Existing Website (lensc) Add image upload in web admin panel.. - Add images and description to 1500 products in magento (Urgent) add images and description to consumer electronics products - Add Images in Shopping Cart Add images into .aep file - Add images to a web site with captions and alt tags Add images to an Apple Motion Template - Add Images to cover photo Add Images to current Smartphone Apps - Add images to products / webshop Add images to products in magento - Add images to website and fix - Repost - open to bidding Add images to website pages - Add importing image capabilities to Text box Add improvements to an existing website - Add in a page slideshow feature to my website add in ability to turn off or on column in admin area for events - Add in ASP simple CAPTCHA to prevent automatic bot submission Add in audio function in LimeSurvey - add in full width header and full width footer responsive design add in full width header and full width footer to boxed responsive design - add in simple drop down menu, using superfish or whatever you want Add in slideshow functionality for each collection - Add In-App Purchase Add In-App Purchase and Ads to App - Add In-App Purchases to HTML5 App Add In-App Purchases to jQuery Mobile/Phonegap App - Add InApp Subscriptions to app Add InAppBrowser to an existing Phonegap app for IOS - Add indicator and extra setting to my EA. Add indicator and trade logic to existing EA v2 - Add infinite scroll to existing WordPress categorypost-widget Add infinite scroll to my homepage tabs - Add info into my WIX site Add Info on Excel Sheet - Add information from 58 business card to Google Address book Add Information from 90 Business Cards to Google Address Book - Add information, customize wordpress template. Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin - Add Inset Border to the thumbnails generated Add Inset Border to thumbnails - add install infinite scroll on my wordpress Add installment payment method and custom payment gateway in joomla virtuemart -- 2. Short deadline, must start asap. - Add interactive form fields to a pdf Add interactive form fields to a pdf - repost - Add Internal And External Links On My Mattress Website add internal email client to pc repair tracker app - Add intersitial ads to my app Add intersitial banner to an existing app - Add Inventory column to Products Ordered Report In Magento Add inventory from 3 motorcycle sites and input into 1 site. Pics, categories and descriptions. - Add invoice choice to cart checkout Add Invoice Form to Existing Access Database - Add iOS9 support Add ip address (not from host) - Add ipad device frame to screenshots Add ipad device frame to screenshots - repost - Add IPs on PROXMOX to work on windows vz Add ips to CentOs server - Add Isotope to WP Theme for Custom Post Type Add Isotopes to current Wordpress Theme Mar 09 2013 06:30:56 - Add Items On Amazon Add items on ebay - Add items to favourite Add items to Kaboodle - Add items to shopping cart driven website Add items to shopping cart website - Add japan language to a flash site.(repost) Add Japanese to Site, Make design changes, and add new display page for bags. - Add JavaMail and scheduler to Internet Site Add javascript ad code to my joomla site - Add Javascript form validation and more Add javascript form with custom styling to home page of three websites - add javascript to auto submit FORM by clicking button Add Javascript to Block - Drupal 6.2 - Add JCal module to website with XML files for auto event add Add Jeans Threads to the fabric photo - Add jobs lsting page to Website with an admin area Add jobs to a job board - Add Joomla Modules(repost) Add joomla page item - Add Jquarry seach with my PHP /MySql system
Add jQuery (No Refresh) & PHP Print Image (With Graph) for Forum Share - Add jquery elements/add interaction to html/css website Add Jquery form to a webpage + some cosmetic changes - Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme - Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel -- 2 - add js arrows to ready image slider -- 2 Add JS Copy PAste Function to multiple Elements Firefox - Add Jw player to my website Add jwplayer flash player to my website - Add Keyword, Data Source, Priority tools to tt-rss add keywords and description to about 35 pages - Add KineticsJS to a Magento PHP page Add Kissmetrics tracking code to website - add landing page (already created) coded to my website Add landing page ahead of wordpress install and duplicate existing install into subdirectory - add language on wordpress website Add language pages - Add Languages Switcher Flags in Navbar Add languages to joomla site - Add Latest Product Category in Visual Composer on Home page add latest property list on the home page content - Add Layer Which Darkens Photoshop Image add layer/overlay marker on google maps - Add leader to block Add leader-board to a Game and fix a bug - Add Letterbox to Video Add lettering to existing logo - Add Light box feature to a Lasso webpage add light box for video in wordpress - Add LightBox Pages and Transfer Form Code Add lightbox plugin to my current portfolio site - Add lights to an existing AutoCAD file (dwg) Add liJQuery Slider to front page and 5 images - Add Likes to my Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Add Likes to our page - Add link 200x to del.icio.ous from different accounts Add link and pop-up window - Add link to Events page and other minor thing Add link to external website and add a line of copy - add link to the Form search easy job for php dev Add Link to Website - Add LinkedIn pending invitations Add LinkedIn Url's - Add Links Pages and Miscellaneous Site Changes Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. - Add Links to Landing Page and Install to Facebook Add links to Mega Menu in BigCommerce - Add links to site Add links to site navigation - Add Lip-sync in After Effect to toys in the video -- 2 Add list of countries to database - Add listings and pictures Add listings and pictures -- 2 - Add Listings to My Site Add listings to my website - add live chat on my website add live chat support to website / easy copy and paste code to HTML to the pages / there will be some more small things to work like reposition category menu. - Add live streaming to my website Add live streaming to website - Add Load Balancer to RDP Farm on Azure Add Load Content While Scrolling jQuerry Feature to Gallery - Add Local User Class c# Add localisation for my site in Drupal - add lock to open source software - open to bidding Add loctions to GPS map - Add logic to a script -- 6 Add logic to a script -- 7 - Add Login and Sign up Functionality to Mongo, Node & React Site Add Login Button and Few API integration - Add login option in mobile theme Add login page and show menu based in user - Add Login Widget to WordPress theme Add login with databases to my site - Add login/sign up functionality in a pop up integrated to salesforce. -- 2 Add logins to an existing website, allow messaging between users and integrate e-Lecta virtual classroom into website - ADD logo create Add Logo Display Plugin - add logo to a website Add logo to Action Bar - add logo to jersey Add Logo to Joomla Site - Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster Add logo to receipt. Write code to convert image to POS commands for thermal printer - Add logo to wordpress header Add logo to wordpress site - Add logos to footer add logos to my website - Add Lyrics to Image Add MA Filter in a existent Expert Advisor - Add Magento Handling Charge To Specific Customer Group add magento option - Add Mail exception handling feature add mail function - Add mailchimp signup form Add MailChimp signup form to mywebsite - Add manipulation graphs to existing PERL project Add manual post to facebook pages - Add map and Make Sub manu very quickly - Joomla 2.5 Add Map location and new contact details to our website - Add markers to existing google map using json data source. Add markers to google map using json data source. - Add mass email sending functionality to existing project on laravel Add massive attachment per recipient feature to SENDY.CO app - Add maximum 5000 products to a webshop Add Maxmind Fraud Detection and phone verification-Zen Cart - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me fast Scripts ADD ME GARYZ - add me to skype ADD ME, contact me - Add member login function to bookings website Add member profiles to dating site - Add members to site 2 Add members to site 3 - Add Membership profiles and custom photo gallery to .net CMS site Add membership subscription to my web app - Add Menu and Toolbar to Acrobat add menu bar nd stuff in ticket system - Add Menu items to existing Web site - For ITSERVICE add menu on homepage and add link page - Add merchant boxpay to webpage Add merchant processing to existing website - Add Meta Keywords and Description to Virtuemart Add meta tag to site for flippa listing - Add metadata to photos Add metadata to stock photos - Add mgid code on my site Add MICR E13 B Match font in our check system - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - add missing pr0ducts to website Add missing product images - Add mobile functionality to current website, add additional functionality to interface with another site. Add mobile functionality to website - add mobile playing module to phpfox site Add mobile responsive feature to simple wordpress image plugin / Script - Add mod to Moodle add mod to youtube style site - Add modifications to already made video. Add modifications to an already existing app - 06/12/2016 16:23 EST - Add module in phpBB Add module into a component - Add module to PHPnuke Site! Add module to shopping cart and other features - Add modules to existing phonegap application