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Add scale control to OpenLayers - Add microdata availability and price tags to Magento phtml files Add Microformats including Rating to my Page - add script add script - add script and check vulnerability 2 add script and trick in delphi - Add script to filter size and quality of Image uploads to site by users. add script to html and css to make in mobile friendly - Add scripts to ASP Page Add scripts to excel workbook - Add scrollbars to flash Add Scrolling Bar / Clean Up Ebay Listing Template Code and Ebay Store Code - Add Search / Sort filters Data in a Page Add Search Ability to List GUI in J2ME - Add Search bar throughout site, map in location, Testimonial/Comment area. Plus SEO and marketing Add search bar to Joomla 1.5 website - add search by customers name in page of "Market sales" and in "Invoices " page Add search by JomSocial Group within PayPlans for Joomla - Add Search Feature to Joomla Template add search feature to business directory - add search function to website Add Search Function To Website Database (PHP/MySql) - Add Search Sheet with Macro to existing Exel-Workbook Add search to backend of custom wordpress plugin - Add seasonal effects to company logo Add second action to a contact form - Add second payment option/gateway to my website. Add Second Sidebar to Wordpress Site, Expand Width of Template - Add secure hash to migs(mastercard) gateway on whmcs Add secure login, shopping cart, & SQL Database to a website - Add security features to my vcx coded program -- 3 Add security layer to website - Add security to plugin Add security to registration form for online game - Add Self-extracting feature to Windows program Add seller store module to auction website - Add SEO and online Add SEO Codes & Change 1 item on my web page - add server and client capability to application Add server protection for Malware, anti virus etc - add several commands to script Add several features to my web-site - add share button on the website Add Share Button to Posts - add shared component Add Shared SSL to Joomla/Virtuemart Site & sh404SEF - Add shipping component to existing Joomla Virtumart add shipping cost and tax to my shopping cart - Add shipping per region in Opencart and fix tax not showing correctly Add Shipping Plugin to wordpress site - Add Shopify as third party payment gateway to sell a service Add shopify in my wix template - Add shopping cart - This needs to be today. Budget is £50 Add Shopping Cart -- 2 - Add Shopping Cart and Revise some pages Add shopping cart and telipliant portal to WHMCS - Add Shopping cart to existing website Add shopping cart to existing website - Add shopping cart to Tesseract theme Wordpress like + connect to PayPal. Add Shopping Cart to Website - Add Shortlist and Contact Popup Buttons Add Shoutbox to my website - Add Sidebar to Wordpress theme Add sidebar to WordPress Theme - Add Sign-up hyperlink text to Andriod Add signal generation GUI from existing code - ADD SIGNUP AND LOGIN FORM TO MY SITE Add Signup Form Script to HTML Page - add simple application and minor maintnance for my site Add Simple AR function for an existed iOS app - Add Simple Day Planner Calander to AbleCommerce 7 - ecommerce Software Add Simple Description Graphics to 6 Images - add simple flash animation Add simple form to PrestaShop backend - add simple mail function to html website from with php Add simple membership in Joomla website - Add simple PHP functionality to HTML website Add simple PHP POST into current java source - Add simple static page to website - layout already done Add simple table to prestashop module - Add single code 2 locations Add Single Line of Meta Data Code to Index.php of Joomla 2.5 Site - Add site search to html setup Add Site Search to HTML/CSS website - add sitelock Add sitemap and also geo targeted sitemap to my Magento website ASAP - Add Size and Color Feature to Shopping Cart Add size and color to my products - Add sketches pics in gallery in my wordpress based website Add skin and logo image to Wordpress Blog - Add SKU to Woocommerce email ADD SKYPE: khan99271 - Add slider and setup contact page Add slider effect and contact form to SOBI2 template - add slider to theme Add Slider to Wordpress - Add slideshow to my website Add slideshow to site - add small admin page Add small amount of Czech language translations to magento site - Add small feature to Joomla componetn add small feature to VBScript and compile into EXE - Add small group test data to the TestDataBlaster Add small items to the site - Add smiles to my photo Add smileys to a drupal website - Add SMS Module to Website Add sms plugin and a dropdown or search box to existing deals and coupon theme - Add SMTP details to code of CakePHP website Add SMTP email settings to wordpress theme - Add social buttons on Joomla website add social buttons to PHP site - Add Social Images/Links to sidebar wordpress Add social invite buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc to existing website (NOT WORDPRESS) - Add social media and Podcast links to website ADD SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL BLOCK - Add Social Media Followers/Likes Add social media functionality (like, comment etc.) and more to existing news app - Add Social Media Icons To top right of page Add Social Media Icons To Webpress Website - Add social media sharing icons to my website. Add Social media Sign up & Sign in to my web page - Add social network&article posting feature to existing site Add Social NetworkEngine Software to EJobSite - Add social sharing buttons to website Add Social Sharing Icons to Wordpress Theme In-built Gallery - Add Solitaire Games to Card Hero Add some dummy reviews for our product page - Add some adverts to our website and improve color choices Add some amendments - Add some bleed to a PDF design Add some Booking & Reservation system to exist website!! - add some code on it Add some code to a component - Add some codes Add some coding from script to yii framework - Add some content to existing vector image add some content to HTML website - Add some custom homepage Modules to my Website Add some Custom HTML Code to a Joomla Site - Add some design elements to an existing Genesis site + modify mobile menu (revised) Add some design elements to existing website (shoes website) - Add some extensions to an OpenCart based e-commerce page Add Some Extra Code To Responsive Wordpress Design - Add some feature in my website
add some feature in system - add some features Add some features and correct some others to avaysys site - Add some features in my website Add some features in our webapp - Add some features to a C# messaging project add some features to a Delphi grid (CIV 2005-12-12) - Add some features to access DB Add some features to access DB - repost - Add some features to application #2 add some features to booking script admin panel - Add some features to my auction website Add some features to my brand new website - Add some features to my OSclass Script Add some features to my Ruby On Rails social network - Add some features to our website Add some features to our website - repost - Add some features to Wordpress theme (2) Add some features/changes to my app - Add some flash to website. Urgent Add some force to our current Email Marketing Campaign - Add some function to my Project add some function to my script - Add some functionality in site add some functionality in web application for employee reimburesement - add some functionality to existing web site Add some functionality to existing website - add some functions into my codes.. Add some functions to a dinamic site - Add some functions to wordpress plugin Add some functions, implement Stripe payment and fix some bugs - add some icons in front end Add some icons of flags on a website for multi-language support - add some items to joomla shop Add some items to portfolio of my website and minor modifications - Add some kind of security on a tool which may prevent a ban Add some libpcap information to nginx as nginx variables - Add some malayalam sentance using Photoshop - Add some maps to my website - Add some motion blur on a specific image within the Live Video Add some motion blur on a specific image within the Live Video need work in vlc or ffmpg - add some new things on old build website Add some news articles on my website daily - Add some pages to a website add some pages to a website - Add some photos to a RSfrom Pro layout Add some PHP code - add some products to a joomla shopping cart and some minor html changes urgent Add some products to a Magento website - Add some scripts to KOPARENT Add some scripts to KOPARENT - repost - Add some small CSS Changes to given Wordpress site add some small features on a current sharp code - Add some sub-scripts to current script Add some subdomains NGNIX and Virtualmin - Add some text to index page Add some text to my logo - Add Some Validation and Custom Fields to OpenDocMan Add some validation to a wordpress form with a pop up when a field is missed - Add some works Add some WOW factor - Add something to my existing project Add something to my magneto website - Add songs/artist/album automatically in musicbox Add Soomla IAP to Unity project - Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - repost - Add sound f/x to Children CD Add sound feature in my video grabbing software - Add Sound Track To Flash Presentation Add sound when a new data drops on a table - Add spanish language version to my website, not necessary to speak Spanish Add SPANISH subtitles to ENGLISH videos - Add Special Shipping Costs to Magento Store Add specialchars and captcha to emailscript - Add spellcheck capability to editor. Add spellcheck to a comment box - Add splashpage color theme to additional pages Add Splashscreen + Google Admob in Android App - Add SQLRelay Driver to PHP ADODB add square pluging in word press, and alote of deferant job in word press - Add SSL Certificate to Site(repost) add SSL certificate to website - Add SSL to FTP Java FTP Server Add SSL to Majento Website - Add SSL/TLS support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 add staff pages and bios. - Add static banner on Magento Website Add static bar for images/content under categories on Magento site - Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application Add stdout and stdin to QEMU-IMG convert command - Add stock-Page on u/c site Add stocks to preexisting spreadsheet - Add Store Locator functionality to Adobe Flash project. Add Store Locator to Joomla website - Add street names and numeration to city in Google maps. Add string to HTTP header in Internet Explore (BHO) - Add Stripe Payment Gateway To PHP Site Add Stripe Payment method to plugin - Add student list on webpage from MySQL database using php add studio lighting to a subject - Add sub directories to a classified script. add sub domain to existing whmcs / wordpress site - Add subCategories to Flash CS2 Menu add subcategories to JOOMLA - Add Submit Email Form Add Submit File Functionality to Google Form Google App Script - add subscription module to existing Joomla site and create member only area. Add subscription option to current website - add subtitle to video (i have use ANNOTATION EDIT) Add subtitle to video permanently - Add subtitles to short video add subtitles to streaming to video/movie from megavideo - Add sunset on an image Add Super Admin User Level - add support for some rtmp url add support for some rtmp url - open to bidding - Add SVG rendering API to existing web application which currently uses VML Add Swagger documentation to my spring boot project - Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project - repost - add tab to my product page Add Tab to Site - Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports.(repost) ADD TABLE TO EXISTING PHP WEB TEMPLATE - Add TABS functionality to the editor Add tabs on page in WordPress site - Add tag on my website Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart - Add tap to focus on existing custom camera app ADD TAP&TAP to our application in ANDROID - Add taxonomy to press-this.php Add Tcadmin to My Whmcs Website For my Users - Add Telerik Bar chart and Gauge to app add telesign (sms) verfication to a2billing signup - Add template to our website Add template to site and move site - Add Testimonial and Before & Afters Pictures Integreation... Also a Tell-Friend Script and Some Small Other Things Add Testimonial Facebook integration to website - Add text and formatting to an InDesign restaurant menu Add Text and Graphics to Four Banners - Add text and my logo to a image Add text and photos to an existing site - Add text column & resize picture to fit in banner Add Text Content to Already Built WebSite - Add text content to Flash Intro(repost)