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A PHP developer is needed for DESIGN job only - A PHP Fix on a currently running website a php form on a client's website to collect customer information - A PHP MySQL programmer for a "Sponsor Me" website A PHP MySQL programmer for a "Sponsor Me" website - repost - A PHP programmer to make changes to my website A PHP Programmer with 4 to 6 years of experience - A PHP script that calculates a score (and charts) based a series of questions A PHP script that can register users on the phpBB 3.1.x database - A PHP Script to send SMS from website to Mobile phones A PHP Script to send SMS from website to Mobile phones - a PHP webnsite developer to build websites A php webpage that will parse html code and insert the code into a mysql database. - A PHP/Ajax Form Design for Wordpress a PHP/HTML site to sell 30 products - A physical part drawn in a CAD file for machining A physicist - a picture added to a flyer - open to bidding a picture 141nx191n - a picture mood board with deeplink to websites a picture of a dogs butt - A picture of my GF drawn "dueting" with Michael Jackson A picture of my mom and dad photoshopped - A picture to cartoony drawing - Repost - open to bidding a picture to use for my kids lemonade stand (unisex) preferably - a pig A pig picture for my website - A pivot animaiton - using Pivot Animator A pivot animaiton - using Pivot Animator - open to bidding - A plain word document family tree made more visual and brought to life through creative a plan for a machine - a plate (or shallow bowl) made from spiral tentacles. A platform (via internet and mobile phone sms) of Access Agricultural Prices - A platform to provide unique and localized information to the readers. A platform to write articles - A playing card application for iphone A playing card game app - A plugin for Atlassian JIRA -- 2 a plugin for e107 website - A plugin to integrate php melody and wordpress member database. A Plugin to Play Google Docs video with JWPlayer - a poet A Poetic-Musical, Romantic-Teeny Sob Story Project - A Poker website A Poker website - repost - A pop culture writer/blogger a pop u page created - a porno actor A pornographic website constructed with a prescription add-on - A portal with parts (.NET 2.0 VB) A portal with website templates for people to buy - A portrait Sketch Of a Girl. A portrait Sketch Of a Girl. -- 2 - A Post Grading system integrated into community WORDPRESS THEME A post graduate civil engineer looking for opportunities in structural engineering and design. - A poster design A Poster designed - A poster for Russian theater in Russian and English A Poster made of YT thumbnails - a power point presentation for a wine proposal a power point presentation on a book report - a powerpoint of Condoms -- 2 a powerpoint on a dental office - A Powerpoint presentation made to look more professional and appealing A powerpoint presentation of 10 to 12 slides for a 1 hour interview presentation. - A PPD script with bug a ppower point presentation on INDIA- BANGLADESH RELATIONS - A practice management system for physiotherapy clinic A practicing civil engineer - A Premium Domain containing keywords 'Google, SEO' A preprocessor for java. - A presentation for the company A presentation for work to be delivered to CEO - A press release a press release - a Prestashop urgent a Prestashop urgent - open to bidding - a prgrammer needed for unlocking project A Price Comparision website - A print advert designed A print and design website with database - A private for Saif A private investor looking for possible investment opportunities - A private project - Don't bid if you're not invited! A private project for "sl." please dont bid. - a private project for mohsanulmoula A private project for msd007 - A private project to Kira A private project tomal2514 - a pro rewriter needed A pro that could integrate a efax texts and emails to magento and create a GPS system for local routes - A problem with refreshing sessions in IE A problem with uploading images to my website - a product article a product brand set of pieces - A product desing A product for assistance of hand wash clothing cleaning... - a product/brand name for a new line of pallet racking which is stronger & is compliant with NZ Quake standards A Production Company Web Site - A Professional and experienced Business / marketing plan writer with a passion for Scuba Diving needed A professional and registered lawyer is needed - A Professional Custom Real Estate Squeeze Page A professional CV to be ready ASAP - A professional eye catching logo for a new laser cutting company A Professional Facebook Header Design - A PROFESSIONAL LOGO A professional Logo - A professional logo for my Online Course membership website A professional logo needed - very urgent - A professional photographer A professional photographer - A PROFESSIONAL SCRIPT WRITER A Professional Shopify Store - A Professional Video Script to be made A professional video to showcase our product. - A professional website designer is needed A professional website designer using wordpress - A Professional WordPress Web Hosting Template & HostBill Integration A professional working environment. - a profetional writer for marketing articuls A Proffesional Business Plan and Profile - A profile lifestyle photo for a magazine cover A profile manager - a program A program (python prefered) to check for contact information from an list of images - A program for comparing various clssification algorithms with and without encryption - repost A program for comparing various clssification algorithms with and without encryption - repost 2 - A Program In Unix C a program involving a gui interface - A program that backs up my other programs every 30 minutes onto a thumb drive A program that can auto download not copywrite material from internet archives - A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats A program that Connects to a web page for live hit stats. - a program that logs in to secure page, submits form and reads results from HTHML A Program that Makes Pages Based on Keywords on List - A program that will crawl informations from a website A Program that will download video of a given word based on user input (the videos would have transcripts) - A program that would do a set of things for me. a program the allows my clients to send and recieve e-mails to and from socila networking sites without having computer access - A program to copy term from website into google and then paste browser site back to website box A program to create a graphical display(repost) - A program to index the text and hidden text in pdf documents a program to interact with - A program to pull product information from online sites and file it in a MS Excel database A Program to rate my videos on adults websites - a program website design A PROGRAM WHERE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO START SOME BUSINESS IN THE EE.UU. CAN JUST BY MAKE A CLICK FIND, THE REQUIREMENTS, - a programe related to a ros
a programe related to a ros only - A programmer A programmer - A programmer for a click and point PC game a programmer for Game Script. - A programmer to create Java Android application A programmer to create Prestashop modules - A programmer with Electronics and Communication field required A programmer with good experience! Constant cooperation. - A Project A Project - A Project Anyone Can Do! a project as u were seemed to do it - a Project for "fastwork" provider A project for 1,5 month development - A project for anamoody! A project for andreipoznak only - A Project for Bray A project for brjorgemc only - A project for data entry. A project for data entry. - open to bidding - A project for duilio500 only A project for dumb ppl who are not reading project details before they bid. - A project for Gamit A project for Gamit (again) - A project for idealkhulna only A project for Igor Kovacic only - A Project for Jewelry Photoshop A project for John - a project for lexidrew 2 A project for lexpertduweb - A project for Maushami A project for mayalogic - A project for Namita A project for Nanoras - A Project For Pinky Only A project for Piyush - A Project for real estate class. A project for Response - A project for shellywagar - 11 A project for shellywagar - 2 - A project for sonika1978 only a project for sparkingboy2010 - A project for those who can provide 5k accounts daily a project for to kerrynleigh - A project for voulapapa A project for VyRDesigns only - A project for you A project for you - a project home work for college a project HTML CSS / and i need money - A project involving a network design and report needs to be completed A Project involving LAMP server, Webclient, Android and iOS client - A Project manager for long term VERY interesting work A project manager or engineering manger or construction manager or maintenance manager jobjob - A project on A Project on Embedded Systems - a project on risk and reliability in civil engineering A PROJECT ON RISK MANAGEMENT - a project regarding the sale a project relate to arts - a project that I may have done it before A project that is a multi store but simple - a project to have money A PROJECT TO LOOK FOR IN FUTURE - a project write up A project written in or to send sms through Whatsapp application - A promo video for a company I'm starting A promo video for a company I'm starting - A promotional copywriting analysis a promotional film about my project (2/ 3mn) - A Proofreader A proofreader and editor - A proposal a proposal - a proposal to be submitted for a grant funding a political party in a non democratic country. proposal to National endownment for democracy and other donors institutions. A Proposal to become Facebook Manager - A prospective RCT investigating the skeletal and dental effects of a modified twin block appliance worn for varying durations. -- 2 A prospectus - A prototype of a system as described below: - open to bidding A prototype of a web project - a proxy checker website A proxy list script - A PSD layout for website A PSD or Wordpress Theme for Wordpress - a public voting site! A publish-subscribe messaging framework for GAE - a pure testing project A pushbutton iPhone app for Japanese professionals. - A python developer is sought for 5 weeks of work in central London, starting immediately, on a software package simulating energy pathways for the UK. A Python HTTP file saver - A Python script for downloading a file with a special protocol A Python Script for Forext Factory New Calendar website - A Qualified Civil Engineer.. A qualified heavy current electric engineer - A Quality High Level English Article Writer Needed a quality joomla header design - a Qualnet simulation on wireless sensor networks A quantitative analyst / modeler with Python or Excel / Access Proficiency - A question about spark core using CURL A question about sql 2005 column permissions - A Queue Class A queue management system for restaurant - A quick analysis of my site along with some organic link building A quick and dirty custom Google Map - A quick blog Page A quick boost for newbies and freshers! - repost - A quick easy job for somebody good with woodpress A Quick Edit - A Quick Graphic Edit A Quick Help for AWBS Hosting Script - A quick little PHP script A Quick Logo - A Quick Program that im willing to pay someone finish i already wrote some of it A quick program to be written - A quick short video montage A quick simple but great looking website! - A quick webpage including background image with few links A quick website for give away free stuff - A quite unique idea that will boom in future (Joint Venture) A quiz - A Quotation System that Flows Nicely For an Event Catering And Catering Equipment Hire Microbiz A quote - A Quote Request system in SALESFORCE / Tenders to multiple vendors and their response a quote to have my 87K word manuscript (novel) cleaned up - A RAISIN IN THE SUN updated a random check of my heart and cells - a range of WW2 scale vehicles - open to bidding A range SEO links for UK website - A rating Website A rating website - A read only twitter client in IronPython A ready email database Netherlands, Germany or Sweden - A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System - A Real Estate wordpress design with an API integration A real Joomla template expert needed - A real Travel Agency Business Plan- Financials ONLY A real U.S. address to order the new Ipad - A realistic giant alien A realistic graphic design - A really good php developer for a successful website - repost 2 A really good php developer for a successful website - repost 3 - A realtime graphical analyzer a realtime live viewers for each profile page that updates in realtime - A Recommender System a record assignment - A Recording Studio