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Create rough logo and edit a portrait photo - create rss channel, feed files, and ping them Create RSS Extract & Post Script - Create RSS Feed from Community create rss feed of forum (i dont own it) - Create RTL Template Create RTL Theme - Create s small wordpress website with stripe payment Create s/f conversation in ECommerce Site - Create sales funnel for our website. Create sales funnel for WordPress static pages and blog - Create Sales Sheet for a Restaurant Franchise Create Sales Sheet for a Restaurant Franchise - repost - Create same logo (Vector File) Create Same Logo but with different company Name - Create sample HTML, CSS, and JS from PNG Create sample in 3D - Create SAT-style math questions - repost CREATE SATELLITE INTERNET SYSTEM IN RURAL AREA - Create Scope, Requirements & Test Plan Create Score Analysis Reporting - Create Screen Capture Videos Create screen designs for i_beacons app - Create screenshots of website for promotion Create scribble graphic for print ad - Create script for automated username and password Create script for automated web form filling from excel spreadsheet - Create script for sourcing sites create script for Stripe: assign a subscription to a customer who made a one-time purchase - Create script that automatically try to buy tickets create script that extract text from captcha image of the link i sent you automatically - Create script to Extract data from Google/Website for given job titles and Locations Create script to extract data from Pdf files - Create Script To Rotate/Fade Background Images create script to run in /etc/init.d on debian that execute other script in /home/user dir - Create script/Application with auto login and retrieve my data. Create script/code/feed/API to send automated sms/text messages to online ecomm buyers once placed - Create seamless patterns out of my pattern files Create seamless prints from images given - Create search engine code that returns the jobs posted by keywords introduced by users. Create search engine for a video storage site that doesn't have a search facility - Create search funtion on html page Create search interface for Android app - Create second product for our business - Linux based CD image development Create second version of dating sim game - Create Security Username on software to prevent sharing Create security Video - Create semi technically advanced online store. Higher costs accepted. CREATE SEMINAR VIEW FORM - Create SEO friendly URLs create SEO friendly URLs by using HTACCESS-File - Create SEO VB Mod(s) Create SEO works - Create series of images in vector based on the attachment (must 95% EXACTLY the SAME) Create series of newsletters for - Create SESSION Variables in WordPress and Integrate with Gravity Forms Create Set of Banners - Create seven HighChart examples Create seven HTML5 fully responsive templates for travel site - Create several selection box and a simple shopping chart Create several selection box and a simple shopping chart -- 2 - Create shaped pattern that can have colours changed in photoshop Create Shapes for Plastic Molding Machine - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create sheet metal drawing/assebly in Autodesk Inventor Create Sheet Music Art from existing sheet music - Create Shipping Variations for WooCommerce Site Create Shipworks custom template - Create Shopify Plugin for my Email Service Provider Create Shopify POS Recipt HTML, CSS and Liquid tags. - Create shopping cart for flash Create shopping cart for Joomla 2.5 site - Create short 3d title Video Create short After Effects video - Create Short Flash Animation Create short flash movie - create short sale flyers Create short simple 30 sec whiteboard animation - Create Short Video Using Videohive and some stock footage from YT Create short video with images and music - Create shortlist Create Shortstack Social Media Campaigns for a Premiere Fitness Center - Create Sign up form with wordpress Create Sign Up Landing Pages - Create Silo Site Using Wordpress Plugin Create Silver Coin Calculator - Create similar image from scratch (combine pictures of iPods Create similar image from scratch (combine pictures of iPods - Create similar site Create similar site - Create similar webpage to example Create Similar Webpages - Valuation - Create similar website using Wordpress & Avada template Create similar website which is mobile responsive - create simple .net app + Data extract web scraping Create Simple 1 Dimensional Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers(repost) Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers(repost) - Create simple 1D images/eBook Covers Create simple 1d images/ebook covers 010 - Create simple 3D printable model of medallion from drawing (EPS file) Create simple 3D terrain from contours in illustrator file. - Create simple alternate link plugin Create simple alternate link plugin - laufende Arbeit - Create simple animated GIFs from still product icons Create Simple Animation - Create Simple Application to Highlight Duplicate Emails Create simple application to read SMS and store values in a list (More Details inside) - Create simple banner like attached with basic animation Create simple Banner/Logo & WordPress Help - Create simple buy sell EA. Based on custom indicator provided Create simple C code script with pointers - FAST - Create simple code to mute/unmute the audio output of my OS X app Create simple configuration SEO page PHP/MySQL - Create simple database to manage tools. Create Simple Dating Template ! - Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 2 Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 3 - Create Simple Flash Slide Presentation from Existing Photographs Create Simple Flash Text Intro - create simple gif animation Create simple GIF animation from website - Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs - Repost - Create Simple HTML5 Roulette game Create Simple HTML5 Upload Script and integrate design - create simple ipad application create simple ipad application. - create simple jquery animation (today) Create simple json file from mysql tables - Create Simple Logo From Image(repost) create simple logo on clear background - Create SIMPLE Mobile Sites (Long Term Job) (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!) Create simple mobile web app - Create Simple One-Page TOR Hidden Service Create simple one-page website (parallax) - Create Simple PHP / MySql application(repost) Create simple PHP application. - Create simple Powerpoint template based on PDF Layout Create Simple Price Action EA - Create simple responsive CSS element
Create simple responsive database website - Create simple Script on several functions Create simple script that allows to subscribe to several lists using Aweber API - Create simple smarty template with bootstrap Create simple SNMP TRAP MIB for a Proof of Concept - Create Simple Text Preloader Create simple text substitution windows programme. - Create simple video from images in BULK software Create simple video in Sony Vegas - Create simple web-crawler and email sender create simple web-log report for 7 months of traffic, by month - create simple website and logo Create Simple Website ASAP - Create simple Website with Mail Function Create simple website with product comparison table - Create simple Wordpress Site (Theme is already installed) Create simple WordPress site + convert theme to RTL - Create Simple, Easy Dating App Create Simple, Fancy Modules/Few Other Modifications - Create Single ASP page to manage data in tables (ASP.NET) Create single ASP webpage Template - Create single photo article and fix mysql php problem Create single photo displaying article and fix php problem - Create site Create site - Create site for Australia Wide Creative Create site for Australian company - Private to alinawaz88 - Create site like ebates Create Site like with same functionality - Create site Plan & plot house on site plan Create Site Populated by SinglePlatform API - Create Site With Many Forms Create site with template CMS - create sitemap, rewrite dynamic url and minor tasks . Create SiteMap/Wireframe with Adobe Muse - Create SketchUp Model of New Home create ski travel website design - Create slider functionality from existing slider template Create slider functionality from existing slider template - repost - Create Slideshow Presentation framework and Links to Website Create Slideshow Software for Church - Create small affiliate website(repostt) Create small Android application - Create small c# or java tool reanding imei of Iphone via USB Create small chat system using jQuery - Create small house level from 3ds Create small HTML / JavaScript site - Create small PHP/MySQL/AJAX&JQuery web application and complimentary mobile app. Create Small Platform for Online Experiments (3 pages; php, mySQL, javascript) - Create small website - no graphics needed Create small website and setup advertisement for payment - Create smart sheet templates Create Smart Society - Create SMS Messing Website Create SMS Mobile Marketing System - Create SOAP based API Create SOAP client with MTOM support for an existing SOAP service. - Create Social football Community in (Angular js, Nodejs and MongoDB) Create social fun project - Create Social Media Business Website Create social media buttons and dynamic og data for a webpage - Create Social Media Profile Create social media profile for company - Create Social Network Aggregator/Search Engine Create social network and content aggregation site - Create social pages to Wordpress with Nextscript Plugin Create social parts and integrate Stripe payment. - Create Softphone apps for iPhone, Android Create Software - create software box design Create Software Box Image -- Quick Design Project! - Create software for website Create software for windows - Create Software Soltuion Busissnes Report Create Software Specifications - Create Software To Send PMs In vBulletin Forums. Create Software To Send PMs In vBulletin Forums. (Re-Post) - Create sold out badge woocommerce create solid color vector - Create solution to find social profiles associated with email Create solution to resolve duplicate content. - Create some addon function for our online store under under OpenCart Create Some Advertising Pictures for me - create some banners for a website Create some banners for my website - Create some Character Profiles Create some Character Profiles -- 2 - Create Some Doodle/Sketch Animation for a Sales Video Create some Drupal how to documentation - create some function wordpess. This site was completed 85%. create some functions (like consuming my rest slim api, login system with my api) into my phonegap + angularjs + onsen app - Create some HTML template for listings on a marketplace Create some HTML web pages for my existing website - Create some images, copy, edit, paste - easy task Create some Infographics/Graphs - Create some Mobile pages for a website Create some mockup data - Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD - create some radio spots for a web-radio Create some radio spots for radioshows (web-radio) - Create some simple XML feeds for testing Create some simple XML feeds for testing - repost - Create some Thumbnails from already cleaned product images Create some tool, Window Application, tool for business webstie, special module - Create some workflows on Podio Create Some Wowza Conversion Feeds - Create sound audio Create Sound CLoud App ( recorder and uploader ) in php and html5/flash - Create SP site with dynamic workflows Create space animations - Create special ImageMagick effects with Perl. Create special jpg viewer - create splash page create splash page and 6 daughter pages - create sports template create sports template - open to bidding - Create spreadsheet from PDF Create spreadsheet from PDF - Create Spreadsheets Create Spreadsheets for Brewery - Create SQL database linked to web page for directory Create SQL database with zip code query - Create SQL Stored Procedure to Import data from XML into Database Create SQL tables and import CSV data - Create SRS document Create SRS for mobile app - Create stamp floating Create Stamp from Image - Create state of art Audit tables Create statements in PDF format - Create Static Webpage from Mockup Image Create Static Webpages from MySQL - Create step by step questions/ work process in Sugarcrm Create step by step web design instructions - create stock chart program algorithm Create Stock Chart program in an algorithm - create stored procedure create stored procedure - Create Strip poker game Create stripe managed account - Create Style guide and Website Sliders Create style guides - Create sub-nav in html and css Create sub-nav in html and css, fix mozilla and opera css - Create Submission Form that Sends email Create Submission Form Webpage - Create Subtitle (SRT Format) for 10 Minutes of Video (English)