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Create Standalone Homepage for A/B Testing - Create static Facebook fan page using FBML Create Static Footer - Create Stationary Design Create Stationary Design - open to bidding - Create Stiched on Letters in Gimp Tutorial Create sticker design - Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch - open to bidding - Create storyboard Create Storyboard for 10 minute Web Series Episode - Create stronger website without pop-ups Create Structure Chart from a DFD(repost) - create stylish header for document and smaller size footer for email. Create stylish logo for high-end audio company - Create subcategories for Yahoo Store platform based Website Create Subcategories in MVC - Create subscene scraper using scrapy Create API for flexget entry - create Sudoku puzzles at 3 levels Create SugarCRM CE integration with vici dialer and elastix - Create Supplement Packaging Designs and 3D rendering Create support desk sytem - Create SVG Animation | Jquery Scripting Create SVG Animations from EPS - Create SWF Display Adwords Display Ads create SWF file - Create system to extract text from jpeg\'s via OCR Create system to gather data from multiple websites - Create tabbed product descriptions for Zencart Create Tabbed Template in CKEditor - Create Table of Contents in Microsoft Word Create Table of Contents in Microsoft Word -- 2 - Create Tables from scanned pdfs 2 Create tables in a wordpress website - Create tags sorted by views Create take-out app for iPhone & Android - Create taxi booking android mobile app Create taxi booking app - Long project - Create technical documents Create technical documents -- 2 - Create Template and Generate images on server using template Create Template and Generate images on server using template - Create template for email marketing create template for email marketing campaign - Create template for Volusion from existing site Create template for web links - Create template set for CRE Loaded Create template similar to Elance - Create templates from PHP software Create templates in after effects of 30" - Create Test accounts on MY website Create Test Ads in to identify bugs/mistakes - Create Testimonial Video for Dental Practice Create testimonial videos - Create text or add logo to pdf or swf file Create text out of colored pixels (div with bg color) - Create textures for 5 very low poly models Create textures for a 3D bathroom. Requires a real digital artist to paint on the model. - Create the Back End of our Website Create the back of a cut sheet brochure from an existing set of documents and a pricelist sheet - Create the CMS for the nutritionist's site Create the coding script in lua for an mmobbg smartphone game - Create the FlappyBird game with LibGDX create the football shoes - Create the Ionic or phonegap based app. Create the iPhone / iPad of my Website - Create the MVC framework and client side logic for a website using angular JS Create the MVC framework and client side logic for a website using angular JS - Create the rest of the zip code page exactly like autocaresupersaver Create the rig and animations for a human character in Blender - Create the software Create the specs for our Project - Create the Website create the website like - create theme for power point Create theme for Prestashop (copy website theme) - Create These Admin Management Tools for an ECommerce Site Create these tables using CSS - Create this logo as a PNG and JPEG soon Create this original gallery + admin upload - Create three (3) xml, html templates for use in MyDesktop software - 1x email newsletter, 2x PDF generator documents Create three 270x65 banners - Create three lyrics and songs of 3 min Create Three Military Science Fiction Illustrations for a Boardgame. - CREATE THUMBNAIL Create thumbnail and preview snapshot from a site - Create thumbnails of website create thumbnails/featured image for posts wordpress - create timelines (research & data entry) create timelines (research & data entry)(repost) - Create Titles and Ad Text - Simple for the Right Candidate Create titles for 1517 listings and check 1140 of them for missing pictures - Create tool that helps me create profile pages Create tool that scrapes search engines for Info - Create top 10 YouTube videos -- 2 Create top 7's video with good voice over - Create Tour Viewer Application in Flash(repost) Create Tourism Membership Site, WP or Joomla - Create traffic for a website i will have completed next week Create traffic for a website i will have completed next week - open to bidding - Create Training Proposal Create Training Schedule - Excel, Access, Analysis Skills - Create Translated Versions of an Existing Brochure Create translating app for playstore - Create Transportation Status Web Application Create Trap original with vocals - Create Tri-Fold Pamphlet create trial version and registration - Create Tshirts and Mugs Designs create Tshirts design - Create Tutorials in word format urgently Create tutorila document explaining detail the functions of our software suite 7.5 Gangwani - Create emotes CREATE TWITTER ACCOUNT - Create Twitter Header create twitter iphone app - create two 301 directions + check on wordpress mail settings Create two 3D Animation - create two banners - facebook Create two banners and chage some website graphics - Create two css pages & .htacess redirect Create two custom wordpress pages - Create Two Female-Themed Blogs on Create two fillable forms on google drive that we can share - Create two images Create two images based on example - Create two Map-illustrations summer and winter theme Create two Map-illustrations summer and winter theme - open to bidding - Create Two Pages for My Websites Using SEO strategies Create two pages for us - Create Two Responsive Web Pages Create two responsive webpages - Create two simple illustrations from images Create two simple images to be placed next to adsense - Create two templates for Wordpress Create Two Three.js Examples - Create two web pages website template create two web templates based on exsiitng code base. - create twofold brochure for a spa Create txt file - Create Ubuntu desktop with VNC access from windows create ubuntu server and configure using vmware, and video capture for step by step - Create UI/UX designs based on our current style Create UI/UX for a mobile APP - Create UML Documentation Create UML Documents - Create Unique Client Portal Functionality for Word Press site create unique content - Create Unique Space Fighter based on provided specs
Create unique stub for AegisCrypter - Create Unity 3d game create unity 3d game - Create Universal Windows Platform app for news site Create Universal Windows Platform app for news site, web wrapper with notifications and live tile - Create Upload / Download link email script. Create upload / insert to mysql to handle large amount of record - Create US & Canadian Office Furniture Dealer Spreadsheet Create us 100+ Donations - create use case for mobile application Create Use Case, Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams for the Record Grades Event for Cleaver Community College - Create User Friendly Dashboard for Van Sales Scorecard Create User Friendly Recording Application for Offices - Create User Manual - "IDIOT PROOF" Create User Manual - "IDIOT PROOF" - repost - Create user story for a health application feature Create user system - Create users on my clubs webpage using Excel Create users on website via weblink from various IP - Create valentine header and logo design for megamindworks Create Valentine's Day Display Ad - Create various 1 minute tutorial videos for a knowledgebase Create Various Accounts For us - Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost - Create VB6 Function to return world population for input year date. Extrapolate from given data. Create VB6 grid to look like my sample - create vcc -- 2 Create VCC for me from your Indian Bank - Create Vector Characters from Images Create Vector Clip Art Drawings - Create Vector files from jpg and pngs Create Vector files from Photo Examples - Create vector from simple image Create vector from simple image - Create Vector Illustrations from Raster Scans Create Vector Illustrations of Product - Create Vector Image of logo from photo Create vector image of original - Create Vector Logo - repost 2 Create vector logo as described - Create Vector off existing image Create vector outline from 96 images - Create vectors by adding colour to our blank 100x100 template Create vectors for images - Create Verified Facebook Accounts Create verified account - Create very quick videos (can be gifs) of sports events. Create very short 2D Animation using characters - create very simple online store, amazon affiliate store -- 2 create very simple online store, amazon affiliate store -- 3 - Create Vide like this Create Video - create Video create video - Create Video - open to bidding Create Video - repost - Create video animation of 60 seconds about an insurance product create video animation of company logo - Create Video Content That Helps Your Blog Stand Out Create Video Course - Create Video for Advertisement Create video for an Online Advertising Platform - Create video for song Fairy Tale, sang by famous tenor opera singer Create Video For The Most Amazing Website In The World - Create video hosiery reviews Create Video hosting website like Youtube or vimeo. I already have a theme plate - Create video live streaming Create Video Logo Presentation - Create Video Presentation Create video presentation from existing video clips - create video teaser create video teaser - Create Video Tutorial Create video tutorial - Create video Tutorials using videoscribe Create video tutorials with voice over for e-commerce website - Create Videos Create Videos - Create Videos for my website Create videos for online course - Create Videos Using Window Movie Maker Or any Other Video Software Create Videos with 3D Models 3D MAX - Create viral group building website Create viral interest and intrigue - Create Virtual Gift Vouchers Create Virtual Hardware - Create Virtuemart CSV Improved Options Import File for 580 Items Create Virtuemart CSV Improved Options Import File for 644 Items - Create Vista Compatible Setup Program for VB6 Application Create Vista Power User - Create Visual Studio 2010 Express project for building windows binaries for asdcplib Create Visual Studio 2012 Project EXE - Create VLC Addon Create VLC Skin + A few small icons with our logo which we provide - Create voip app that makes free local calls Create VOIP IVR Order-Tracing Telephony System - Create VPN client with custom options Create VPN netowrk connection - Create VW Wordpress Theme, Mobile Site & Database Create vWorker project description and tech document for setup and design of several connected news sites in Drupal - Create water trail effect - repost create waterfall background on existing website - Create Web 2.0 drag and Drop site Create Web 2.0 HTML/XML Template - Create Web App MVP Create Web App or Windows App - Create web application to manage Shadow Protect backups and virtual boot machines Create web application to manage Shadow Protect backups and virtual boot machines(repost) - Create Web Based Hangman Application Create web based interactive form from excel template - Create Web Copy From Product Specs create web crawler / bot - create web font from svg or eps icons create web font from svg or eps icons - create web header image Create Web Home Page - Create web page Create web page - Create Web page template Create web page template for personal home page - Create web part to generate the report in SharePoint Create web phone book scrape tool - Create Web Scrappers -- 2 Create Web scrapy from online news and insert into wordpress DB - Create Web Site Create Web Site - Create web site from this mockup Create web site frontoffice and backoffice for manage Suppliers and Houses sells - Create Web Store for Coffee Roasting Company Create Web Store Website - Create Web-based Interactive Antenna Map using Geolocation Dataset Create Web-based Job Tracking App - Create Webapp in php using Geoserver . -- 2 Create webapp snapshots for SEO - Create Webhook for shopify Create webhook on Shopify - create webpage Create webpage / Email from print design - Create webpage layouts from design Create webpage on already existing website - Create webpress website Create webprofiles for me - Create webshortcut with icon directly Create Webside - Create Website Create Website - Create Website