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Create 3 WordPress templates - Create 3-5 different Real Estate Template Ads in JPEGS Create 3-5 minute videos about League of Legends (youtube as source) - Create 30 designs for a employee whistleblowing hotline campaign create 30 different web pages - Create 30 Page Website from existing articles. Create 30 pages of content from a word document - Create 30 to 60 Top SEOed WordPress Autoblogs that payout! Create 30 twitter account with >1000 follower/account - Create 300 Gmail Accounts Create 300 google account. - Create 301 Redirect (htaccess ) Create 301 redirect and solve logo link issue - Create 34 drawings for disinfection protocols in dentistry field Create 34+ accounts - Create 3D (canvas wrapped) high-res images Create 3d and draft drawings of a steel frame warehouse - Create 3D Animation Video Create 3D Animation Video - Create 3D animation video for our products Create 3D animation videos - Create 3D bottles of products Create 3D Box Art, Image only - Create 3D characters in three different versions based on reference images. Create 3d characters static jpegs as well as animation - Create 3D file from 2D pdf sketch. create 3d file from 2d pic - Create 3D graphic of airport terminal in Unreal Development environment. Create 3D graphic of e-book cover - Create 3D jewelry Create 3d kfood kiosk - Create 3d model - открыт для заявок Create 3d Model and 2 exterior renders - Create 3d model in 3dmax Create 3D model in Archicad from drawings - Create 3D model of house from 2D drawings Create 3D model of House from Floorplan - Create 3D model out of 2D CAD drawing Create 3D model out of 2D CAD drawing and brochure - Create 3D Models from SVG file: Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club Create 3D models in Solidworks - Create 3D PDF Files Create 3D penguin for Ice Sculpture - create 3d rendering from AI line drawing and photo Create 3D rendering from pictures of USB stick - Create 3D Studio Max Type Intro Create 3d style clear bottle in photoshop - Create 3D Visualizer for website to display pavers Create 3d walkthrough animation - Create 4 additional SEO articles for online link building Create 4 additional symbols for web font - Create 4 CRUDS in PHP MVC CI Create 4 css animations/videos for a site - CREATE 4 GRAPHICS / CHARTS FOR WEBSITE Create 4 graphics of kids - Create 4 Landing Pages for my sites (similar design but for 4 categories) Create 4 Landing Pages for my sites (similar design but for 4 categories) - Create 4 page flyer in Adobe Design Create 4 page flyer in Adobe Design -- 2 - Create 4 second logo intro for product (Similar to GoPro Intro) Create 4 Sex Animations For Unity 3d - Create 4 videos + 1 voice intro video Create 4 videos + 1 voice intro video(repost) - create 4,000 email addresses Create 4,000 Q&As for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, and post surgical hospital discharge - Repost - Create 40 funny birthday greeting card messages Create 40 G-Mail and Facebook Accounts For IGT - Create 40 wedding greeting card messages Create 40 wedding greeting card messages - J - Create 420 accounts on 70 Social Bookmarking Sites Create 43 accounts on 43 websites - Create 5 .wav or MP3 format sounds Create 5 1-2min. videos and post to YouTube - Create 5 Blog Posts - Read description before bidding ! Create 5 blog posts 2 - Create 5 EPN Accounts + Gmails + Paypals Create 5 Excel Spreadsheet Templates - Create 5 html/css pages from a template today create 5 html5 + css3 pages based on bootstrap3 - Create 5 Large and 3 Small picture Banners for website. create 5 logos as in the PDF file - Create 5 page wordpress site Create 5 page Wordpress website using theme. - Create 5 Responsive Imagemap With SVG Create 5 Responsive Optin Templates (very easy) - Create 5 Simple Webpages from Template Create 5 Simple wordpress websites - Create 5 Unique Short Videos 30-50 Seconds Only Create 5 unique URL email addresses; Advise on Marketing in India - Create 5 wordpress blogs + small editing of current blog Create 5 wordpress pages with custom urls's - Create 50 Wordpress Tutorials Create 50 - Wordpress Blogs - Create 50 email acounts (no alias) Create 50 email for me - Create 50 icons in Microsoft Blend Create 50 images drawlings from existing images for Driving Instruction App - Create 50 profiles on a dating site Create 50 Profiles on a Social Network - Create 50 website 50pages Create 50 website reviews on 3 different review websites - Create 500 Basic Revit Detail Items families from our DWG files. Create 500 Basic Revit Detail Items families from our DWG files. - Create 500 new facebook accounts create 500 new un used emails - Create 5000 Gmail addresses Create 5000 Gmail addresses -- 2 - Create 6 Banners for Website Slider Create 6 Banners for Website Slider - Create 6 icons representing levels of difficulty Create 6 images - Create 6 sets of emails Create 6 sets of Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers (each cover in 2 versions needed) - Create 6-7 slide powerpoint PPT from Word-document Create 6-8 Page Website - Create 60 seconds movies of how to Create 60 Social Media Analysis Reports - Create 7 Badge Icons in Adobe Illustrator Create 7 banners 1180x292 - Create 7 SVG files from raster images Create 7 user profiles on SocialEngine / Social engine site - Create 8 Delphi Forms for Human Resources Create 8 editorial images from 3D images - Create 8 simple monocolour flat icons. Create 8 simple mySQL queries - Create 85 word documents in 2 days or less Create 850 - individual documents from provided software - Create 9 Videos Cartoon Style Sketched Create 9 views in Drupal 7 - create \ update joomla payment gateway for joomla 3.0 Create \"forgot username\" and \"forgot password\" functionality - Create a complex Wordpress Template and embed a forum Create a component for VB6 - Create a Group Mobile Website - (Apps Option) Create a HTML Template Exactly One Page including contents - Create a PPC Campaign for travel company Create a PPC Campaign in freelancers facebook ad account - Create a theme for a drupal website Create a Utility program for Excel Datafile conversion - Create a "Boxing Game" using Unity 3d for Android. Create a "Business Sale and Buy" website - create a "mini data base" Create a "Mobile Friendly" Version of an Existing Website - Create a "TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT YOU ARE UP TO" Module Create a "Terms of Use" agreement for my social media iPhone app. - Create a ''What is twitter'' animation video Create a ''wireframe'' landing page for a Connected Device App. - Create a - FLIGHT SIMULATOR App ********
Create a -pdf catalogue from a website - Create a .NET installer like Create a .Net Interface to Quickbooks Database - Create a .TXT file with a lot of "copy and past" Create a .xml document file! - Create a 1 minute animated video for my website Create a 1 minute animated video for website - Create a 1 Page Mobile Website create a 1 page modification on my Joomla site - Create a 1-3 minute 2D animation... Create a 1-3 minute Animation Advertisement (Rotoscope) - Create a 10 sec 3D logo animation video. Create a 10 sec animation - Create a 100 gmail accounts Create a 100% functional mobile version of an existing joomla + virtuemart webshop - Create a 15 sec motion/3D animation with AFTER EFFECTS like a logo display with couple of lines Create a 15 sec Promo Video - Create a 15second Video Advertisement about Gelatin Benefits create a 16 x 1 image in photoshop - Create a 2 min explainer video with voiceover Create a 2 min Google Search Video - Create a 2 page brochure similar to another one Create a 2 page document (small modif of In Design files) - Create a 2-3min Video for a chairty Create a 2-4 minutes Video tutorial for a website - Create a 200 links Create a 200 links - Create a 2d Animation Create a 2d Animation - Create a 2D animation Video Create a 2D animation video - Create a 2d explainer Create a 2D explainer animated video for our company website. - Create a 2D Video Create a 2D Video - Create a 3 min. video clip presentation of my site. Create a 3 minute animated video with sound effects - Create a 3 step form with ruby on rail, with paypal Create a 3 step form, with paypal - Create a 30 sec video for our orthodontic practice Create a 30 Sec Video in 2D Animation - Create a 30 second Video for a tyre business create a 30 second video for startup company - Create a 30sec animation Create a 30sec commercial (tutorial of desktop) - Create a 3D Animated Explainer Video with Voice-Over Create a 3D Animated Instructional Video - Create a 3d Animation (Video) of a property project Create a 3D Animation Commercial - Create a 3d cad development Create a 3d cad drawing and basic rendering of custom boxing ring - Create a 3d drawing for a bar Create a 3D Ebook Image - See my Example (READ or I won't hire you) - Create a 3D image of a bottle with a label around it Create a 3d Image of a Human Body and apply to a form for selection - Create a 3D mock up of AI 6 package designs Create a 3d mockup of this jar in CAD. - Create a 3d model in maya from 2d picture Create a 3d model of 3 boxes - create a 3d model of genie Create a 3D model of house from flat drawings - Create a 3d perspective algorithm Create a 3d perspective algorithm - Create a 3D rendering of a restaurant Create a 3D rendering of a restaurant - Create a 3D Video -- 2 Create a 3D Video -- 2 - Create a 3min motion graphic video for childrens hat brand Create a 3min Text Animation (Kinetic Typography) in After Effects - Create a 404 page create a 404 page for my site - Create a 5 page Mobile Site Create a 5 page website - Create a 5-9 Sec Introduction Snip for Youtube Channel Create a 5-mins Video using AE - Create a 60 sec generic video promo to run on all social media channels Create a 60 sec promo video - CREATE A 7 LABELS TO A CHEESE RANGE -- 2 CREATE A 7 LABELS TO A CHEESE RANGE -- 3 - Create a 90 sec Video explaining services of my music related website $175 Create a 90 second Animation to promote a fundraising program - Create a a design like the attached. I have attached all required files. Create a A Forms Generator - Create a ad banner cpm campaign Create a Ad for the production - Create a Adsence Blog $80 to $100 Per day Create a Adsense blog or site which earns minimum 10$ a day! - Create a advertisement Video for my product Create a advertiser for a retailer catalogue - Create a Allegro Professional Seller Account Create a alphabeth in vector (monocolor) for wallstickershop - Create a android app create a android app - Create a Anima Music Video Create a Animated Explainer Video - Create a animated or non animated video For total travel technology solution company -- 2 Create a Animated or Screenshot Video - Create a animated video for Website company Create a animated video for Wedding - Save the date.... - Create a animation Video Create a Animation Video for my Android game - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a App in Visual Studio and Create a Website Create a app like the Runkeeper - Create a apture type replacement that works on the web Create a Aqua Log website - Create a attractive 404 page Create a attractive CSS for my website - Create a AWS (Amazon) request and grab the xml response from Create a b o t to fetch tweets **((long term working))** - Create a backend website / front end App Create a backend, implement animation and create a provably-fair page - Create a backlink verification tool Create a backlinks bot - Create a Bank Statement Template - Wells Fargo Create a banking solution for SkyChores - Create a banner (code) for \'Type 2 Translate\' Create a Banner (Easy Project) - create a banner for an event Create a banner for existing website - create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours create a banner, need to see a mcokup in the next 3 hours - Create a basic animation Create a basic animation for price change - create a basic game for android and iphone - open to bidding Create a Basic Game of Mancala - Create a basic PHP Website with blog and form Create a basic product listing management link via website apis - create a basic website Create a Basic Website - Create a batch script to compile and run java program Create a batch Slideshow Generator - Create a beautiful Slider Revolution on website Create a beautiful video - Create a Account Create a account - Create a Bid to research and build a proxy solution for a small company. Create a Bid Website - Create A bing campaign for my tech support website. Create a Biography of living person, an Artist, in Wikipedia. - Create a bitnami LAMP module Create a bitrix template - Create a blog Create a blog - Create a blog / site with the same structure as example