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Creare una Animazione - Creare una Animazione Video di 30 secondi Creare una app per android e IOS per la registrazione di un utente su un db online - Creare volantini per raduno auto nazionale creare web site - Creare/Gestire una campagna PPC ***FACEBOOK*** Creare/Gestire una campagna PPC ***FACEBOOK*** ITALIAN - 28/10/2016 16:30 EDT - creartive Video editing and uploading job Creas un pagina de Anuncio - creat 2d animation movie(about 1 minute long) -- 2 Creat 3 Betting Calculators for my website - Creat a Appointment Booking App for Iphone and Andriod Platforms Creat a banner - Creat a ed animation Creat a employee check in/out software - Creat a Label Goat Cheese Portion Creat a Landing page - Creat a logo for me creat a logo for my company: Super Spy Gear - creat a php script that download video creat a power point presentation - Creat a RTL Hebrew Wordpress customized Theme/ Template Creat a Script Cryptocurrency similar to Vertcoin - Creat a video - repost creat a video ad for Million link (China) - creat a website Creat a website - creat accts to promote company Creat acounts on 500 profiles - Creat an e-commerce website creat an e-mail account - Creat and run a script on multiple computers atleast 10 PC creat and save XML and then redirect to<xml name> - Creat based gallery website Creat Bespoke ID for SharePoint / InfoPath - Creat Company Logo Creat company profile - creat editable PDF file creat email tamplate from our website - creat free accounts Creat FTP Access using IIS 7.0 - Creat Invites Creat ios app - Creat Logo Animation for use with Movies Creat logo Flex-shop - Creat multiple languages function creat muti user login - Creat pdf attachment in php Creat PDF brochur - Creat Simple Gif animation Creat simple Incentive Tender (Representation) - Creat the following desktop software Creat the template LATEX - creat web design Creat Web Hosting Environment - CentOS - HAProxy - Nginx - PHP - MySQL - Windows - Creat wordpress landing pages Creat wordpress site from PSD - CreatCreate a Streaming Music app For Nintendo Create - Create 5 sample shirts with a design on each. Create 5-page modern design for new anime website. - Create a custom website. Create a facebook app - Create a Scalper Create a series of quiz question for adwords training course - Create A WordPress Theme Create A wp plugin for money sharing - Create Animation for apparel brand Create Animation music videos and lyric videos - Create Facebook page liked $18 for 1 hr Create folder with parallel folds - create Logo Create logo and label for my product. - create POS web based Software online with mobile application for android and iphone Create PPC Campaign - Create targeted backlinks to my website create template for a blog - Create Wordpress Template Create Wordpress template from PSD (C4C) (redo) - Create "Instagram-connect" + Dashboard & back office for an exciting software Create "Keystore" Android with specific MD5/SHA1/SHA256 - Create & build in Affilinet CPL Addon for Create & build in Points4Download Addon for - Create & Develop a Keylogger - ASAP !! Create & Develop a Mobile App & Site - Create & Manage a CPI Campaign Create & Manage a PPC Campaign - Create & Submit Amazon Listings From The Data I Provide - (Simple Copy & Paste Work). Create & Submit Approval Post At Wikipedia About Our Blog - Create & Rebuild Database Daily Create & revise letterhead - Create ''Auction Data'' and ''Get Price Check'' pages for existing web site. create ''Auto-Run'' program for Vista & 7 For Program - Create 'Marryoke' Software Create 'Marryoke' Software - Create (8) Online Profiles with (8) Products on Each Create (a copy) a landing page. - Create **20 US phone verified facebook accounts** No Fakes Create *.avi file from Camera using Direct Show (Without OpenCV) - create .ai vector image from .png file Create .ai vector images from .png files - Create .dwt for existing site Create .dxf/.dwg file from .pdf - create .ics file on google appengine (python) Create .ipa file for an ipad app - Create .net managed wrapper for unmanaged DLL Create .NET Page with HTML Editor - Create .VBS to read an XML file and write data to SQL Server table Create .VCE Exam Simulator - Create / Delete two logins Create / Design a company logo - Create / Manage a PPC Campaign Create / Manage a Crowd-Funding Campaign to Pay Off My Mortgage - Create / Rip three Wordpress themes Create / setup / style a blog for my company - blog platform as you think is best - Create 1 Dreamweaver Template Based On A WordPress Theme (car related) Create 1 Dreamweaver Template Based On A WordPress Theme (wedding related) - Create 1 HTML page - "How it works" - for my website Create 1 HTML page - "Product Details" - for my site - create 1 min. animation Create 1 minute 2D Animated Explainer intro Videos to demo a website - Create 1 page database driven site, with filters and search Create 1 page Fillable PDF (that people can fill in) - Create 1 page with a table that pulls data from a mysql database Create 1 page wordpress 'squeeze'' page template - Create 1 Video & Upload through TubeMogul Create 1 visual cv - Create 1,000 YouTube Accounts Create 1,000 Youtube Accounts with Different IP Addresses - Create 10 -600 plus Wor Articles Create 10 000 back links and 100 facebook group share - Create 10 Blogs from free sites, customize, install plugins create 10 blogs with wordpress - Create 10 flower icons Create 10 food labels design - high detail quality needed! - Create 10 Lead Generation Landing Pages Create 10 LOGO - Create 10 Popup Designs Create 10 posts for psychic lovers - Create 10 simple cartoon people with various accessories to represent their jobs Create 10 simple cartoon people with various accessories to represent their jobs - Create 10 Unique Resume Samples Create 10 Units in PowerPoint and Video - Create 10,000 links from 10,000 different domains Create 10,000 new gmail accounts to forward mail to me and complete form - Create 100 blogs wheel. create 100 clips from 4 DVDs - Create 100 Profiles
Create 100 profiles - Create 100 Gmail accounts - Repost Create 100 Gmail accounts - Repost - open to bidding - Create 100 Onlywire Accounts Create 100 Onlywire Accounts - Create 100 short URLs for redirection to other domain Create 100 Simple Illustrations that I will use as pictures for a trading card game - Create 100 user accounts on a particular website Create 100 user profiles on my website - Create 100 Yahoo! Email, 100 Gmail, 100 MSN Email Accounts - Repost Create 100 yahooanswers unique accounts - Create 1000 email addresses on hotmail Create 1000 email addresses on hotmail.. - Create 1000 Emails Create 1000 Emails -- - Create 1000 YouTube Accounts - Bi-weekly Create 1000 youtube/gmail accounts - Create 11 simple, web pictograms (small descriptive illustrations) for Outlook add-in. Example attached. Create 11 vector headshots from Photographs (see example vector) - Create 12 NEW Icons . don't use template Create 12 new pages for an existing site using HTML/CSS [merit-energy] - create 1200 listings for Ebay on auctiva Create 120x90 thumbnails of websites - Create 14 panels storyboard for my 30 sec video Create 14 Regional Landing Pages For Mortgage Advisors - Create 15 mins 2D Animation / Explainer Film Create 15 mins 2D Animation / Explainer Film -- 2 - Create 15 Wordpress Templates Create 15 youtube videos, script plus voiceover provided - Create 1500 item descriptions each of 200 words HTML format create 1500 listings for Ebay and amazon - Create 18 Flash Videos Create 180 new accounts on website from provided list - create 2 static website - Repost create 2 static website - Repost - open to bidding - Create 2 AI file box designs from existing design Create 2 AI file box designs from existing design -- 2 - Create 2 banners Create 2 Banners & 7 Facebook Ads - create 2 CMS page for magento 2 luma theme Create 2 column contact form 7 in WordPress - Create 2 Designs/WordPress themes + Edit a WP Theme Create 2 Diecut for Display; optional 3D mockup - Create 2 Features for Listing Management create 2 ffmpeg presets - Create 2 Google Flash Banners Create 2 Graphic Designs - Create 2 Image Processing Filters Create 2 Images - Create 2 landing pages for 2 PPC adverts Create 2 landing pages from templates - Create 2 macros in Excel 2010 Create 2 Mail Chimp e-mail templates (from existing templates attached) - Create 2 new basic websites & amend current one Create 2 new books from 2 existing books - create 2 pages and alter one slide Create 2 pages and code them in PHP - database already exists (lead) - Create 2 PDF's for a press/media kit Create 2 PDF/X-1a:2001 compliant files - Simple! - Create 2 PSD mock-ups for wellness website create 2 psds - Create 2 similar webpages from webpage image Create 2 Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - create 2 simple webpages in python/asp/java/ruby create 2 simple webpages in python/ruby - CREATE 2 TRENDY GIF HEADERS FOR WEB SITE Create 2 Typography Portraits - Create 2 videos of making delphi souce code into a exe program that can be installed and working correctly create 2 videos related to financial market - Create 2 websites create 2 websites - Create 2 Wordpress Sites and Create Logo Create 2 Wordpress Sliders Advertising 2 YouTube Demo Videos - Create 2 XML files: 1 for Adzuna and 1 for Indeed Create 2 year old facebook profile - Create 20 1D Book Images (Lots of Work!) (1955384) Create 20 accounts at 20 social bookmarketing sites - Create 20 different Twitter accounts Create 20 Differents Accounts On Each Website - Create 20 HIS + 20 HERS Valentine's Day greeting card messages - repost 2 Create 20 HTML pages for eBay listings (Copy/Paste from a website to our template) - create 20 sample tagline for consulting startup company create 20 sample tagline for consulting startup company - Create 20 Website Accounts and 1 GMail Account Create 20 Whiteboard Animation Videos - Create 200 email accounts on a Free EMail service (gmail, hotmail,, etc) Create 200 email accounts on a Free EMail service (gmail, hotmail,, etc) -- 2 - Create 200 videos from 3-4 stills each, and upload to create 200 votes w/facebook logins for on MissionSmallBusiness - create 20gmail and twitter accounts Create 20k Facebook Accounts Real and Are Verified - Create 25 Accounts Create 25 AdSense Templates - Create 25 Youtube Accounts Create 25, 000 character models - Create 28 short animations(20 sec long each) Create 28 small drawings of folding techniques - Create 2D Animation of Yoga man using Adobe Fireworks Create 2D Animation Promotional Video - Create 2D drawings with Dimensions from 3D Models - Repost - open to bidding Create 2D duplex building plans in Sketchup Layout. - create 2nd "blog page" within Wordpress Create 2nd design for a DNA collection kit box - Create 3 Adsense Websites $20 daily each Create 3 adsense websites generating 25-30$ per day each - Create 3 Banners and photo shop 2 photos Create 3 banners for a slideshow - Create 3 custom post types from Gravity Forms - with CSS to match my VC templates look and feel. Create 3 custom programs, one to create accounts on a website, 1 to crawl and email and verify, and 1 to check for verification and re-send emails. - create 3 fillable pdf forms - for Kotenko Create 3 flash banners 468x60 from ready made PSDs - Create 3 HTML pages - design will be provided. Create 3 html pages and 5 php pages on Codeigniter using clip2 theme - Create 3 links to my website Create 3 lists or info path forms in sharepoint 2010 from Word Documents - Create 3 MS WORD organization charts + Copy type 5 images to Word tables Create 3 name capture pages linked to autoresponder using Traffic Geyser and ComF5. - Create 3 Pages create 3 pages - Create 3 product versions of poster for use in Shopify store Create 3 professional PSD templates for mobile apps - Create 3 simple images for a website Create 3 simple images/graphics - Create 3 themed suites (6 ads each) of Display Ads (18 ads total) for (FMI). Create 3 TIer 2 Guest Posts on PR1 site (I will provide Content) - create 3 web pages -- more work to come Create 3 Web Pages from Custom Layout - Create 3 wordpress websites Create 3 workouts based on body types - Create 3-D Google Map of Small Village Create 3-D Heart for Bracelet - Create 30 flash based ads, with a form in the ad Create 30 Forum Profiles & Write 1 Post on Each - Create 30 second animation video Create 30 Second Facebook Video Ad - Create 30-45 second marketing video for new website. Create 300 accounts - Create 300 Property Sheets in PDF for real estate agency Create 300 Twitter Accounts - Create 301 redirects on 100k+ pages from two old sites to one new (different structure and databases). Create 301 www redirect for my site - Create 36 banners Create 36 web pages, writing excellent content (of an adult nature) and integrating the content into the HTML files ready for publication. - Create 3d animation - drunk running Create 3D Animation 50 seconds - Create 3D Animation video -- 2